Information Clearing House Newsletter 27 February 2012: CNN Silences War-Skeptical Soldier

27 February 2012Information Clearing House


By Global Times

What the West wants from Syria is not democracy but the overthrow of the regime so as to eliminate Iran‘s influence over Syria.


Deaths in Syria: Counting Them (politically) Correctly


The British-based Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (SOHR) is one of the most widely-quoted sources of Syrian casualty figures. However the group is currently experiencing an ownership row, which has left media outlets wondering how reliable this source is.


Exploding the Myth of the Iranian Bomb

By Tim Black

How much evidence is there that Iran is developing deadly WMDs, as Western leaders constantly claim? Not much at all. None, in fact.


CNN Silences War-Skeptical Soldier

By Ray McGovern

This one-minute video-that-is-better-than-a-thousand-words could come in handy as at least a symbolic reminder of the bias at CNN and other parts of the FCM when it comes to allowing a full and fair discussion about going to war against some “designated enemy.”


White House Helps Pay for NYPD Muslim Surveillance


Millions of dollars in White House money has helped pay for New York Police Department programs that put entire American Muslim neighborhoods under surveillance.


Missing Foundations

By Linh Dinh

Don’t kid yourself that the fiery anger burning through Greece, Spain and elsewhere won’t be but a tame prelude to what will happen here.


Our Very Own Oscar Night in Rimini

By Michael Hudson

I have just returned from Rimini, Italy, where I experienced one of the most amazing spectacles of my academic life.


Suicide Car Bomber Hits Afghan Airport; 9 Killed: A suicide car bomber struck early Monday at the gates of Jalalabad airport in eastern Afghanistan, officials said, killing nine people in an attack insurgents said was revenge for U.S. troops burning Qurans.


Five militants killed, 22 held in Afghanistan : Five suspected Taliban militants were killed and 22 arrested in joint operations in eight Afghan provinces, the interior ministry said Monday.


NATO Airstrike Kills 3 Afghan Civilians: A US-led NATO airstrike carried out by French troops has claimed the lives of three Afghan civilians, including two children.


Battle at U.S. base kills two Afghans: Demonstrators hurled grenades at a U.S. base in northern Afghanistan, and a gun battle left two Afghans dead and seven NATO troops injured


Afghan ministers cancel US visit: Pentagon: Afghanistan‘s defense and interior ministers have canceled a visit to Washington next week to concentrate on addressing security concerns back home, the Pentagon said Sunday.


Bomb kills five at political rally in Pakistan: A bomb exploded near a political rally on Monday in Pakistan’s north-western province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, killing at least five people and injuring around two dozen more.


89% vote in favor of new Syrian Constitution: Syria’s Interior Minister has announced that 89 per cent of those who took part in the referendum have voted in favor of a new constitution. The new law puts an end to five decades of one-party rule among other reforms put forward by President Assad.


Putin: U.S., other countries should not bypass UN SC by using military scenario in Syria – If we want to provide safety for civilians – and for Russia this is a priority – it is necessary to convince all parties to the armed standoff,” the Russian prime minister said.


EU ministers support regime change in Syria: They further added that they supported the opposition in its fight to oust Bashar Assad, and that the EU recognised the Syrian National Council as a legitimate representative of the Syrians seeking peaceful democratic change”.


Rift develops in Syrian rebel group: Prominent members of the main Syrian National Council formed a splinter organisation on Sunday, exposing the most serious rift among President Bashar al-Assad’s opponents since a “popular uprising” against his repressive rule erupted in March.


Saudi scholar’s fatwa to kill Syrian President: A well known Saudi Islamic scholar Sheikh Ayedh Al Qarni issued a fatwa on Sunday to kill Syrian President Bashar Al Assad. Al Qarni stressed in his fatwa that killing Bashar Al Assad is more important than killing Israelis, reported ‘Al Bayan’.


Friends of Syria’ United Against Assad Split Over Arming Opposition: Saudi Arabia and Qatar want to arm the Syrian opposition, raising the prospect of a widening conflict


China calls US critique on Syria “super arrogant”: “The United States’ motive in parading as a ‘protector’ of the Arab peoples is not difficult to imagine,” it said in a commentary. “The problem is, what moral basis does it have for this patronising and egotistical super-arrogance and self-confidence?”


Putin: An attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities will cause ‘catastrophic’ outcome: Russia’s Prime Minister says will oppose any UN resolutions on Syria that could be interpreted as a signal for military interference.


Turkish artillery pounds Iraqi border areas: – The Turkish artillery Monday pounded border areas inside Iraq forcing civilians to leave their villages in Iraq‘s semi-autonomous Kurdish region, an official Kurdish website reported.


Putin assassination plan foiled: Russian and Ukrainian intelligence services have foiled terrorist plans to assassinate Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Russia’s most-wanted terrorist Doku Umarov is thought to be behind the plot.


Libyan Prisoners Humiliated: Video –


Israel, Kurdish fighters destroyed Iran nuclear facility, email released by WikiLeaks claims: WikiLeaks has publish internal emails of the American strategic intelligence company Stratfor. In one of the hacked emails, Stratfor officials discuss information obtained from one of their sources who reports that Israeli commandos, in cooperation with Kurdish fighters, have destroyed Iranian nuclear installations.


Wikileaks Reveals Privately Run CIA’s Dirty Secrets: An intelligence company based in Texas that, looking at their practices, appears to be America‘s very own privately run CIA. According to Wikileaks, their deals would also include the use of privileged information to make money in financial markets.


George Osborne: UK has run out of money:

In a stark warning ahead of next month’s Budget, the Chancellor said there was little the Coalition could do to stimulate the economy.


US deficit a serious threat, says IIF: The rise in US public debt is a serious threat to the whole world if Washington fails to rein it in, the head of the Institute of International Finance warned Saturday.


Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,801


Number Of  International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,905


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001



“West” Wants Assad Out, Democracy or Not

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