Bradley Manning / Wikileaks Newslinks 9 May 2013

9 May 2013 —


Bradley Manning SF Pride: Directors Try to Weasel Out Of Ditching Manning …


In a press release on the afternoon of May 7 prior to their monthly board meeting, the San Francisco Pride Board of Directors released a statement intended to clarify the reasons that Bradley Manning was named a community grand marshal before having …


Bradley Manning’s secret hearing and the US government’s fear of losing power

Death and Taxes

Denise Lind, suggested in ordering an unprecedented closed (secret) hearing

yesterday at Fort Meade to determine just how much the “national

security” privilege will be invoked in Pfc. Bradley Manning’s leaks

trial. Terry Gilliam has spent a lifetime …


SF Pride Board Says Bradley Manning Can’t Be Grand Marshal Because He’s …

KQED (blog)

The San Francisco Pride Board has a new rationale for keeping former U.S.

soldier and whistleblower Bradley Manning out of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual

Transgender Pride Parade as a grand marshal: He’s not local enough. The

position in Manning’s case …


SF Pride Battered Again By Protest Over Bradley Manning Decision


bradley-manning-mask.jpg The organization responsible for putting together

San Francisco’s LGBT Pride parade and Civic Center fest in June, known as

SF Pride, tried to have a public meeting last night to discuss the

de-selection of Bradley Manning as …


Pride Board locks out press, protesters at public comment meeting

San Francisco Bay Guardian

the crowd of about 50-60 Bradley Manning for Grand Marshal supporters

chanted yesterday evening at 7pm, packed into the lobby of the Golden Gate

Business Association on Pearl Street, after being denied entrance to the

elevator leading to the Pride …


Vivienne Westwood snubbed on the red carpet at the Met Ball

Daily Mail

Speaking to Mr Norwich on the red carpet before being cut off, Ms Westwood

did have chance to explain why she had accessorised with a picture of

Bradley Manning, the soldier at the centre of the Wikileaks espionage case,

and the word ‘truth’ pinned to …


Pride meeting ends amid chaos

Bay Area Reporter

Supporters of honoring Bradley Manning as SF Pride parade grand marshal

shout “Let us in” in the lobby of the Pride offices after being locked out

of the Pride Committee’s board meeting.(Photo: Rick Gerharter) …


Bradley Manning Named SF Pride Grand Marshal Then Immediately …

SAN FRANCISCO — Racing to stanch a flow of criticism, the president of San

Francisco’s annual gay pride celebration said Friday that the U.S. Army

private …


Free Vivienne Westwood! Free Bradley Manning!! » Counterpunch …

Free Bradley Manning!! by MICHAEL DICKINSON. May 6th saw the the most

glamourous night of the year for high fashion – the Metropolitan Museum

of Art …


San Francisco Gay Activists Split Over Bradley Manning Pride Role …

Bradley Manning is escorted from a hearing on Jan. 8, 2013. ( Mark

Wilson/Getty Images)


WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning: Andy Worthington Speaks at a …

It’s almost three years since Pfc. Bradley Manning, who had been working as

an intelligence analyst in Iraq, was arrested by the US military and

imprisoned in …


WikiLeaks Sees Credit Card Donations Return After Court Ruling


Valitor was ordered by Iceland’s Supreme Court on April 24 to begin

processing WikiLeaks payments within 15 days or face daily fines amounting

to 800,000 kronur ($6,800), according to the ruling. The company was sued

by WikiLeaks’s payment services …


Alex Gibney, Wikileaks Documentary Director, Says Critics Are ‘Part Of A …

Huffington Post

But only when he took on Wikileaks did he get his very own abusive hashtag.

“The Wikileaks organization and its followers are very much part of a

propaganda machine,” Gibney says. “Anything you say critically, you’ll get

slammed. It’s not, like, we …



Broadway World

Back Lot Records will issue a digital release of the soundtrack for We

Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks, the new documentary from Academy

Award winner Alex Gibney, on Tuesday May 21st. The Original Motion Picture

Soundtrack features new music by …


WikiLeaks: US embassy said Rahul Gandhi is a lackluster leader


WikiLeaks said based on the dialogue with senior Journo Saeed Naqvi, the US

embassy wrote that Rahul Gandhi is a lackluster leader. “He claims that

the word among Congress insiders, including those in the coterie

surrounding Sonia Gandhi, is that Rahul …


WikiLeaks: Indira Govt created shortage of pesticides


WikiLeaks: Indira Govt created shortage of pesticides. According to

WikiLeaks, Indira Gandhi’s Government created artificial shortage of

pesticides by denying production permission to Indian companies but was

ready to buy the same from the US in 1974.


WikiLeaks: Indian Govt not taking bio-terrorism seriously


Tags: WikiLeaks on India, Indian Government, bio-terrorism, India

unprepared. WikiLeaks: Indian Govt not taking bio-terrorism seriously.

WikiLeaks reveal that the Indian Government is not taking bio-terrorism

seriously and is not prepared at all. The …


WikiLeaks: Shahid Siddiqui informed US embassy on nuclear deal


WikiLeaks: Shahid Siddiqui informed US embassy on nuclear deal. Wikileaks

reveal that Shahid Siddiqui, a former SP MP wanted more meetings of MPs

with the US embassy on nuclear deal. The cable reveals: “Shahid Siddiqui

of the regional Samajwadi …


WikiLeaks: Shias thanked US embassy for killing Zaraqawi


Tags: WikiLeaks on India, Lucknow, Shias, US Embassy, Abu Musab

al-Zaraqawi, Iraq. WikiLeaks: Shias thanked US embassy for killing

Zaraqawi. WikiLeaks reveal Shia leaders from Lucknow thanked the US for

killing Zaraqawi in Iraq. The US ambassador …


WikiLeaks: US got upset over Sonia over Member of the Association of the Order …


According to WikiLeaks, the US Embassy said that Congress party Chief Sonia

Gandhi has again opened herself up to questions of foreign allegiance. The

US embassy expressed its unhappiness after Sonia had become the Member of

the Association of the …


“We Steal Secrets: The Story Of Wikileaks” New York Screening – Arrivals

Getty Images

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 08: Director/ Producer Alex Gibney attends the “We Steal

Secrets: The Story Of Wikileaks” New York Screening at Tribeca Grand Hotel

– Screening Room on May 8, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty

Images). Copyright …


Benedict Cumberbatch Opens Up About Julian Assange Snub

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch tried to interview WikiLeaks founder

Julian Assange after signing up to play him on the big screen, but insists

the notorious internet hacker “was having none of it” and refused to meet

him. The British actor plays …


Benedict Cumberbatch snubbed by Julian Assange


Assange is holed up in London as he battles extradition to Sweden, where he

is wanted over allegations he sexually assaulted two women. He fears a

transfer would open the way to his extradition to the U.S. on charges

arising from the WikiLeaks revelations.


New Scandalous Recording Leaks in Bulgarian Media

Standart News

(Sofia, May 9) – A new scandalous recording of former Prime Minister Boyko

Borisov has been received anonymously by the Balkanleaks platform, modeled

after the whistle-blowing site WikiLeaks. The journalists from the

investigative site report …


Alicia Vikander in talks to star alongside Tom Cruise in Guy Richie’s ‘The Man …

Vikander, who recently finished shooting DreamWorks’ Wikileaks movie The

Fifth Estate and appeared in Anna Karenina, is in the final stages of

negotiations to play the female lead – a British agent with a thing for

cars – in the upcoming film …


WikiLeaks: DMK informed US embassy Sonia Gandhi committed to nuke deal


Bold and Right. “Ashwani Kumar’s removal will make Manmohan vulnerable.” LK

Advani. Radio · Karnataka Poll · Blogs · Cartoons · Commentary ·

Politics · Home · About Us · Android App · Videos · Gallery · Comics

· Archives. WIKILEAKS …


Secrecy shrouds pretrial hearing in WikiLeaks case | Navy Times …

Government secrecy reaches a new level this week in the court-martial of

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, an intelligence analyst who sent 700000

classified U.S. …


Secrecy shrouds pretrial hearing in WikiLeaks case – The Denver Post

FORT MEADE, Md.—Government secrecy reaches a new level this week in the

court-martial of Army Pfc.


2ser Radio interview with Cassie Findlay, of the WikiLeaks Party …

“One of Australia’s newest political parties is the Wikileaks Party. They

have burst on to the political scene and are getting great polling results

already – around …


WikiLeaks Sees Credit Card Donations Return After Court Ruling …

Anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks can again accept credit card donations today

after Valitor hf, the Icelandic partner of MasterCard Inc. and Visa Europe

Ltd., …


The WikiLeaks We Deserve – Adam Caudill

I’ve been a (fairly quiet) critic of WikiLeaks for a long time, the core of

the mission I agree with – information should be free, and should …


Wikileaks | SF Bay Guardian

To recap: An ‘electoral college’ of former grand marshals elected the

jailed gay ( possibly now transgender) whistleblower who provided Wikileaks

with a huge …

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