Bradley Manning / Wikileaks Newslinks 24 May 2013

24 May 2013 —

WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning and the Damage Done—to Bradley Manning


Army Pfc. Bradley Manning is one of the human faces in Alex Gibney’s latest film, ‘We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks.’ (Photo: Courtesy of Focus World). Failed negotiations for an interview with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange were incredibly …


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Media Disinformation and the Conspiracy Panic Phenomenon By James F. Tracy

24 May 2013 — Global Research

To posit that one’s government may be partially composed of unaccountable criminal elements is cause for serious censure in polite circles. Labeled “conspiracy theories” by a corporate media that prompt and channel emotionally-laden mass consent, such perspectives are quickly dispatched to the memory hole lest they prompt meaningful discussion of the political prerogatives and designs held by a global power elite coordinating governments and broader geopolitical configurations.

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ColdType Issue 74: Chris Hedges’ The Shame of America’s Gulags / Loretta Napoleoni / Danny Schechter…

24 May 2013 —

The latest issue of ColdType is now on line at

This month’s Cover Story, Chris Hedges’ The Shame of America’s Gulags, provides a disturbing insight into conditions inside the most secure prisons in the United States. It’s chilling reading from a country that lays claim to being the freest and most humane in the world. 

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Verizon (and Google) Helped U.S. Government to Spy on Reporters By Pratap Chatterjee

23 May 2013 — CorpWatch Blog

CorpWatch cartoon by Khalil Bendib

Technology companies willingly provided information to U.S. government agencies to help the Obama administration snoop on reporters from the Associated Press (AP) and Fox news in order to ostensibly crack down on leaks that pose a “threat” to national security.

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel News and Articles 23 May 2013: Muhammad al-Dura and Israel’s obsession with the propaganda war

22 May 2013 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

AMNESTY: “Israel, Palestinian Fighters, Committed War Crimes”
IMEMC – AMNESTY International issued a report on the Israeli war on Gaza, in November of 2012, and statedthat its investigations conducted that both Israel and the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, violated international humanitarian law, and committed war crimes. …

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