Bradley Manning Newslinks 13 June 2013

13 June 2013 —


Bradley Manning’s leaked video could help enemy attacks: Pentagon

The Australian

A VIDEO of a US Apache helicopter attack leaked by soldier Bradley Manning revealed sensitive information that could help enemies plan deadlier assaults, according to a Pentagon official’s statement read at his court-martial. Manning, 25, has said he …


Bradley Manning Court Martial Underway: Military Trial Threatens Basic …

Center for Research on Globalization

The Bradley Manning court martial that began June 3 looks like another

defining moment for America – another indication of whether we are

becoming the nation of supine toadies our government wants, or whether we

still have enough devotion to the …


Bradley Manning is a hero, not enemy of the people: As I See It

Whistleblower Bradley Manning is now on trial. Military prosecutors are

pursuing the charges of aiding the enemy, violation of the Espionage Act,

and “putting the lives of fellow soldiers at risk.” Likely sentence:

life in prison, but the death penalty …


Bradley Manning’s Trial, Day 6 (Live Updates)


Johnson said connections the Computer Crimes Investigative Unit (CCIU)

examined “through Verizon communications” traced back to Bradley

Manning’s aunt’s computer as well as PRQ, an Internet service provider in

Sweden that Johnson said was “known …


Bradley Manning Had Email Discussions with Wikileaks Founder

The emails between Private First Class Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks

founder Julian Assange included classified government data about Army

activities in Iraq and State Department cables, said Mark Johnson, a

computer forensics expert. One of the …


Week two of Bradley Manning trial : prosecution seeks to establish timeline of …

Free Speech Radio News

Today, the prosecution in the court martial for Army Private Bradley

Manning questioned the computer forensics expert who analyzed much of the

evidence against Manning. The testimony addressed Manning’s communication

while working as a military …


Sign the Petition to Free Bradley Manning (blog)

With all the talk about Edward Snowden and the attempts to

persecute/prosecute him as a leaker, it’s easy to forget that this battle

is already going on with Pfc. Bradley Manning, the source of a large amount

of information on US overseas war crimes by …


LGBT advocate expresses support for Private Manning

Gay News Network

Prominent UK LGBT rights advocate Peter Thatchell has thrown his support

behind Private Bradley Manning who is responsible for the 2007 leak of

military information about the war in Iraq. Manning is facing 21 charges,

including aiding the enemy, for …


SF Pride: No honor for Manning

Bay Area Reporter

Supervisor David Campos speaks in support of reinstating Bradley Manning as

a San Francisco Pride parade grand marshal during a press conference June 7

while awaiting the decision of the Pride board of directors.(Photo: Rick

Gerharter) …


Letter: Manning revealed truth of Iraqi war

Monadnock Ledger Transcript

Bradley Manning was in middle school when a blitzkrieg called “Shock and

Awe” carried us all into the nation’s first preemptive war. The slender

five-foot two-inch, 18-year old (son of a U.S. Naval intelligence officer)

enlisted late in 2007 while an …


Government: Manning leaked sensitive names

Press TV

The U.S. government has presented evidence in Pfc. Bradley Manning’s court

martial, accusing the former Army soldier of leaking “sensitive” names. The

government on Tuesday accused Manning of leaking sensitive information

about military operations and …


Manning Aunt Testifies at Military Trial; Assange Emerges in Testimony

Democracy Now

The trial of Army whistleblower Bradley Manning continues at Fort Meade,

Maryland. On Tuesday, Manning’s aunt testified he told her of his initial

hope that the video he released of a U.S. helicopter shooting dead Iraqi

civilians would become “big news …


The rise of the American antihero

His newfound status as hero-cum-villain aligns him closely with another

infamous whistleblower, Pfc. Bradley Manning, who has been incarcerated by

the US government under conditions so harsh that a United Nations special

rapporteur ruled they could …


We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks: Manning Wins, Assange Loses

One of the winners is Bradley Manning, the soldier who provided WikiLeaks

with the footage of Americans gleefully shooting civilians on the streets

of Baghdad. Though the doc does portray him as something of a freak—a

young man who randomly threw …


Traitor Manning

When I heard about the protest to be held on behalf of Bradley Manning I

could not believe that was happening so I went to see what type individuals

would disrespect our committed men and women serving in the military. What

I saw was group of misfits …


US soldier in WikiLeaks case said video would cause splash – aunt

Reuters India

Private First Class Bradley Manning’s aunt, Debra Van Alstyne, told Army

investigators about his comment when they talked to her at her Potomac,

Maryland, home in June 2010, after his arrest, according to a statement

read into the trial record. Manning …


My Response to Matt Taibbi

Huffington Post

Last week, Matt Taibbi wrote a blog post for Rolling Stone in which he gave

a scathing critique of the media coverage surrounding the court martial of

Bradley Manning, the American soldier on trial for leaking state secrets to

WikiLeaks. One of the …


Manning and Snowden in 2016?

Dissident Voice

No elected official – so far – has come forward to stand up for the

rights of the imprisoned Bradley Manning and the hunted Edward Snowden. It

may be too much to expect any of our corporate owned or rented elected

“representatives” to stand for …


Air attack video given to WikiLeaks could help enemy – witness

The Star Online

The gunsight video of a 2007 Apache helicopter attack in Baghdad is among

more than 700,000 classified files Private First Class Bradley Manning is

accused of providing to WikiLeaks. At least 12 people were killed in the

attack, including two Reuters …


Another Truth-Teller Steps Forward

It didn’t require a law degree for Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden to

understand how the Bush and Obama administrations were playing fast and

loose with key provisions of the Constitution of the United States.

‘Safety’ Before Constitution. As for …


A Vital National Security Debate That’s Just Not Going to Happen

The Morning Sun

In an accident of both timing and geography, the trial of Army Pfc. Bradley

Manning is being held this week in the garrison courtroom at Fort Meade,

Md. A couple of miles across the base is the headquarters of the National

Security Agency. Thus are …


Column: Edward Snowden and the selective targeting of leaks

Chicago Tribune

(Reuters) – Edward Snowden’s expansive disclosures to the Guardian and the

Washington Post about various National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance

programs have only two corollaries in contemporary history; the classified

cache Bradley Manning …,0,4992208.story


Enough is enough! Time for a return to freedom


First we had Bradley Manning, then Julian Assange and now we have Ed

Snowden. All these young, intelligent, idealistic, truth-seeking,

technologically proficient whistleblowers are being targeted by

“free-world” governments, egged on by their cheer …


Former CIA Employee Snowden, Blows Whistle on NSA’s Dragnet Surveillance

Center for Research on Globalization

Just as Bradley Manning’s court-martial was getting underway, another brave

whistleblower dropped a bombshell into the media: The Obama administration

is collecting data on every telephone call we make. Nearly 64 years to the

day after George Orwell …


South Africa: It’s Not Your Imagination – Big Brother Really Is Watching

opinion. Ex-CIA intelligence analyst, Edward Snowden, joins Bradley Manning

to become another whistle blower exposing the egregious overreach of the

American surveillance state. Snowden leaked documents to the Guardian

newspaper, which revealed …


Letter: Young soldier’s crime: Exposing his government’s lies, atrocities


In today’s U.S. military, anyone who breaks rank, follows their conscience

and does what is right could spend the rest of their life in prison. Pfc.

Bradley Manning is one such soldier who has taken that risk. Manning’s

attorney described him as a …


Bin Laden accessed information from military leak

FORT MEADE, Md.– The case against an Oklahoma soldier, who is accused of

providing classified information to WikiLeaks, continues Wednesday. Army

Private Bradley Manning’s court-martial resumes at Fort Meade. Prosecutors

say Manning handed over …


Outrage Toward Edward Snowden Shows the Intertribal Warfare at the Heart of …

Reason (blog)

TPMIn a revealing column at Talking Points Memo, Josh Marshall voices

doubts about Edward Snowden (and Bradley Manning before him) less for the

details of their leaks of government information than for why he thinks he

did it. To Marshall, Snowden is …


Bradley Manning leak trial set to open Monday amid secrecy and …

Correction:An earlier version of this article incorrectly described the

reason that Julian Assange is being sought by authorities in Sweden. He is

wanted for …


Who Is Bradley Manning – BuzzFeed

As Bradley Manning’s court-martial enters its second week, a look at the

person behind the biggest leak in U.S. history, using Manning’s…

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