WikiLeaks Newslinks 1 March 2012

1 March


WikiLeaks: Stratfor emails reveal problems with Web security

Fort Worth Star Telegram

Nearly two years later, Stratfor’s internal emails, more than 5 million pieces, are being published – drip, drip, drip, 100 or so per day – by the website WikiLeaks, which has provided access to all of the documents to 25 organizations around the world …


Wikileaks vs. Stratfor: Pursue The Truth, Not Its Messenger


By Amy Goodman WikiLeaks, the whistle-blower website, has again published a

massive trove of documents, this time from a private intelligence firm

known as Stratfor. The source of the leak was the hacker group

“Anonymous,” which took credit for …


WikiLeaks Stratfor Emails: Leak Suggests Pakistan Knew Bin Laden’s Hiding Place

Huffington Post

Emails from the security think tank Stratfor, released by WikiLeaks on

Monday, suggest that up to 12 Pakistani intelligence and army officials

were aware of Bin Laden’s presence in the Pakistani city. The emails

released do not identify the agents, …


WikiLeaks names ex-Senator as informant

Sydney Morning Herald

Online political editor Tim Lester previews the day ahead in Canberra as

Bill O’Chee emerges as an unlikely intelligence source, according to

Wikileaks. Former National Party senator and businessman Bill O’Chee has

been revealed as the most prolific …


WikiLeaks: Russia gave Israel Iranian codes

Jerusalem Post

WikiLeaks published the email and announced this week that it was targeting

Stratfor by releasing over 5 million emails stolen from its servers. “I

inquired more about the compromised Israeli UAVs. What he explained was

that Israel and Russia made a …


Wikileaks Global Intelligence Files: Israel Day 2


The whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks has continued to release for a second

day what it says will eventually be 5 million e-mails sent between July

2004 and late December 2011 by the private intelligence company Stratfor.

An email dated February 26, …


WikiLeaks must justify itself better

The latest mass publication of hundreds of thousands of private documents

by WikiLeaks will continue to stir ethical controversy. The organisation is

certainly publishing content it does not own which may be defined as theft.

Some call WikiLeaks a …


Ex-senator named by WikiLeaks

Sydney Morning Herald

Photo: Paul Miller THE former National Party senator and businessman Bill

O’Chee has been revealed as the most prolific Australian informant of a

controversial private global intelligence company that is the target of a

new campaign by WikiLeaks.


Wikileaks Global Intelligence Files: Day 3, Syria to Stir Trouble in Lebanon


The website WikiLeaks has continued releasing for a third day what it says

will eventually be 5 million e-mails sent between July 2004 and late

December 2011 by the private intelligence company Stratfor. An email dated

December 17, 2011 refers to …


Wikileaks commences the release of 5 Million Stratfor emails


Wikileaks is now trickle-releasing over five million emails taken as part

of the hack. iTWire recently wrote of the Anonymous hack perpetrated upon

the intelligence company Stratfor. The first data released was the full

contact list of both paid and …


Make Assange an election issue, mum urges


Christine Assange’s fears for her son’s safety have intensified after a

leaked confidential email indicated US authorities had drawn up secret

charges against the founder of the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks began publishing emails from …


Stolen emails from Texas-based Stratfor yield stories around the globe, but …

Houston Chronicle (blog)

Stories yielding from the 5 million confidential emails from the

intelligence agency Stratfor currently being published by WikiLeaks is

beginning to emerge in medias around the world. India, Venezuela, Russia,

Israel, Bulgaria. All around the globe, …


WIKILEAKS: Pres. Chavez’s Health is Worse Than Reported, May Have as Little as …

Hispanically Speaking News

According to an intelligence report revealed by Wikileaks, the health of

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is far worse than is being shared with the

public. The report, which includes testimony from Russian and Cuban doctors

who were involved with his …


US‘s bid to charge WikiLeaks founder Assange leaked

Times LIVE

US prosecutors have formulated secret charges against WikiLeaks founder

Julian Assange, Australian media reported yesterday, citing a confidential

e-mail. The e-mail is one of a number from US-based global intelligence

company Stratfor that the …


WikiLeaks suggests Pak Army officials knew about Laden’s hideout

Daily News & Analysis

WikiLeaks has suggested that mid-ranking Pakistani army officials may have

known about Osama bin Laden’s hideout in Pakistan, but official US

statements do not back that up. Various leaked e-mails from the US

intelligence firm Stratfor hints that Laden …


WikiLeaks Paranoid of Swedish Journalists

The Epoch Times

By Aron Lamm Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is seen at a press conference

in Geneva, Switzerland, on Nov. 4, 2010. (Abrice Coffrini/Getty Images)

STOCKHOLM—WikiLeaks has been monitoring and gathering information on

several well-known Swedish …


Israel Helped Russia Hack Georgian Drones – Wikileaks

RIA Novosti

A swap deal between Russia and Israel in 2008 provided the Russian military

with secret codes for Georgian drones, while Jerusalem obtained access to

information on Iranian missile systems, according to fresh publications by



Athlone woman caught up in new Wikileaks documents row

Westmeath Independent

by Deirdre Verney An Athlone native is the latest person to become

embroiled in the most recent batch of internet documents published by

Wikileaks. On Monday, the anti-secrecy website began publishing The Global

Intelligence Files, comprising of over …


Leaked Email Suggests Secret Indictment of WikiLeaks Founder


By Shashi Tharoor By Robert Scheer Internal emails disclosed by Anonymous

and WikiLeaks suggest that Stratfor, a private intelligence firm working

with the US Justice Department, has information about a confidential

“sealed indictment” for the …


Assange claims secret US indictment against him

The Hindu

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Thursday accused the American

government of conducting “a neo-McCarthyist witch-hunt” against his

organisation as it released confidential e-mails from Stratfor, a

Texas-based private intelligence firm, …


Wikileaks Exposes DHS Spying on Occupy Movement


The five-page report, part of five million newly leaked documents obtained

by Wikileaks, sums up the history of the movement and assesses its “impact”

on the financial services and government facilities. In an interview on

Citizen Radio, …


Dow’s surveillance not surprising, say Bhopal activists

The Hindu

Activists associated with the Bhopal gas tragedy have expressed little

surprise over the WikiLeaks expose claiming Dow Chemical had hired

surveillance corporation Stratfor to spy on them. “We are not surprised

at all because that is the kind of company …


Charges against Assange drawn up in US, says email

Banyule and Nillumbik Weekly

UNITED States prosecutors have drawn up secret charges against WikiLeaks

founder Julian Assange, according to a confidential internal email obtained

from a private US intelligence company, Stratfor. In the email, sent to

Stratfor intelligence analysts …


Report alleges Hamid Gul as member of US intel firm

Pakistan Observer

A report published in the Indian daily Times of India says that WikiLeaks

revealed approximately five million emails of the Texas-based think tank.

“Whereas seemingly large numbers of Stratfor’s subscribers and clients

work in the US military and …


Greens demand Govt protect Assange


news The Government and the Opposition took squirming to new heights

recently while handling — or rather not handling — the threat of

prosecution faced by Australian citizen and WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange

in the USA, a media release put out by …


WikiLeaks exposes Stratfor’s secret media allies

Green Left Weekly

By Simon Butler In a response to WikiLeaks’ February 27 announcement of the

file release, Stratfor CEO George Friedman said the company was “proud of

the relationships we have built … We have developed these relationships

with and partnerships with …


LeT plot to kill Modi: Stratfor knew before WikiLeaks


Global private intelligence group Stratfor knew that Pakistan-based

Lashkar-e-Tayiba was planning to assassinate Gujarat Chief Minister

Narendra Modi much before whistleblower WikiLeaks brought it before the

world through its leaked US diplomatic …


Secret US charges against Assange alleged

ABC Online

Wikileaks has released emails from a US intelligence firm which suggest

such charges exist. The emails also detail the tactics of the intelligence

firm to bankrupt Assange if he isn’t brought to trial in the United States.

A leading Australian human …


WikiLeaks and RoboCalls | Saskboy’s Abandoned Stuff

By saskboy

Post navigation. ? WikiLeaks: Stratfor’s Suggested Strategy to Indict

Assange … Fox personality, makes no mention of Anonymous stealing the

emails from Stratfor; trying to claim Wikileaks was the “hacker”. She

has her facts wrong, or is …


Elder of Ziyon: Today’s interesting Wikileaks from Stratfor

By Elder of Ziyon

Israel may already have the codes to crack into Iran‘s anti-aircraft

missile defense systems, according to WikiLeaks, which on Tuesday continued

to publish email conversations by employees from the Texas-based Stratfor

global intelligence …


Prison » WikiLeaks ‘Controlled Opposition’ – Right …

By admin

WikiLeaks Publishes STRATFOR Emails … The WikiLeaks Internet website has

published hundreds of emails that might have come from a larger collection

of documents stolen in December from STRATFOR, a global intelligence

analysis …


Leaked Email Suggests Secret Indictment of WikiLeaks Founder …


Internal emails disclosed by Anonymous and WikiLeaks suggest that Stratfor,

a private intelligence firm working with the U.S. Justice Department, has

information about a confidential “sealed indictment” for the

arraignment of WikiLeaks …


The Coming Crisis: Anonymous, WikiLeaks team up

By Lynsey

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Live Blog: WikiLeaks Releases the Stratfor Emails (Day 3) | The …

By Kevin Gosztola

UPDATE – 8:37 PM EST No more new emails released yet. Kind of a slow day,

which may indicate WikiLeaks is having problems with its media partners.


Revealed: US plans to charge (WikiLeaks’) Assange « [Occupy …

By kp40

UNITED STATES prosecutors have drawn up secret charges against the

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, according to a confidential email

obtained from the private US intelligence company Stratfor. In an internal

email to Stratfor analysts …


Israel Matzav: Wikileaks (Stratfor): Israel Defense Intelligence like …

By Carl in Jerusalem

Wikileaks (Stratfor): Israel Defense Intelligence like Stratfor? A Stratfor

email released by Wikileaks gives the impression that Stratfor operates a

lot like Israel’s Defense Intelligence agency. On 12/15/11 10:30 AM, Marc

Lanthemann wrote: …


WikiLeaks: Russia gave Israel codes for Iran‘s missiles


WikiLeaks: Russia gave Israel codes for Iran‘s missiles. Tehran’s defense

system compromised in return for info on UAVs sold to Georgia. Published:

21 mins ago. Russia gave Israel codes for breaking Iran‘s missile defense

system in return …


Wikileaks: Lessons for Press Policy and Regulation – Charlie …


WikiLeaks has achieved the publication of the biggest leak of confidential

information in journalism history. The Afghan, Iraq, and Diplomatic cable

disclosures were on an unprecedented scale and extent. While the

information they contained …


Top Five Recent Wikileaks Revelations About Stratfor « Thurman’s …

By Thurman

Julian Assange (legal accusations aside) and the team at Wikileaks, deserve

medals, no, deserve a Nobel Prize for their work shining the disinfectant

that is broad daylight on the low-down sleazy manipulations of our

government and it’ hired …


Wikileaks oo Daabacay Sirro Muujiyey Xidhiidhka ka dhaxeeyay …

By kayse

Islamabad (Togdheernews)- Warsidaha Wikileaks, ayaa daabacay warbixino iyo

Emailo tilmaamaya in hoggaamiyihii hore ee Al-qaacida ee Maraykanku

hawlgalka ku dileen Osama Bin Laden xidhiidho la lahaa hay’adda sirdoonka



Foreign Minister of Sweden Is A U.S. Spy :WikiLeaks | AAJ News

By Farrukh Shabbir

Wikileaks has vowed to publish those documents very soon and once it is

published the material of those documents will surely leave the foreign

minister with no choice but to resign. Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt

admitted that he is …


That ‘Extraordinary’ Wikileaks Dump: A Big Pile Of Emails From …

ORIGINAL POST: Some interesting tweets from Wikileaks this evening…

Wikileaks It’s been awhile since Wikileaks had anything real buzzy, so

we’re curious …


WikiLeaks targets global risk company Stratfor | Reuters

(Reuters) – The anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks began publishing on Monday

more than 5 million emails from a U.S.-based global security analysis

company that …


WikiLeaks publishes intelligence firm’s emails – Technology …

WikiLeaks began publishing on Monday more than five million emails from a

U.S. -based global security analysis company that has been likened to a

shadow …


WikiLeaks publishes leaked Stratfor emails – Yahoo! News

From Yahoo! News: Private intelligence firm Stratfor is in the business of

shedding light on the world for its many clients. On Monday, anti-secrecy

group …

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