Ecosocialist Bookshelf, April 2019

20 April 2019 — Climate & Capitalism

Five new books: The rising tide of marine disease … Energy, food, nature, and the future … Civilizations and planet … Political economy of carbon … Understanding microbiome science

Climate & Capitalism can’t review every book we receive, but this column lists and links to those that seem relevant to Climate & Capitalism’s mission, along with brief descriptions. Titles described here may be reviewed in future.

Inclusion of a book does not imply endorsement, or that we agree with everything (or even anything!) these books say.

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US Defeat in Syria Transforms into Campaign of Spite By Tony Cartalucci

20 April 2019 — New Eastern Outlook


The US-engineered proxy war against Syria, beginning in 2011 and the crescendo of the so-called “Arab Spring,” has ended in all but absolute defeat for Washington.

Its primary goal of overthrowing the Syrian government and/or rendering the nation divided and destroyed as it has done to Libya has not only failed – but triggered a robust Russian and Iranian response giving both nations an unprecedented foothold in Syria and unprecedented influence throughout the rest of the region.

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Brexit Delay: the Soviets Would Have Understood It By Seth Ferris

20 April 2019 — New Eastern Outlook


So the Brexit saga has taken another twist, and become even more confusing and uncertain. All we can predict is that whatever the UK government says will happen is the one thing which won’t. May has failed to deliver Brexit. Instead she keeps coming back to parliament with an appalling deal. She’s now delaying Brexit and trying to get her deal passed again.

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China’s Belt and Road Continues to Win Over Europe While Technocrats Scream and Howl By Matthew Ehret

20 April 2019 — Strategic Culture Foundation

China’s Belt and Road Continues to Win Over Europe While Technocrats Scream and Howl

On April 10th, China’s Premier Li Keqiang celebrated the completion of the 1st phase of the 2.5 kilometer Chinese-built Pelgesac Bridge in Croatia across the Bay of Mali Ston alongside Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic. This ceremony marked a striking victory as the following day ushered in an important 16+1 Heads of State summit that saw Greece inducted as the newest member of a new alliance of Central and Eastern European nations who wish to cooperate with China. At this summit held on April 12, Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras stated that this was “a very crucial moment for global and regional developments” and “we have to leave behind the crisis and find new models of regional and global cooperation.”

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US Aggression Against Venezuela and How do You “Eat” That

5 April 2019 — Orinoco Tribune
As a result of different requests from friends of Venezuela in the US and also as a simplification exercise Orinoco Tribune’s staff decided to make an easy to follow timeline about the more than documented United State Aggression/Sanctions against the Bolivarian Revolution, starting with Hugo Chavez and continued/magnified with Nicolas Maduro.

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Update #5 – Police turn Pirates: The Pink Boat is Lost!

20 April 2019 — extinction/rebellion

IR5 1 RebellionDayFive OxfordCircus LolaPerrin 190419 01 1024x768Photo: Lola Perrin, Oxford Circus

Friday 19th Apr – Day 5 of International Rebellion

It was a sad day for London’s Rebellion, as the beloved pink boat was lost amid a stormy sea of police- men and women. The neverending party was at last put on hold… for a few hours at least, until we retook Oxford Circus and the new sound-system arrived!

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Climate catastrophe and extinction rebellion By Paul Street

20 April 2019 — MROnline

XR protest at Waterloo BridgeOriginally published: The Official Website of Paul Street (April 10, 2019)

In the last years of his life, Dr. Martin Luther King spoke against what he called “the triple evils that are interrelated”–economic inequality, racism, and militarism. If King were alive today, he’d be talking about the five evils that are interrelated, adding patriarchy and Ecocide, the destruction of livable ecology.  He’d also be noting the dangerous rise of a new national and global fascism linked to the presidency of a malignant racist who glories in accelerating humanity’s environmental self-destruction while the media obsesses over matters of far slighter relevance.

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Day 4 – Rebellion as usual?

19 April 2019 — extinction/rebellion

Thursday 18th April – Day 4 of the mother of all protests and we have managed to garner over 500 arrests, £250,000 in crowdfunding, and a whole heap of headlines. And on the ground, dare I say it, this is all starting to feel like business as usual. Dancing like gangbusters around the big pink party boat moored at Oxford Circus? Check. Chilled music and poetry on a plant lined Waterloo Bridge? Check. Moving and informative speeches on a car free Parliament Square? Check. A thriving community growing steadily beside Marble Arch? Check. Sun shining, children playing, people learning? Check. Check. Check.

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