Wikileaks News Roundup 6-7 February 2012

7 February

Anonymous members and protesters stand in cold for Assange
Computer Business Review
Members of the hacking group, Anonymous, and supporters of Julian Assange stood outside of the Supreme Court in London last week to protest against the extradition of the Wikileaks founder to Sweden. Thursday 2 February 2012 marked the final day of …

US Sway Clipped In Latin America
Wall Street Journal
Then, revelations by WikiLeaks led two countries, Mexico and Ecuador, to
force out their US ambassadors last year, another blow to State Department
officials trying to contain problems elsewhere in the region. In Nicaragua,
the US had only a chargé …

‘Consent of the Networked’ by Rebecca MacKinnon
Boston Globe
For instance, the controversial WikiLeaks website, famed for publishing
government secrets, was hosted on servers owned by Amazon, until Senator
Joseph Lieberman complained about it. Amazon promptly ousted WikiLeaks. As
a business, Amazon is entitled …

Cameroon’s Economy Suffers as Boko Haram Infiltrates Country
Inter Press Service
Wikileaks revealed that President Paul Biya raised the concerns in a
conversation with United States Ambassador to Cameroon, Janet Garvey. “Biya
was concerned about the threat of Islamic extremism …He was beginning to
worry about Islamic extremists …

Obama to Return Major Donations Tied to Fugitive
New York Times
The State Department cable, which was part of the cache made public by
WikiLeaks, said he was suspected of illegally funneling $5 million into
Mexican political campaigns in 2006. Multiple messages left for Alberto and
Carlos Cardona over several days …

CHP leader slams government in article for Washington Post
Hurriyet Daily News (press release)
According to a US diplomatic cable, made public by whistle blowing website
WikiLeaks, Turkish police briefed the US Embassy in Ankara on the
investigation into Ergenekon at least on two occasions in 2008 and 2009.
K?l?çdaro?lu said the information …

Haditha Marine’s lawyers call Anonymous “cowards” after hack
… life sentence that US Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning, who is
accused of participating in the largest leak of classified information in
American history to online whistleblowing site WikiLeaks, faces in an
upcoming military court-martial.

The Simpsons toys banned in Iran
Meanwhile, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is to make a guest appearance
in The Simpsons’ 500th episode. The notorious whistleblower recorded his
lines in a secret location and did not meet with producers because of his
house arrest legal status in …

Why we need more banker bashing
The Guardian
Organisations such as WikiLeaks were simply frozen out of the global
financial system at the click of a button. Banks get special preferences
like no other industry, and yet we don’t even ask why these publicly
subsidised yacht owners have so much …

DDoS Attacks: Size doesn’t matter
ZDNet (blog)
Sure, some attacks, like the one that got WikiLeaks in 2010 used 10Gbps
level attacks, but, really, you don’t need to that much traffic to knock
the stuffings out of a Web site. Other successfull DDoS attacks work by
devouring server resources.

Pakistan receives F-16 planes from US
The primary consideration for purchasing the new aircraft was to improve
the fighting capability of PAF vis-à-vis rival Indian Air Force, but the
diplomatic cables revealed by Wikileaks showed that US officials were sure
that the new purchases and …

Syria envoys recalled by Britain and the US in protest at ‘murderous’ regime
The Guardian
Leaked WikiLeaks cables describe him as a leading member of Russia’s
security elite, and a “pragmatic hardliner who shares a world view of
Soviet xenophobia and distrust of the west.” The US, meanwhile, said it had
closed its embassy in Damascus over …

Europeans Protest Anti-Piracy Treaty
Technology Review
Besides SOPA and PIPA, there was last year’s Wikileaks saga and last
month’s coordinated global raid against the file-sharing website
Megaupload. “I think many citizens worldwide connected the dots due to the
awareness that SOPA/PIPA and Megaupload got …

Czech Republic suspends ratification of anti-counterfeit treaty
Last February, the French digital rights group La Quadrature du Net
compiled a list of WikiLeaks cables on Acta. Several of the cables cite
Swedish and Italian European negotiators concern over the high level of
back-room dealing and lack of …

The drone dilemma
Pakistan Observer
WikiLeaks in late 2010 showed that Pakistan’s civilian and military leaders
privately supported US drone attacks, despite public condemnation. Pakistan
is now reviewing its entire alliance with the United States. It ordered the
American personnel to …

Washington: The enemy of free speech
Morning Star Online
In Sweden, he is at risk of being “temporarily surrendered” to the US,
where his life has been threatened and he is accused of “aiding the enemy”
with Bradley Manning, the young soldier accused of leaking evidence of US
war crimes to WikiLeaks.

Netanyahu to Abbas: Choose Hamas or peace with Israel
Bradley Manning, the US soldier accused of passing secret materials to
Wikileaks, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Internet giants
Google and Facebook have removed some content an Indian court found
offensive to local political and …

America vs. Facebook
Death and Taxes
Where WikiLeaks and Julian Assange are labeled “terrorists” for giving
people information on their governments, while companies that sell user
information to corporations are christened “visionaries.” If we are to
conquer this attitude, a great place …

Autism may be a hacker’s disease, but most still know right from wrong
CSO (blog)
The report follows an acknowledgement a few months back by WikiLeaks
founder Julian Assange that he suffers from the “hacker’s disease.” “I am
— all hackers are, and I would argue all men are — a little bit
autistic,” Assange wrote in his …

Citizenship grants could shape tone of election debate
Nassau Guardian
The Nassau Guardian reported last year that a US diplomatic cable obtained
through the whistleblower organization WikiLeaks points to what many
Bahamians have known for decades through anecdotal information: An
“alarming” number of children are being …

How To See The Oscar Nominated Films For Best Documentary Short
When WikiLeaks released the stunning cockpit video of the incident, McCord
was finally spurred into action, and began traveling the country, speaking
out for the rights of PTSD sufferers against the American wars in the
Middle East.

Mother of Richard O’Dwyer: “America is trying to control and police the Internet”
World Socialist Web Site
It’s like the case of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. They’re trying to
get him, aren’t they? Because he exposed all their corruption and the evil
things they were doing. Not just America, different governments. You know,
you vote these people into …

Finger food and a dark bedroom
Calcutta Telegraph
Perhaps she is the sort who likes to express her disapproval of the
presidentís policies directly, by means of statements and behaviour,
instead of having her opinions outed by WikiLeaks. Whether there ought to
be a line of control in the dog-eat-dog …

Nepal paper tigers serve ultimatum to Maoists: Report
“The situation has come because the Maoists have refused to act as per
the seven point agreement”, says the US embassy reliable contact
(according to leaked US embassy cable: Wikileaks) –the senior UML leader
Mr. Bhim Rawal. The two party leaders had …

And We’re Off to the Races
The Lookout News
US Army pfc/Julian Assange/Wikileaks affair to the ancient Ellsberg matter.
Today, we have a vast and very different media and press (the “gotcha
gang”), a totally different military and a political environment (where the
politics of scandalizing one’s …’re_Off_to_the_Races.html

Big Ideas for a New Economy: Social Currency Unleashed
For all we know, the US Attorney General could be personally donating to
Wikileaks via Bitcoins, despite the fact that his public job requires a
somewhat more aggressive stance. Well, we can hope. You can imagine other
nefarious uses for which a …

United States Looks to Develop Domestic Niobium Supply
Resource Investing News
In late 2010, Wikileaks posted a list of global metals mines and facilities
that the US Department of Homeland Security considers so vital to US
interests that they should be included under the National Infrastructure
Protection Plan.

Is Anonymous Our Future?
Over the past couple of years, as Anons became lulled—pun intended—into
politics through their Scientology, Wikileaks, and Arab Spring operations,
the lulz ethos has turned into a mode of movement-building. And it’s a
movement that appears singularly …

Israel’s front-line in the South Caucasus
Jewish Chronicle
Three years ago, the US Embassy in Baku wrote a cable on Azeri-Israel
relations, which was then published by Wikileaks. There is no reason to
believe that anything substantial has changed. The cable notes that
President Aliev described relations as …

USA to equip military, government officials with Androids
Naked Security
Smartphones cleared for top-secret dispatches – those the government seeks
to keep out of the hands of hackers, rogue apps, foreign governments or
sites such as WikiLeaks – are due out in the next few months. Sources
involved in the US smartphone …

Chicago college offers class on Occupy movement
Democratic Underground
Wikileaks and anonymous are extensions of this sociotechnical trend, as is
the use of social media in the Arab Spring. “Anarchism” meanwhile has been
developing through leaderless resistance organizations ranging from the
fairly benign to the explictly …

WikiLeaks‘s Assange in Last U.K. Appeal to Avoid Rape Claims …
Julian Assange, founder of the anti- secrecy website WikiLeaks, asked the
U.K. Supreme Court to block his extradition to Sweden on rape claims,
focusing on …

2012-01-25 #WikiLeaks News: New details about Julian #Assange’s …
This is a “WikiLeaks News Update”, a daily news update of stories relating
directly to WikiLeaks and also freedom of information, transparency,
cybersecurity, …

ulian Assange fate could be revealed on Twitter
Herald Sun
Britain’s Supreme Court to tweet live updates Service could cover Assange’s
extradition appeal Hey Zuckerberg, let us post breastfeeding photos
AUSTRALIAN WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may well find out his fate on

Supreme Court set to tweet proceedings
CorpComms Magazine
A spokesman for the Supreme Court said it is working to get the service up
and running before justices prepare their judgment in WikiLeaks founder
Julian Assange’s extradition appeal, the most high profile case the court
has heard since its opening in …

How did Anonymous hack the FBI?
New Statesman (blog)
In the last twelve months it has attacked government websites in Syria,
declared cyber war on a brutal Mexican drug cartel, and exposed an
anti-WikiLeaks “dirty tricks campaign” allegedly plotted by a prominent US
security firm.

Columnist Argues for Obama to Run on His Record
That credit goes to Wikileaks. It’s only when the Iraqi s learned from
Wikileaks about the family of 11 that were murdered and then their home
demolished that Obama had to back down from his demand to continue with the
occupation On health care, …

After the retreat let’s see the JEEP… and Brown Burke’s documents
Jamaica Gleaner
It is not that The Gavel is unwilling to take Brown Burke’s word, but given
the deception of Sharon Hay Webster, which the country learnt of only via
WikiLeaks, we believe it is very important that she displays her
renunciation documents.

Website can find your exact location with your phone number
Fox News
Locaid offers only a demo of its location service, but it proves that
technology is always advancing — and so is our definition of privacy.
Related Stories RIM’s comeback plan for Blackberry: cartoon superheroes?
EXCLUSIVE: WikiLeaks to move servers …

US drones targeting rescuers and mourners
But there’s nothing ambiguous about the morality of that, or of attacking
funerals (recall the worst part of the Baghdad attack video released by
WikiLeaks: that the Apache helicopter first fired on the group containing
Reuters journalists, …

Toilets for ladies, please
Arab News
Once again, “leaks” were made possible for confidential diplomatic
documents via WikiLeaks — the organization which facilitates the
anonymous leaking of secret information including the publication of some
250000 confidential US diplomatic cables.

Mangalore: ‘Terrorism, Illegal Immigration, Threaten Internal Security’ – Dogra
He said that recently, ‘WikiLeaks‘ had laid bare the information that a
major portion of the income of naxals comes from corporate companies who
support them, he explained. Dogra said that Assam state has now been
infested by about two crore illegal …

Il?cak: Gülen Movement has been used to undermine Ergenekon trial
Today’s Zaman
Do you think the documents released by WikiLeaks prove Fethullah Gülen is
not under the official protection of the United States, contrary to
allegations being put forth? Of course. I was also mentioned in those
documents. There were problems in the …

Smart Thinking for the Smart Enterprise
Enterprise Irregulars
And for many Heads of State and politicians, WikiLeaks was another that
also led to design change. But it doesn’t have to be so. Get ahead of it
and start understanding how traditional process technology has shackled
knowledge, data and content into …

Friendly Fire
Manila Bulletin
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange lashed out at a British publisher for
releasing drafts of a long-awaited memoir without his approval, saying he
didn’t author the book or get the opportunity to check it. He gets a taste
of his own leaks.

TeleSur closely watched by US – news of Latin America
The WikiLeaks web site says that from the very first days when TeleSur was
launched, the US State Department and the CIA had demonstrated a very
aggressive approach to what they described as ‘Chavez`s private TV
channel’. Dozens of messages were sent …

Assange trail: And the verdict is… on Twitter
Adelaide Now
Source: Getty Images AUSTRALIAN WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may well
find out his fate on Twitter. Britain’s Supreme Court has revealed it’s
about to become a bit more high-tech, as the highest court in the land
joins Twitter.

Court joins tweeters
The Independent
To launch the service, the Supreme Court will tweet live from the
swearing-in of new justice, Lord Reed, who joins the court today. The
spokesman said the aim is to get the channel running before justices
prepare their judgement in WikiLeaks‘ boss …

Mitt Romney wins big in Nevada
CBS News
We’ll find out at Wikileaks. by Jefferey13 February 5, 2012 4:36 PM EST The
problem is Newt has a ton of problems and has tried to hide things and they
have come out time and time again for years. Romney is squeaky clean and
your just hoping/thinking …

martin nangle: WikiLeaks: Assange & Manning Trials: Apache …
By Martin Nangle
WikiLeaks Trials: The video which shocked the world. Innocent civilians
including children were gunned down from an attack helicopter. The video,
reminiscent of a computer game, brought US military standards into
disrepute. The whistle …

How Wikileaks must be supported and why — Antony Loewenstein
By Antony Loewenstein
Mainstream support for Wikileaks is often far removed from the daily news
cycle. Many journalists seem to feel uncomfortable backing Wikileaks (and
Julian Assange) because of his ongoing legal issues, forgetting the key
miracle behind the …

Wikileaks: more on HRW and the coup IV « Political Prisoners in …
By thaipoliticalprisoners
Wikileaks has 58 cables mentioning HRW in Thailand, the majority related to
events in the South. Yes, we know the number is IV, but the first one had a
different title, so it is five. In this post, as in the previous instances,
we look at cables about …

This Day in WikiLeaks: 02/05/12
By m_cetera
The office of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an denies claims of
blackmail, which are based on a WikiLeaks cable from November 24, 2008.
International Tax Review has released an exclusive interview with Rudolph
Elmer, …

Wikileaks Founder to Host New Television Series | Common Dreams
Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, has announced plans for a new television
series. The program will launch mid-March and will include ten weekly
half-hour …

Twitter / WikiLeaks: WikiLeaks: US embassy in S …
WikiLeaks: US embassy in Sweden behind Pirate Bay case | Falkvinge 3RGWVEvr.

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