Week in Review: The Pentagon’s War on America and the Imminent Global Recession

19 May 2013 — Global Research


Israel Mulling Plot to Assassinate Syrian President Bashar Al AssadGlobal Research News, May 19, 2013

The Israeli regime’s security bodies are working on a plot to assassinate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by the help of terrorist groups and armed rebels in the country after Damascus showed strength and months of resistance against the terrorist attacks…

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The Anti-Globalization Movement and the World Social Forum. Is “Another World” Possible? By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

15 May 2013 — Global Research 

The World Social Forum operating under the banner of “Another World is Possible” was founded in 2001 at its inaugural venue of Porto Alegre. Brazil.

From the outset in 2001, the WSF has been upheld as an international umbrella representing grassroots people’s organizations, committed to reversing the tide of globalization. Its stated intent is to challenge corporate capitalism and its dominant neoliberal economic agenda.

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ICH 18 May 2013: Israeli Special Forces in Syria

18 May 2013 — Information Clearing House

Bashar al-Assad: ‘I’m Here To Stay’

By Martin Chulov

Bashar al-Assad has used a rare interview to warn the United States and Russia that their efforts to bring about talks will do little to halt the civil war laying waste to his country, and that he has no intention of stepping down.



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