SOPA: Anti-Piracy or Censorship? Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales vs. Copyright Alliance’s Sandra Aistars

19 January 2012 — Democracy Now!

Congressional support for a pair of anti-piracy bills is weakening after Wednesday’s historic online protest in which thousands of websites went dark for 24 hours. Hollywood film studios, music publishers and major broadcasters support the anti-piracy legislation, saying it aims to stop the piracy of copyrighted material over the internet on websites based outside the United States. But critics say the bills could profoundly change the internet by stifling innovation and investment, hallmarks of the free, open internet. We host a debate between Sandra Aistars, executive director of the Copyright Alliance, whose members include the Motion Picture Association of America, NBCUniversal, Time Warner, Viacom, ASCAP and BMI, and Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Sales. Watch/Listen/Read

SAY NO TO SOPA AND PIPA. What’s Happening With the Web Censorship Bills? By Washington’s Blog

19 January 2012 — Global ResearchWashington’s Blog

In the face of massive Internet protest today, key senate and house backers of the SOPA and PIPA web censorship bills – including Senators Marco Rubio, Roy Blunt, John Cornyn, Orrin Hatch, John Boozman and Jim DeMint, and Representatives Ben Quayle and Lee Terry – have dropped their support. So have a number of other senators.

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Post-War Constitutions: Privatization and Empire-Building By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

15 January, 2012 — Global ResearchEurasia – Rivista di studi Geopolitici, Vol. 23, No. 8 (May/August 2011):pp.45-52.

The following is a 2011 article by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya for the Italian journal Eurasia about the manipulation of national constitutions as a neo-colonial means of modern empire-building. The article presents an important overview of the U.S. empire-building process. The original print version was published in the Italian language and translated by Pietro Longo.

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A captive nation By William Bowles

19 January 2012

There are more young people of working age out of work than at any time in recorded British history according to the latest government figures.

I started the current version of my online presence as it were in March of 2003 and have managed somehow to continue writing ever since, though I’ve had my share of blank spots along the way.

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Blackout – Save the Internet today

19 January 2012 — Avaaz

Today could be the day we save the free Internet – Sign the Petition Now!

The US Congress was poised to pass a law allowing officials to censor access to any website around the world. But after we delivered our 1.25 million strong petition to the White House, it came out against the bill and with public pressure at a boiling point even some bill backers are switching sides. Now, the Wikipedia – led blackout protest has rocketed the public campaign to the top of the news.

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