ColdType, March 2012

1 March 2012 — Coldtype

In this month’s 88-page COLDTYPE MAGAZINE

The cover story of this month’s biggest-ever issue returns to the Middle East where the world is being prepared for a replay of the just-ended war in Iraq. Our seven essays by writers in North America and Europe point out, among other things, that there seems to be a media blackout of the fact that Israel also acquired its nuclear arsenal by devious means, won’t let anyone examine its nuclear plants, and is far more aggressive than Iran. Never let the truth get in the way of a good war is the message, it would seem. 

Our European contributors for the cover story are David Edwards, Diana Johnstone, Stuart Littlewood and Barry Lando; with Philip Giraldi, William Blum and David Swanson providing the North American commentary

Other multi-part features in ths issue include essays on the economy by John Kozy and Danny Schechter; while John Pilger and Trevor Grundy offer contrasting opinions on the legacy of former British PM Tony Blair; and John W. Whitehead, Tom Engelhardt and George Monbiot share their outrage over the US policy of drone warfare and its threat to democracy. So much for the US claim of bringing freedom to the world.

Other essays deal with the strange death of Muammar Gaddafi (remember him?), the planned boycott of Israeli goods, the future of the Occupy movement, religious infiltration of schools and a book review by Edward S. Herman. We’ve also got two short stories and a new photo feature – This World.

Download it here: COLDTYPE MAGAZINE

Enjoy it all. If not please contact me at

Tony Sutton, Editor

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