Lebanon is Being Prepared for Sedition as a Front in the Syrian War Mahdi Darius NAZEMROAYA

24 June 2013 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The flames of division and fighting in Syria are being fanned into Lebanon. The US and its allies could be working with their Lebanese partners and proxies to ignite and internal conflict. The small Arab republic is politically divided and is in a governmental state of limbo. There is also a growing vacuum within the country’s security apparatus and military.

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Follow the Money: The Secret Heart of the Secret State By Chris Floyd

23 June 2013 — Empire Burlesque

No one, anywhere, has been writing about the deeper and wider implications of the Snowden revelations than Arthur Silber. (I hope you’re not surprised by this.) In a series of powerful, insightful essays, Silber has, among other things, laid bare the dangers of the oddly circumscribed ‘gatekeeper’ approach of the journalistic guardians (at, ironically, the Guardian) of Snowden’s secrets, particularly their slow drip-feed of carefully self-censored tidbits from the famous Powerpoint presentation that Snowden secreted from the bowels of the United Stasi of the American intelligent apparat. Continue reading

Obama relies on NLP to cloud minds and avoid diplomacy with Iran over its nonexistent nukes By Patrick Henningsen

23 June, 2013 — 21st Century Wire 

Patrick-Henningsen-photoIt’s no surprise that this latest announcement hardly registered on the US media who were busy covering Obama’s latest flip-flop on Syria, and the US royal family’s visit to Ireland. It’s deception on a grand scale this time, and here’s how it’s done…

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"Friends of Syria" meeting a Fiasco

23 June 2013 — Voltaire Network

The meeting of the “Friends of Syria” held on Saturday, 22 June, in Doha (Qatar), closed unsuccessfully. France, the United Kingdom and the United States had announced at the Lough Erne G8 summit that they would officially be arming the Free Syrian Army. On 14 June, the latter had provided the list of weapons and ammunition they needed.

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Wikileaks Newslinks 23 June 2013

23 June 2013 — williambowles.info


WikiLeaks’ Assange urges support for Snowden, slams Obama ‘betrayal’


London (CNN) — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange urged the world Saturday to “stand with” Edward Snowden, the man who admitted leaking top-secret details about U.S. surveillance programs, according to the text of a speech posted on Twitter.



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Syria, The View From The Other Side By Stephen Gowans

22 June 2013 — What’s Left

His security forces used live ammunition to mow down peaceful pro-democracy protesters, forcing them to take up arms to try to topple his brutal dictatorship. He has killed tens of thousands of his own people, using tanks, heavy artillery and even chemical weapons. He’s a blood-thirsty tyrant whose rule has lost its legitimacy and must step down to make way for a peaceful democratic transition.

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Arms deliveries to ’Syrian rebels’ equally liable for crimes committed

23 June 2013 — Voltaire Network

The delivery of weapons to Syrian rebels is in breach of UN resolutions. This enables the victims’ families to sue individually before the International Criminal Tribunal those leaders who should decide to do so, and allows Syria to file a suit against their states with the International Court of Justice.

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel News and Articles 22 June 2013:Military police must decide: Is the IDF a gang or an army?

22 June 2013 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Four Injured, Palestine TV Reporters Kidnapped In Kufur Qaddoum
IMEMC – The Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements in Kufur Qaddoum village, near the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia, reported Frida [June 21, 2013] that dozens of Israeli soldiers attacked the weekly nonviolent protest, wounding four residents, and kidnapped reporters of the official Palestine TV. …
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ICH 22 June 2013: Mastery of the Internet Will Mean Mastery of Everyone

22 June 2013 — Information Clearing House


Qatar: Arming Syrian Rebels to Bring Peace, Justice

By Al-Akhbar

Qatar’s prime minister said on Saturday the only way to resolve the civil war in Syria was to arm rebels battling Syrian government forces.



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Biotechnology, Genetically Modified Crops and the Destruction of the Local Economy By Lesley Docksey

22 June 2013 — Global Research

Will the biotech companies ever give up on trying to sell Europe their genetically modified crops? Their latest PR man is the UK’s Minister for the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), Owen Paterson. His website (very bland and uninformative apart from his list of engagements) says he is “a passionate supporter of localism, free enterprise and less interference in people’s lives”. But he also loudly supports Monsanto et al, and wants all of Europe to grow and eat GM foods. I would say that thoroughly destroys any localism, interferes in the most basic way with our lives, and any enterprise is freely handed to big corporations that already have far too much power over people.

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