VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 31 December 2012: The Settlement That Broke the Two-State Solution

31 December 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Israel To Displace 1000 Palestinians Next Wednesday
IMEMC – Head of the Wadi Al-Maleh area, in the northern plains of the occupied West Bank, Aref Daraghma, stated that the Israeli army intends to displace around 10000 Palestinian Bedouins in the area in order to conduct military training. …

December; Army Kidnapped 88, Including 12 Children, 18 Patients In Hebron
IMEMC – The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) – Hebron branch, reported Sunday that the Israeli army kidnapped since the begging of this month 88 Palestinians in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, including 12 children, and 18 patients. …

Israeli High Court Overturns Zoabi Ban
IMEMC – The Israeli High Court has overturned on Sunday the ban of Haneen Zoabi of the Balad Party from running for re-election to her position in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament. …

Peres: “Abbas Is Israel’s Peace Partner”
IMEMC – Israeli President, Shimon Peres, stated Sunday that Israel has a partner in the “peace process”, and that this partner is Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas; Peres warned that the lack of an agreement with the Palestinians “threatens the Zionist project”, and the “Jewish nature of Israel”. …

Ma’an News

Israeli forces order Jordan Valley evacuation for training
12/31/2012 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Israeli forces have delivered evacuation orders to around 100 Palestinian families in the northern Jordan Valley ahead of a military training exercise, a local official said Monday. The evacuation affects around 1,000 Palestinians living in rural communities around Wadi al-Maleh, local mayor Arif Daraghma told Ma’an. They must leave….

Committee: Army closes Nabi Saleh, clashes with youths
12/31/2012 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Israeli forces clashed with residents of West Bank village Nabi Saleh on Monday, witnesses said, after troops closed the main entrance to the community. A popular committee spokesman said Israeli forces closed the main iron gate leading to the village around midday, sparking clashes with local youth. Troops fired tear gas….

Witnesses: Israeli tanks breach south Gaza border
12/31/2012GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli tanks and bulldozers entered around 100 meters inside the southern Gaza Strip to level land on Monday, witnesses told Ma’an. They said several vehicles entered via the Sufa area of the border and dug up land in the al-Nahda area east of Rafah city. An Israeli military….

12/31/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The population of Palestinians around the world totaled 11. 6 million in 2012, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics said. Based on the latest population projections, the bureau said 4. 4 million Palestinians reside inside Palestine, 1. 4 million in Israel, 5. 5 million in Arab countries, and 655,000 in other….

Israeli Supreme Court shortens whistle-blower’s prison term
12/31/2012 – JERUSALEM (Reuters) — Israel’s Supreme Court on Monday shortened by a year the four and a half year prison term of a soldier who gave a journalist classified military documents, some relating to operations against Palestinian militants. Ruling on Anat Kamm’s appeal against the length of her sentence, the court said it….

Man tries to set himself on fire during electricity protest
12/31/2012 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — A man from Balata refugee camp in Nablus attempted to set himself alight on Monday in protest against recently announced measures that will no longer exempt refugees from paying electricity costs. Jumah Abu Alifeh, 47, poured gasoline over himself in the middle of al-Shuhada square in Nablus during a protest against…. Related:Electricity company protests debt amnesty for refugees

Arsonists set fire to Jenin municipality building
12/31/2012 – JENIN (Ma’an) — Arsonists set alight a municipality building in the northern West Bank on Monday morning, before firefighters brought the blaze under control. Civil defense officials said documents had been collected from offices in the building, and torched in the central lobby of Burqin municipality near Jenin. Assailants had also opened the gas….

Israeli army clears landmines near Bethlehem
12/31/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israel’s army cleared landmines near Bethlehem on Monday morning, locals and an army official said. Locals told Ma’an that troops entered Husan village, west of Bethlehem, and cordoned off lands belonging to Dawoud Mohammad Abdullah Hamamreh with barbed wire. They said the army was removing landmines left….

Abu Marzouq: Abbas should pass PA to Hamas
12/31/2012 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Hamas’ deputy politburo chief Mousa Abu Marzouq on Monday called upon President Mahmoud Abbas to pass the Palestinian Authority to his Hamas movement. In an interview with the Israeli Haaretz newspaper this week, Abbas warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “Sit in the chair here instead of me, take the…. Related:Fatah spokesman slams Hamas leader’s PA comments

Fatah spokesman slams Hamas leader’s PA comments
12/31/2012 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Fatah spokesman Ahmad Assaf on Monday condemned a Hamas leader’s remark that if President Mahmoud Abbas wants to renounce control of the West Bank, he should pass it to Hamas. Amid a growing financial crisis and negotiations stalemate, Abbas again this week warned that he could dismantle his Palestinian…. Related: Abu Marzouq: Abbas should pass PA to Hamas

Electricity company protests debt amnesty for refugees
12/31/2012 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — An electricity company in the northern West Bank went on strike on Monday in protest against the terms of a deal which would see refugees in the West Bank start paying for electricity usage. Yahya Arafat, director of the electricity company, told Ma’an that the mayors of both Jenin…. Related: Man tries to set himself on fire during electricity protest

Fatah anniversary celebrations begin in Gaza
12/31/2012GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Marches announcing the beginning of Fatah’s 48th anniversary celebrations began in Gaza on Monday. Cars and motorbikes were seen carrying Palestinian and Fatah flags in the Gaza Strip, with PA official Ahmad Olwan saying celebratory events will start Monday evening. Fatah will hold its 48th anniversary celebrations in….

Thousands celebrate Fatah anniversary in Bethlehem
12/31/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Fatah’s anniversary celebrations began in Bethlehem on Monday, with senior officials addressing crowds in the city’s Manger Square. Thousands of people from Hebron and Bethlehem took part in the celebrations, with Fatah officials Saeb Erekat, Jamal Muheisin, head of intelligence Majed Faraj and other political personalities taking….

Assad’s forces push to retake Damascus suburb
12/31/2012 – AMMAN (Reuters) — Heavy fighting raged on the outskirts of Damascus on Monday as elite troops backed by tanks tried to recapture a strategic suburb from rebels in one of the largest military operations in that district in months, opposition activists said. Five people, including one child, died from army rocket fire that hit Daraya, the….

012 one of ‘bloodiest years’ for journalists
12/31/2012 – BRUSSELS (Reuters) — A heavy death toll in war zones such as Syria and Somalia made 2012 one of the bloodiest years for journalists, with 121 killed, an international journalists’ group said on Monday. The Brussels-based International Federation of Journalists said the figure was up from 107 journalists and other media workers killed in targeted….

Palestine News Network

Abu Marzouq Calls PA President Abbas to Hand Over The West Bank to Hamas
Palestine News Network

Israeli Police Arrests Al-Aqsa Mosque’s Guard
Palestine News Network

Israeli Authorities to Deport 1000 Palestinians Wednesday
Palestine News Network

Hillary Clinton is Hospitalized with Blood Clot
Palestine News Network

Erekat: ‘Palestine’ Should Be on Official Documents
Palestine News Network

Dr. Erekat on New Israeli Eviction Order and Confiscation of Land in Occupied East Jerusalem
Palestine News Network

Relief Web

012 – a year of continuing turmoil
Relief Web 31 Dec 2012 – Source: IRIN Country: Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic (the), Turkey, Yemen, South Sudan (Republic of) DUBAI, 31 December 2012 (IRIN) – The Middle East continued to boil in Year 2 of what was once…

Syrian Arab Republic (the): Violence takes its toll on students in Syria
Relief Web 31 Dec 2012 – Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic (the) “I feel stressed and easily alarmed. I’m having trouble studying and understanding my lessons”, complained 15-year-old Alaa. She is…

occupied Palestinian territory: Andalucía contributes EUR 1 million to UNRWA mother and child health care
Relief Web 31 Dec 2012 – Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: Jordan, Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Spain, Syrian Arab Republic (the) The regional government of Andalucía has confirmed a EUR 1 million donation to support mother and…

occupied Palestinian territory: OPT: A precarious existence in the Jordan Valley
Relief Web 31 Dec 2012 – Source: IRIN Country: occupied Palestinian territory AL-JIFTLIK/WEST BANK, 31 December 2012 (IRIN) – For those who recently watched images of the Israeli bombardment in Gaza, the wide open hills of the Jordan Valley in the West Bank appear as a…

occupied Palestinian territory: Israel eases ban on building material for Gaza
Relief Web 30 Dec 2012 – Source: Reuters – AlertNet Country: occupied Palestinian territory Sun, 30 Dec 2012 10:36 GMT Gravel shipment part of truce deal Building material also sent via Egyptian border By Nidal al-Mughrabi GAZA, Dec 30 (Reuters) – Israel eased its blockade of…

The National

Dubai honours drivers for good work ethics
The National 31 Dec 2012 – This comes on the back of an announcement by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid who urged the public to celebrate the anniversary of his accession by honouring the emirate’s workers.

UAE climber awaiting all-clear for Burj challenge
The National 31 Dec 2012 – Emirati Saeed Al Memari says he did not get the permission required to climb on January 1, but he still has hopes to scale the skyscraper.

UAE’s millions in aid encourage Sudanese to find better lives
The National 31 Dec 2012 – The way forward: According to the UAE Red Crescent, the aid will focus on infrastructure projects and building permanent homes for 60,000 people displaced by a decade of civil war. 

In praise of the UAE’s ‘unknown soldiers’
The National 31 Dec 2012 – In a message released to mark the seventh anniversary of his accession as Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed called for celebrations not in his honour but for the ordinary workers. Here, then, is The National’s recognition of the men and women who make our lives better. 

Rescued seaman ‘completely turned black’ after 3 days in Gulf waters
The National 31 Dec 2012 – When the seaman was rescued, the captain did not recognise him since he had completely turned black and was in poor shape.

End of an era as Abu Dhabi’s old-style groceries shut down
The National 31 Dec 2012 – New era for the capital’s grocery stores begins as stringent new health and safety rules come into force.

UAE looks to its camels to meet local demand
The National 31 Dec 2012 – The way forward: Agriculture Technology helps camel milk come closer to meeting local demand 

Cream of art world helps Saadiyat rise to the top
The National 31 Dec 2012 – Saadiyat continues to host large-scale cultural attractions including Treasures of the World’s Cultures – a major international exhibition.


Hamas to Abbas: Transfer the Palestinian Authority to us, not Netanyahu
Ha’aretz – 31 Dec 2012

Dozens of Israelis protest against African migrants in south Tel Aviv
Ha’aretz – 31 Dec 2012

IDF: Suicide is the primary cause of death among Israeli soldiers
Ha’aretz – 31 Dec 2012

Israeli accused of ties to Palestinian terror group arrested in Egypt
Ha’aretz – 31 Dec 2012

Channel 1 anchor may be barred from hosting election broadcast due to affair with Likud minister
Ha’aretz – 31 Dec 2012

Israel’s Supreme Court shortens prison sentence of former IDF soldier Anat Kamm
Ha’aretz – 31 Dec 2012

83-year-old woman raped in south Tel Aviv, Israel Police reveal
Ha’aretz – 31 Dec 2012

Palestinian official: Israel promises to further ease Gaza blockade if Hamas truce holds
Ha’aretz – 30 Dec 2012

Poll: Most rightist Israelis would support Palestinian state, dividing Jerusalem
Ha’aretz – 30 Dec 2012

Israel’s environment ministry lagging on air sampling in polluted Haifa Bay
Ha’aretz – 30 Dec 2012

Glued to the tube: Israelis rank third in daily television viewing
Ha’aretz – 30 Dec 2012

Yacimovich to hold mock video debate with Netanyahu
Ha’aretz – 30 Dec 2012

Sale of animal-tested products to become illegal in Israel as 2013 rings in
Ha’aretz – 30 Dec 2012

Ariel University acting as employment agency for Israel’s Defense Ministry, say workers
Ha’aretz – 30 Dec 2012

Ten of Europe’s most important films ever coming to an Israeli cinematheque near you
Ha’aretz – 30 Dec 2012

Is Netanyahu really that good for Israel’s rich?
Ha’aretz – 30 Dec 2012

Dispute brewing over fate of unlicensed Taibeh recycling plant
Ha’aretz – 30 Dec 2012

Jerusalem Post

‘Majority of Israeli Jews pessimistic about peace’
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – Poll finds that 83% of Israeli Jews do not believe that a withdrawal to the ’67 borders, division of J’lem would end conflict. 

‘Israel searching for remains of Eli Cohen in Syria’
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – Israel reportedly engaged in secret negotiations with Syrian rebels in order to secure remains of executed Israeli spy, and to lay groundwork for possible Israeli-American operation in Syria. 

Debris removed from Temple Mount sparks controversy
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – Archeologists say “modern trash” may contain ancient artifacts, but police call that rubbish. 

012: A year that defied predictions
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – Every year has its moments and memorable events. Some, obviously, much more than others. 

Protest for healthier meals at after-school program
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – Parents, children, educators and nutritionists hold a vigil against unhealthy lunches served at after-school program. 

Beersheba dust storms a matter of life and breath
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – Ben-Gurion University researches conduct a study on the effect of dust storms which come from natural soil sources. 

IDF tank brigade holds war drill in the North
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – As Syria’s civil war continues to escalate, the IDF’s 7th Armored Brigade holds a major war drill on the Golan Heights. 

Bar-Ilan student spits on MK Tibi during debate
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – Student that attended debate says security guards refused to intervene after Tibi-Eldad event turned violent. 

Rights activist accused of involvement in PFLP
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – Case against activist accused of terrorism off to explosive start; witness denies accusations he made to police against defendant. 

Analysis: What do Mideast Christians face in ’13?
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 20122012 was not an easy year for non-Muslims living under Islamic rule. 

Egypt says detains Israeli army officer in Sinai
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012Egypt detains Bat Yam man upon his arrival to the country; Foreign Ministry: We are making efforts to find more details. 

Reminder: Put infants to sleep on their back
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – Putting babies to sleep on their backs is an well-accepted way to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. 

Women, the Wall and the ‘New York Times’
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – The prime minister’s statement this week that the Western Wall has to be a site that expresses the unity of the Jewish people and will be seriously dealt with must be seen as a message to the growing numbers of non-Jews who are losing their support for the country in general. 

Encouraging Peace: Netanyahu: Commit to two states
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – 2013 must be the year when the leaders go beyond themselves, move forward beyond the expectations of their people, far beyond their own expectations of each other and of the possibilities for peace. 

Borderline Views: Saving Israel’s democratic values
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – 2013 will be a major test for Israel’s democracy. The world is waiting to see whether Israel will retain its membership among those nations for whom the values, not just the mechanics, of democracy remain a foundation stone of a vibrant and dynamic society. 

PM reiterates support for demilitarized ‘Palestine’
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – Contrary to claims by top Likud candidates, Netanyahu stands behind his words in Bar-Ilan speech. 

Obama says fiscal cliff deal in sight, not done yet
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012US president is “hopeful that Congress can get it done, but it’s not done”; deal coming together to avert tax hikes at midnight. 

The Delhi gang-rape
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – Battered, raped and killed and all we say is “rest in peace”? Shame on us. 

Talking rubbish…
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – There are four weeks to go before the general elections. Are any of the parties relating to our garbage crisis or to its possible solutions? 

Peres’s duty
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – Peres has decades of political experience under his belt. If he is of the opinion that a diplomatic opportunity is being missed, he not only has the right to voice his opinion, he has an obligation to do so. 

Fatah, Hamas spar over W. Bank control comments
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – Fatah official accuses Hamas of trying to establish its own emirate in Gaza, foil establishment of Palestinian state in West Bank; Hamas deputy Abu Marzouk says Abbas should dismantle PA, hand West Bank to Hamas. 

‘MKs shouldn’t get raises if regular workers don’t’
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – Labor leader Yacimovich asks Knesset to cancel raises; PM, President, Ministers’ salaries to increase by 1.4%, MKs by 3%. 

Alternatively Speaking: A fresh start
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – Alternative medicine expert Natalie Marx answers your questions: Are there any benefits of drinking alcohol? 

Assad’s forces push to retake Damascus suburb
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – Five people killed including one child, in what activists say is biggest attack on Daraya as troops try to recapture area from rebels. 

A Year in Review: JPost’s Top 10s of everything
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – To mark the year’s end, we present our lists of what was hot and what was not in 2012

JPost/IDI compass: Who should you vote for?
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – See which political parties correspond to your views with The Israel Democracy Institute’s interactive Election Compass. 

Court cuts Kamm’s espionage sentence by 1 year
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – 4.5 year sentence of Kamm, convicted of leaking IDF documents to journalist, cut after appeal; sentence disproportional, court says. 

Migrant arrested over rape of 83-year-old woman
Jerusalem Post 31 Dec 2012 – Man allegedly repeatedly raped and beat an elderly woman in south Tel Aviv; anti-migrant activists take to street anew. 

Using geosocial app to pinpoint accidents
Jerusalem Post 30 Dec 2012 – Ben-Gurion University team is using data from Waze to track traffic accidents and police responses to them. 

Israeli professor receives OBE from British queen
Jerusalem Post 30 Dec 2012 – Prof. Penny Ur of the Oranim Academic College of Education is awarded prize for her services to the English language. 

The Guardian

Ukraine accused of letting foreign states abduct asylum seekers
The Guardian 31 Dec 2012 – Russian says he was kidnapped on street, taken across border and tortured into making a false confession Ukraine has been accused of allowing other states to abduct and repatriate their own nationals who have sought refugee…

Israeli fence construction cuts off migration from Egypt
The Guardian 31 Dec 2012 – Number of migrants crossing border drops to zero as vast steel fence from Eilat to Gaza border nears completion The number of migrants crossing the border between Egypt and Israel dropped to zero last week for…

Chuck Hagel’s big problem: being a realist about American power and Iran | Stephen Kinzer
The Guardian 31 Dec 2012 – The former Nebraska senator faces fierce opposition to possible nomination as defense secretary from Washington’s militarists What do Nebraska and Iran have in common? Not much – but enough to cause big trouble for former Nebraska…



Taliban statement Special letter of the Islamic Emirate to the honored Ulama of Afghanistan and the world


13 Afghan children die of cold at Torkham

Ikea attempts to dodge responsibility for Israel store’s discriminatory delivery practices

Where’s the concern for the innocents killed by U.S. drones?

Anatomy of an Air Attack Gone Wrong In rural Yemen, a botched attack on a terror suspect kills 12 civilians and destroys a community.

Egypt’s Anti-Freedom Constitution: The Borhami Video

The flawed strategy of drone strikes

The Twenty-Fifth Hour in the Belly of the Whale. Corridors of Sectarian Death in Al-Taji Prison in Baghdad

Daily Star

U.S. supports new electoral law in Lebanon: ambassador
Daily Star 31 Dec 2012 The U.S. supports endorsing a new law for the parliamentary elections in Lebanon and encourages the country to hold elections on time, a statement from the U.S. ambassador says.

Hezbollah MP says Cabinet shielded Lebanon from Syria crisis
Daily Star 31 Dec 2012 Cabinet shielded Lebanon from the repercussion of the Syrian crisis and made a step forward to introduce oil production in the country, Hezbollah MP Nawaf Moussawi says.

012: activists
Daily Star 31 Dec 2012 Nearly 90 percent of those who have died in Syria’s 21-month conflict were killed in 2012, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says.

Hillary Rodham Clinton in hospital with blood clot
Daily Star 31 Dec 2012 U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton under observation at a New York City hospital after being treated for a blood clot related to the concussion she sustained earlier this month.

Jordan arrests 4 Syrian soldiers near border
Daily Star 31 Dec 2012 Jordan’s security forces say the military has arrested four unarmed Syrian soldiers found in the zone between the two countries’ borders.

Assad’s forces battle to retake Damascus suburb
Daily Star 31 Dec 2012 Elite Syrian government troops backed by tanks battled on Monday to recapture a strategic Damascus suburb from rebels who have advanced within striking distance of the centre of Syria’s capital.

Syria says will respond to any talks on ending conflict
Daily Star 31 Dec 2012 Damascus will respond to any initiative that could solve Syria’s 21-month conflict through talks, its premier says, after peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi announced he had a plan to end the bloodshed.

Protesters occupy Vatican embassy in Paris over migrants
Daily Star 31 Dec 2012 Several dozen protesters occupied the offices of the Vatican’s embassy in Paris on Monday to support a group of undocumented migrants on a hunger strike who were this month thrown out of a church.

Iraq demands end to ‘illegitimate’ demos
Daily Star 31 Dec 2012 Iraqi authorities call for an end to what a senior official said were illegal and illegitimate protest rallies in Sunni-majority provinces that have cut key trade routes.

Israeli warplanes violate Lebanon airspace
Daily Star 31 Dec 2012 Israeli warplanes violate Lebanon’s airspace and fly over the the northern Bekaa and Hermel areas.

Egypt’s Mursi says not worried by currency fall
Daily Star 31 Dec 2012 The Egyptian pound’s fall to a record low does not worry or scare the government and the situation will “balance out within days”, President Mohamed Mursi was quoted as saying by state news agency MENA on…

YNet News

Nothing to celebrate 
YNet News, 31 Dec 2012 – Op-ed: Journalist staying home on New Year’s Eve instead of drinking to forget how bad Israel’s situation is ….

US Treasury to hit debt ceiling on Monday
YNet News, 31 Dec 2012 – ….

9 killed in tour bus crash along icy US highway
YNet News, 31 Dec 2012 – ….

Clinton in ‘good spirits’ but remains hospitalized
YNet News, 31 Dec 2012 – ….

US House may not vote on fiscal cliff deal before Jan. 1 
YNet News, 31 Dec 2012 – ….

Reuters TV cameraman wounded in Syria
YNet News, 31 Dec 2012 – ….

Israel addicted to war
YNet News, 31 Dec 2012 – Op-ed: Israeli wars, military operations based on flawed belief that force can solve problems ….

Dangers of assimilation 
YNet News, 31 Dec 2012 – Op-ed: Our nation’s future depends on renewal of alliance between Israeli, American Jews ….

Oz Zion evacuation completed after Shabbat
YNet News, 30 Dec 2012 – Illegal West Bank outpost cleared later than planned due to Shabbat, but examination reveals several previous cases of Shabbat evacuations ….

AG to check for criminal aspects in Bibi-tours affair
YNet News, 30 Dec 2012 – Yehuda Weinstein launches probe after receiving Netanyahu’s travel records for period in which he served as Knnesset member ….

Israeli crosses border into Syria
YNet News, 30 Dec 2012 – Kfar Qassem resident said to be mentally unstable crosses border in Golan Heights with apparent aim of urging Assad to stop killing his people ….

Abbas: It’s important to have peace partner in Israel
YNet News, 30 Dec 2012 – Palestinian president comments on Peres’ remarks regarding two-state solution as leaders of Center-Left parties slam Likud for its criticism of president’s statements ….

Envoy: Egypt to tighten relations with Hezbollah
YNet News, 30 Dec 2012 – Egyptian ambassador to Lebanon says Cairo will pursue relationship with Hezbollah in Lebanon ….

Erdogan meets Palestinian girl who cursed soldiers
YNet News, 30 Dec 2012 – Turkish PM meets 13-year-old girl who provoked IDF soldiers in Nabi Saleh last November. ‘I did it to liberate Palestine,’ she says ….

Arab soldier hides service from neighbors
YNet News, 30 Dec 2012 – Samir, a Muslim Arab, hides his uniform and weapon from his neighbors, but says he’s proud to be an IDF combat soldier ….

Obama touts Hagel as possible defense secretary 
YNet News, 30 Dec 2012US president offers strong support for former Republican senator as potential defense secretary who’s been criticized for his record on Israel ….

CBS: Israel home to 8 Million citizens
YNet News, 30 Dec 2012 – Central Bureau of Statistics says 6,015,000 of Israelis are Jewish; population grew by 1.8% over past year ….

French paper to publish comic book life of Muhammad
YNet News, 30 Dec 2012 – French magazine infamous for publishing Prophet Muhammad cartoons plans to release illustrated biography of Islam’s founder ….

Israeli English professor receives nobility title 
YNet News, 30 Dec 2012 – Prof. Penelope Ur named Officer of the Order of the British Empire; receives nobility title from Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of her outstanding work as an English teacher ….

Palestinian Information Center

IOA razes Jerusalemite home in Jabal Mukabir
PIC – The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) on Monday razed the 150-meter home of Mohammed Shukairat in Jabal Al-Mukabir to the south east of occupied Jerusalem.

Justice ministry: Delegation in Cairo not to discuss calm with occupation
PIC – The ministry of justice in Gaza has denied press reports that its delegation in Cairo was there to conduct discussions with a similar Israeli delegation on a number of calm agreement issues.

Palestinian leaders call on Abbas to let the people decide their fate
PIC – A number of leaders of the Palestinian people called on the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, to let the Palestinian people decide their fate..

Assault on MK Tibi at a seminar at Bar-Ilan University
PIC – Knesset Member Ahmad Tibi (United Arab List) was assaulted by students during a debate held between him and MK Arieh Eldad (Otzma LeYisrael) about the Israeli election at the Bar-Ilan University.

Organization calls for action against administrative detention
PIC – A Palestinian human rights organization called on human rights groups working in the field of prisoners to study administrative detention and international law under official Palestinian auspices.

Family of political detainee Khader Lafi protest in al-Khalil 
PIC – The family of the liberated prisoner Khader Lafi, who is detained in PA prisons by the Preventive Security Service, has staged a sit in on Sunday in al-Khalil, demanding his release.

West Bank: threats to step up protests against UNRWA
PIC – The 19 Popular Committees of Palestinian refugee camps in the occupied West Bank threatened to step up protests against UNRWA’s policy of reducing services provided to Palestinian refugees.

UFree calls for an international investigation about Abu Sisi’s abduction
PIC – The European Network for the Defense of the Palestinian prisoners’ rights (UFree) declared that it follows up the new information released by prisoner Dirar Abu Sisi..

Israeli intelligence serves summons to recently released Hamas leader
PIC – Israeli intelligence summoned Sheikh Falah Nada, a Hamas leader, and his eldest son Taher to the intelligence headquarters on Tuesday morning.

IOF soldiers clash with Palestinian students in Nablus village
PIC – Israeli occupation forces (IOF) clashed with Palestinian students in Orif village, south of Nablus, on Monday morning, local sources said.


Achieving Peace Requires Ending Settlement Activities, Occupation, says Official
WAFA – 31 Dec 2012

Number of Palestinians and Jews will be Equal in 2016
WAFA – 31 Dec 2012

Israel Demolishes Home in East Jerusalem
WAFA – 31 Dec 2012

Israel Orders Families in Jordan Valley to Leave Homes
WAFA – 31 Dec 2012


Iran Fires Missiles in Wide-Ranging Naval Exercises
New York Times 31 Dec 2012 – A wide-ranging naval exercise focused on striking hypothetical unmanned aircraft and vessels in international waters to the south of the country. 

Envoy to Syria Warns of Descent to Warlord ‘Hell’
New York Times 31 Dec 2012 – The international envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi, said that if fighting continued, it could lead to 100,000 deaths in the next year and a territorial free-for-all. 

Bassem Youssef, a Champion for Egypt’s Liberals
New York Times 31 Dec 2012 – Bassem Youssef has used parody to argue that Egypt’s ultraconservative sheiks are distorting Islam, and for the moment, his satire appears to have trumped their sanctimony. 

Attack in Libya at Coptic Christian Site Kills 2
New York Times 31 Dec 2012 – The bombing of a building belonging to the Egyptian Coptic Christian church was the first major assault on a Christian target since the revolution. 

Globes Main News – NIS 46.8 billion in new mortgages were granted by banks in 2012, almost equaling the 2010 record of NIS 47 billion.

Israel’s growth rate slows
Globes Main News – The 3.3% rise in GDP in 2012 is one of the lowest rates of growth in the past decade, though it is double the OECD average.

2013 brings tax hike for high earners
Globes Main News – Those earning over NIS 41,800 monthly will pay a 2% surtax. But the prime minister and other senior officials will be paid more.

Globes Main News – Israel Chemicals was the biggest loser on the Tel Aviv 25 Index today but Teva ended a difficult month on a positive note.

Insiders sell fewer shares
Globes Main News – Excluding Gad Propper’s sale of Osem shares, and Shlomo Eliahu’s sale of Bank Leumi shares, insiders sold just NIS 422 million of shares in 2012.

Clal Biotech offers to fully acquire Biocancell and D-Pharm
Globes Main News – Clal Biotech already owns 75% of Biocancell and 64% of D-Pharm.

Unemployment rate dips in November 
Globes Macro Economics – The unemployment rate fell to 7% in November from 7.3% in October.

Elbit Systems wins contracts worth $315m
Globes Aerospace & Defense – The contracts with the Israeli Ministry of Defense are in the areas of avionics, unmanned aircraft systems, EW, electro-optic systems, and land systems.

012 Year-End Appeal
Tikun Olam – Support Tikun Olam // 
Thank you for another year of Mondoweiss
Mondoweiss – As always we are humbled and excited to report that we have reached (and exceeded!) our fundraising goal for December. Thank you! We appreciate this vote of confidence and promise to continue full steam ahead in 2013. The last year has been another period of incredible…

Israel to take over 100 acres of land from West Bank village Beit Iksa as construction of the wall continues
Mondoweiss – A section of the Israeli separation wall is seen between the Shufat refugee camp and Pisgat Zeev in an area Israel illegally annexed after capturing it in 1967. (Reuters/Baz Ratner) Ma’an News is reporting Israel is planning on annexing an additional 456 dunams of land from…

Palestine wishes you a happy new year
Mondoweiss – Tomorrow is the 1st of January 2013. A new year, a new beginning and a new everything or so it may seem. I still remember how we celebrated the beginning of 2009. I remember fireworks, I remember candles, I remember screams, I remember children scattered in…

A Palestinian village under apartheid — see for yourself
Mondoweiss – It’s the last day of the year and I have wanted to publish this video for over a month. If anyone questions whether there is apartheid on the West Bank, well, look at this video. “Apartheid on steroids,” as the Nation put it . The man in…

Roots of Resistance: The source of Palestinian power is the moral force of our cause
Mondoweiss – This post is part of the series “Roots of Resistance: 25 year retrospective on the first intifada.” Read the entire series here . Growing up, Gaza was a place like any other. But then that changed one summer. I was three when my family left Rafah. We…

Roots of Resistance: A moment of hope
Mondoweiss – Palestinian women and children demonstrate on January 3, 1988 in Al-Ram in the West Bank. (Photo: Esaias Baitel/AFP/Getty Images) This post is part of the series “Roots of Resistance: 25 year retrospective on the first intifada.” Read the entire series here . The beginning of the First…

Hillary Clinton Suffered Blood Clot Beneath Skull 
The Foward Breaking News 31 Dec 2012 – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suffered a blood clot in a vein between her brain and skull behind her right ear but is expected to make a full recovery, her doctors said on Monday in a statement released by the State Department. Click here for the…

Anti-African Riots Erupt Over Tel Aviv Rape 
The Foward Breaking News 31 Dec 2012 – Dozens of rightist activists and residents of south Tel Aviv’s Hatikva neighborhood gathered on Monday to protest against African migrants, after it was reported that an Eritrean man raped an elderly woman last week. Click here for the rest of the article…

Doctor’s Daughter Charged in ‘Terror’ Bomb Plot 
The Foward Breaking News 31 Dec 2012 – Police arrested a New York City couple in their apartment on Saturday after authorities investigating a credit card theft found a highly explosive compound, bomb-making manuals, a sawed-off shotgun and ammunition, officials said on Monday. Click here for the rest of the article…

Top Court Eases Israel Whistleblower Sentence 
The Foward Breaking News 31 Dec 2012 – Israel’s Supreme Court on Monday shortened by a year the 4-1/2-year prison term of a soldier who gave a journalist classified military documents, some relating to operations against Palestinian militants. Click here for the rest of the article…

Angola: Iran Test-Fires Missiles Near Strait of Hormuz 
allAfrica.com 31 Dec 2012 – [ANGOP]Tehran -Iran’s navy says it has test-fired a range of weapons during ongoing maneuvers near the Strait of Hormuz, the passageway for one-fifth of the world’s oil supply.

Egypt: Security Forces Arrest Israeli Soldier 
allAfrica.com 31 Dec 2012 – [Aswat Masriya]Security forces arrested on Monday an Israeli soldier who infiltrated through Taba, Egyptian state TV reported.

012 in Review 
allAfrica.com 31 Dec 2012 – [The Star]The year feels as if it has flown by and my head is still spinning. President Bashar Assad was apparently surviving by his fingernails at the beginning of the year and he ends the year still surviving by his fingernails.

Corrie New Year’s Greetings from Brazil 
Rachel Corrie Foundation 31 Dec 2012 – Dear Friends, We are spending the waning days of 2012 in Brazil, making our first visit to South America – for a niece’s wedding and to finally visit our foreign exchange student who lived with us nearly twenty years ago. Our first day off the plane,…

Israel lifts ban on Gaza gravel 
BBC 31 Dec 2012 – Israel eases restrictions on allowing building materials into the Gaza Strip, imposed when Hamas came to power there in 2007.

Rafsanjani daughter in solitary 
BBC 31 Dec 2012 – The jailed daughter of the former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has been moved to solitary confinement in Tehran, a spokesman has confirmed.

Sabbah report 31 Dec 2012 – Photo of the year 2012 picked by The TIme is one of a Palestinian atrocity from Israel massacre in Gaza during the last war. Read More: Photo of the year 2012 . Sign up for our free newsletter! .

Wiping Countries off the Map? Iran or the United States? 
Sabbah report 31 Dec 2012 – Several targeted countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, are categorized as “failed states”. The central question is: who is failing the failed states? Who is “Taking them Out”? It is part of a covert United States military and intelligence agenda. Destroying countries is part…

Egyptians protest $44 million Microsoft deal 
Al-Akhbar News 31 Dec 2012 – Egyptian activists gathered outside the cabinet building Sunday morning to protest the government’s nearly $44 million deal to purchase Microsoft-licensed software. The protesters urged the government instead to use free open-source software, as many government agencies and private companies do around the world. Activists in a…

Israel demolishes East Jerusalem home 
Al-Akhbar News 31 Dec 2012 – Israel on Monday demolished a Palestinian home in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of al-Mukabber for building without a permit, local media reported. The homeowner, Mohammed Shqeirat, told WAFA news agency that Israeli police forced his 25-member family from the home without giving them time to collect…

Palestinian attempts self-immolation over PA electricity deal 
Al-Akhbar News 31 Dec 2012 – A man from Balata refugee camp in Nablus attempted to set himself on fire during a protest Monday against recently announced measures that will no longer exempt refugees from paying electricity costs. Jumah Abu Alifeh, 47, poured gasoline over himself in the middle of al-Shuhada square…

Sixteen killed in Iraq attacks 
Al-Akhbar News 31 Dec 2012 – Updated 5:40pm: Explosions across Iraq killed at least 16 people and wounded 76 on Monday, police said, amid a growing political crisis that is inflaming sectarian tensions. Tensions between Shia, Kurdish and Sunni factions in Iraq’s power-sharing government have been on the rise this year. Militants…

Israel forces Palestinians from homes ahead of war drill 
Al-Akhbar News 31 Dec 2012 – Israeli forces have delivered evacuation orders to around 100 Palestinian families in the northern Jordan Valley ahead of a military training exercise, a local official said Monday. The evacuation affects around 1,000 Palestinians living in rural communities who reside in Wadi al-Maleh, Ain Hilwa, Wadi al-Faw…

Deadly blasts hit Iraqi cities 
BBC 31 Dec 2012 – At least 22 people have been killed – and many more injured – in a series of explosions across Iraq, officials say.

Egyptian pound in further slide 
BBC 31 Dec 2012 – The Egyptian pound falls further against the US dollar, despite efforts by the country’s financial authorities to intervene in the money markets.

Israel lifts ban on Gaza gravel 
BBC 31 Dec 2012 – Israel eases restrictions on allowing building materials into the Gaza Strip, imposed when Hamas came to power there in 2007.

Rafsanjani daughter in solitary 
BBC 31 Dec 2012 – The jailed daughter of the former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has been moved to solitary confinement in Tehran, a spokesman has confirmed.

Bahrain police jailed over death 
BBC 31 Dec 2012 – Two policemen are given seven-year jail sentences by a Bahrain court for beating to death a man amid a crackdown on anti-government protests.


Ethnic cleansing is the only way for Israel to have a ‘united’ Jerusalem 
Dr. Daud Abdullah, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 12/29/2012
      When Benjamin Netanyahu launched his election campaign this week he taunted the world community and cocked a snook at international law with a defiant pledge to build more settlements in occupied Jerusalem. The move was universally condemned. Recognising that this was more than electoral demagogy, though, no one was prepared to risk the consequences of any response more substantial. For better or worse, Jerusalem’s future is now set to determine the course of international relations.
     Israel’s surge of settlement activity in Jerusalem seeks, above all, to perpetuate its self-proclaimed “basic law” on Jerusalem. Passed in July 1980, this legal construct envisaged an “integral and united Jerusalem” as the capital of Israel. Since then, the occupied city has become the seat of the Israeli president, the Knesset (parliament), the cabinet and the Supreme Court. The move was, however, censured by the UN Security Council, which affirmed its opposition to the acquisition of territory by force. More importantly, it determined that all Israeli measures taken in the Holy City of Jerusalem, in particular its “basic law”, are null and void.
     In an attempt to gain legitimacy for their actions, successive Israeli governments have attempted to alter the demographic balance in the city. Jerusalem’s current Mayor, Nir Barkat, has made this objective his life-long ambition. Today, he is much closer to achieving it. At the end of 2011, there were about 293,000 Palestinians in East Jerusalem, according to the Israeli Central Bureau for Statistics; there are around 200,000 Israelis residing in illegal settlements in the city.
     Barkat enjoys the full backing of the Israeli political establishment. Like Netanyahu, he is also seeking re-election in 2013. For every housing unit built on his watch, he gains political capital. However, in the grand scheme of things, they have no real value if they do not stem Palestinian growth. Thus, 35 per cent of land in East Jerusalem has been confiscated for Israeli settlement use; only 13 per cent of East Jerusalem is zoned for Palestinian construction…. more.. e-mail

+972’s Person of the Year: The Settler 
Lisa Goldman and Mairav Zonszein, +972 Magazine 12/27/2012
      The settlement movement registered major victories this year on various fronts. Its representatives are reaching new heights in politics, the judiciary and the media. One out of five residents east of the Green Line is a settler. The expansion of settlements continues unabated, and – most importantly – settlers are in full control of the Israeli national narrative. In 2012, as more and more observers declared the death of the two-state solution, the settler became the new normal.
     For decades, the settler movement and Israel’s secular, largely Ashkenazi urban elite have been playing a game of “pretend.” The secular political elite claimed the settlers were religious ideologues, obstacles to peace and not representative of mainstream Israeli society. The settlers, meanwhile, charged that an effete minority ruling class ignored their contributions and commitment to the state.
     But all the while, successive governments headed by secular, purportedly liberal leaders tacitly expedited settlement growth even as the secular, purportedly liberal judiciary handed down rulings that effectively sanctioned settlements, which are built in contravention of international law. The settlers, meanwhile, became increasingly confident as they rose to occupy important positions at the highest levels of the state’s key institutions – the legislative branch (Knesset), the executive branch (the governing coalition), the judiciary and the army.
     In 2012, the game became reality: The settlers are the new ruling elite of Israel.
     According to all the polls, Israelis will elect an unprecedented number of Members of Knesset (MKs) from far-right parties, even as Likud’s relative moderates have been ousted and replaced by settlers and ex-settlers with radical political agendas.
     A settler was appointed to the Supreme Court in 2012, while a former justice declared that the West Bank was not actually occupied territory. more.. e-mail

The Settlement That Broke the Two-State Solution 
Larry Derfner, Foreign Policy 12/26/2012
      Ma’aleh Adumim symbolizes why Middle East peace may no longer be possible.
     MA‘ALEH ADUMIM, West Bank — When you drive out on the highway to the West Bank settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim from Jerusalem, you’re driving through big sky country. After passing Jerusalem’s new Jewish neighborhoods and old Arab villages, all you’ve got on either side of you are the soft hills of the Judean desert. Emptiness, except for the unseen Bedouins. But very soon, you see a long, long line of beige houses and apartment buildings on the ridge of a steep hill, stretching nearly from one end of your field of vision to the other. Welcome to Ma’aleh Adumim.
     The population is 40,000 — but if someone told me it was 400,000, I’d believe it. It is huge, monumental: Long, sweeping roads lead up the hill to its entrances, and wide avenues course up and down beautifully landscaped neighborhoods built from Jerusalem stone. Ma’aleh Adumim, founded in 1975, does not look like anybody’s idea of a settlement. It is truly an Israeli city, and it looks invulnerable to U.N. resolutions.
     Ma’aleh Adumim is a stick in the eye of Palestinian attempts to build a state in the West Bank. And its very presence is spurring further Israeli construction: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent threat to build a sprawling, 3,500-unit housing project linking the settlement with Jerusalem has provoked expressions of outrage and distrust from Brussels and, in much more restrained tones, from Washington. The latest diplomatic skirmish was set off after European foreign ministers, in no uncertain terms, warned of the disastrous effects of the so-called “E-1 plan” on the prospects for a two-state solution.
     Western diplomats fret that E-1 construction will drive a stone wedge through the heart of the would-be Palestinian state — cutting off Palestinians’ access to East Jerusalem, their hoped-for capital. But this misses the point…. more.. e-mail

Activestills, +972 Magazine 12/31/2012
     Palestinian youth walk towards Israeli soldiers during clashes following a protest commemorating the Nakba, outside Ofer military prison, near the West Bank city of Ramallah, May 15, 2012. (photo: Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)
     BBC’s Jihad Mishrawi holding his 1-year-old son Omar, who died from his injuries, at Al Shifa hospital in Gaza City, November 14, 2012. (photo: Anne Paq/Activestills.org)
     Palestinian women mourn the death of Mahmoud Raed Saddllah, a 4-year-old child killed in a bombing attack on Jabalia, Gaza Strip, November 16, 2012. (photo: Anne Paq/Activestills.org)
     Israelis protest against the Israeli attack on Gaza, in central Tel Aviv, November 17, 2012. (photo: Shachaf Polakow/Activestills.org)
     A man from the Ivory Coast in his car after a mob smashed its windows following a protest against African refugees and asylum seekers in Tel Aviv’s Hatikva neighborhood, May 23, 2012. (photo: Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)
     A cell in the new prison for asylum seekers- ‘Sadot’ – under construction near the current Saharonim prison in the Negev Desert near the Egyptian border, November 1, 2012. Israel is building a complex of prisons that will be able to house more than 10,000 asylum seekers. (photo: Shiraz Grinbaum/Activestills.org)…. more.. e-mail

“Ghost town” brought back to life in Hebron
Electronic Intifada: 31 Dec 2012 – Jillian Kestler-D’Amours Hebron 31 December 2012 Despite constant harassment from Israeli soldiers and settlers, Palestinians have made good progress restoring the old city.more

Abbas, Too Weak to Make the Transition from PA to a Functioning State
Palestine Chronicle: 31 Dec 2012 – By Hasan Afif El-Hasan After wasting twenty years of negotiations in which basic Palestinian rights were squandered while Israel was colonizing the West Bank and Jerusalem and millions of Palestinians rot in refugee camps, Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian Authority (PA), decided to ask the UN General Assembly to recognize Palestine as non-member state. The vast majority of the world governments especially in Asia, Africa and South America have been always supportive of the Palestinian cause and direction. The UN vote was substantial: 138 votes in favor, 9 against and 41 abstentions. The euphoria among the Palestinians created by the vote reminds us with the sense of relief and optimism among the Palestinians when the Oslo Accords were signed and sold to the Palestinians by their self-appointed leaders as the road to “the peace of the brave.” Twenty years later, the Oslo Agreements proved to be catastrophic. Many…more

A Precarious Existence in the Jordan Valley
Palestine Chronicle: 31 Dec 2012 – By IRIN – Al-Jiftlik, West Bank For those who recently watched images of the Israeli bombardment in Gaza, the wide open hills of the Jordan Valley in the West Bank appear as a stark contrast. Flocks of sheep accompanied by their herders cross the hillsides, home to some of the most fertile land in all of the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) and unrivalled even in Israel. And yet despite the abundant land and resources, Palestinians living in the Valley are some of the poorest in oPt, lacking even the most basic infrastructure. The Jordan Valley is marked by a patchwork of zones in which Palestinians are allowed to live, which leave little room for maneuver. “These restrictions have removed their ability to be self-sustaining. They are in an artificial humanitarian crisis; they have the capacity, the training, the education, but because of man-made restrictions, they are made vulnerable,” Ramesh Rajasingham,…more

Conspiracy to Thwart Palestinian Hopes for Freedom
Palestine Chronicle: 31 Dec 2012 – By Stuart Littlewood This Christmas the Palestinian embassy in London sent out a particularly pathetic message. Headed ‘Palestine mulling ICC if UN takes no action on settlements,’ it warned that if the UN Security Council didn’t act against Israeli settlements, Palestine would “consider complaining to the International Criminal Court, an option made available by Palestine’s admission as a non-member state to the UN in November”. What is there to mull? In all the years since 1967 what action has the Security Council taken to halt Israel’s illegal settlements? Even now, does it show any sign of doing so? By action we mean, of course, deeds not woolly words. We mean sanctions and the implementing of all those UN resolutions ordering the Israelis back behind their pre-1967 lines. Taking Israel’s crimes to the International Criminal Court is hardly something that still needs mulling over. It has been impatiently anticipated. The Court…more

In Valiant Fortitude – A Poem
Palestine Chronicle: 31 Dec 2012 – By Soraya Boyd Unlawfully pincered between harsh collective punishment and base military aggression The tear bedabbled faces of innocent children in constant lacrimation Afforded no respite cling desperately to their progenitor for safety and protection Incessantly tossed and trounced in a criminally virulent sphere Innocent children lead daily lives carved in the deathly architecture of dread and fear An ever impending Cast Lead or Pillar of Cloud peril looms near With aggressive intimidation suffused by unremitting violence the customary norms How can their young minds and tender hearts weather such darkly storms? Unlawfully starved and forced to subsist on an infinitely nutritionally insufficient diet Whilst pseudo world leaders, consciously turning a blind eye, remain complicity quiet Their childhood generationally denied by a carefully planned military regimen of cruelty Where shall little children safely play in the face of such atrocity? Fraught with ever present danger, the way to school is…more

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