Information Clearing House Newsletter 29 January 2012: America's war on drugs 'biggest mistake since slavery'

29 January 2011 — Information Clearing House

New U.N. Draft Resolution Gives Syria 15 Days to Comply
By Josh Rogin
The draft resolution on Syria calls on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to hand over power to his deputy and says additional measures would be taken if he doesn’t comply within 15 days.

The Conundrum of Iran
War Against Iran Is Underway

By Leonid Savin
Washington’s choice of pretexts for an aggression comprises at least three options, namely (1) Iran’s nuclear dossier; (2) an engineered escalation in the Strait of Hormuz; (3) allegations that Iran supports international terrorism.

US Plans for Perpetual War
By Renee Parsons
With the world’s largest military force including an incomparable nuclear arsenal and a budget to match, exactly who are we protecting the Homeland from — and what condition will it be in when they arrive?

Is the World Really Safer Without the Soviet Union?
By Mikhail Gorbachev
Judging by the weapons programs of the United States and a number of other countries, they are setting their sights on a new arms race.

The Present Stands No Chance Against the Past
By Robert Fisk
Thousands of Palestinians may be evicted from their homes “so that Israel can build a park to glorify a conquest that took place 3,000 years ago.

Gingrich Won’t Win, and Bibi Will be in a Lose-lose Situation
By Yossi Sarid
We’ll have to be careful of Romney, who won’t soon forget the bloodbath prepared for him by Newt and Bibi’s friends.

Dying For ?
Racism: Dehumanization

Dahlia Wasfi, M.D.speaks to the Winter Soldier II Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) events in March, 2008. Dr. Wasfi, daughter of a Jewish mother and an Iraqi Muslim father, puts into context the background of the war in Iraq.

Will the US Back Real Democracy in Egypt?
By Eric Margolis
It’s difficult to see Egypt’s plutocratic military easily giving up all of its political and economic power to a rowdy civilian parliament, particularly when the US, Britain, Saudi Arabia, France, and Israel are all quietly backing the military regime.

We Can Now See the True Cost of Globalization
Sunday Observer Editorial
The worldwide public realizes there is something deeply wrong with today’s world economic system.

More Candidates
By Fred Reed
Once society becomes more complex than a modest tribe or small town, once its affairs extend beyond the immediate visual horizon of the citizens, they become clueless.

Suicide car bomb outside Baghdad hospital kills 31: A suicide bomber set off an explosives-packed car outside a Baghdad hospital yesterday, killing 31 people in the capital’s deadliest day in a month, amid a political crisis that has stoked tensions.

In celebration of death and war:
St. Louis hosts 1st big parade for Iraq War:

 Several hundred veterans, many dressed in camouflage, marched Saturday afternoon through downtown along with marching bands, politicians and even the Budweiser Clydesdales.

Police Get Help With Confronting Veterans: The Justice Department is funding an unusual national training program to help police deal with an increasing number of volatile confrontations involving combat veterans.

12 militants killed in Pakistan: Pakistan Army troopers Saturday killed 12 militants and took control of a highly volatile area in the country’s northwest tribal region, a media report said.

Pakistan PM bemoans ‘trust deficit’ with US: Pakistan‘s prime minister said today that there was “a trust deficit” between Islamabad and Washington as he criticised the resumption of US drone strikes on his country’s tribal belt.

Three US-led troops killed in Afghan war: The incident took place on Friday when two powerful blasts hit a village near the city of Maiwand in Kandahar Province.

British occupation force soldier killed in Afghanistan:
The soldier from the 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment was killed during a foot patrol in the Nahr-e Saraj district in Helmand Province

France, Karzai want faster NATO Afghanistan exit: France and Afghanistan agree NATO should speed up by a year its timetable for handing all combat operations to Afghan forces in 2013, President Nicolas Sarkozy said Friday, raising new questions about the unity of the Western military alliance.

12 killed as Syrian military launches offensive in Damascus suburbs: The Syrian military launched an offensive to regain control of suburbs on the eastern edge of Damascus on Sunday, storming neighbourhoods and clashing with groups of army defectors in fierce fighting that sent residents fleeing and killed at least 12 people, activists said.

10 killed as demonstrations erupt in Syria’s 2nd city: Some activists said the 10 killed were all demonstrators s while others said most were killed in clashes that followed the shooting on the protest.

Seven Syrian troops killed near Damascus: Seven Syrian soldiers, one an officer, were killed in an ambush by a “terrorist group” near Damascus on Saturday morning

Syria: Rebels use Israeli arms: Syrian media outlets reported Friday that President Bashar Assad’s security forces seized huge quantities of weapons used by rebels across the country, including Israeli-made arms.,7340,L-4181733,00.html

Blasts in Syria blamed on militants Video – Syrian TV shows images of the aftermath of blasts in Damascus and outskirts, blamed on militant groups. Michaela Cabrera reports.Note: This report contains graphic material

Arab League suspends Syria mission – : “Given the critical deterioration of the situation in Syria and the continued use of violence… it has been decided to immediately stop the work of the Arab League’s mission to Syria,” Secretary General Nabil el-Arabi said in a statement. –

Russia faults move to suspend Syria mission: Russia on Sunday slammed a decision to suspend the Arab League’s observer mission in its long time ally Syria after a deadly crackdown on anti-government protesters.

Minister: Syria determined to “cleanse” country of outlaws:
“The security forces are determined to continue the struggle to cleanse the Syrian soil from the filthy and rogue outlaws to restore security and stability that Syria once enjoyed,” al-Shaar was quoted by the state-run SANA news agency as telling the families of security forces killed in the violence.

Hamas says does not plan to quit Syria: “There is no change, and Hamas has not taken any decision to leave Syria, and we are still there,” spokesman Fawzi Barhum told AFP.

Iran Says It Could Terminate European Oil Sales Next Week: Iran warned on Friday that it could terminate oil sales to Europe as early as next week, and it bluntly advised Arab oil producers that any attempt by them to replace Iranian exports would be considered unfriendly.

Iran finalizes bill to ban EU oil exports: Nasser Soudani, deputy chairman of the committee, said on Saturday that the double-urgency bill for halting Iran oil exports to Europe had been finalized in four clauses.

Asia challenges US, Europe over Iran: China, India and Turkey have warned that they won’t support a ban on Iranian oil imports and will try and prevent the US from blocking Iranian oil supplies. Japan and South Korea are planning to follow suit.

Israel warns time is running out before it launches strike on Iran: Growing body of opinion suggests that Iranian response to an attack would be muted

Barak: World must act against Iran before it’s too late: Defense Minister says Iran is soon reaching a point where even a ‘surgical’ military strike could not block it from acquiring nuclear arms.

Postponed Israel-U.S. Drill to be Held in October: The “Austere Challenge 12” drill, which is designed to improve defense systems and cooperation between the U.S. and Israeli forces, was postponed on January 15 for what Israel said was “technical” reasons.

Pentagon Seeks Mightier Bomb vs. Iran: The Defense Department has spent about $330 million so far to develop about 20 of the bombs, which are built by Boeing Co. The Pentagon is seeking about $82 million more to make the bomb more effective, according to government officials briefed on the plan.

U.S. plans to send ‘floating commando base’ to Mideast, documents show: Washington Post cites military order to hastily convert an aging battleship into a special forces ‘mother ship’ that could be sent to Persian Gulf.

Americans oppose war: But does govt care?: With harsh US rhetoric and tensions around Iran’s nuclear program snowballing by the hour, American polls nonetheless show that most Americans think a war with Tehran would be a grave mistake. But do the leaders care?

Stop The War Protests Against Iran And Syria Intervention:
Hundreds of anti-war protesters gathered in central London today at a demonstration against Western intervention in Iran and Syria. The rally, organised by the Stop the War Coalition, took place outside the US embassy in Grosvenor Square with a number of speakers addressing the 200-strong crowd.

Student speaker at Stop the War Coalition – Video –
 ‘Hands off Iran and Syria’ protest, January 28th 2012

Israel’s useful idiot:
US Ambassador: ‘US Won’t Be Complicit in Second Holocaust’: US Ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, said the US will not remain idle and be complicit in Iran’s bid to destroy the Jewish state.

Israel Proposes West Bank Barrier as Border: Israel is proposing to essentially turn its West Bank separation barrier into the border with a future state of Palestine, two Palestinian officials said Friday, based on their interpretation of principles Israel presented in talks this week.

Israel’s useful idiots:
Romney: Palestinians don’t want two-state solution, they want to eliminate Israel: The Republican candidate was prompted by a question posed by a Palestinian-American at a Florida debate; opponent Gingrich said in same debate he would move U.S. embassy to Jerusalem as president.

Gingrich Expresses Strong Support for Israel: Video – Former House Speaker and Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich expressed his strong support for Israel as he campaigned at a Republican Jewish Coalition rally in Delray Beach, Florida. (Jan. 27)

Secrets of the billionaire backing Gingrich’s shot at the White House: Sheldon Adelson is not running for office – but his cash could swing Tuesday’s Florida primary

Libyan commander says will retake Bani Walid: A militia commander whose troops were driven out of the Libyan tribal stronghold of Bani Walid this week said on Friday that his forces were massing to recapture the town but were holding back at the government’s request.

NATO’s grisly crimes in Libya : It turns out that just like Vietnam and other illegal wars before it, Libya is turning into a major embarrassment for Uncle Sam.

Egyptian officials to visit US amid tensions: Military council’s crackdown on NGOs, notably a travel ban on six American staffers, imperils US aid to the country.

Filipinos say no to more U.S. troops: Philippine activists picketed the US embassy on Saturday and burned a cardboard American flag and mock stealth bomber, vowing to launch a campaign opposing a plan to allow more US troops in the country.

Twitter users urge boycott over censorship: Blackout of microblogging site proposed after firm says it will block tweets on geo-specific basis if legally necessary.

Germany calls for EU to control Greek budget: Report: Germany wants Greece to surrender sovereignty over fiscal policy to a eurozone commissioner before Athens gets a second bailout, the Financial Times reported Friday, citing a copy of the proposal.

Greece ‘will not discuss’ EU budget control: Debt-stricken Athens says German proposal to cede control of its fiscal policy to EU is “out of the question”.

Portugal Restructuring Certain; Ireland, Spain Likely-Rogoff: A restructuring of Portugal’s sovereign debt will inevitably follow that of Greece, and there is a very high probability that Ireland and Spain will have to do the same to the overloaded debt of their banks, according to U.S. academic economist Kenneth Rogoff.

‘Austerity disease’ spreads through the West: WHAT DO Nobel Prize-winning development economist Amartya Sen and IMF chief Christine Lagarde have in common? They both oppose the prevailing orthodoxy that all heavily indebted governments must cut their way back to prosperity as soon as they can. And they are not alone.

America’s war on drugs ‘biggest mistake since slavery’, says California judge: Californians have been voting in a referendum on whether to legalise cannabis in the US state. James Gray, a former Superior Court Judge, tells Alastair Good why he thinks that the United States’ policy of drug prohibition has failed. :

300 arrested as police use flashbangs & tear-gas against protesters : Video – A 2,000-strong Occupy Oakland march turned violent, with some protesters claiming that rubber bullets were also fired into the crowd.

Cost Of war

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590”
Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America‘s War On Iraq:

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,880

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan
Total Cost of Wars Since 2001

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