Wikileaks Newslinks 2 March 2012

2 March


E-mails released by WikiLeaks show Dow Chemical spied on activists over …

Detroit Free Press

The group WikiLeaks obtained e-mails that show Dow hired a Texas-based company, Stratfor, to monitor environment and human rights advocates concerned with the leak at a plant in Bhopal, India, that killed about 15000 and is considered the worst …


The Beak: Wikileaks: Back from the Dead

Wikileaks is back with a vengeance. This week, the famous hacktivist

organization reported millions of stolen emails from the international

intelligence firm called Stratfor. Wikileaks refuses to release where their

sources come from, although not-so …


Dow Says Opposition to Olympics Sponsorship ‘Beyond Belief’

San Francisco Chronicle

(Updates with WikiLeaks disclosures in 14th paragraph.) March 1 (Bloomberg)

Dow Chemical Co. Chief Executive Officer Andrew Liveris said opposition

to his company’s sponsorship of the 2012 London Olympics is “beyond belief”

because Dow wasn’t …


Wikileaks: Stratfor Affairs

The Friday Times

By Amit Ranjan By Shoaib Taimur By WasimulHaque, PhD By Tahir Jahangir

Wikileaks has begun publishing millions of emails from global espionage and

intelligence contractor Stratfor, dating between 2004 and 2011. “You have

to take control of him.


WikiLeaks emails suggest Bin Laden corpse ‘brought to America’

INTERNAL EMAILS in a major global intelligence firm, published by

WikiLeaks, suggest that Obama bin Laden’s body may have been brought to

America after he was killed by US Navy Seals. The emails, from the

intelligence firm Stratfor which offered …


UK Mag Links Julian Assange and Wikileaks To Brutal European Dictator


In a blistering article published on the website of UK magazine The New

Statesman, journalist Kapil Komarredi accuses Julian Assange and Wikileaks

of playing a role in stunting democracy in Belarus with the help of noted

crazy person Israel Shamir.


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Boston Globe

THE INTERNET organization WikiLeaks bills itself as a cyber-Robin-Hood that

stops powerful governments from abusing the powerless. That’s its

justification for publishing secret documents exposing government’s

misdeeds. Since its launch in 2007, …


Top 5 Stratfor Wikileaks Revelations (So Far)


This week, Wikileaks began publishing the first of some five million hacked

emails from the private intelligence firm, Stratfor, which cultivates

anonymous sources in governments and business in order to provide

intelligence assessments on a variety of …


US draws up secret charges against Assange

Mmegi Online

WASHINGTON DC: United States prosecutors have drawn up secret charges

against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Australian media reported

yesterday, citing a confidential email. The email is one of a huge number

from the US-based global intelligence …


Leak suggests Dow hired firm to follow Bhopal activists

Chemistry World

Dow Chemical hired US intelligence companies to monitor the activities of

protestors belonging to groups demanding justice for victims of the Bhopal

disaster in India, according to emails published by whistleblower website



Before Wikileaks: NYU’s Gurman Traces Diplomatic Dissent Over American Foreign …

Newswise (press release)

… erosion of the diplomatic establishment and the weakening of the

diplomatic writing tradition to larger political and ideological trends

while, at the same time, foreshadowing the resurgent significance of

diplomatic writing in the age of Wikileaks.


Did Israel Help Spark the Russia-Georgia War in 2008?

The Atlantic Wire

Fresh documents released by WikiLeaks raise new questions about the

five-day war between Russia and Georgia in 2008. In particular, the role of

Israel and its involvement in providing military intelligence to Russia in

the run-up to the war.


Julian Assange and Europe’s Last Dictator

New Statesman (blog)

The former WikiLeaks chief will moderate a public discussion about Belarus,

despite damaging the cause of democracy there. The Old Vic will tonight

host the premiere of Europe’s Last Dictator, a documentary about the savage

dictatorship that thrives in …


Discontent and fear among the Venezuelan military

The reports, transmitted through WikiLeaks, say that President Hugo

Chávez’s illness and a strong opposition have caused some in the military

to worried about their futures. By Antonio Maria Delgado President Hugo

Chávez’s illness has deepened the …


‘Wikileaks; the Athlone files’ cause scandal in Westmeath


The words Athlone and Wikileaks are two words you don’t expect to see in

the one sentence. But, the latest release of files has thrust a woman from

the town into the spotlight. The woman probably didn’t expect to be the

focus of the scrutiny of the …


REVEALED! The truth behind Osama’s ISI connection


Although the Pakistan army has strongly rejected a recent revelation by

WikiLeaks that slain Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was in routine contact

with several officials of the Inter Services Intelligence while hiding in

his Abbottabad compound, …


WikiLeaks and journalism

ABC Technology and Games

In the week that WikiLeaks has shown it’s still in business by releasing

millions of emails stolen from American intelligence consultancy Stratfor,

what impact is it having on journalism? Charlie Beckett, director of Polis,

the journalism and society …


WikiLeaks: Mafia threats to kill Sanader’s family

Croatian Times

… currently on trial for corruption, resigned from his postion as Prime

Minister in 2009 becaused of organised crime, according to an email from

private US intelligence agency Stratfor which was published by WikiLeaks,

reported daily Jutarnji List.’s_family


Christine Assange (1st March 2012)

ABC Online (blog)

Julian Assange has been rather quiet lately, since his court appearance in

the UK to fight extradition to Sweden, where he faces sexual assault

allegations, Wikileaks has begun publishing more than 5 million

confidential emails from Texas-based …


Sonali Kolhatkar on Afghanistan, Kevin Gosztola on WikiLeaks and Stratfor


Also on CounterSpin today: Elite media have always had a contentious

relationship with the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks. They don’t like the

way the site gets its information and don’t like the conclusions the site

draws from the documents it …


War With Iran Near Impossible, Top 5 Stratfor WikiLeaks Revelations, and …


Today’s Word – Did the NYPD’s spying on Muslims violate the law? The New

York Police Department has investigated Muslims in New York and other

states, preparing reports on mosques and Muslim-owned businesses. Mayor

Michael Bloomberg insists that, …


Dow Chemicals denies spying on Bhopal NGOs

Daily Bhaskar

WikiLeaks earlier this week began publishing what is described as the first

of more than five million confidential emails from US-based security spy

agency Stratfor. The emails also feature ‘spying’ on the Bhopal NGOs

working for gas tragedy survivors.


China ‘Shocked’ Australian Mining Companies Don’t Take Bribes

The Epoch Times

According to a series of emails published by Wikileaks on Feb. 27, the

former Australian senator—dubbed “source CN65—describes China’s

mining sector as deeply corrupt. The emails were an exchange between the

senator and Stratfor—an international …


The DHS surveillance of OccupyWallStreet

TG Daily

New documents obtained by WikiLeaks indicate that the US Department of

Homeland Security (DHS) routinely monitored OccupyWallStreet (OWS)

activities and protests as they spread across more than 70 cities.

According to documents cited by Rolling Stone, …


‘Israel has destroyed Iran’s bomb’

Jewish Chronicle

A remarkable claim about Israel’s clandestine campaign against Iran’s

nuclear programme, published this week by WikiLeaks, has been dismissed out

of hand by Israeli officials. In one of millions of internal emails

obtained in a hack attack on US


Court Martial Opens Against Bradley Manning

Just International

Many of the files that Manning is charged with leaking document evidence of

war crimes committed by US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq; these were

published by the whistleblower organization WikiLeaks. The hearing at Fort

Meade, Maryland, …


New Google+ Project Promises Public Policy Debates With a Celebrity Twist


BY Miranda Neubauer | Thursday, March 1 2012 On March 13, Virgin Group

magnate Richard Branson, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and actor Russell

Brand will be among the guests in an upcoming debate on the war on drugs

— using a Google + Hangout.


Department of Homeland Security Gives Occupy Wall Street the “Rightwing …

Reason Online (blog)

Occupy Wall Street and its sympathizers are livid over a five-page report

found in the massive cache of Stratfor emails recently published by

Wikileaks. Circulated in October and titled “SPECIAL COVERAGE: Occupy Wall

Street,” the DHS report in question …


Hamas finally comes out against the Assad regime, its longtime patron …

Tablet Magazine

According to WikiLeaks‘ latest document dump, I’ma tool of the Mossad. Does

the fact that I scooped Julian Assange have anything to do with it? As

Israel Apartheid Week returns to college campuses across the country, how

should supporters of Israel …


Live Blog: WikiLeaks Releases the Stratfor Emails (Day 4) | The …

By Kevin Gosztola

6:20 PM EST Majority Report with Sam Seder – Michael Hastings of Rolling

Stone was interviewed yesterday.


Update 3/1/12: Amy Goodman on WikiLeaks‘ latest release, Naomi …

By nathanlfuller

Amy Goodman reviews WikiLeaks‘ latest release, interviews a legal

representative for Assange. Naomi Wolf discusses detention and Manning’s



WikiLeaks Etc.: Stratfor‘s blatant hypocrisy toward WikiLeaks

By m_cetera

It’s no secret that Stratfor hates Julian Assange. On February 27,

WikiLeaks began the release of over 5 million emails from the global

intelligence company. Within the first 400 or so emails, roughly 70 of them

mention WikiLeaks or Assange.


Wikileaks Global Intelligence Files: Israel Day 4, Bin Laden’s Body …

By Lakkana Nanayakkara

The website WikiLeaks has continued releasing for a fourth day what it says

will eventually be 5 million e-mails sent between July 2004 and late

December 2011 by the private intelligence company Stratfor. In an email

dated November 7, …


Amy Goodman – Stratfor, WikiLeaks and the Obama administration’s …

By Laura Tyco

WikiLeaks, the whistleblower website, has again published a massive trove

of documents, this time from a private intelligence firm known as Stratfor.

The source of the leak was the hacker group Anonymous, which took credit

for obtaining …


Strategic Forecasting Inc (Stratfor)Wikileaks ; Russian Prosecutor …

By editor

In a statement on Stratfor‘s website, the company’s founder and CEO George

Friedman called WikiLeaks‘ publishing of the Stratfor emails “a

deplorable, unfortunate — and illegal — breach of privacy.” Friedman

explained that “a large number …


Israel Swapped UAS Data Link Codes with Russia – WikiLeaks

By The Editor

Israel gave Russia the data link codes for unmanned aircraft sold to

Georgia, and Russia gave Israel the codes for Tor-M1 missiles that Russia

sold Iran.



Court approves warrantless searches of cell phones – WikiLeaks Press


Police can search a cell phone for its number without having a warrant, a

federal appeals court ruled on Wednesday. Officers in Indiana found a

number of cell phones at…


Fisher Capital Management News: Wikileaks Targets UNESCO

Wikileaks has issued a warning yesterday to an unlikely target of their

#occupy campaign: UNESCO, a United Nations’ agency focused in promoting

human rights.


WikiLeaks: Russia gave Israel Iranian system’s codes

By FreedomsBlsings

WikiLeaks has released an email exchange between employees of Stratfor, the

US-based global intelligence company, which reveals Israel and Russia made

a deal to swap access codes for defense and surveillance equipment.


Further Evidence of Secret U.S. Indictment of Julian Assange …

By blackandred

Internal emails obtained from the US private intelligence firm Stratfor

indicate that the Obama administration has had a secret indictment against

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for more than 12 months. The emails,

published by WikiLeaks


Move along, folks, nothing to see here (Stop Me Before I Vote Again)

The Atlantic, in the person of bright young spark Max Fisher, assures us

that there’s no there there in the Stratfor/Wikileaks/Anonymous story: The

corporate research firm has branded itself as a CIA-like “global

intelligence” firm, but only Julian …


Shadow CIA Charges of Using Sex, Targeting Activists, Blackmail …

By cpmondello

The Yes Men news release states today: “WikiLeaks begins to publish today

over five million e-mails obtained by Anonymous from ‘global intelligence’

company Stratfor. The emails, which reveal everything from sinister spy

tactics to an insider …


WikiLeaks targets global risk company Stratfor – Yahoo! News

From Yahoo! News: (Reuters) – The anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks began

publishing on Monday more than 5 million emails from a U.S.-based global



WikiLeaks 2.0: How Julian Assange’s Partnership with Anonymous …

A new age of transparency activism may have just begun.’s_partnership_with_anonymous_could_change_the_landscape_of_hacktivism



UPDATE: Oh, here’s a good one: Growing concerns over Iran’s nuclear

facilities may prove to be all for naught. Officials from the global

intelligence company …

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