VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 5 March 2012: Report: “Army Kidnaps Palestinians For Training Purposes”

5 March 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

WAFA: Israeli Forces Commit 25 Violations Against Journalists in February
IMEMC – The Palestinian News and Information Agency, WAFA, issued a report on Monday documenting the violations committed by Israeli forces against Palestinian journalists during February 2012. … 

3 Relatives of Detainees Arrested During Jail Visit, 21 Civilians Arrested in Morning Invasions
IMEMC – Three relatives of Palestinian political detainees were arrested by Israeli soldiers on Sunday during a jail visit, the Palestinian Prisoners Society reported on Monday. … 

Army Kidnaps 10 Palestinians Including 5 Children
IMEMC – The Wadi Hilwa Information center reported that Israeli soldiers kidnapped, on Monday at dawn, ten Palestinians, including five children, in occupied East Jerusalem, and in Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank. …

Youth Seriously Injured By Army Fire Near Ramallah
IMEMC – Palestinian medical sources reported, Monday, that a Palestinian youth was seriously wounded after Israeli troops fired gas bombs and rubber-coated metal bullets at Palestinian protestors, at the Atara roadblock, north of the central West Bank city of Ramallah. …

Report: “Army Kidnaps Palestinians For Training Purposes”
IMEMC – The International Tadamun (Solidarity) Foundation for Human Rights reported that Israeli soldiers have been recently invading Palestinians area, breaking into homes at night and kidnapping Palestinian youths, in order to train new army recruits. …

Protesters disrupt conference of Israeli lobby group in Washington DC
IMEMC – The annual meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, held this weekend in Washington DC, was attended by US President Barack Obama and Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, who both pledged unwavering support for the state of Israel. But the conference also faced a large group of protesters who gathered both outside and inside the conference itself to challenge US aid to Israel. …

Ma’an News

Man seriously wounded by tear gas canister
3/5/2012 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — A young man was seriously wounded on Monday morning during clashes with Israeli forces near Atara checkpoint, north of Ramallah, a Ma’an correspondent said. Dozens of young men were throwing stones at soldiers stationed at Atara checkpoint when Israeli forces fired tear gas canisters in their direction. Witnesses say….

3 people detained while visiting relatives in prison
3/5/2012 – QALQILIYA (Ma’an) — The Palestinian prisoners society said Sunday that three people were detained while visiting relatives in Ramon prison. Diala Matar, 26, and her brother Saad Mustapha, 15, were detained while visiting their brother Muhammad Mustapha Tharra, who is serving a life sentence. Yosra Adel, 30, was also detained while visiting her brother….

14 detained in West Bank, 5 minors arrested in Silwan
3/5/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces detained 14 people overnight Sunday across the West Bank, Israel‘s army and Palestinian security sources said. Four people were detained in the Ramallah area, two in Qalqiliya, two in Nablus and six in the Hebron area, an Israeli army spokeswoman said. All those detained were taken for….

Blast hits Egypt gas pipeline serving Jordan, Israel
3/5/2012 – CAIRO (Reuters) – An Egyptian pipeline carrying gas to Israel and Jordan was bombed on Monday, the 13th such attack since President Hosni Mubarak was toppled in 2011, witnesses said. The attack on the installation that crosses the increasingly volatile Sinai region occurred in the Massaeed area west of the Mediterranean coastal town of al-Arish, in….

Obama, Netanyahu face struggle over Iran ‘red lines’
3/5/2012 – WASHINGTON (Reuters) — US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are deeply at odds over how fast the clock is ticking toward possible military action against Iran’s nuclear program, and their talks on Monday are unlikely to change that. Even though Obama has offered assurances of stiffened US resolve against Iran….

Erekat: PA disappointed by Obama speech
3/5/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — PLO official Saeb Erekat said Monday that the Palestinian Authority was disappointed with US President Barack Obama‘s recent speech at an AIPAC conference.” This speech is part of Obama‘s election campaign,” Erekat told Ma’an.” Unfortunately, the speech ignored the requirements for peace as it did….

Obama offers Netanyahu assurances over Iran
3/5/2012 – WASHINGTON (Reuters) — President Barack Obama appealed to Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday to give sanctions more time to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but the Israeli prime minister gave no sign of backing away from possible military action. The two men, who have had a strained relationship, sought to present a united front in the….

Hamas: Egypt to deliver fuel to Gaza via Rafah
3/5/2012GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Gaza’s energy authority on Monday announced an agreement with Egypt to import fuel via the Rafah crossing to ease the power crisis. The Hamas-run authority said Egypt’s General Petroleum Authority would initially deliver diesel meant for cars through the terminal until industrial diesel could be transferred….

Islamic Jihad will ‘not oppose’ reconciliation
3/5/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Secretary-general of the Islamic Jihad movement said Monday that the group will not oppose any aspect of reconciliation agreed upon between Fatah and Hamas.” If both rivals reach agreement, we will not oppose any step related to the government as long as our solid principles are not interfered with,” Ramadan Abdullah….

Fatah, Hamas officials shift blame for delay in unity govt
3/5/2012 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Fatah and Hamas officials traded accusations on Monday over the delay in forming a unity government. Senior Fatah official Azzam al-Ahmad told Palestine Radio that President Abbas was waiting for Hamas to form a new government, adding that he had not requested any delays.” We are still in touch with Hamas….

Analysis: In Israeli military, a growing orthodoxy
3/5/2012 – By Dan Williams – JERUSALEM (Reuters) — Roni Daniel saw the writing on the wall in a toilet. A former infantry commander who fought in three Middle East wars and now the dean of Israeli defense correspondents, Daniel recently visited military headquarters in Tel Aviv. There, a urinal that uses a motion detector to clean itself was….

Death toll in south Yemen attacks rises to 85
3/5/2012 – ADEN (Reuters) — At least 85 soldiers were killed in twin suicide bombings and ensuing clashes with al Qaeda-linked fighters in south Yemen on Sunday, medical sources said on Monday. Militants detonated two vehicles laden with explosives at two army posts outside the southern Yemeni city of Zinjibar early on Sunday, sparking heavy clashes between Islamist….

China to send envoy in bid to ease Syria crisis
3/5/2012 – BEIJING (Reuters) — China said on Monday it will send an envoy to Syria in a fresh bid to help staunch violence there that has divided Beijing from Western and Arab powers demanding stronger action to rein in the forces of President Bashar Assad. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said Li Huaxin, the country’s former….

Syrian army pursues crackdown in Homs, Deraa
3/5/2012 – AMMAN (Reuters) — Syrian forces flooded the city of Deraa on Monday after overnight clashes there and pursued “clean-up” operations in Homs, where the Red Cross was still struggling to gain access to a former rebel bastion. China said it would send an envoy to Syria to try to halt a conflict that has divided Beijing….

UN: Arab League envoy Kofi Annan to Syria on March 10
3/5/2012 – CAIRO (Reuters) — The UN-Arab League special envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, will travel to Damascus on March 10 for his first visit since being appointed to the post, the organization said on Monday.” Kofi Annan told me that Syria will receive him on March 10 and that he would arrive in Cairo on March 7….

Suicide attack on Afghan NATO base where Qurans were burned
3/5/2012 – KABUL (Reuters) — A suicide bomber killed at least two civilians on Monday after detonating explosives at the gates of the NATO base where copies of the Quran were burned, Afghan officials said. The bomber targeted a vehicle belonging to the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force, said district governor Kabir Ahmad Rahil, adding there could be….

US Senator McCain urges air strikes on Syria
3/5/2012 – WASHINGTON (Reuters) — The United States should lead an international effort to protect key population centers in Syria through air strikes on President Bashar Assad’s forces, US Senator John McCain said on Monday.” The ultimate goal of air strikes should be to establish and defend safe havens in Syria, especially in the north, in….

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Palestinian Center for Human Rights 

International Solidarity Movement

International Solidarity: Photos for the liberation of Shuhada Street
3/5/2012 – International Solidarity Movement – 5 March 2012, International Solidarity Movement – On February 20th, International Solidarity Movement put out a call for the international community to express their solidarity with the people of Al Khalil (Hebron) and the cause to open Shuhada Street. Individuals from all over the world took part in this symbolic campaign, which came just as locals….

Introducing Bil’in: The ritual of resistance and oppression
3/5/2012 – International Solidarity Movement – By Sophie Van Dijk, 2 March 2012, International Solidarity Movement, West Bank – Today we went to Bil’in, a small village 17 km from Ramallah.  For decades it has been harassed by the Israeli army. When the Apartheid Wall was constructed, it separated the farmers from their land. Seven years ago, the villagers succeeded….

Red flags over Gaza: Palestinian leftists rally for Hana Shalabi
3/5/2012 – International Solidarity Movement – By Joe Catron, 5 March 2012, Mondoweiss – Hundreds of Palestinians, mainly from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the Palestinian People’s Party (PPP), the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), and other leftist factions, rallied for administrative detainee Hana Shalabi, now on her 19th day of an open….

Alternative Information Center

Israel Legalises Settlement Outpost in West Bank
Alternative Information Center – Shvut Rachel, one of the oldest and largest settler outposts in the West Bank, was recently legalised by Israel. This move was strongly criticised by both Palestinian and Israeli activists ahead of talks scheduled for Monday…


The National

Obama’s assurance to Netanyahu: US ‘will always have Israel’s back’
The National 5 Mar 2012 – Leaders meet at White House as UN’s nuclear watchdog says it has serious concerns about the intent of the Iranian atomic programme.

IAEA has ‘serious concerns’ over Iran’s atomic activities
The National 5 Mar 2012 – The chief of UN’s nuclear watchdog says Tehran has tripled its monthly production of higher-grade enriched uranium.


McCain calls for airstrike on Syria
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2012

Netanyahu tells Obama: I have yet to decide whether to attack Iran
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2012

After meeting Obama, Netanyahu says world united over Iran
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2012

Egyptian militants blow up pipeline carrying gas to Israel
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2012

On Iran, Netanyahu tells Obama: Israel must remain its own master
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2012

Tricycle, candlesticks and a light armored vehicle win Israeli industrial awards
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2012

Live on Haaretz: Netanyahu and Obama meet in Washington over Iran threat
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2012

Israeli court recognizes lesbian couple as mothers of child
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2012

Former IDF chief vows to learn lessons from probe into Harpaz affair
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2012

Palestinian seriously wounded by IDF gas grenade in West Bank
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2012

Israeli ministerial committee okays bill raising marriage age to 18
Ha’aretz – 4 Mar 2012

PM’s wife files countersuit against former housekeeper
Ha’aretz – 4 Mar 2012

Missing IDF soldier found safe and sound in Eilat
Ha’aretz – 4 Mar 2012

Jerusalem Post

Green groups appeal decision to build resort in Timna
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Appeal argues the project would cause irreversible damage to the area at the expense of future generations. 

Parents kept from funerals of stillborns
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Report criticizes Religious Services Ministry for failing to compel burial societies allowing parents from funerals. 

Weekend storms wreck NIS 30m. in crops
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – While the weekend’s storm did wonders for Lake Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee), it caused severe damage to crops. 

Synagogues incorporate karaoke megila readings
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Orthodox Union distributes Purim materials to make the holiday accessible to deaf, elderly, learning disabled, small children. 

Mailmen protest distribution of New Testament
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – MK Orlev protests distribution of “missionary material to Jews in the State of Israel.” 

Traffic safety: This Purim, don’t drink and drive
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Jerusalemites least likely to drive after drinking, with only 8% reporting they’d driven after imbibing in the past year. 

30 passengers sue J’lem Light Rail
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Lawsuit claims CityPass fined commuters despite being aware of flaws in the train’s ticketing system. 

Rice at AIPAC: US has Israel’s back at UN
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012US ambassador drives home Obama‘s message at the conference, reiterates US commitment to two-state solution. 

I may have made mistakes, Ashkenazi admits
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Former IDF chief says he, his family were victims of “attack campaign.” 

Shipment of energy bars from Gaza breaks export ban
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Two trucks mark the first time since 2007 Hamas coup in Gaza that exports are allowed to the West Bank. 

German-Austrian company helping develop Iran pipeline
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – The company’s involvement may violate US and EU sanctions barring the supply of technology to the Islamic Republic. 

Man filmed shooting Palestinians taken to court
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Yesh Din brings criminal complaint 3 years after state dropped charges. 

Preserving a highly polluted holy river
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Israeli water experts express interest in tackling the Ganges River rehabilitation project in India. 

‘Israel’s positions accepted with understanding’
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Prime minister tells US president that for Iran, there is no difference between “Little Satan” Israel and “Big Satan” America; US still believes there is “a window that allows for a diplomatic resolution” 

IDF arrests 2 Palestinians, critically injures another
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Army arrests 2 Palestinians with knives near Elon Moreh, critically injures one near Ramallah. 

The US president’s last chance in deed
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012Obama is failing to grasp what may be the last chance for him to show the world that Israel does not stand alone. 

Canada sanctions Syria, McCain calls for strikes
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – John Baird, Canada’s Foreign Minister, closes embassy, says “Assad must go”; McCain says US should lead int’l strikes. 

The al-Dura case
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – I believe that today there are good grounds to reopen the case the origins of the al-Aksa intifadah without fear. 

President Peres in the lion’s den
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Facebook’s position on Holocaust denial is arbitrary and confusing. 

Encountering Peace: The Palestinian challenge
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Something must be done, and quickly, to save the two-state solution. 

No holds barred: British Jews can learn from AIPAC
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – A strong Anglo-Jewish community is vital to world Jewry and pivotal if we are to stem anti-Israel sentiment. 

The battle of the buses
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Privatizing the bus lines and breaking the Egged-Dan monopoly should be a social imperative of the highest order. 

The Middle East’s real apartheid
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – The Jewish State’s supporters find it difficult to agree on the best response to Israel Apartheid Week. 

Palestinians struggle to put food on Israeli tables
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Farmers covet large and nearby market, but dietary laws, politics create obstacles. 

PM, Obama: No full agreement, no surprises
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Analysis: Obama’s words didn’t surprise Netanyahu, and the PM’s didn’t lead Obama to clench his fist around his arm rest. 

Palestinian prisoner vows to continue hunger strike
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Palestinian Hana Shalabi, affiliated with Islamic Jihad, vows to continue hunger strike despite two-month detention reduction. 

Only the Russian public can save Syria
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – How long will Russia continue to sacrifice relations with the West in favor of Syria? 

IAEA: Possible activity at Iranian military site
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – UN nuclear watchdog chief Amano says that Tehran could be developing weapons at Parchin military site. 

Knesset offers tourist guide to Iran, for Purim
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – List of tourism sites released as Purim joke, countering Iranian list of areas to attack in Israel

Knesset to vote on bill banning underweight models
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Agent removed from meeting after saying MK Adatto must “fatten up” to meet her legislation’s standards. 

One child, two biological mothers
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Court recognizes two biological mothers after egg from one woman was removed, fertilized, placed into second woman. 

‘Report shows no intervention in IDF chief choice’
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Ashkenazi hopes Harpaz report can prevent antagonistic relations between defense minister, IDF chief of staff developing again. 

The elephant in the room when Netanyahu meets Obama
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Sending Jonathan Pollard home with Netanyahu would serve to send a message, loud and clear, to Iran, that there is no “light” between the US and Israel

‘Ex-mob boss’ Roni Harari indicted for extortion
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2012 – Harari allegedly threatened two men, took cash, a BMW and a Jeep from them; TV appearance led to arrest. 

Russian olim, tourists vote in presidential election
Jerusalem Post 4 Mar 2012 – Immigrants from Russia flock to polling stations across Israel to vote in the Russian presidential elections. 

Winter showers bring Negev flowers
Jerusalem Post 4 Mar 2012 – Season sees 50% more rainfall than average, spelling relief for farmers. 

Police forces find missing soldier, healthy
Jerusalem Post 4 Mar 2012 – Hundreds of IDF troops, police and civilian volunteers had searched all day for the 19 year old missing since the morning. 

FBI considers investigating Rabbi’s’s supporters
Jerusalem Post 4 Mar 2012 – Allegations abound that associates of Rabbi Pinto made illegal campaign contributions to US Rep. Michael Grimm. 

Police chief unveils new policing plan
Jerusalem Post 4 Mar 2012 – Greater emphasis to be placed on serious traffic crimes over minor infractions. 

Moda’i, World WIZO honorary president, dies at 81
Jerusalem Post 4 Mar 2012 – Michal Moda’i, a seventh generation Jerusalemite, was buried on Sunday in the Nahalat Yitzhak cemetery in Tel Aviv. 

WIZO names 2011 ‘Most Sexist Ad’ award finalists
Jerusalem Post 4 Mar 2012 – Women’s group slams Isracard, Goldstar, L’Oreal for ads portraying women in weak, derogatory positions. 

Ashkenazi, Barak trade fire over Harpaz report
Jerusalem Post 4 Mar 2012 – Defense minister says he’s satisfied by the report, a sentiment Ashkenazi calls “premature and very exaggerated.” 

Praying with the PMO en route to Washington
Jerusalem Post 4 Mar 2012 – Reporter’s Notebook: Expect Netanyahu to link Haman to that other Persian tyrant intent on killing Jews. 

My mother’s hamantashen
Jerusalem Post 4 Mar 2012 – Learn the tricks of the trade for perfect Purim treats. 

Golden gift ideas
Jerusalem Post 4 Mar 2012 – Liven up this year’s mishloach manot with either a tea time or movie theme. 

Alternatively Speaking: Hangover healing
Jerusalem Post 4 Mar 2012 – Alternative medicine enthusiast Natalie Marx answers your questions: Any natural remedies for a Purim hangover? 

Don’t worry, be happy: It’s Adar!
Jerusalem Post 4 Mar 2012 – The question is, what’s there to be happy about? 

The Guardian

Barack Obama and Binyamin Netanyahu talks – live
The Guardian 5 Mar 2012 – • Netanyahu speaks of Israel acting ‘by itself’ on Iran • On U.S. joining fight: You may be us, but we are not you? • A dramatic silence on the Palestinian question 10.20am: Tom McCarthy in…

Netanyahu tells Obama: Israel must have right to remain ‘master of its fate’
The Guardian 5 Mar 2012 – Israeli PM insists he will decide whether to launch any attack against Iran at uneasy meeting with president at White House Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, has responded to Barack Obama‘s call for an end…

Binyamin Netanyahu’s mixed feelings on Obama’s Aipac speech | Harriet Sherwood
The Guardian 5 Mar 2012 – The Israeli PM did not hear all he wanted on Iran in Obama‘s speech to Aipac. It’s unlikely Monday’s meeting will yield more When Binyamin Netanyahu enters the White House Monday for his ninth meeting with…

Obama: Israeli talk of war benefits Iran – video
The Guardian 5 Mar 2012 – The US president, Barack Obama, has warned that talk of an Israeli war against Iran has driven up the price of oil, benefiting Tehran, as Iran’s nuclear programme depends on the country’s oil revenue



Please stop: your “deep concern” has gotten us nowhere
Uruknet March 5, 2012 – We know for a fact that US President Barack Obama can utter extremely strong words. We know it because he heard him yesterday being as assertive and as firm as any leader can possibly be. Practically groveling for Jewish votes, Obama put on his “I heart Israel” face and let out all…

Obama, the “Denier” of Israel’s Crimes
Uruknet March 5, 2012 – I listened to President Obama‘s speech to AIPAC Sunday, March 4, 2012, while sitting outside the Washington Convention Center where AIPAC was holding its annual conference… Obama said the Iranian government denies the Holocaust. I would say that Iranian government is not the only “denier.” President Obama and his advisors are the “…

140 dead in al-Qaida attack on Yemen army in south, 55 troops taken prisoner
Uruknet March 5, 2012 – Sneaking across the desert behind army lines, al-Qaida militants launched a surprise attack against military bases in south Yemen, killing 107 soldiers and capturing heavy weapons they later used to kill more troops, officials said on Monday. The military officials said at least 32 of the militants were killed in Sunday’s fighting…

Libya: Bolster Security at Tawergha Camps Survivors Describe Fatal Attack
Uruknet March 5, 2012 – The Libyan government should urgently increase security for the roughly 12,000 displaced people from Tawergha in western Libya, Human Rights Watch said today. Nearly a month after militias raided a Tawergha camp in Janzur, shooting dead one man, three women, and three children, that camp and others still lack adequate protection, Human…

Palestinian badly injured after Israelis fire tear gas at head
Uruknet March 5, 2012 – A Palestinian student was in critical condition on Monday after being hit in the head by a tear gas canister when Israeli troops attacked a protest near Ramallah, medics said. Medics at Ramallah’s main hospital confirmed that 20-year-old Mohammed Abu Awad was in intensive care after an Israeli soldier shot a tear…

At Chicago Speech, Holder Will Detail Rationale for Assassinating Americans Without Charges
Uruknet March 4, 2012US Attorney General Eric Holder is prepared to deliver a major policy speech at Northwestern University on Monday afternoon, explaining for the first time his Justice Department’s rationale related to the President’s putative power to order the assassination of American citizens without judicial oversight. The explanation has long been speculated at by…

Hana al-Shalabi’s health worsens after 19 days hunger strike against no-charge detention by Israel
Uruknet March 5, 2012 – Amnesty International has expressed concern over the worsening health of Hana al-Shalabi, a Palestinian woman who has been on hunger strike since 16 February against her detention without charge or trial by Israeli occupation authorities. Al-Shalabi, 29, has vowed to continue her hunger strike despite an Israeli military court shortening the period…

3 Relatives of Palestinian Detainees Arrested During Jail Visit, 21 Civilians Arrested in Morning Invasions
Uruknet March 5, 2012 – Three relatives of Palestinian political detainees were arrested by Israeli soldiers on Sunday during a jail visit, the Palestinian Prisoners Society reported on Monday. According to the report, the incident took place at Rimon military detention facility. The Prisoners Society announced that troops stormed the visitors area and arrested 26 year old…

012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Uruknet March 4, 2012 – Sunday has ended with 62 martyrs fallen in Syria including 7 children, 3 women and 1 martyr who was tortured to death. The distributions are as follows: 17 martyrs in Homs (6 of whom were executed at the field in Baba Amr neighbourhood); 18 martyrs in Hama (including 13 died in the…

Let there be light: Life in Gaza without electricity
Uruknet March 4, 2012 – There are so many basic things most of us take for granted….like, electricity. But in Gaza – especially these days – it’s a precious commodity. Power (of the electrical kind) has been rationed to some extent ever since I started visiting Gaza in 2009. As a freelance writer, it became part of…

Are Palestinians Victims of Terror and Displaced Guilt?
Uruknet March 4, 2012 -It was on this day, February 29, 1948, that 28 British soldiers were killed as a mine exploded under the Cairo-Haifa train. Lehi, also known as Stern Gang, a Zionist terrorist group, claimed responsibility. But the Cairo-Haifa attack was only one of several acts of terrorism that Israeli Zionists employed. And the Stern…

Khamenei allies trounce Ahmadinejad in Iran election
Uruknet March 4, 2012 – Clerical Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has tightened his grip on Iran’s faction-ridden politics after loyalists won over 75 percent of seats in parliamentary elections at the expense of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a near-complete count showed. The widespread defeat of Ahmadinejad supporters – including his sister, Parvin Ahmadinejad – is expected to…

Israeli authorities deny appeal by hunger-striking Palestinian prisoner
Uruknet March 04, 2012 – A day after reducing the sentence of Palestinian political prisoner Hana Shalabi from six months to four months, Israeli authorities denied a request by the Palestinian Prisoner support group Addameer demanding that the arresting officer and two others accused of torturing Shalabi be forced to testify. Sunday marks the 17th day of…

012 : A Video Roundup

Gaza factories face closure amid fuel crisis
Uruknet March 4, 2012 — The leader of the business community in the Gaza Strip warned on Sunday that dozens of factories are at risk of closure due to Gaza’s fuel crisis. Ali al-Hayik, the head of Gaza’s Federation of Industries and the Palestinian Businessmen Association, called on the Hamas-led government to provide fuel to factories to…

Un-Cheating Justice: Two Years Left to Prosecute Bush
Uruknet March 4, 2012 – Holtzman’s new book, coauthored with Cynthia Cooper, is called “Cheating Justice: How Bush and Cheney Attacked the Rule of Law and Plotted to Avoid Prosecution — and What We Can Do About It.”… I don’t think it’s an unfair criticism to object that a book has left out a large but intimately…

Where are the legal authorities protecting the released prisoners?
Uruknet March 4, 2012 – The arrest of Hana ‘Shalabi, by the Zionist army two weeks ago,without proof that a criminal act has actually been committed,raises the urgent question of protection of prisoners released during the exchange operation last October, which managed to free 1,054 prisoners in exchange for the Zionist soldier Gilad Shalit, captured by the…

Egyptian MPs call for severing ties with US over departure of indicted foreigners
Uruknet March 4, 2012 – Last week’s lifting of a travel ban on a handful of US nationals accused of carrying out unlicensed NGO activities – and their subsequent departure from the country – triggered sharp reactions from parliamentarians on Sunday. A large number of members of the People’s Assembly – the lower house of Egypt’s parliament…

Daily Star

Gulf jabs at Syrian regime also aimed at Iran
Daily Star 5 Mar 2012 Around a gold-draped hall in Saudi Arabia, Gulf envoys listened to their host denounce the Syrian regime as an enemy of its people and the region.

Jordan police tear-gas jobless protesters
Daily Star 5 Mar 2012 Police in Jordan’s southern city of Tafileh fired tear gas to disperse angry unemployed demonstrators who demanded that the authorities make good on their promise of jobs.

Iran congratulates Putin, hopes for better ties
Daily Star 5 Mar 2012 Iranian President Ahmadinejad congratulated Russia’s Putin on his presidential election victory, saying Tehran seeks better ties with Moscow.

U.S. Senator McCain urges air strikes on Syria
Daily Star 5 Mar 2012 The United States should lead an international effort to protect key population centers in Syria through air strikes on President Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

Obama, Netanyahu hold delicate Iran talks
Daily Star 5 Mar 2012 Fresh from slamming “loose talk of war” with Iran, President Obama was expected to hear from Israel‘s Netanyahu that time is running out to halt Tehran’s nuclear program.

‘Activities’ at Iranian military site: nuclear watchdog
Daily Star 5 Mar 2012 The UN atomic agency chief said “activities” were ongoing at Iran’s Parchin military complex, making a trip there by inspectors probing suspected weapons work soon all the more important.

Syria extends crackdown, refugees flee
Daily Star 5 Mar 2012 Syria’s military pursued a crackdown on rebels on several fronts on Monday, days after eliminating an opposition bastion in the central city of Homs following a 26-day siege.

Nose job lands Egypt MP in hot water
Daily Star 5 Mar 2012 An Egyptian Islamist MP was forced to resign from parliament and from his party after claiming that he was injured in a carjacking, when he had in fact had a nose job.


140 dead in al Qaeda attack on Yemen army

YNet News, 5 Mar 2012 – ….

Hebron: 7 Palestinians arrested after throwing stones at soldiers
YNet News, 5 Mar 2012 – ….

US officials: Not so many Guantanamo re-offenders
YNet News, 5 Mar 2012 – ….

NY funeral set for US journalist killed in Syria
YNet News, 5 Mar 2012 – ….

Hundreds arrested in protests against Putin
YNet News, 5 Mar 2012 – ….

Holocaust survivors rally against Lithuanian FM
YNet News, 5 Mar 2012 – Protesters claim Audronius Azubalis, who is visiting Israel, made anti-Semitic remarks. ‘Lithuania trying to belittle memory of Holocaust ,’ says Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center Dr. Efraim Zuroff ….

Peres says discussed Pollard pardon with Obama
YNet News, 5 Mar 2012 – Israeli president tells convicted spy’s wife he pleaded with American counterpart to free her husband; Netanyahu also expected to raise issue during White House meeting ….

The 3-state solution
YNet News, 5 Mar 2012 – Op-ed: Two-state solution shoves Israel, Palestine into never-ending claustrophobic embrace ….

PM’s wife sues former housekeeper for libel
YNet News, 5 Mar 2012 – Sara Netanyahu files NIS 600,000 libel, invasion of privacy suit against Lillian Peretz. Attorney claims ‘defendant turned her into a punching bag, cruelly damaging her name’ ….

Knesset reprimands Tibi over ‘Shahid Day’ speech
YNet News, 5 Mar 2012 – Arab lawmaker reportedly said in Ramallah ‘blessed are the martyrs in side the Green Line, those whom the occupier wants to refer to as terrorists’ ….

Elon Moreh: Stabbing attack foiled; 2 arrested
YNet News, 5 Mar 2012 – IDF surveillance spots two suspects trying to infiltrate Nablus-adjacent settlement before they could execute would-be terror attack ….

AWOL IAF cadet faces disciplinary action
YNet News, 5 Mar 2012 – Eshel Zilberstein likely to be expelled from flight school; faces Military Police interrogation ….

Court recognizes lesbian couple’s maternity
YNet News, 5 Mar 2012 – Setting legal precedent, two women who had child together are both recognized as mothers by State ….

Ideology or education?
YNet News, 5 Mar 2012 – Op-ed: Israel‘s education system violates country’s international human rights obligations ….

Palestinian Information Center

Beyond Chutzpah
PIC – Israel, which possesses hundreds of nuclear weapons, readily trained toward Cairo, Tehran and probably Istanbul as well other Muslim towns, is obviously hell-bent on perpetuating its hegemony. 

Successive cave-ins in O. Jerusalem threaten Aqsa Mosque
PIC – The cave-ins and collapses that happen successively in the area extending from Silwan district to the Aqsa Mosque illustrate the density of the Jewish tunnels under the holy Mosque and its vicinity.

Palestinian youth seriously wounded in clashes with IOF soldiers
PIC – A Palestinian youth was seriously wounded on Monday during clashes between Israeli occupation forces (IOF) and citizens at the Atara roadblock to the north of Ramallah.

Israeli court hearing today against Palestinian mother of three kids
PIC – A Palestinian woman, Mufika Al-Qawasmi, who was kidnapped recently from her home in Al-Khalil, will stand trial on Monday in the military court of Ofer jail, her family said.

Israeli occupation arrests 5 children in Silwan, 5 citizens in WB
PIC – A large number of occupation policemen stormed the Silwan town, south of the Aqsa mosque, at dawn Monday and rounded up five children.

Resheq: National gov’t transitory
PIC – Political bureau member of Hamas Ezzet Al-Resheq has affirmed that following up the issue of forming a new national unity government would resume within the few coming days.

Int’l campaign blames world silence for persistent IOA practices against MPs
PIC – The international campaign for the release of Palestinian MPs detained in Israeli jails has blamed the world’s silence over the IOA persistence in its detention of Palestinian lawmakers.

Egypt tightens security in and around gas export facilities in Sinai
PIC – The Egyptian authorities have tightened security measures in and around gas export facilities in northern Sinai Peninsula to ward off future threats.

Baraka asks Iraqi ambassador to improve conditions of Palestinian refugees
PIC – Representative of Hamas in Lebanon Ali Baraka has conferred with Iraqi ambassador to Lebanon Omar Barazanji on Monday for an overall discussion of conditions in the region.

US event to polish Israel’s face turns into protest against it
PIC – An Israeli student symposium was organized recently in a US university to improve Israel‘s tarnished image suddenly turned into a rally in support of the Palestinian people.


UK, Palestine to Start Information Technology Cooperation
WAFA – 5 Mar 2012

Gaza Biscuits to Feed West Bank School Children
WAFA – 5 Mar 2012

Abbas Briefs Lithuanian Official on Political Situation
WAFA – 5 Mar 2012

Israel Must Commit to Peace Requirements, says Erekat
WAFA – 5 Mar 2012


Obama rejects ‘bluster’ over Iran but assures Israel‘s supporters

LA Times 5 Mar 2012 – President Obama tells the AIPAC meeting that he’s willing to use force to prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon. But he warns against ‘loose talk of war.’ President Obama cautioned against “bluster” and “loose talk of war” with Iran even as he assured U.S….

Syria army shelling Homs and nearby villages, opposition says
LA Times 4 Mar 2012 – After capturing Homs’ Baba Amr neighborhood, the Syrian army is attacking districts and villages where rebel fighters have fled, opposition activists say. Emboldened by its takeover of a rebel-held neighborhood of Homs, the Syrian army shelled other parts of the city and nearby villages Sunday…

Yemen militants kill at least 35 government soldiers
LA Times 4 Mar 2012 – The clashes are part of an escalation in violence by an Al Qaeda branch and other militants that comes after the new president vowed to crush extremists. Militants intensified their attacks against U.S.-backed Yemeni military forces on Sunday, killing at least 35 government soldiers in…

Obama Cites ‘Window’ for Diplomacy on Iran Bomb
New York Times 5 Mar 2012 – President Obama urged Israel to allow more time for a campaign of economic sanctions to work on Tehran. 

Iranian Court Overturns Marine’s Death Sentence in Spy Case
New York Times 5 Mar 2012 – A prosecutor said that shortcomings had been found in the case against Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, and that a new trial would be held. 

Syria Permits U.N. Visits, but Escalates Its Attacks
New York Times 5 Mar 2012 – The diplomatic gestures on Monday came as troops moved into the southern town of Dara’a and artillery units bombarded the town of Rastan in central Syria, according to activists. 

Egyptian Lawmaker Resigns Amid Nose Job Scandal
New York Times 5 Mar 2012 – An Islamist lawmaker was expelled from his party for allegedly fabricating a story that he was beaten by gunmen. Doctors said in fact he had undergone plastic surgery. 

Yemen Death Toll Rises From Qaeda Attack
New York Times 5 Mar 2012 – Military and medical officials on Monday said that 78 soldiers and 28 militants were killed in a battle between Islamist militants and Yemeni troops on Sunday. 

20 Police Officers Killed in Western Iraq
New York Times 5 Mar 2012 – At least 20 police officers were killed in western Iraq early on Monday by dozens of gunmen masquerading as SWAT teams out to make a high-level arrest, local security officials said. 

Gaza sends two trucks of date bars to the West Bank — first business between the two territories since 2007
Mondoweiss – link to ca.news.yahoo.com link to www.alternativenews.org link to www.maannews.net link to english.wafa.ps link to www.alternativenews.org link to silwanic.net link to www.haaretz.com link to www.maannews.netlink to english.wafa.ps link to www.imemc.org http://www.palestine-info.co.uk link to presstv.com link towww.maannews.net link to www.maannews.net link to www.maannews.net link to paminprogress.tumblr.com

Red flags over Gaza: Palestinian leftists rally for Hana Shalabi
Mondoweiss – (Photo: Joe Catron) Hundreds of Palestinians, mainly from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the Palestinian People’s Party (PPP), the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), and other leftist factions, rallied for administrative detainee Hana Shalabi, now on her 19th day…

Dershowitz, Cotler and Wiesel line up behind terrorist-linked Iranian oppo group
Mondoweiss – Ron Kampeas at JTA : Famed attorney Alan Dershowitz, former Canadian Justice Minister Irwin Cotler, Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel — three prominent Jewish activists who have joined with other prominent people in a bid to remove a group with a blood-soaked history from the State Department’s list…

‘We are you and you are us,’ Netanyahu says– but Obama thumbs him with talk of Palestinians and diplomacy
Mondoweiss – Obama meeting with Netanyahu today in the Oval Office. (Photo: Doug Mills/The New York Times) I just caught video of President Obama‘s public appearance at the White House with Benjamin Netanyahu this morning– their ninth meeting– and the weather has changed: Netanyahu looked distinctly unhappy while…

Three harsh critiques of the lobby
Mondoweiss – Gideon Levy in Haaretz: “It’s just a matter of time before US tires of Israel“: A new chapter is being written in the history of nations. Never before has a small country dictated to a superpower; never before has the chirp of the cricket sounded like…

Israel’s Iran Policy Doomed to Fail Whatever the Choice
Tikun Olam – I was just reading Paul Pillar’s incisive essay in the Washington Monthly which puts the argument against war with Iran about as strongly as anyone can.  Pillar is a 28 year veteran of the CIA specializing in the Near East and South Asia, and currently is…

012-03-04 [Digg]
Tikun Olam – Are the War Hawks Watching? In Lauded Iranian Film, Self-Interest Yields Tragedy | Truthout But because at a time when talk of war, intimidation and aggression is exchanged between politicians, the name of their country, Iran, is spoken here through her glorious culture, a rich and ancient…

The Iranian people and the message of the resistance through the polls
Voltaire Network 5 Mar 2012 – International affairs The Iranian people and the message of the resistance through the polls The Iranian scene revealed by the crowds of voters during the legislative elections carried a clear and strong message to the entire world, after the Iranian authorities supervising the elections were forced…

A second Javier Espinosa in Baba Amr
Voltaire Network 5 Mar 2012 – Much confusion has surrounded the fate of Javier Espinosa, a journalist from El Mundo who was trapped last week in the Islamic Emirate of Baba Amr. Contacted on 26 February in Madrid, the executive director of the Spanish daily El Mundo assured us that the reporter…

France restores military censorship
Voltaire Network 5 Mar 2012 – Syrian state television endorsed on Saturday, 3 March 2012 at midday, the information reported two weeks earlier by Voltaire Network that the Syrian National Army had captured 18 French agents in Homs and the 19th in Azouz. This confirmation attests to the failure of the negotiations…

012 Aipac conference
Voltaire Network 4 Mar 2012 – Washington, D.C. Thank you. Well, good morning, everyone. Rosy, thank you for your kind words. I have never seen Rosy on the basketball court. I’ll bet it would be a treat. Rosy, you’ve been a dear friend of mine for a long time and a tireless…

Zimbabwe: Nation’s Anti-People Stance On Syria
allAfrica.com 5 Mar 2012 – [Zimbabwe Standard] Zimbabwe on Friday unashamedly chose to stand by the Syrian government which is butchering its own citizens. Zimbabwe, which is a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council, went alongside Russia and China to oppose a motion to condemn the Syrian government’s crackdown…

Egypt: Foreign Ministry Warns Against Illegal Entry Into Arabia Via Yemen
allAfrica.com 5 Mar 2012 – [Egypt Online] The Foreign Ministry warned on Sunday 4/3/2012 citizens against traveling to Yemen with the aim of sneaking into Saudi Arabia illegally as Yemen do not necessitate getting a visa to enter the country.

Egypt: Country Takes Part in Doha Arab Summit
allAfrica.com 5 Mar 2012 – [Egypt Online] Egypt will take part on 6/3/2012 in the Doha summit which is organized by Arab communication ministers council in cooperation with International Tele-communication Union (ITU).

Egypt: Companies Extended in Arab, International Oil Markets
allAfrica.com 5 Mar 2012 – [Egypt Online] Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Wealth Abdallah Ghorab stressed that the Egyptian companies will be extended in Arab and international oil markets.

Why/ Who Died?
The Only Democracy? JVP2 5 Mar 2012 – By David Grossman, Translated by Sol Salbe All said and done it is merely a minor story about an illegal alien who stole a car, was injured in an accident, then released from hospital to have cops dump him, still injured to die the by the…


Norman Finkelstein on BDS, Palestinian rights, and the ‘destruction of Israel’
IOA Editor, Israeli Occupation Archive 3/5/2012
As regular readers already know, the IOA does not advocate a specific solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (e.g., one-state vs. two-state) or endorses a particular group or viewpoint. From its inception, the IOA‘s focal point has been a steadfast opposition to the Israeli Occupation and support for an equitable solution for all Palestinians – a people’s basic right to self-determination.
Norman Finkelstein’s recent interview with Frank Barat caused quite a commotion among Palestinian-rights activists and their supporters. And rightly so.
One of the reactions to Finkelstein, by Ali Abunimah, was re-published on the IOA: Firstly, because Abunimah breaks away from the one-state advocacy, if only as a theoretical exercise, and counters Finkelstein’s points from Finkelstein’s own two-state approach. At the very least, this makes for an interesting case. More importantly, I think, it was Finkelstein’s own words which required a response.
Norman Finkelstein has made enormous contributions to the struggle against the 1967 Israeli occupation, and for Palestinian rights. Unfortunately, this most recent interview is not one of them. Arguing in favor of a pragmatic, ‘real-world’ approach, which focuses on making a meaningful impact on mainstream public opinion, is indeed crucial. The same holds for dealing with potential political allies in an inclusive manner. Attacking one’s would-be partners in struggle and describing them as a ‘cult’ is the opposite of inclusiveness.
Both BDS and the reliance on international law are essential tools in the struggle for Palestinian rights — tools, not goals. This writer did not hesitate criticizing specific BDS actions as ineffective (and received quite a reaction in return). It is crucial that all of us are able to evaluate the merits, assess the effectiveness, or criticize BDS actions…. — See also: Ali Abunimah: Finkelstein, BDS and the ‘destruction of Israel’ more.. e-mail

Israel risks a conflagration
Khaled Amayreh in the occupied Palestinian territories, Al-Ahram Weekly 3/1/2012
Israeli attacks on the Al-Aqsa Mosque and attempts to Judaise Jerusalem are risking the outbreak of violence across the region.
Undeterred by the Arab world’s reactions to repeated Israeli provocations in Jerusalem, particularly the recurrent encroachments by Jewish millenarians, the Israeli government has accused the Palestinian Authority (PA) of “inciting Muslims against Israel“.
Israeli criticisms of the PA were stepped up this week following a one-day conference in Qatar that discussed Israeli measures to Judaise occupied East Jerusalem and obliterate its traditional Arab-Islamic identity.
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu lashed out at PA President Mahmoud Abbas, describing him as a “threat to Israelis and Israel” and claiming that the Palestinian leader was adopting “extremist attitudes that are harmful to peace”.
In Doha, Abbas had reiterated the longstanding Palestinian position that the PA would never sign a peace treaty with Israel that did not include full Israeli withdrawal from the occupied city.
Abbas also warned that the Israeli policy of allowing Jewish fanatics to enter the Al-Aqsa Mosque and hold rituals there amounted to playing with fire, saying that this behaviour was creating a time bomb that could go off at any moment.
Many of the Jewish individuals concerned are affiliated with Jewish terrorist groups, such as Gush Emunim and Kahana, which hold that the existence of Israel is incomplete without the temple. The building of the latter could herald the appearance of the Jewish messiah or redeemer, they believe. more.. e-mail

Apartheid is a crime, not an analogy
Joe Catron, Ma’an News Agency 3/4/2012
As Israeli Apartheid Week unfolds around the world, apologists for Israel‘s crimes against the Palestinian people scramble to defend their chosen regime’s system of racism, ethnic cleansing, and occupation, against the charge of apartheid.
“The apartheid analogy is fatally flawed,” the Jerusalem Connection’s Shelley Neese writes. The David Project’s David Bernstein says, “The apartheid analogy is specious and absurd.” The Anti-Defamation League has even circulated an old report: “The Apartheid Analogy: Wrong for Israel.”
These commentators are right, but not for the reasons they claim. An apartheid ‘analogy’ is fatally flawed, specious, absurd, and wrong for Israel because apartheid is not an analogy, but a crime as well-defined in law as embezzlement or kidnapping.
The most relevant statute, the 1973 International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid, perhaps muddies the waters by stating that “the term ‘the crime of apartheid’ … shall include similar practices of racial segregation and discrimination as practiced in southern Africa.”
But it goes on to define exactly what those and other “inhuman acts committed for the purpose of establishing and maintaining domination by one racial group of persons over any other racial group of persons and systematically oppressing them” are.
Most will sound familiar to anyone who follows news from Palestine. The ban on “arbitrary arrest and illegal imprisonment of the members of a racial group or groups” should bring to mind Hana Shalabi, Khader Adnan, and 307 other administrative detainees held indefinitely without charges, evidence, or trials. This is further to the 4,078 Palestinian political prisoners sentenced by military courts or facing the imminent prospect, all under occupation laws no Jew will ever face. more.. e-mail

In Israeli military, a growing orthodoxy
Dan Williams, Ma’an News Agency 3/5/2012
JERUSALEM (Reuters) — Roni Daniel saw the writing on the wall in a toilet.
A former infantry commander who fought in three Middle East wars and now the dean of Israeli defense correspondents, Daniel recently visited military headquarters in Tel Aviv. There, a urinal that uses a motion detector to clean itself was signposted: “Forbidden on the Sabbath”. Troops, he realized, were being ordered to defer to Orthodox Jewish curbs on the use of electricity between Friday night and Saturday night.
For Daniel, and for millions of other Israeli citizens, the sign is symbolic of creeping change in an institution long cherished as a bastion of national unity. An increasing number of conscripts are Orthodox Jews – mirroring the growth of the minority in Israeli society at large. Some religious troops view military service through the prism of their own piety – either as the realization of a messianic vision that sees Jews conquering biblical lands or as an institution that should be subordinated to rabbinical writ.
For secular Israelis, already worried about the role of religion in the Jewish state, that threatens not just the military but the country itself.
“In my time, the skullcap-wearers came to the military and served alongside me. They lived their lives as they pleased, we respected them, and they also respected our lifestyle,” said Daniel, who is 64 and secular. “Today’s generation, to a degree, joins up with the object of imposing its lifestyle on others – to dictate how to behave. It’s a crawling annexation.” more.. e-mail

Stealing a moment in a stolen land: the photography of Katie Ramadan
Electronic Intifada: 5 Mar 2012 – Jonathan Cook Nazareth 5 March 2012 Katie Ramandan’s collection of photos currently on exhibition in Nazareth explores the meaning of home and the boundaries between private and public space.more

Ignoring Intelligence Reports: ‘Let’s Make War’
Palestine Chronicle: 5 Mar 2012 – By Stuart Littlewood Is this what we voted for? Is this what Western diplomacy has come to in the 21st century? Thank heaven for Dr David Morrison’s very timely briefing document entitled “Iran hasn’t got an active nuclear weapons program, says US intelligence”. Morrison is the noted political researcher from Northern Ireland. He sets out the position in easy-reading form so that even our dimmest politicians can understand. As he points out in a covering note, US Intelligence believes Iran hasn’t got an active nuclear weapons program and Israeli Intelligence agrees. “When this became the view of US intelligence in 2007, President Bush had to abandon any thought of taking military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities. As he wrote in his memoir Decision Points: ‘How could I possibly explain using the military to destroy the nuclear facilities of a country the intelligence community said had no active nuclear weapons program?’…more

Israel, Democracy and the Arabs
Palestine Chronicle: 5 Mar 2012 – By Stuart Reigeluth and Julian Memetaj The prolongation of the Arab-Israeli conflict is all about the illegal occupation, expropriation, colonization, and annexation of Arab territory by Israel. And beneath the armor of the Israeli military machine is the systematic exclusion of the Other — the Arabs. Jewish Israelis are xenophobic towards Arabs not so much because they fear them as an existential military threat, as Likud and Labour are prone to repeat, but rather because of the intrinsic demographic threat they present to the national identity of a Jewish State. The Balfour Declaration helped create Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people; it did not stipulate a Jewish state. The exclusive nature of Israel‘s national identity would consolidate over the decades with contradictory implications for representative democracy. These contradictions are now quite obvious particularly with the bellicose and racist policies of the Right-wing Likud government, led by Prime Minister…more

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