WikiLeaks Newslinks 4 March 2012

4 March


WikiLeaks expose: Corporate giants caught spying

Green Left Weekly

By Ash Pemberton The release of secret emails from private intelligence company Stratfor by WikiLeaks has opened the door on the world of spying-for-profit. More than 5 million emails between Stratfor employees were stolen by hacker group Anonymous in …


WikiLeaks proves brutal US diplomacy

WikiLeaks‘ latest hoard of leaked emails from the American intelligence think-tank Stratfor usually mentions New Zealand in terms of contempt. “When it comes to geopolitical importance,” Stratfor analyst Chris Farnham wrote to colleague William Hobart …


Wikileaks reveals US analyst’s cynicism toward NZ

3News NZ

A release by WikiLeaks of emails from an American intelligence think-tank reveals a view of New Zealand that is at odds with the US‘s diplomatic position. The website has published a series of internal emails of security company Stratfor, …


WikiLeaks: Bulgarian Internet Guru Was Stratfor Informer

If you have accepted as a fact what you claim, that this is information from WikiLeaks, then I will have to disappoint you – I have not been an informer of Stratfor in whatever sense you give to this word. Your other questions pertain to what you call …


Amy Goodman: Stratfor, WikiLeaks and the Obama administration’s war against truth

Democratic Underground

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange attends a press conference in London, 27 February 2012, about the release of more than 5m emails from private intelligence firm Stratfor. Photograph: Kerim Okten/EPA WikiLeaks, the whistleblower website, …


President Zardari was unaware of US operation in Abbottabad


The fresh revelations came to light Monday when the whistle-blowing website

Wikileaks published around five million emails and confidential

intelligence files from a US security think tank Stratfor. The think tank

has claimed to have access to the …


Turkey-EU: Is Sarkozy the only obstacle?

Sunday’s Zaman

Moreover, the latest revelations on WikiLeaks show that a number of

countries who were supposedly defending Turkey‘s membership were in fact

playing a double game. Turkish public opinion was sure that some EU

countries were determined to support …


Marching Orders

Times of India

This week, as the Centre began looking into the funding of some NGOs for

their “role” in the agitation against the Kudankulam nuclear plant, a

WikiLeaks report revealed that a private US intelligence firm, Stratfor,

has been spying on NGOs and …


US begins ‘Operation Monsoon’

Nation on Sunday

They point to comments made by Blake in cables which were subsequently

published by Wikileaks as evidence of this. Some claim that the LTTE served

as a cat’s paw of the US to destabilise the region; that the US

strengthened the organisation in order to …


US must seize opportunity to support Palestinian non-violence

Institute for Middle East Understanding

This sentiment was reflected by Major Amos Gilad, an Israeli military

official, to American diplomats in a WikiLeaks cable last year when he

confessed “we don’t do Gandhi very well”. Non-violent resistance is like

Judo – the Japanese martial art based …


Venezuela’s Government Releases Photos of Convalescing Chavez in Cuba

Latin American Herald Tribune

The document is part of a trove of millions of e-mails from the Texas-based

Stratfor company that was obtained by WikiLeaks. In a Dec. 5, 2011, e-mail

sent to Stratfor CEO George Friedman, the firm’s director of analysis, Reva

Bhalla, …


‘Nigeria’s Economy Dictated By Western Interest’

Leadership Newspapers

Recent,Wikileaks reports placed Nigeria as the most monitored country south

of the equator, so you ask your self why?One is because Nigeria has an

intrinsic economic potentials , which we our selves don’t know. So creating

a different economy the …


Ethiopia as a waste disposal (blog)

Wikileaks was kind enough to expose their duplicity in this criminal

enterprise. In 2009 the US gave $150 million including $45 million to equip

and train an aviation regiment for Yemeni Special Forces. It is sad that in

order to safeguard their own …


The Megrahi mysteries

Herald Scotland

But if you read Wikileaks, a confidential cable from the US embassy

undermined the US and UK government’s claim that Megrahi‘s reception when

he returned home was a grossly orchestrated pageant. It acknowledged that

the crowd assembled at the airport …


US oil sanctions against Iran backfires big time!

This is clear especially if you read the top secret US diplomatic cable on

the Wikileaks site. The State Department too stupid to understand what is

really going on here”, says John of Charlotte (last name with held by



State secrets and Turkish press

Sunday’s Zaman

To the dislike of the Obama administration, the paper even published State

Department cables revealed by WikiLeaks last year. In contrast to the US,

the culture of secrecy is much more prevalent in Turkey and works in many

cases against the pressing …


Rudd’s exit a loss for Asia

Daily Star Online

WikiLeaks‘ release of the discussion at the meeting stirred up some

controversy, but Rudd’s thesis is not rocket science. One has to look only

at the way that the US has implemented its “pivot” to Asia. Washington

seeks to engage China, …


Georgian-Produced Multiple Rocket Launcher Unveiled

Civil Georgia

It was not clear whether he was referring to any specific case when

mentioning about “someone may cheat you or share data”, but these

remarks seem to be echoing allegation, which has emerged after WikiLeaks

started releasing emails snatched by hackers …


Iran Questions IAEA’s Resolve and Impartiality

Middle East Online

On his appointment as head of the IAEA, Mr. Amano was referred to by US

diplomats as being “a friend” to US interests, according to secret

diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks in 2010. In addition to failing to

mention Iran’s offer to the IAEA


Exclusive: Women in borders

Business Mirror

Dolor’s pain in the painting of his province as a hub of sex tourists

intensified with the release last year of two confidential memoranda of the

US embassy—05MANILA5137 and 05MANILA5606—via WikiLeaks. The memos,

addressed to Deputy Assistant …


Consequences Of An Attack On Iran Are No Joke


It also notes that according to the WikiLeaks Iraq war logs, the figure may

be 13750 higher still. Official Department of Defense statistics as of

mid-December, as compiled byMargaret Griffis at, reveal that

4484 members of the US military …


Syria and “Conspiracy Theories”: It is a Conspiracy

Center for Research on Globalization

The Damascus cable comes courtesy Wikileaks. Lt. Colonel Peters called, on

Fox News, for founder, Julian Assange, to be assassinated. The forty second

clip(6) is worth the listen. The Colonel also writes fiction and thrillers

under the name Owen …


WikiLeaks Revelation: Osama Bin Laden Not Buried at Sea …

By cscadm

Stratfor emails that were revealed to the public by the controversial

WikiLeaks included some communications between analysts that seem to

indicate that the story that Osama bin Laden’s body was buried at sea was

never believed from the …


“…WikiLeaks’ latest hoard of leaked emails from the American …

By admin

Diplomacy is a brutal and two-faced business. Public diplomatic statements

are bland and fatuous, but in private the talk is fierce. WikiLeaks‘ latest

hoard of leaked emails from the American intelligence think-tank Stratfor

usually mentions New …


Occupy, Osama and Iran: WikiLeaks Releases Secret Emails …

By Beth

Whatever your feelings about Assange are, a more than decent, valid case

could be made for the merit of an organization like Wikileaks. In an age

where real, adversarial investigative journalism is all but dead within the

halls of our …


Assange vs. the Swedes — The Yale Globalist

By johndamico

The sly and greasy-haired WikiLeaks founder then disappears into a heavily

barricaded and faintly Uluru-esque grotto after surreptitiously pressing

the pass-code “1234”. Indeed—despite an apparent lack of time for

coiffure-related […]


WikiLeaks Uncovers Report Showing Homeland Security Monitored ...

(update below) The transparency organization WikiLeaks has published an

assessment report from the Homeland Security Department (DHS) on the Occupy


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