Syria Newslinks 23-24 March 2012

24 March


Syrian Army continues clashing with rebels
Voice of Russia, News Today at 09:47
The Syrian Army continues clashing bitterly with the rebels. Government troops are firing on rebel positions in many Syrian regions. Fighting was especially fierce Saturday in the Idlib Province, in the north, with the insurgents driven out of two villages. According to the SANA news agency, several terrorists were wiped out.

Assad’s wife may be stripped of UK citizenship
“Assad’s wife may be stripped of UK citizenship Today at 09:36
Syria’s British-born first lady could lose her British citizenship, following the EU’s new raft of sanctions on the Assad family: freezing all of their assets in Europe and banning the members of the family from…

Protest: Thousands Of Filipino Lives Threatened By U.S.-NATO Wars
Stop NATO Today at 03:31
Flor Contemplacion’s death anniversary marked with rally vs USNATO wars of aggression By Anne Marxze D. Umil
“We are deeply saddened by the death of our fellow Filipino in Syria. We condemn the escalating violence being instigated and aggravated by US-Nato troops and rebels funded by imperialist forces. It is high time that the Aquino regime revises its foreign policy of staunch support for US wars of aggression and the deployment of US troops.”


5 (Scummy) Politicians Pushing the US Closer to a Disastrous War With Iran
The Greanville Post Yesterday at 23:28
By Alex Kane, AlterNet Posted on March 16, 2012, Printed on March 23, 2012
Republican candidates for president have made Iran a top issue in their attacks on President Barack Obama. While US and Israeli intelligence have concluded that Iran is not pursuing a nuclear weapon, Rick Santorum recently suggested that “the issue of the day come this fall” could be the existence of a “nuclear Iran,” And Mitt Romney used his recent speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) to pledge that he would “station multiple carriers and warships at Iran’s door.”

EU extends Syrian ‘black list’
Voice of Russia, News Yesterday at 22:00
The European Union on Friday extended the Syrian “black list”. Another 12 people and two companies have been officially added to it. Their names will be released today after publication in the EU Official Journal. Thus, from now on sanctions have been imposed on 126 individuals and 41 legal entities.

Syrian conflict – is there any use to look for scapegoats?
Voice of Russia, News Yesterday at 20:49
Igor Siletsky A recent report of The Human Rights Watch says that the Syrian opposition has kidnapped, tortured and killed people.

Medvedev, Obama to discuss ABMs, Syria
Voice of Russia, News Yesterday at 16:18
At a meeting in Seoul next Sunday on the fringes of the nuclear safety and security summit, Presidents Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama will discuss missile defence and the situation in Syria.

Moscow to receive Syrian opposition delegation
Voice of Russia, News Yesterday at 15:29
Olga Semina As Moscow prepares to receive another Syrian opposition delegation, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov talks to the Voice of Russia about Russia’s negotiations with the Syrian opposition movement. The opposition is based in different places both in Syria and abroad. The Syrian opposition is highly fractured.

Syria fighting unabated
Voice of Russia, News Yesterday at 14:36
According to reports reaching Lebanon, Syrian government forces have continued to attack rebel positions in three towns near their country’s border with Turkey. In a nearby rural area, gunmen attacking an army checkpoint have captured 17 soldiers and killed two officers.

New Syrian peace plan to be implemented
Voice of Russia, News Yesterday at 14:32
Vasily Sushko All the 15 nations of the Security Council have reached the consensus on a non-binding statement that calls for an end to the violence in Syria. The statement delivered earlier today during a meeting of the Security Council at the United Nations headquarters in New York showed support for the U.N.

EU targets Assad’s wife and mother with sanctions Yesterday at 14:13
The EU has imposed a new, 13th round of sanctions against Syria, this time targeting President Assad’s wife, other close relatives and some of his ministers. The restrictions are seen as extra measure to pressure on…

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