Iran Newslinks 17-19 February 2012: Iranian Ships Dock in Syria Port

19 February


U.N. inspectors to press Iran over nuclear concerns
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 20:41

US, UK warn Israel against ‘premature’ attack on Iran Today at 19:45
The US and Britain have urged Israel not to attack Iran’s nuclear sites. And while the West shares Israel’s unfounded belief that Tehran is developing nukes, top officials say a direct military response would be unwise…

Iranian Ships Dock in Syria Port
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 18:31

VIDEO: Iran halts oil sales to UK-French firms
BBC News Today at 18:04
Iran says it has halted oil sales to French and British companies, in apparent retaliation for a European Union ban on Iranian crude, which takes effect in July.

‘The biggest imperialist bullies get slammed first’ Today at 17:27
Iran decided not to wait until July 1, when the EU oil embargo comes into effect, instead imposing its own ‘boycott on the offending powers, starting with the two biggest imperialist bullies on the schoolyard,’…

West’s poker face at Middle Eastern grand chessboard Today at 16:21
The planned neo-colonial takeover of the Middle East is gearing up. As the heat rises, the West finds it increasingly difficult to proceed with its grab for dominance and maintain a brave face, says political analyst…

Bring Iran in from the cold
Morning Star Today at 16:17
There is less in concrete terms to Iran’s announcement that it will cut oil imports to Britain and France than meets the eye.

Iran halts oil sales to France, Britain
Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert Today at 15:58
Iran halts oil sales to France and Britain Watch this film (via Juan Cole) on the role of France and Britain in the 1953 overthrow of Iranian democracy and the installation of the puppet Shah that tortured, murdered and suppressed …

Iran war games simulate foreign invasion (VIDEO) Today at 15:39
Iran has demonstrated its war-readiness after extensive military exercises started in central Iran. The country’s elite Revolutionary Guard is simulating a defensive war against a foreign attacker.

Iran stops oil sales to British, French companies
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 13:41

Iran ‘halts UK-France oil sales’
BBC News Today at 13:04
Iran halts oil sales to British and French companies, the nation’s oil ministry says, ahead of a 1 July ban on Iranian oil imports imposed by the EU.

Iran cuts off oil supplies to Britain, France Today at 13:02
The move was confirmed by the country’s Oil Ministry, with the spokesman saying that Iran will be ‘selling its oil to new customers’.

‘If Israel bombs Iran, Arab states will support Tehran’
Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert Today at 12:30

Hague warns on Iran ‘terrorism’
BBC News Today at 12:11
UK Foreign Secretary William Hague warns Iran has ‘increasing willingness to contemplate utterly illegal activities in other parts of the world’.

‘Economic blockade of Iran is an act of war’ Today at 11:03
Tension around Iran has spiralled. Tehran is carefully avoiding being provoked so as not to vie the US and Israel an excuse for military action. Though activists believe the extra sanctions and economic blockade of…

Iran installs new-generation centrifuges at nuclear sites
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 08:34

Iran to conduct joint exercises with Syria?
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 08:29

Thailand, India, Georgia Bomb Blasts: The Fingerprints and Logic of False Flags Against Iran by Finian Cunningham

Arthur Silber takes Taibbi to the woodshed on Iran
The Wild Wild Left – Front Page Today at 07:02
Holy Piccolo Pete and my blood-curdly-caked external meatus in the ululating shrillness of the dark wilderness where the straight way was lost!  Sending Arthur money was the best hundred bucks I ever spent!   I’m actually considering getting some sort of job to proceed with regular tithing to his cathedral of tears.

Balochistan: U.S. Prepares Yugoslav Model For Pakistan And Iran
Stop NATO Today at 05:33
The Frontier Post
February 19, 2012
Foreign meddling in Baloch affairs
Minahil Adeel
It would not be an overestimation if it were to be said that the so-called ‘Baloch sympathizer’ Mr. Rohrabacher has actually drawn the attention of the US’ master planner, the CIA, to gear up the project of establishing a ‘Greater Balochistan’ which was designed during Bush era.

Syria Crisis, Arab Spring Revive Cold War Alignment
Stop NATO Today at 05:06
Gulf News
February 17, 2012
Arab Spring revives Cold War alignment
Anti-US powers lean towards an alliance to prevent Washington from taking advantage of the Syrian crisis
By Marwan Kabalan
The Russian-Chinese co-ordination on many world issues, including in the UN Security Council, makes it almost certain that the West will, from now on, face tougher resistance to its polices from underprivileged powers in the international system.

Sharp Practices In UN Over Syria Aimed At Russia
Stop NATO Today at 05:03
Strategic Culture Foundation
February 18, 2012
UN Cardsharps or Bloodthirsty Resolution
Alexander Mezyaev
Probably the next step against Syria would be an attempt to refer the ‘case’ to the International Criminal Court. It would be another challenge for Russia, for the case’s transfer is possible solely through the Security Council. Perhaps a new veto provocation is ahead. Finally, new mass hysteria against Russia would be sparked, trying to make Arab and other Muslim nations hate it. It should not be excluded that stoking the hatred (with all following and well-understood consequences) is the main goal of the West, especially before and after the presidential election in the Russian Federation.

Iran ‘may boost nuclear output’
BBC News Today at 01:53
Iran appears poised to boost its nuclear programme by installing thousands of new-generation centrifuges, a diplomat tells the BBC.


Neocon Arguments For Iran War Are Tired Cliche
occupation magazine – articles Yesterday at 23:59
M.J. Rosenberg – Media Matters – The campaign that surrounds Iran is about Israel`s fear that a nuclear Iran would inhibit Israel`s freedom of action throughout the Middle East, taking away its ability to do whatever it wants whenever it wants to. Israel fears precisely what happened to the United States after the Soviets got the bomb — that both countries would be constrained by a fear of the other.

US media take the lead on Iran
occupation magazine – articles Yesterday at 23:59
Glenn Greenwald – Salon – Many have compared the coordinated propaganda campaign now being disseminated about The Iranian Threat to that which preceded the Iraq War, but there is one notable difference. Whereas the American media in 2002 followed the lead of the U.S. government in beating the war drums against Saddam, they now seem even more eager for war against Iran than the U.S. government itself. gm

We`ve seen the threats against Iran before

First Iran exiles leave Iraq camp
BBC News Yesterday at 23:35
Some 400 residents of an Iranian exile community leave their camp in NW Iraq, but there are complaints about conditions in their new home near Baghdad.

Iran oil cut will damage Italy more than other states: Italy MP
Strategic Culture FoundationYesterday at 20:26

Afghan Peace Talks in Qatar: Coping with Frogs
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 20:00
The two-day trilateral summit of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, which concluded in Islamabad on Friday, has exposed the fault lines in the Afghan peace process… There is recognition today that the Barack Obama administration’s Afghan ‘surge’ at best produced patchy results that are not sustainable and the Afghan forces’ capacity to shoulder the responsibility for security is in doubt… To be sure, Taliban sense victory. And so does Pakistan…

Lieberman Edges US to War with Iran Yesterday at 16:46
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

So it begins….
The Wild Wild Left – Front Page Yesterday at 14:52
I guess my subject matter last night was timely – though I wish it wasn’t.

Iran ‘may trigger new Cold War’: Talks carrot & arms race stick Yesterday at 12:54
The US and EU indicated ‘careful optimism’ on possible renewal of talks with Iran over its controversial nuclear program. Meanwhile the UK has accused the Islamic Republic of provoking a nuclear arms race and a new cold…

Iran cornered with key ally Syria on the brink? Yesterday at 12:41
There are no signs of an end to the violence in Syria, Iran’s key ally in the region, with the West keen to change the Tehran-friendly regime. A noose is being drawn, but experts fear it may leave Iran compelled to act.

Iran warships enter Mediterranean
BBC News Yesterday at 10:35
Iranian warships enter the Mediterranean Sea via the Suez Canal for only the second time since the country’s revolution in 1979.

Hague fears over Iran ‘Cold War’
BBC News Yesterday at 08:37
Iran’s nuclear ambitions could plunge the Middle East into ‘a new Cold War‘, warns UK Foreign Secretary William Hague.

Iran Envoy Blames Israel for Bangkok Bombings
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 08:18

War in the Gulf: real and virtual
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 08:08
Iran’s state-run Press TV announced on February 15 that in response to the EU sanctions Tehran was suspending oil deliveries to France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and the Netherlands. On the same day Iran`s oil ministry denied the report… The opposing sides are testing each other`s ability to demonstrate a strong political will. Actually, what we see now is a virtual fight but just a single wrong gesture can turn it into a real one…

How to make Iran give up its nuclear program (PART 2) Yesterday at 07:58
UN sanctions, assassinations, terror attacks and military threats – none of these stopped Iran working on its nuclear program. What is the mood in Iran’s scientific community? Are ordinary people scared, or is the…

Pakistan To Oppose U.S. Attack On Iran
Stop NATO Yesterday at 05:27
Pakistan allies with Iran against US
The American aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln passed through the Strait of Hormuz on Tuesday, joining another US battle group already positioned in the region headed by the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson. Yet another aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise, is expected to join the strike force in March.

US Security Advisor to confer with Israeli over Syria and Iran Yesterday at 03:10
President Obama’s National Security Advisor is heading to Israel to discuss the increasingly volatile situation in Syria and escalating tensions with Iran.

Top US aide sent to soothe Israeli panic over Iran Yesterday at 03:10
US President Barack Obama has sent his top security aide, Tom Donilon, to Jerusalem on a mission. Donilon’s brief will likely focus on a single issue: Iran.

Pakistan to Provide No Support to U.S. in Attack on Iran – Zardari
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 02:18

The Assassination of Iranian Scientists: In What Way is Iran a Threat to Israel? 17/02/2012 at 22:12
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

Strategic Culture Foundation17/02/2012 at 21:27

US, Israel Invoke Terror To Ratchet Up War Threats Against Iran 17/02/2012 at 20:34
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

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