Bradley Manning / Wikileaks Newslinks 2 May 2013

2 May 2013 —


The most bitter Bradley Manning-Pride piece yet

San Francisco Bay Guardian

Lots of people angry about the Pride Committee’s decision to fire Bradley Manning as a grand marshal. But the most savage, all-out assault comes from Steven W. Thrasher, a former Village Voice writer who has nothing good to say at all about Pride or …


Protesters Hit SF Pride Parade Over Bradley Manning Removal: VIDEO


“We’re here today because a big mistake was made by the Board of Directors

of Gay Pride,” Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg, who would have

marched in the parade on Manning’s behalf, told the assembled crowd Monday.

“They were talking about a …


Manning nixed by Pride board

Bay Area Reporter

With an image of Army Private First Class Bradley Manning behind him, famed

Pentagon papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg spoke in support of Manning being

named a grand marshal of the San Francisco Pride Parade at a protest

outside the Pride Committee’s …


San Francisco Gay Pride Parade Revokes Grand Marshal Honor for Bradley …

Democracy Now

A controversy has erupted around the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade after

its organizers reversed a decision to make the U.S. Army whistleblower

Bradley Manning an honorary grand marshal. Manning’s nomination was

approved last week, but was soon …


The Corporatization of the LGBT Movement –

I’ve stayed out of the Bradley Manning as SF Pride grand marshall pissing

match mostly because I don’t live in San Francisco. My thoughts surrounding

the issue dealt mostly with the other acceptable players in the march who

are severely tainted in …


‘Law & Order: SVU’: Eion Bailey Previews ‘Respectful’ Portrayal of Post-War …

Hollywood Reporter

I’m very interested in soldier recovery projects and in Bradley Manning’s

story, the army intelligence officer who’s being held as a detainee and is

going to trial for crimes of treason,” Bailey tells The Hollywood Reporter.

To hear him tell it, Bailey …


Op-ed: Bradley Manning and Queer Collaboration |

Rescinding Bradley Manning’s invitation to be the grand marshal of San

Francisco’s big gay celebration is not what pride is all about, says

Victoria Brownworth.


Daily Kos: Daniel Ellsberg Will March For Bradley Manning, Defying …

Bradley Manning is off limits at SF Gay Pride parade, but corporate sleaze

is embraced … The queers of SF are having a pie fight over Bradley



Update 4/27/13: SF Pride controversy: supporters stand for Bradley …

Days after awarding Bradley Manning the honor of being a Grand Marshal in

the SF Pride parade, officials with the organizations issued a statement

rescinding …


WikiLeaks: When Berlusconi brought silk scarves for Hillary Clinton

Indian Express

This is one of several interesting details about the drama of WikiLeaks

which find mention in BBC journalist Kim Ghattas’ new book “The Secretary:

A Journey with Hillary Clinton from Beirut to the Heart of American Power”,

published by Times Books.


When Silvio Berlusconi brought silk scarves for Hillary!

Economic Times

Following the WikiLeaks release describing him as “feckless, vain, and

ineffective as a modern leader” Berlusconi met Hillary and gave her an

impassioned presentation about how much he loved America and why it was so

painful for him to read the …



OpEdNews – Article: Julian Assange: Wikileaks Has the Goods on …

Article: Julian Assange: Wikileaks Has the Goods on the Deaths of Innocent

Iraqis Killed by the US – The government doesn’t even claim that Bradley

passed information directly to ‘the enemy’ or that he had any intent to do

so. But they are …

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