Information Clearing House Newsletter 25 January 2012: "Pro-Gaddafi" fighters retake Bani Walid

25 January 2012Information Clearing House

US/Israel: Iran NOT Building Nukes
By Ray McGovern
America’s newspaper of record won’t even report accurately what Israel (or the CIA) thinks on this important issue, if that goes against the alarmist conventional wisdom that the neocons favor.

Bring on the Sanctions. Send in the Clowns
By Robert Fisk
We’ve been here before – and it suits Israel that we never forget ‘Nuclear Iran‘.

Pups on Parade
EU Obediently Pushes Toward War with Iran
By Chris Floyd
The aim of this endless string of sanctions, this constant tightening of the noose, is not more “negotiations.” It is regime change, by any means necessary.

The Reality Behind the Coming “Regime Change” in Syria
By Shamus Cooke
This is the strategy that the U.S. is using to channel the Arab Spring into the bloody dead end of foreign military intervention.

U.S. Fueling Human Rights Abuses in Colombia
By Dan Kovalik
Human Rights Watch (HRW) just released its annual human rights report on Colombia, and it is not pretty.

What Kind of Christianity Is This?
By Gary G. Kohls
Christianity has justified some of the most brutal slaughters in human history, from the wars of the late Roman Empire to the Crusades to the Inquisition to world wars to genocides against “heathens,” Muslims and Jews.

Occupying Libido
Negotiating a Landscape of Hypocrisy and Hungry Ghosts
By Phil Rockstroh
Newt Gingrich’s booty calls are forgivable. Stones shall not be cast. His transgressions humanize him and the balms of forgiveness of Christian believers rising from this sin-buffeted earth cause the Baby Jesus to coo into the dawn of a coming golden age.

Occupy Movement Exposes Uncomfortable Facts
By Ross T. Runfola
The savage corporate plunder that led to our current recession, seems to have exploded for all time the belief in the existence of a harmonious, prosperous society.

From Cloud Cuckoo Land
012 State Of The Union Address
– Video –
Lies, Arrogance, Hypocrisy, Ignorance and …..

19 killed in clashes between soldiers and militants in Pakistani agency: At least six soldiers and thirteen militants were killed and several others were wounded in clashes between the two sides in a Pakistani tribal agency, bordering Afghanistan.

Pakistan: Senate session: Shoot down US drones, urge lawmakers: Senators across party lines urging the government first and foremost to implement the recommendation of the parliamentary committee on national security to shoot down US Predators entering Pakistani territory. They were lodging their protest over the recent drone strikes in North Waziristan which allegedly killed innocent citizens.

British Occupation Force Soldier Killed in Southern Afghanistan: The British Ministry of Defence said the death of the soldier, from 200 Signals Squadron, at a Nato patrol base in the Nahr-e Saraj district of Helmand province was not thought to be the result of hostile action.

U.S. envoy in Kabul denies partition rumours: A senior American diplomat has issued an unusually blunt denial of rumours of a U.S. plan to break up Afghanistan as part of a peace deal with the Taliban.

9 killed as U.S. military frees hostages in Somalia: U.S. Special Forces troops flew into Somalia on a nighttime helicopter raid early Wednesday, freed an American and a Danish hostage and killed nine of the “kidnappers” in a mission that President Barack Obama said he personally authorized.

Sunni militia leader killed in Baghdad: Iraqi officials said a leader of a Sunni militia that turned against al-Qaeda in Iraq and sided with the U.S troops to fight the militants has been killed in Baghdad.

No Jail for US Marine in Haditha Massacre Case: Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich demoted to rank of private but will not go behind bars, a military spokesman said.

In Iraqi town of Haditha, disbelief at light sentence for Marine who led raid that killed 24: Residents expressed disbelief and sadness that the Marine sergeant who told his troops to “shoot first, ask questions later” reached a deal with prosecutors to avoid jail time.

Dave Lindorff: US Media Iraq Reporting: See No Evil: The Iraq war may be over, at least for US troops, but the cover-up of the atrocities committed there by American forces goes on, even in retrospectives about the war.

U.N. rights chief shocked at numerous Iraq executions: The top United Nations human rights official criticized Iraq on Tuesday for carrying out a large number of executions, including 34 on a single day last week, and voiced concern about due process and the fairness of trials.

“Terrorists” Assassinate Head of Red Crescent Branch in Idleb, Kill Aged Man and Wife: An informed official source told SANA correspondent that an armed terrorist group opened fire on Dr. Jbeiro and killed him with a shot to the head after which he was transported to Maaret al-Numan Hospital where he passed away.

Gulf Arab states pull observers from Syria: Monitors from Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain left the Syrian capital and those from other Gulf states were expected to follow suit soon.

Australia urges UN action on Syria: Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has called for the UN Security Council to take tough action on Syria to prevent “murder” on the streets of Damascus.

Nations try to oust Syria from UNESCO rights panel: A growing group of countries, including the United States, Britain, Germany and Qatar, want to unseat Syria from the Committee on Conventions and Recommendations.

Netanyahu: Iran sanctions won’t necessarily halt Iran‘s nuclear program: PM urges international community to continue imposing sanctions on Tehran, but says he is unsure whether the move will foil Iran‘s attempts to develop its nuclear program.

U.S. to grant three-year extension of loan guarantees to Israel: The U.S. government has informed Israel that it will recommend that Congress approve a three-year extension of loan guarantees to Israel, worth $3.8 billion. The announcement came after several months of worry in Israel that the loan guarantees would not be extended, despite Israel‘s request.

“Pro-Gaddafi” fighters retake Bani Walid: “Loyalists of Libya’s deposed leader” seize control of former government stronghold and raise Gaddafi‘s green flag.

Libyan protesters lash out at new ‘monster’ in power: Libyans are accusing their new rulers of corruption, secrecy and nepotism, as protests grow across the country only three months after the death of dictator Moammar Gadhafi fueled hopes for democratic change in the North African nation.

Al-Qaeda-linked fighters leave Yemeni town:
Group leaves Rada in exchange for the promised release of 15 imprisoned colleagues, having held town for nine days.

Rick Santorum thinks pregnancy through rape is God’s gift? Seriously?: Invoking God’s will as a supporting argument to his position on abortion hardly fits with the constitution he claims to uphold

Cost Of war

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590”
Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq:

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,878

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan
Total Cost of Wars Since 2001

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