Wikileaks Newslinks 5 June 2013

5 JUne 2013 —


WikiLeaks Court Martial Underway

Voice of America

FORT MEADE, MARYLAND — The court martial of U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning, who gave hundreds of thousands of secret government files to the WikiLeaks website, began this week in a courtroom at Fort Meade, Maryland. Some analysts say …


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Syria has the right to peace and to self-defense, despite western claims By John Robles

5 June 2013 — Voice of Russia

There can be little doubt that the lifting of the arms embargo to the armed insurgents and terrorist groups operating in Syria is one of the most egregiously callous, self-serving, reckless and irresponsible moves made by the international community since the beginning of the internal conflict in the country.

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The Choice for the Working Class Will Certainly Be Created By the Communist Party of Turkey

5 June 2013

1. For days now Turkey has been witnessing a genuine popular movement.  The actions and protests, which have started in Istanbul and spread all over Turkey, have a massive, legitimate, and historic character.  The most important of all is the striking change in the mood of people.  The fear and apathy has been overcome and people have gained self-confidence.

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Video: Turkey: Unionised workers call general strike as mass protests reach more than 67 cities

5 June 2013 — Links International Journal of socialist Renewal

June 4, 2013 — Real News Network — Today the uprisings witnessed a new development, when Turkey’s Confederation of Public Workers Unions, KESK, consisting of 11 unions and approximately 240,000 members, declared their decision to stage a massive two-day strike. The action, which was originally planned for a later date in response to labor law modifications, was rescheduled to June 4 now, in response to the government’s excessive use of police brutality and its increasingly undemocratic practices. For the full transcript, click HERE. Continue reading

Bradley Manning: Prisoner of Conscience By Francis A. Boyle

5 June 2013 —

Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the peoples of the world have witnessed successive governments in the United States that have demonstrated little if any respect for fundamental considerations of international law, human rights, and the United States Constitution itself. Continue reading

Bradley Manning (not) on TV Network News By Peter Hart

5 June 2013 — FAIR Blog

manning-nbcThe first day of Bradley Manning’s court-martial trial was, by any rational definition, big news. Manning allegedly shared thousands of documents with the anti-secrecy websiteWikiLeaks. Those revelations made enormous contributions to public knowledge about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and exposed some of theinner workings of U.S. foreign policy.

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The Anti-Empire Report #117 By William Blum: What our presidents tell our young people

4 June, 2013 — Anti-Empire Report

What our presidents tell our young people

In this season of college graduations, let us pause to remember the stirring words of America’s beloved scholar, George W. Bush, speaking in Florida in 2007 at the commencement exercises of Miami Dade College: “In Havana and other Cuban cities, there are people just like you who are attending school, and dreaming of a better life. Unfortunately those dreams are stifled by a cruel dictatorship that denies all freedom in the name of a dark and discredited ideology.” 1

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel News and Articles 4 June 2013: London Declaration on Anti-Semitism: Seeking to Criminalize Criticism of Israel

3 June 2013 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Army Demolishes Four Homes, Four Sheds Near Jericho
IMEMC – Tuesday June 4 2013, eyewitnesses have reported that dozens of Israeli military jeeps, accompanied by an armored D9 bulldozers, invaded the An- Nuwei’ma area, north of the West Bank city of Jericho, and demolished four homes, and four sheds. …

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ICH 4 June 2013: NATO Data: 70% Support Assad

4 June 2013 — Information Clearing House

Syria and the Sham of “Humanitarian Intervention”

By Ajamu Baraka

I continue to be amazed with the ease with which the dividing line is blurred between what is real and what is fiction in the reporting on Syria by the Western media.


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Bradley Manning Newslinks 5 June 2013

5 June 2013 —


Bradley Manning Looks Downright Ghostly

San Francisco Chronicle

*In response to Manning’s confinement, more than 250 of the most eminent U.S. legal scholars sent a letter to President Obama in protest of Manning’s treatment; UN special rapporteur on torture Juan Ernesto Mendez called it “cruel, inhuman and …


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