ICH 2 April 2013: 9/11: Illegitimacy of US Government

2 April 2013  — Information Clearing House

Camp Nama: British Personnel Reveal Horrors of Secret US Base in Baghdad

By Ian Cobain

Prisoners subjected to electric shocks, held for prolonged periods in cells the size of large dog kennels.



Depleted Uranium

The BBC’s hatchet job on Fallujah’s genetically damaged children

By William Bowles

This is outrageous stuff, truly Goebellian propaganda of the worst kind.



The Great Afghan Corruption Scam

By Dilip Hiro

How Operation Enduring Freedom Mutated into Operation Enduring Corruption.



A Syrian’s Perspective:

Democracy vs. Foreign Invasion. Who is Bashar Al Assad?

By Arabi Souri

Bashar is a reformer who has done much to further the causes of democracy and freedom.



Syria is a Battle for Palestine

By Nadezhda Kevorkova

Bashar al-Assad didn’t turn away from the Palestinians, and that was the reason that the West directed the wave of militants against Syria and spread out the Islamic propaganda that Assad was the root of all their troubles.



The Staggering Cost of Israel to Americans

By Pamela Olson

It is critical to examine why we lavish so much aid on Israel, and whether it is worth Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars. But first, let’s take a look at what our alliance with Israel truly costs.



The Treason of Intellectuals

By Chris Hedges

The moral cowardice of the power elite is especially evident when it comes to the plight of the Palestinians.



America after Hegemony

By Cole Harrison

The organizing principle of U.S. foreign policy since the end of the Cold War has been to ensure that every nation in the world stays within a security structure managed and controlled by Washington.



Truth Is Offensive

By Paul Craig Roberts

Most americans go along with unaccountable murder, torture, and detention without evidence, which proclaims their gullibility to the entire world.



9/11: Illegitimacy of US Government

By Dr. Kevin Barrett

New York City asks: What happened to the 1,116 missing 9/11 victims?



Monsanto Protection Act:

A Post-Mortem for Our Legal System

By Clay Rossi

There are certain facts that need not be forgotten for the next time (and there will be a next time) big business buys itself judicial immunity from Congress.



The Great Cyprus Bank Robbery

By Ron Paul

The elites in the EU and IMF have openly talked about using Cyprus as a template for future bank bailouts. This raises the prospect of raids on bank accounts, pension funds, and any investments the government can get its hands on.



Communism, Welfare State – What’s the Next Big Idea?

By George Monbiot

Any attempt to challenge the elite needs courage, inspiration and a truly groundbreaking proposal. Here are two to set us off.



Debt = Serfdom

By Charles Hugh-Smith

The serf is never free of debt, i.e. he/she is programmed to being indebted for life.



Afghanistan 80 “militants” killed:

Police officials said the operations were conducted in 43 villages of Wardoj district. Provincial police chief Gen. Imamuddin Mutmaeen said the operations launched three days back by Afghan security forces and ended on Monday evening.



Mullah Omar can run for president in Afghan elections: Karzai:

In the interview at the Kabul presidential palace, Karzai said Mullah Omar could become a presidential candidate, giving the Afghans the opportunity to “vote for or against him.” “The Afghan constitution is valid for all Afghans and the Taliban should also benefit from it,” Karzai said in the interview.



Militants kills 7, kidnap 4 in attack in Pakistan:

Dozen of Pakistani militants armed with assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades attacked a power grid station killing seven people and taking four hostage, police said.The dead included three policemen and four government power workers.



Five militants killed in SWA: –

As many as five militants were killed in a military offensive in the Baron area of South Waziristan Agency (SWA) on Tuesday, a security official said.



10 killed in suicide bombing on police HQ in Iraq ‘s Tikrit:

Ten people were killed and 30 wounded when a suicide tanker truck bomber struck the police headquarters in central Tikrit city, capital of Salahudin province, on Monday, a provincial police source told Xinhua.



4 al Qaeda leaders executed in Iraq:

Manaf Abdul-Raheem Abdul-Hameed al-Rawi, the leader of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq in Baghdad, was among the four who were executed by hanging Monday morning.



Two engineers killed in Iraq gas field attack:

Gunmen killed two Iraqi engineers, wounded a third and kidnapped another, when they attacked a camp near a gas field run by a South Korean firm in Iraq’s western desert, officials said today.



30 Azeri mercenaries killed in Syria so far: –

Azerbaijani media revealed the number of mercenaries killed in Syria, as well as their photographs.



FSA Accused of Butchery of 13 Civilians at Talkalakh in Homs: Video –


Video contains images depicting the reality and horror of war.



Syrian Militants Have Access to Chlorine Gas: Plant Owner:

Radical Islamist militants have access to large quantities of chlorine gas that might have been used last month in a lethal strike near the Syrian city of Aleppo, Time magazine reported on Monday.



Jordanian airline is shipping tons of Croatian weapons to Syrian rebels.

New York Times uncovers the clandestine effort by the CIA and Arab governments to deliver military aid to rebel fighters in Syria through an airlift involving more than 160 flights of military-style cargo planes owned by Arab governments.



UN plans post-Assad Syria deployment:

Al Jazeera report details world body’s plans for troop deployment if Bashar al-Assad’s regime falls.



Hunger strike, riots by Palestinian inmates following death at Israeli jail:

The Israeli Prison Service turned to the pardons committee to carry out the inmate’s release a week ago when his condition worsened drastically, but he died at Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba before the procedure was complete



Palestinian leaders accuse Israel of negligence after death of inmate:

President and PM condemn Israeli prison system amid claims Maysara Abu Hamdiyeh died after receiving inadequate care.



Hamas re-elects Khaled Meshaal as leader:

Election for head of Palestinian faction backed by regional powers Qatar, Egypt and Turkey took place in Cairo.



Adviser to Libyan PM seized in Tripoli: source:

Mohamed Ali Ghatous, in his 50s, was seized after passing a checkpoint into the eastern Tripoli suburb of Tajoura. A source at Zeidan’s office said Ghatous was a senior adviser to the prime minister.



EU launches military training mission in Mali:

 Less than a year after Mali’s military was heavily criticized for seizing power in a coup, it will now start receiving advice from European experts on how to maintain control of its vast territory.



Kim Jong Un, North Korean Leader, Calls Nuclear Weapons A ‘Reliable War Deterrent’:

“Our nuclear strength is a reliable war deterrent and a guarantee to protect our sovereignty,” Kim Jong-un said in a speech delivered to the central committee meeting of the ruling Workers Party of Korea.



N. Korea threatens to restart nuke facilities as ‘war of nerves’ continues:

Pyongyang has pledged to open all facilities at its main nuclear complex, Yongbyon, yet another piece of provocative rhetoric. Meanwhile, the US and South Korea are responding with demonstrations of military might around the Korean Peninsula.



China mobilizes military, on ‘high alert’ over N. Korea threats:

According to US officials the process has been going on since mid-March, and includes troop movements and readying fighter jets. The PLA is now at ‘Level One’ readiness, its highest.



US Navy shifts destroyer in wake of North Korea missile threats:

The USS McCain is capable of intercepting and destroying a missile, should North Korea decide to fire one off, the officials said. Still, U.S. defense officials insist that there is nothing to indicate that North Korea is on the verge of another launch.



US strategy takes Korean crisis into new territory:

By publicly highlighting its recent deployment of nuclear-capable B-52 and stealth bombers over South Korea, Washington has, at times, almost appeared to be purposefully goading an Pyongyang.



North Korea: What happens if Kim Jong-un acts on his threats?: Op-Ed:

In the event that the ‘bellicose rhetoric’ of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un turns into something more serious, the opening hours of conflict could be ‘pretty ugly,’ defense analysts warn.



Is the DOD crazy enough to bring nukes to a cyberfight?:

The problem is that some in the Pentagon are threatening “deterrence” via kinetic reprisals – including nuclear counterattacks in the most extreme cases – that could actually encourage the very cyberattacks the government hopes to prevent.



UN passes historic arms trade treaty by huge majority:

The treaty prohibits states from exporting conventional weapons in violation of arms embargoes, or weapons that would be used for acts of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes or terrorism.



Guantanamo hunger strike spreads amid protests at US embassies: –

On Day 56 of the Gitmo hunger strike, officials report the number of strikers has risen to 39, with 11 being force-fed. However, detainees say the number stands at some 130. Demonstrators in Yemen say US authorities are downplaying real numbers.



US hiding criminality at Guantanamo prison: Human rights attorney:

“They’ve been held at Guantanamo Bay without charge, some of them for 10,11, even 12 years. This is clearly illegal – you cannot detain people without charges.”



In Guantanamo, Obama’s Promise of Hope Has Transformed Into Hopelessness : Op-Ed:

What we are really seeing in the hunger strikers in Guantanamo today are men who believe that there is no way out. Many believe that their only exit will be in a coffin.



Another Torture Lover in Obama’s CIA: Video –

John Brennan, Obama’s CIA Director has a history of being directly involved in the CIA’s torture program, and is known for being a huge drone supporter. Well, someone has to fill his old CIA position, and who better than another advocate of torture, right?



Court ruling opens global door to cheap generic drugs:

Seriously ill patients in India and throughout the developing world may be treated for a tenth of the cost after a landmark ruling yesterday by the Indian supreme court that has global significance.



Air pollution linked to 1.2M deaths in China in 2010:

More than 1.2 million people died prematurely in China in 2010 as a result of outdoor air pollution, a new analysis of scientific data shows.



Mexican drug cartels dispatch agents deep inside US:

If left unchecked, authorities say, the cartels’ move into the American interior could render the syndicates harder than ever to dislodge and pave the way for them to expand into other criminal enterprises such as prostitution, kidnapping-and-extortion rackets and money laundering.



Big banks take advantage of money laundering epidemic in US:

The attorney general of the United States says the country’s largest banks may be too big to jail, but the former chief economist for the International Monetary Fund isn’t exactly convinced.



Cyprus finance minister resigns:

Cypriot Finance Minister Michalis Sarris has resigned citing his role as chairman of Laiki Bank, whose failure was a major contributor to the island’s near financial meltdown, as one of the reasons behind his decision.



French ex-minister admits lying about bank account:

A spokeswoman for Paris prosecutors said authorities filed preliminary charges Tuesday against Jerome Cahuzac for alleged money laundering. If convicted, he faces up to 5 years in prison and a 375,000 euro ($481,500) fine.



Eurozone unemployment hits record high of 12%:

Spain and Greece continued to suffer from unemployment rates above 26%, and many other countries saw their figures increase to uncomfortable levels.



Hungary criminalises homeless sleeping:

Hungarian government takes steps against homeless by making sleeping rough a criminal offence.



BRICS dumping euro amid simmering EU banking crisis:

Brussels has been forced to eat a generous slice of humble pie: A massive sell-off of the euro is underway in the wake of a persistent financial crisis



Australia And China To Enable Direct Currency Convertibility:

The land down under is set to say goodbye to the world’s “reserve currency” in its trade dealings with the world’s biggest marginal economic power, China



Prove it! 260,000 call on Iain Duncan Smith to live on £53 a week:

Could Iain Duncan Smith really live on £53 a week?: “This would mean a 97 per cent reduction in his current income, which is £1,581.02 a week or £225 a day after tax.”



Stockton becomes most populous bankrupt US city:

A federal judge said without bankruptcy protection, Stockton would be unable to provide basic government services.



Can Washington get vets off the streets?

Tens of thousands homeless despite billions in spending



Six officials held over New York mayoral race ‘bribery’:

Two New York state lawmakers are among six officials who have been arrested over an alleged plot to rig the city’s mayoral race, prosecutors have said.



Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,274


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001




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