ICH 20 May 2013: “This Is An Outrage For All America”

20 May 2013 — Information Clearing House

Syria Has No Reason To Use Chemical Weapons

By Patrick Cockburn

The Syrian army has no need to use it as a terror weapon because artillery, aerial bombardment and death squads are quite enough to frighten people into taking flight.



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US Media Censors Cases of US Officials Implicated in Terrorism & Nuclear Espionage By Sibel Edmonds

20 May 2013 — www.boilingfrogspost.com

Mother of All Rules Governing US Media: Censor & Cover-Up US Government Criminality 

In January 2008 The Sunday Times published the second report of its four-part investigative series concerning the U.S. government’s direct role in international terrorism networks and organized crime involving nuclear espionage: For sale: West’s deadly nuclear secrets.

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Lonzy Barker Is Missing By Joe Bageant

20 May 2013 — Joe Bageant

See the introduction to this series of posts: Writing on Things Southern and Past

Lonzy Barker is missing. Has been for several months now. Nobody noticed it until that smelly old hermit didn’t show up here at Dalton Bayles’ post office store for his sardines and rock candy. “He could be layin’ over there in his pigpen dead or something,” says Dalton. Did I tell you, dear reader, that Lonzy Barker lives in a pigpen? Always has. Anyway, after three months of Lonzy’s government checks piling up in the pigeonhole, Dalton has decided Lonzy “just might be — I ain’t saying he is and I ain’t saying he ain’t — missing.”

Covert Israeli Forces Inside Syria Within Rebel Ranks? Israeli Military Vehicle Seized: Report

20 May 2013 — Global Research News

Seizure of Israeli Vehicle in al-Qasayr


Media sources confirm the seizure of an Israeli military vehicle in Al Qseir inside Syrian territory, pointing to the presence of covert Israeli forces operating within the ranks of  “opposition” rebel forces. 

The vehicle’s licence plate corresponds to that of the Israeli military with a black background and the letter Tsade (?) (see image below)

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Videos: Battle for strategic Qusair: Syrian army, Hezbollah fight rebels for supply corridor

20 May 20, 2013 — RT

Earlier Monday, Syrian state news agency SANA reported that the army had “restored security and stability to most Qusair neighborhoods” and was “chasing the remnants of the terrorists in the northern district.” The agency quoted a military source as saying that army units dismantled a number of explosive devices, planted by terrorists in al-Souk area in the middle of the city.Intense fighting is reported from the strategic Syrian town of Qusair, as rebels and government forces fight to control the area. Opposition activists say 30 members of Hezbollah were killed, while the government claims to have captured the area. Continue reading

Rise Up or Die By Chris Hedges

19 May 2013 — Truthdig

Joe Sacco and I spent two years reporting from the poorest pockets of the United States for our book “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt.” We went into our nation’s impoverished “sacrifice zones”—the first areas forced to kneel before the dictates of the marketplace—to show what happens when unfettered corporate capitalism and ceaseless economic expansion no longer have external impediments. We wanted to illustrate what unrestrained corporate exploitation does to families, communities and the natural world. Continue reading

VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel News and Articles 19 May 2013: BBC airs Israeli ’Independence Day’ propaganda presented as documentary

19 May 2013 — VTJP


Ma’an News

Israeli troops storm Awarta near Nablus, detain Palestinian man
5/19/2013 – NABLUS (Ma’an) – Israeli forces stormed the northern West Bank village of Awarta south of Nablus on Sunday and detained a young Palestinian man, locals told Ma’an. They added that Israeli military vehicles stormed the village at midday before they detained 27-year-old Samir Faisal Qadah and took him to the nearby….

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