A word (or two) with my readers

3 February 2012

A word (or two) with my readers

I’m not sure how many of you are aware of what it takes to keep this site bumping along, as aside from trying to write on a regular basis, I also try to keep the digests as well as third party articles uptodate as well.But it’s a damn lot of work. If I was to do it exactly as I’d like it to be, I think the better part of 8-10 hours per day would be needed as it involves not just importing/formatting articles to my liking, it’s also the aggregations that are a (tedious) killer! Yet they do get read and I can see from the stats that if I keep the site fully updated, it can double or even triple the number of daily readers.

But I’ve been at it for so long, nine years that sometimes I just get burned out by the daily grind. Worse still I’m not sure if it’s really worth it, unless you’re a journalist/researcher/writer/politico (and perhaps they should be paying for such as service?).

But I long ago gave up trying to get donations/subscriptions which is fine but in turn it would be nice to know that all my hard work is appreciated.

Anyway, whinge over. Normal service, whatever that is, will be resumed shortly…

4 thoughts on “A word (or two) with my readers

  1. Clark says:

    Hello Bill,

    I appreciate your news links. The lateness of this reply is indicative of the chaos in my life lately. I try to keep up, but…

    Occasionally I catch one of your links before someone else does, and then I post it elsewhere. There are lots of people doing small or one-person news operations. I often wonder if maybe people should get together, try to pool resources and make a big site to attract many readers, but how long would it be before the forces of subversion moved in on it?

    Keep up the good work, Bill. I’m still reading…


    • InI says:

      Howzit Clark,
      Thanks. Yeah, I’ve been pushing for what I call a ‘syndicated socialist’ news service (excuse the pun) for years now but the ‘established’ independent news sites are just not interested (except for ‘Dissident Voice’). It seems stupid to be duplicating so much effort and splintering our readership but unfortunately every little ’empire’ does its own thing. Essentially I want to take the best of writing from all sources by establishing a network and have existing publishers contribute to it. It seems that the ‘left’ are more interested in building their own thing than fighting the Empire. Ah well…



  2. Tad says:

    Hi Bill,

    I wish you to know that I appreciate your good efforts on our behalf. It is vital that we see other aspects to news events, from a different perspective to the mainstream media. That gives us all the opportunity to develop an informed and more balanced opinion.

    I am not a rich man. I’m disabled, and have to get by on a pittance, but I can’t really complain. as the saying goes, there are many worse off than I. That said, were I to benefit from a windfall, you would benefit from it too, and I am a man of my word. We might not agree on everything, but essentially, we are kindred spirits. Please keep up the good work, it isn’t in vain.


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