Bradley Manning Newslinks 2 March 2012

2 March


Providing information to our enemies is treason

Tulsa Beacon

by Robert McDowell In early February, the Army commander for the District of Washington finally announced his decision that Pfc. Bradley Manning must stand a general courtmartial for his actions while deployed to the Middle East. Manning is charged …


Assange’s homegrown hardnosed lawyer

The Australian

“I’m confident a challenge under the first amendment of the US constitution

will ultimately see Assange walk free, but we need only look to the

treatment of Bradley Manning to know what Julian will suffer in the

meantime,” she says.


Late Night FDL: Remember to Be a Member


… of the Occupy Supply team; Bradley Manning; live blogging Prop 8…the

list is long and strong of things FDL has worked on and accomplished over

the past year by raising awareness with calls to action, by informing and

inspiring thousands of people.


China Has A Scary Plan

Strategy Page

At some point you need to transmit sensitive data avoiding interception and

then make sure it is behind an airgap when decrypted, that requires endless

vigilance, if the Bradley Manning saga demonstrates anything it is the

complacency that tends to …


The NDAA: a clear and present danger to American liberty


… prohibit the torture which civil libertarians see as likely under a

military detention regime expanded by the NDAA. (Bradley Manning‘s initial

treatment in solitary confinement, for instance, met some Red Cross

definitions of torture.) Guantanamo.


Thomas Robinson battles Anthony Davis as game’s top player

Kansas City Star

Since 1959, the only major trophies for Kansas went to Danny Manning, who

shared his haul with Bradley’s Hersey Hawkins in 1988, and Drew Gooden and

Nick Collison, who won the NABC awards in 2002 and 2003. Even Wilt

Chamberlain got shut out.


Bradley Manning Support Network » Veterans For Peace demand …

By nathanlfuller

Veterans For Peace, representing thousands of military service men and

women, issues a call for the US Army to drop all charges against Pfc.



Bradley Manning Support Network » Feminist, trans advocates …

By nathanlfuller

By Rainey Reitman. An explanation of the BMSN’s position on Manning’s

gender-questioning, and why feminist and trans advocates should support



This Day in WikiLeaks: 03/01/12

By m_cetera

Veteran’s for Peace is calling on the US Army to abandon court martial

proceeding against Bradley Manning. … Bradley Manning Support Network‘s

Rainey Reitman writes on why feminists and trans activists should support



The Power of Aggressive Journalism | The Dissenter

By Kevin Gosztola

Simultaneously, the US government is prosecuting Pfc. Bradley Manning. This

could potentially criminalize national security journalism. The accusation

that he “aided the enemy” rests upon the contention that he knowingly

gave classified …


Stratfor “Source” James Casey Leaves FBI | FDL Action

By Jane Hamsher

Moral of the story: Bradley Manning gets charged with “aiding the enemy”

for potentially leaking information that was available on the SIPRNET to



CAAFlog » Military Justice News for Mar. 1, 2012

By Mike “No Man” Navarre

Bradley Manning, the former US Army soldier accused of leaking sensitive

documents to Wikileaks, began the process of formal court-martial last

Thursday. Now it is being reported that he is among the 231 people up for a

Nobel Peace Prize …


BackTrack 5 R2 Released, New Kernel, New Tools | The Hacker …

By THN Reporter

WikiLeaks suspect nominated for Nobel Prize. WikiLeaks suspect Bradley

Manning nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2012. Subscribe to Security Updates

!! BackTrack 5 R2 Released, New Kernel, New Tools · Tweet. Categories:

Downloads …


WCL Criminal Law Brief Blog: Freedom of Press or a Battle Against …

By Criminal Law Brief Blog

On February 23, charges were brought against Private Bradley Manning among

which was the charge of “aiding the enemy,” an offense that could bring

the death penalty if convicted. Manning is accused of providing at least

ten thousand …

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