Iran Newslinks 9-10 February 2012

10 February 2012 12:48:58 —


Iran hurt by sanctions, but remains defiant
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 11:32

What Happens After an Iran-Israel War?
occupation magazine – articles Today at 23:59
Leon T. Hadar – Huffington Post ‘But as quite a few Israeli and American military experts have warned, a military strike on Iranian facilities would not achieve the declared Israeli goal of ending Iran`s alleged nuclear military program and the expected costs in terms of Israeli casualties could be very high.’

BOOK REVIEW : Decoding Obama’s Iran policy
Asia Times Online Today at 11:00
An intricate study of how President Barack Obama‘s Iran policy evolved, this book relates how campaign pledges to reach out crumbled under the weight of Israeli and Saudi pressure, and from disillusionment following Iran’s 2009 election crackdown. The book reveals top Israeli officials’ doubts that a nuclear strike would ever be launched, with Israel‘s aggressive stance based on maintaining its Palestinian territories and aura of invincibility. – Brian M Downing (Feb 10, ’12)

THE ROVING EYE : The return of the Keyboard Warriors
Asia Times Online Today at 11:00
For right-wing America, Iran in 2012 is the new Iraq circa 2002. Whatever their route – real men go to Tehran via Damascus, or real men go to Tehran non-stop – the Keyboard Warriors now populating the media with their fallacies and imperial disdain don’t just want neo-conservative revolt: they want a war, and they want it now. – Pepe Escobar (Feb 10, ’12)

Mocking requests to return the drone, a local toy company plans to send a miniature pink model of the RQ-170 Sentinel to US President Barack Obama
Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert Today at 08:48
Iran sends toy drone to Obama

Iran political parties prepare for parliamentary elections
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 04:44

U.S. and Israel Split on Speed of Iran Threat

occupation magazine – articles Yesterday at 23:59
MARK LANDLER and DAVID E. SANGER – The New York Times – Amid mounting tensions over whether Israel will carry out a military strike against Iran’s nuclear program, the United States and Israel remain at odds over a fundamental question: whether Iran’s crucial nuclear facilities are about to become impregnable.

Israel’s Mossad Teams up with Terror Group to Kill Iran’s Nuclear Scientists Yesterday at 21:05
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

Threats to the U.S. as viewed by the country’s intelligence
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 20:01
On January 31, James Clapper, chief of the United States Intelligence Community (IC), presented a report on the threats America is to face in the future… Judging from the frequency of mention, we may conclude that Iran is now the No. 1 enemy for the US, while Russia is ranked second…

Iran sent pink drone to Obama Yesterday at 18:10
After tough sanctions imposed by the United States and the West, Iran has given into the demands of President Obama, well some demands.

Double blow from Iran sanctions
Morning Star Yesterday at 17:58
The news that Ukraine’s maize exports to Iran have dropped by 40 per cent since sanctions were brought in by the European Union and supported by this government will have devastating consequences for the thousands of poor farmers in Ukraine.

Israel Vying for War: Attacking Iran Will Not Repeat History
Dissident Voice Yesterday at 15:59
On April 10, 2002, then British Prime Minister Tony Blair told the House of Commons, ‘Saddam Hussein’s regime is…developing weapons of mass destruction, and we cannot leave him doing so unchecked.’

Terror spree in Iran: US places Israel in frame Yesterday at 15:41
Israel’s Mossad trained and financed a terrorist group that carried out a series of Hollywood-style assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, unnamed US officials have revealed. Iran, however, believes the CIA was…

Hiatus in European debate on Iran
Asia Times Online Yesterday at 11:00
The conspicuous absence of debate over Persian Gulf tensions at last week’s Munich Security Conference underlines Europe’s acquiescence to America on Iran. While failing to consider the mutual benefits of a European-Iranian security dialogue, leaders also seem blind to a reorientation in US defense policy that could cost the continent dearly in blood and treasure. – Kaveh L Afrasiabi (Feb 9, ’12)

Turmoil deepens bleak Tehran winter
Asia Times Online Yesterday at 11:00
As the winter mercury slumps and pollution hovers over Tehran, it’s not the smog but deteriorating standards of living and the feeling that the world is conspiring against them that has Iranians most vexed. A currency crisis continues to grip the city and hope is absent – not so the supply of kidneys from financially stricken donors. – Jason Rezaian (Feb 9, ’12)

National day of action against war on Iran
Recent articles from Yesterday at 06:00
Activists in San Francisco demonstrated against sanctions and the threat of war on Iran in coordination with dozens of cities worldwide.

Russia denies deal with Iran over military cooperation
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 02:42

India Iran’s biggest oil customer
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 02:24

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