'Two killed, five injured in Israeli airstrike on Syria’s research center'

January 30, 2013PressTV

Two site workers have been killed and five others wounded in an Israeli airstrike on a military research center in Jamraya, northwest of the capital Damascus, the Syrian military says.

Israeli warplanes bombed military site near Damascus – Syrian state news agency

Jan 30, 2013Voice of Russia

Israeli warplanes attacked a military research center in Damascus province at dawn on Wednesday, Syria‘s military command said, denying reports that the planes had struck a convoy carrying weapons from Syria to Lebanon.

Two people were killed and five wounded in the attack on the site in Jamraya, which it described as one of a number of “scientific research centers aimed at raising the level of resistance and self-defense”.

“Israeli military aircraft violated our airspace at dawn and carried out precision attacks targeting the scientific research facility,” – the agency quotes a statement of the supreme command of the Syrian armed forces.

The building was destroyed, the military command said in a statement carried by state media.

It said the planes crossed into Syria below the radar level, just north of Mount Hermon, and returned the same way.

Sources told Reuters earlier that Israeli jets had bombed a convoy onSyria’s border with Lebanon on Wednesday, apparently targeting weapons destined for Hezbollah.

Voice of Russia, Reuters

One thought on “'Two killed, five injured in Israeli airstrike on Syria’s research center'

  1. Cameron says:

    watch and see — this act of war by israel will either be ignored, cheered or tolerated by imperial powers big and small. zionist israel continues its war crimes and terror tactics threatening to spark another world conflagation.


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