Bradley Manning Newslinks 14 June 2014

14 June 2013 —


Bradley Manning vs Edward Snowden: Comparing America’s whistleblowers

In this handout photo provided by The Guardian, Edward Snowden (left) speaks during an interview in Hong Kong. In the image on the right, U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning is escorted as he leaves a military court at the end of the first of a three-day …


In praise of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden: Salutin

Toronto Star

In Manning’s statement at his court martial, he said he came in contact

with material on the Iran and Afghanistan wars showing how

counterproductive they were and thought Americans should have it to think

about, too. “For me it’s all a big mess, and I …


Many in Media Claim Bradley Manning’s Leaks Had Little Value—Here’s Why …

The Nation.

The debate in the media, and in political, circles over Edward

Snowden—Right or Wrong, often doubles back on references to Bradley

Manning (especially since he is now, finally, on trial). Sometimes both are

hailed or denounced equally. Other times …


Download “Bradley Manning” from Flobots

Westword (blog)

Ah, yes, good to see our friends in Flobots are still doing their thing —

and by doing their thing, we mean dependably raging against the machine by

being unapologetically outspoken on a variety of incendiary topics. The

latest: Bradley Manning, a …


Acceptable Use Policy Which Bradley Manning Didn’t Sign Used By Prosecutors …


During trial proceedings for Pfc. Bradley Manning on Thursday, his defense

objected to the use of a sample Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) he had not

signed, which the prosecution wanted to use to elicit testimony on whether

Manning exceeded his authorized …


Manning Judge Rules Against Reader Supported News, Media Access

Sacramento Bee

FORT MEADE, Md., June 13, 2013 — /PRNewswire/ — The Judge in the Bradley

Manning court-martial trial has ruled against RSN in its motion to

intervene for media access. RSN attorney Bill Simpich weighs in: Reader

Supported News has been targeted by …


Manning Case Challenges Definition of “Whistleblower”

PBS NewsHour

The court martial for Army Pfc. Bradley Manning began on June 3 in Fort

Meade, Md. Manning was arrested three years ago for leaking 700,000

classified U.S. government documents to the website WikiLeaks. Manning has

pled guilty to some of the lesser …


Private Manning deserves an award, not jail time

Daytona Times

Yet, the Bradley Manning case is not simply the latest in a list of

prosecutions. It stands as a particularly illustrative example of steps

taken by an administration that had promised so-called transparency when

Obama was elected in 2008. Instead, we …


‘We Steal Secrets’ takes a closer look at WikiLeaks, whistleblowers

Washington Examiner

Bradley Manning was an army private first class arrested in Iraq three

years ago for taking classified information from army computers and sending

it to WikiLeaks, which published it through newspapers in three countries

— the New York Times, the …


Pentagon: Manning’s Leak of Iraq Massacre Video ‘Helped Enemy’

As the trial of Pfc. Bradley Manning continued today, the Pentagon brought

attention to one of the first leaks released, the video of a July 2007

massacre of Iraqi civilians, including the killing of two Reuters

employees. The video was first released …


Why Are Massive National Security Breaches So Ridiculously Easy? | The Nation

The Nation. (blog)

While attending the the court-martial of Pfc. Bradley Manning in Fort Meade

yesterday, I was reminded once again that the biggest security breach in US

history was as challenging and intricate as instant coffee. Witness after

witness from the …


Indefensible leaks and indefensible security lapses

Pfc. Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are very different breeds of

leakers, but they’re both examples of systemic security failures and

personal arrogance. The systemic part might be fixable. The people who

review access to state secrets aren’t …


WikiLeaks Court Case Transformed Into A Comic


Artist and WikiLeaks activist Clark Stoeckley is illustrating the trial of

Private First Class Bradley Manning as a comic series. Manning is on trial

for allegedly leaking files, videos, and other documents to WikiLeaks in

one of the largest releases …


” AUDIO/TRANSCRIPT: Interview with ‘Pentagon Papers’ Whistleblower Daniel …

Brad Blog (blog)

We can’t really talk with Bradley Manning, unfortunately. He’s in a

military brig facing his trial. But Dan Ellsberg is a former military

analyst who brought the nation to a virtual standstill in 1971 when he

released thousands of pages of top-secret …


Ellsberg: No leaks more significant than Snowden’s

The Columbian

Daniel Ellsberg speaks during a rally in support of Army Pfc. Bradley

Manning outside the gates of Fort Meade, Md. On Monday, Ellsberg, the

whistleblower responsible for releasing the Pentagon Papers, called the

revelations by government contractor …


Manning only revealed a broken system

The Athens Messenger (blog)

The court martial of Pvt. Bradley Manning for sending classified

information to WikiLeaks has begun. What Manning did is to demonstrate that

our classification system is not secure. He did not make it insecure. We

ought to thank him and talk seriously …


Comparing Two Leakers

New York Times

I agree that Edward J. Snowden’s disclosures “do not amount to

treason.” But I disagree with your description of Pfc. Bradley Manning as

reckless and seemingly not caring about the documents he was exposing.

Private Manning, who is charged with giving …


Manning Judge Rules Against RSN, Media Access


Reader Supported News has been targeted by the US Army and denied media

credentials to report at the Bradley Manning trial. We filed a motion to

intervene in the proceedings, seeking not only our credentials but also the

right for the media to receive …


NSA’s Digital Dragnet on Americans. Government is Trading Your Info with Mega …

Center for Research on Globalization

Just like the Bradley Manning document dump was old news to anyone who

bothered to follow the news closely since 2003, the latest Ed Snowden PRISM

whistle-blowing exercise shouldn’t come as any surprise for the same

reasons. Yes, the Snowden leak …


‘We Steal Secrets’: an evenhanded telling of WikiLeaks story

The Seattle Times

A movie review of “We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks,” Alex

Gibney’s lengthy, morally complex account of the lives of two famous

whistle-blowers: U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks founder

Julian Assange. By John Hartl. Special to The …


Why the NSA leak may boost Blackberry (and force us to move to Canada)

TG Daily

Second, the US government hires way too many kids (remember Bradley

Manning?) into high security spots that shouldn’t be in high security

spots. Third, Blackberry may be the only platform that is actually secure

(for two big reasons). So yes, it might …


No one understands what treason is


The word “treason” has been thrown around a lot lately in relation to

alleged leakers Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning, but it turns out that

no one accusing them of the crime actually seems to understands what it

means. Senate Intelligence Committee …


Nixon’s White House – caught on Super 8

The Guardian

You could be excused for detecting a whiff of Nixon-era sulphur in the US

political atmosphere these days. With the trial of Bradley Manning, the

Department of Justice’s pursuit of journalists who use national-security

sources and, of course, Edward …


Edward Snowden is Don Quixote, not Daniel Ellsberg

The MIT Tech

Surely the memory of Bradley Manning, the private who cried wolf, couldn’t

have been distant in their minds. For all the grand claims of U.S.

malfeasance that Manning made, when his stolen database of secret

diplomatic cables was finally out for all to …


Ellsberg: Snowden ‘Made The Right Choice’


Speaking from his home in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ellsberg, 82, said

that he, Snowden and accused WikiLeaks leaker Pfc. Bradley Manning “chose

to give priority to our oath to defend and support the Constitution, rather

than our promise to keep …

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