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18 June 2013 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Settlements Budget Exceeds Allotted Finances By Millions
IMEMC – Israeli daily, Haaretz, reported that the Israeli government budged, allotted for settlement activities in the occupied territories, is hundreds of millions over the allocated annual budget. …

Settlers Slash Tires Of 28 Palestinian Cars In Jerusalem
IMEMC – Local sources in occupied East Jerusalem have reported [Tuesday morning June 18] that a number of extremist Israeli settlers punctured tires of 28 Palestinian cars in Abu Gosh area in the city. …

Gaza Government: “We Never Prevented Muslim Students From Attending Christian Schools”
IMEMC – The Palestinian Ministry of Education, under the Hamas-led government in the Gaza Strip, denied reports claiming that the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and its government ever prevented Muslim students from attending Christian schools in the coastal region. …

“We Destroyed Arab Villages To Create Our State”, Retired General Said
IMEMC – A retired Israeli military general told the Israeli Army Radio on his 100 birthday that the Israeli army destroyed and depopulated hundreds of Arab villages in order to establishment the state of Israel in 1948, and added that “he feels good about it.” …

New Israeli Plan To Rip-off 22500 Dunams From Palestinians In Bethlehem
IMEMC – The Israeli government is planning one of its largest schemes to illegally confiscate 22.500 Dunams (5559.87 Acres) that belong to the Palestinians in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, as part of its illegal “Greater Jerusalem” settlement project. …

Ma’an News

Israeli forces begin demolishing school in Azzun Atma
6/18/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces began demolishing a school on Tuesday in the village of Azzun Atmah in the northern West Bank district of Qalqiliya, the school’s administration said. A day earlier Israeli forces entered the Azzun-Beit Amin School to take measurements as they prepare to enforce the further construction of Israel’s separation wall in the district. The village also….

Israeli troops raid Azzun school
6/18/2013 – QALQILYA (Ma’an) — Israeli forces on Monday raided a school in the Azzun Atma village in the northern West Bank district of Qalqilya, the school said. Headmaster Jamal Ayyoub of the Azzun-Beit Amin School said the army was trying to take over parts of the school in order to complete the separation wall, a statement read. The Israeli forces took the school’s…. Related: Israeli forces begin demolishing school in Azzun Atma

NGO reveals new ‘Grand Jerusalem’ plan
6/18/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israel intends to appropriate land in Bethlehem to expand the Jerusalem municipal boundaries, a Palestinian NGO revealed Tuesday. The Grand Jerusalem plan would see the confiscation of 22. 500 dunhams (5. 55 acres), Jad Ishaq, the executive manager of the Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem told Ma’an. The land is being seized under Israel’s Absentee Property Law, which…. Related: Israeli troops raid Azzun school

Settlers threaten to occupy Palestinian village
6/18/2013 – QALQILIYA (Ma’an) — Extremist Israeli settlers posted a sign threatening to occupy the village of Azzun in the northern West Bank district of Qaliqiliya on Tuesday. Writing in Arabic at the village entrance, settlers hanged a banner reading “On Tuesday the village will become ours.”The banner was signed by “The Women of Samaria (the Jewish biblical term for the northern West Bank),” a….

Israeli prison guards detain prisoner’s mother
6/18/2013 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Israeli prison guards on Tuesday detained a woman visiting her son at Hasharon prison, a committee for prisoners’ parents said. Committee head Amjad Abu Asab said prison guards detained the woman because she was carrying a mobile phone, which is banned in prison visits. She said she forgot to take it out of her handbag before visiting the jail, Abu….

Mayor: Abu Ghosh hate crime attack ‘act of cowardice’
6/18/2013 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — The mayor of the Palestinian Abu Ghosh village in West Jerusalem denounced Tuesday’s “price tag” attack in the area as an “act of cowardice.” “They think they can scare us. . . but the villagers endured artillery shelling and never left their village. We will live in Abu Ghosh — which is a symbol of peace and coexistence — until the end,” Mayor….

B’Tselem condemns dog attacks
6/18/2013 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — The Israeli rights group B’tselem on Tuesday condemned Israel’s use of dogs to attack unarmed Palestinians.”The use of dogs to attack citizens in unacceptable and immoral,” B’Tselem’s executive director said in a letter to the legal consultant of the Israeli army in the West Bank.”This is a dangerous tool that cannot….

Rowhani firm on Iran nuclear policy
6/18/2013 – TEHRAN (AFP) — Iran’s newly elected president Hassan Rowhani ruled out any halt to the nuclear activity that has drawn UN sanctions but said he hoped an early deal could be reached to allay the concerns of major powers. The moderate cleric, who won outright victory in Friday’s presidential election on the hopes of millions for an end to the economic hardship….

Fatah brigade urges national talks to end Syria conflict
6/18/2013 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Fatah’s armed wing the Al-Aqsa Brigades Tuesday called for Syrian dialogue to bring an end to the conflict, a statement read.”Anyone with honor in the Islamic and Arab world (must) stop the bloodshed in Syria,” the brigade said. Bringing an end to the 15-month civil war in Syria can only be achieved through national talks, the….

Palestinian official: Kerry should propose plan next week
6/18/2013 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) – US Secretary of State John Kerry is expected to visit the region next week to resume his efforts to restart peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. Member of the Palestinian negotiation team Muhammad Ishtayya told the official Palestinian radio station that the Palestinian side requested no more delays on Kerry’s mission, and so he is supposed to propose….

Israel housing minister says settlement freeze in place
6/18/2013 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israeli Housing Minister Uri Ariel on Tuesday implied that a silent freeze on new housing projects in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, has been in place since the beginning of 2013. Ariel’s remarks to army radio come a day after his party leader Naftali Bennett declared that the idea of a Palestinian state had reached a “dead end” and called….

Celebrities head to Jerusalem for Peres’ birthday
6/18/2013 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — A slew of stars, politicians and public figures were flocking to Jerusalem to take part in Israeli President Shimon Peres’s 90th birthday celebrations to be held later on Tuesday. Former US president Bill Clinton, British ex-premier Tony Blair, Monaco’s Prince Albert II, and Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird are among figures who will attend the opening event of the….

Hamas chief Mashaal to meet with Turkey’s Erdogan
6/18/2013 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A Hamas delegation led by party chief Khalid Mashaal arrived in Ankara on Tuesday for a meeting with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The visit to Turkey follows a four-day trip to Egypt and is part of a regional tour by Hamas delegates to discuss security and political developments in Palestine. The group has also visited Bahrain and Kuwait….

Netanyahu warns against ‘drawn out’ talks with Iran
6/18/2013 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned world powers on Tuesday against holding “drawn out” negotiations with Iran on its nuclear program following the election of a more moderate president in Tehran.”Iran should not be allowed to gain time by holding drawn out talks” with the international community, Netanyahu said during a meeting with Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird, the prime minister’….

6 Palestinians killed in Syria refugee camp
6/18/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Six Palestinians were killed at dawn on Tuesday in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria after a bomb exploded near the local hospital, a statement issued by local group said. The blast near the Palestine Hospital in the refugee camp killed Ahmad al-Hasan, Fahed Abbas, Yassin al-Khaja, Abdul Rahman Saleh, Ali Qassem and Khatoun Lafi Ahmad, the Association for the Sake….

Hamas police detain local for drugs possession
6/18/2013 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Hamas narcotics police detained a man in Gaza City in possession of ecstasy tablets and hashish, a statement read. Police said the man received the drugs from someone in the north of Gaza. He was taken for questioning, police said, and the drugs were confiscated. [END]

3-year-old dies in fall from 7th floor
6/18/2013 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A three-year-old died Monday night after falling from the roof of her parents’ home in the Tal al-Hawa neighborhood west of Gaza City, medics said. Lamar Abdul Hadi fell seven stories and died immediately on impact, medics said. Her body was transfered to the Shifa Hospital, they added. [END]

Pentagon reveals Guantanamo ‘indefinite detainees’ list
6/18/2013 – WASHINGTON (AFP) — The Pentagon released the names of Guantanamo Bay’s 46 “indefinite detainees,” terror suspects considered too dangerous to transfer from the prison and who cannot be tried in court. The 15-page list, unveiling details about the prisoners for the first time, was released to The New York Times and The Miami Herald on Monday, in response to freedom of information requests….

Turkey warns it may use army to end protest unrest
6/18/2013 – ISTANBUL (AFP) — Turkey warned it may bring in the army to help quell nearly three weeks of nationwide anti-government protests as two major union federations went on strike over police violence against demonstrators. The government raised the threat of putting soldiers on the streets after a weekend of violent clashes sparked by the eviction of campers occupying Istanbul’s Gezi Park, the epicenter of….

G8 challenges Russia to sign up to Syria peace plan
6/18/2013 – ENNISKILLEN, United Kingdom (AFP) — World leaders were to fight for a consensus on Syria on the final day of the G8 summit Tuesday, after challenging Russian President Vladimir Putin to get on board or be left out in the cold. The meeting of world leaders in Northern Ireland was also due to seek a deal on tax evasion but it was the divisions over the….

NGO: Syria regime in push to crush rebels near Damascus
6/18/2013 – BEIRUT (AFP) — Troops loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad pushed forward a bid to crush rebel bastions near the capital Damascus on Tuesday, a monitoring group and activists said. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said troops battled rebels in Zamalka and Mleiha east of Damascus, maintained a siege on Douma, also in the east, and fired on Daraya and Moadamiyet al-Sham southwest of the….

Taliban open Qatar office, US signals meetings to begin
6/18/2013 – KABUL (AFP) — The Taliban on Tuesday opened an office in Qatar in a bid to start “dialogue with the world” as US officials said they hoped to meet the insurgents within days, after the Afghan government took control of nationwide security from NATO troops. The Islamist militia, which has been fighting against US-led NATO troops and the Afghan government for 12 years, broke off initial….

Hollande: New Iran president welcome at Syria peace talks
6/18/2013 – ENNISKILLEN, United Kingdom (AFP) — French President Francois Hollande said Tuesday that Iranian president-elect Hassan Rowhani would be welcome at Syria peace talks “if he can be useful”.”Let’s wait for the new president’s statements,” Hollande said at the end of a G8 summit, adding: “My position is that if he can be useful, yes, he would be welcome” at a peace….

Putin says cannot rule out new arms supplies to Syria regime
6/18/2013 – ENNISKILLEN, United Kingdom (AFP) — President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that Russia could not rule out sending fresh arms shipments to the Syrian regime.”If we conclude such contracts, then we will deliver on such contracts,” Putin told reporters at the end of a G8 summit in Northern Ireland. [END]

MSF: Measles epidemic sweeps northern Syria
6/18/2013 – BEIRUT (AFP) — An epidemic of measles is sweeping through parts of northern Syria, with at least 7,000 people affected because the ongoing civil war has disrupted vaccination programs, Doctors Without Borders said on Tuesday.”The main factor leading to the worsening of the situation and to outbreaks has been the disruption of routine immunization activities,” MSF said. Consequently, vaccination coverage for measles has dropped from….

International Solidarity Movement

Setting a dangerous precedent: 16-year-old Ali Shamlawi faces 25 counts of attempted murder for alleged stone throwing
6/18/2013 – International Solidarity Movement – 18th June 2013, Mondoweiss, Katherine Flynn| Hares, Occupied Palestine -Three months ago today, in the early hours of March, 17 2013, Israeli soldiers appeared at 16-year- old Ali Shamlawi’s house in the West Bank village of Hares. They blindfolded him, handcuffed him and took him away. His arrest was one of a spate of arrests in March of this year which saw….

Relief Web

occupied Palestinian territory: Changing lives in Gaza by providing access to credit – Case study: Salah Taha from Gaza
Relief Web 18 Jun 2013 – Source: Global Communities Country: occupied Palestinian territory This article originally appeared in Palestine Business Focus Magazine. “CHF-Ryada is helping me maintain stable future education for my children.” Salah is 42 years old from Gaza. He is married and has 5…

occupied Palestinian territory: The United States donates US$ 123m to UNRWA
Relief Web 18 Jun 2013 – Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, United States of America Amman The United States announced a new contribution of US$ 123 million to the United Nations Relief and…

Lebanon: Deluge of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Awakens Old Sectarian Divisions
Relief Web 18 Jun 2013 – Source: International Peace Institute Country: Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic The crisis in Syria has generated a refugee flow of catastrophic proportions. The current figure of over 1.6 million registered refugees in the region is expected to swell…

Lebanon: Lebanon: Regional Response Plan (RRP5) – Fact Sheet
Relief Web 18 Jun 2013 – Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees Country: Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic SITUATION OVERVIEW: Amid worsening violence inside Syria, the number of refugees and other persons displaced to Lebanon is projected to reach 1,229,000 by end 2013, putting…

occupied Palestinian territory: Gaza Community Mental Health Programme
Relief Web 18 Jun 2013 – Source: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation Country: occupied Palestinian territory Building Bridges in Gaza The car is zigzagging, through streets filled with boys and girls pouring out of, and pouring into, blue coloured buildings on either side of the…

Jordan: Palestinian families fleeing Syria struggle to survive
Relief Web 18 Jun 2013 – Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: Jordan, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic 18 June 2013 Syria – UNRWA marks this year’s World Refugee Day by bringing attention to the stories of…

The National

G8 vow to pursue Syrian peace
The National 18 Jun 2013 – Pledge to end war, but Russia refuses to back moves to have Bashar Al Assad step down. Omar Karmi reports 

US to hold landmark peace talks with the Taliban
The National 18 Jun 2013 – The United States and the Afghan government announce they will hold talks with the Taliban in Doha this week aimed at achieving peace in Afghanistan – as bomb attack in Kabul underscores the challenges facing the country. Elizabeth Dickinson reports 

Egypt disowns attack on UAE by politician
The National 18 Jun 2013 – The Egyptian government and the ruling Freedom and Justice Party yesterday disowned comments about the UAE by the vice chairman of the party, Essam El Erian.

Abu Dhabi Neolithic sites could become heritage trail
The National 18 Jun 2013 – An island off the coast of Abu Dhabi where dozens of pre-historic settlements were found last year could be opened up to the public as part of a heritage trail.

GCC armed forces must share more intelligence
The National 18 Jun 2013 – Call for new systems to allow Arabian Gulf countries to react better to any security threat.

Record bid for biggest lesson goes swimmingly at Yas Waterworld
The National 18 Jun 2013 – Hundreds take the splash in Yas Island event aimed at underlining the importance of teaching children how to manage in the water.

Istanbul’s ‘Standing Man’ adds momentum to Turkey’s protest movement
The National 18 Jun 2013 – A still and silent protester in Taksim Square has given new inspiration to protesters nationwide – but that doesn’t mean he will do it again. Thomas Seibert talks to the ‘Standing Man’ in Istanbul 

Encyclopaedia celebrating Emirati women being prepared
The National 18 Jun 2013 – Founder of Dubai Women’s Museum ponders display screen highlighting the changing role of women in politics, education and work.


ADL: Alice Walker conveys ‘fervently anti-Jewish ideas’ in new book
Ha’aretz – 18 Jun 2013

Two arrested for brutal attack on elderly Palestinian in West Bank
Ha’aretz – 18 Jun 2013

Netanyahu: Israel won’t accept less than total halt of Iran’s nuclear enrichment
Ha’aretz – 18 Jun 2013

IDF commander warns of West Bank unrest if efforts to restart peace talks fail
Ha’aretz – 18 Jun 2013

Retired South African diplomat: Israel repeating apartheid
Ha’aretz – 18 Jun 2013

Israel parents may face NIS 3,000 increase in school payments next year
Ha’aretz – 18 Jun 2013

Netanyahu: Abu Ghosh ‘price tag’ attack goes against Jewish values
Ha’aretz – 18 Jun 2013

Iran ready to stop 20-percent enrichment, says Russian FM
Ha’aretz – 18 Jun 2013

IDF soldiers of Ethiopian descent are more likely to land in military prison or desert
Ha’aretz – 18 Jun 2013

Anti-Arab graffiti sprayed, tires slashed in suspected ‘price tag’ attack
Ha’aretz – 18 Jun 2013

Labor Party splits from Huldai slate in Tel Aviv municipal elections
Ha’aretz – 18 Jun 2013

Health Ministry to combat spread of polio with vaccination campaign
Ha’aretz – 18 Jun 2013

IDF soldiers who linked illnesses to toxic river training lose 13-year lawsuit
Ha’aretz – 17 Jun 2013

Teachers threaten September strike over pay for kindergarten teachers’ overtime hours
Ha’aretz – 17 Jun 2013

Public school payments drop, but extras get pricier
Ha’aretz – 17 Jun 2013

IDF brigade refuses to let soldier read poetry on the radio so as not to ruin ‘fighter’s image’
Ha’aretz – 17 Jun 2013

Top businessmen warn Netanyahu: Stalled peace process will ruin Israel’s economy
Ha’aretz – 17 Jun 2013

Jerusalem Post

Village of Abu Ghosh hit by massive ‘price tag’ attack
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Police say 28 cars vandalized, houses sprayed with graffiti in Arab village in “price tag” attack; Vandalism contrary to values of democracy, says PM. 

President Peres
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Money, unfortunately, was focus of much of discussion surrounding Peres’s 90th birthday celebrations, rather than the exceptional man himself. 

Preconditions have no basis in law or fact
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Palestinian call to return to talks if preconditions met constitutes Palestinian political manipulation, duplicity and sheer falsehood. 

Ending the Chief Rabbinate electoral machinations
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Candidly Speaking: It is highly overdue for the state to intervene and ensure that anti-Zionist rabbis are no longer sponsored by the state. 

In my own write: Joking aside
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Shai Piron’s outbreak of uncontrollable laughter during midnight speech in plenum showed a very human, identifiable side of a public figure. 

Today’s ‘Altneuland’: Jerusalem’s ‘beauty and wisdom’ season
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Center Field: According to Herzl’s utopian novel, “we are duty-bound to increase beauty and wisdom upon the earth until our last breath.” 

Terra Incongnita: Rewarding IDF service is not discrimination
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – The only discrimination of a bill allowing for preferential treatment for army, national service results between Jews who don’t serve, those who do. 

Netanyahu calls for an end to all Iranian enrichment
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Prime minister says Rohani has doctrine of “talk and enrich,” shortly after Lavrov says Tehran is willing to stop enrichment to 20%. 

Spain reigns supreme once again with Euro triumph
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Under-21 national Spanish team successfully defends European Championship title Tuesday with 4-2 win over Italy. 

IDF general: Palestinians quietly aiding US peace drive
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Maj.-Gen. Nitzan Alon: Palestinian administration in W. Bank quietly cutting off funds for grassroots campaigners against Israel. 

Health Ministry to launch campaign thwarting polio spread
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Health Ministry encourages public to observe better hygiene and take unvaccinated children under six to be vaccinated. 

Police open probe into Facebook picture portraying Lapid as Hitler
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Picture posted on social network shows finance minister with a toothbrush mustache, in an apparent reference to Hitler. 

Activist: Man deported to Uganda, now to head to Eritrea
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Eritrean migrant agreed to be deported from Israel to Uganda awaits deportation to Asmara after detained for not holding proper visa. 

Send President Peres a birthday greeting
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Shimon Peres celebrates his 90th birthday at 5th annual Facing Tomorrow conference in Jerusalem. 

Pet Shop Boys: Israel not like apartheid-era South Africa
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Neil Tennant from British music duo defends decision to perform in Tel Aviv amid pressure from pro-Palestinian groups to cancel show. 

Ya’alon: Iran may exploit Rohani win to advance nuclear program
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Defense minister warns against delusions, saying that “Rohani is a part of conservative regime, Islamic revolution” and Khamenei may exploit the moderate image of the president-elect to push nuke project. 

Bill Clinton places a note in the Western Wall
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Western Wall Rabbi accompanies former US president as he tours in Old City; Clinton discusses budget with Finance Minister Lapid. 

Sharon Stone fan’s basic instinct for photography in TA
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Actress in Israel for President Peres’ birthday meets fan on streets on Tel Aviv wearing t-shirt depicting her most famous scene. 

Abbas: Palestinians keen to see Kerry’s peace efforts succeed
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Kerry may return next week to push for resumption of peace talks; PA continues to demand that Israel halt settlement construction. 

Officials: US, Taliban to open direct dialogue
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Meeting in Qatar to discuss ending Afghanistan’s 12-year-long war; Taliban also willing to consider peace talks with the Afghan state. 

Housing min. pledges to find solution for crumbling olim houses in South
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Immigrants living in southern Israel complain that houses purchased from ministry are disintegrating after just ten years. 

Russian FM: Iran willing to halt 20% uranium enrichment
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Lavror: International community should react to Iran’s constructive steps by similar measures. 

Rabbinical Council of America issues letter of support for Rabbi Stav
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Extensive association of rabbis in North America were shocked to hear “terrible things” said by Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef about Rabbi Stav. 

Russia: Preconditions for Assad’s exit not an option
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – During G8 summit, Russia says Syrian opposition must not be allowed to set pre-conditions to Assad regime for peace talks. 

PM: ‘Price tag’ attacks contradict values of Jewish people and state
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Netanyahu condemns Abu Ghosh attack in which 28 cars vandalized, houses sprayed with graffiti. 

Severed antelope heads left at Galilee park ‘as a message by illegal poachers’
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Parks Authority: Incident latest in cat-mouse game between park rangers and hunters, who often have them outmanned and outgunned. 

German NGO launches petition to stop labeling of settlement products
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Head of the German-Israeli Friendship Society criticized for failing to tackle the campaign to label W. Bank products. 

Peres: The Israel and Palestine of tomorrow can offer our children a ray of hope
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Streisand, De Niro, Clinton, Binyamin and Sara Netanyahu join world leaders, other dignitaries as president marks his 90th birthday at start of Facing Tomorrow conference. 

Austria may delay peacekeepers’ withdrawal from Golan
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – FM: Would allow extra time for an orderly handover. 

Hungarian man, 98, charged with WW2 crimes
Jerusalem Post 18 Jun 2013 – Laszlo Csatary was sentenced to death and lived on the run for decades until Hungarian authorities detained him. 

The Guardian

Shimon Peres’s birthday party – in pictures
The Guardian 18 Jun 2013 – As the Israeli president celebrates his 90th birthday, Hollywood celebrities joined him in Jerusalem

Barbra Streisand criticises Israeli treatment of women – video
The Guardian 18 Jun 2013 – Singer, actor and director Barbra Streisand has caused controversy after saying the treatment of some women in Israel is ‘distressing’

Barbra Streisand courts controversy in Israel before Shimon Peres party
The Guardian 18 Jun 2013 – Singer criticises ultra-Orthodox attitudes to women before scheduled performance at Israeli president’s 90th birthday gala As birthday parties go, it has a stellar guest list: Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev, Tony Blair, Sharon Stone, Robert De Niro,…

Shimon Peres: US can curb Iran’s nuclear threat – video
The Guardian 18 Jun 2013 – The president of Israel, Shimon Peres, says Barack Obama’s administration has the greatest hope of preventing Iran from becoming a large-scale international threat

These ‘build build build’ comments go to the heart of Israel’s problems | Rachel Shabi
The Guardian 18 Jun 2013 – Naftali Bennett is the latest Israeli official to write off a two-state solution. Settlement expansion is the biggest obstacle to talks Just for a moment, let’s feign astonishment at this new revelation: Naftali Bennett has just…

ERT shutdown: Greece puts pressure on Israeli firm over state broadcaster
The Guardian 18 Jun 2013 – Ambassador approaches RRsat, an Israeli company that had been helping to keep shut-down station on air Efforts to keep Greek state TV alive after the government ordered it to be shut down were dealt a blow…

Palestinian writers refused visas for travel to UK
The Guardian 18 Jun 2013 – Ali Abukhattab and Samah al-Sheikh were due to talk about their work at the Shubbak festival of contemporary Arab art Two Palestinian writers have been refused visas to travel to the UK and speak at a…


On Prism, partisanship and propaganda Addressing many of the issues arising from last week’s NSA stories

America’s private prison system is a national disgrace

Travel Restrictions Take Toll On Palestinian Relationships

Spying, Control and Murder Under the Imperial Presidency Surveillance and the Corporate State

Snowden’s Gambit: Expose NSA Domestic Spying Operation, Hold Global Spying Program in Reserve

The Painted Frog of Palestine

Government Accountability Project Issues Statement on Edward Snowden & NSA Domestic Surveillance

Unemployment Drives Graduates In Gaza to Drug Addiction

Israeli army detains a 10-year-old during the weekly demonstration in Kafr Qaddum

Iraq: Protests, killings and rumors

Daily Star

Kadhafis move to Oman in breach of sanctions: UN
Daily Star 18 Jun 2013 A daughter and son of late Libyan dictator Moamer Kadhafi have moved from Algeria to Oman in breach of UN sanctions, a UN ambassador said Tuesday.

Regime pushes to crush rebels near capital
Daily Star 18 Jun 2013 Troops loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad pushed forward in a bid to crush rebel bastions near the capital Damascus Tuesday, an opposition group and activists on the ground said.

Gadhafi’s children likely violated UN travel ban
Daily Star 18 Jun 2013 A son and daughter of former Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi moved from Algeria to Oman in apparent violation of a U.N. travel ban, the committee monitoring U.N. sanctions against Libya said Tuesday.

Fears of violence as Egypt nears June 30 protests
Daily Star 18 Jun 2013 Massive nationwide protests that Egypt’s opposition plans for June 30 are taking on a dangerous edge.

Obama arrives in Berlin for talks with Merkel
Daily Star 18 Jun 2013 Barack Obama arrived for his first visit as US president to Berlin on Tuesday for talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and a major open-air speech at the city’s Brandenburg Gate.

Islamist governor promises safety for Luxor tourists
Daily Star 18 Jun 2013 Sixteen years ago, Adel Mohamed al-Khayat was a member of the militant group blamed for slaughtering 58 tourists in Egypt’s Valley of the Queens; today he’s promising to keep visitors safe.

Netanyahu warns against ‘drawn out’ talks with Iran
Daily Star 18 Jun 2013 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned world powers on Tuesday against holding “drawn out” negotiations with Iran on its nuclear programme following the election of a more moderate president in Tehran.

Russia’s Putin torpedoes G8 efforts to push out Assad
Daily Star 18 Jun 2013 Russian President Vladimir Putin derails Western efforts to remove Syrian leader Bashar Assad from power at the G8 summit and, hours after meeting U.S. President Barack Obama, says the Kremlin might sell more arms to Syria.

Venezuela’s Maduro to meet Iran’s Hassan Rowhani
Daily Star 18 Jun 2013 Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro says he’ll meet soon with Iran’s President-elect Hassan Rowhani to further strengthen already close relations.

Suicide bomber kills 27 at Pakistan funeral
Daily Star 18 Jun 2013 A suicide bombing at a funeral in Pakistan Tuesday killed at least 27 people including a provincial lawmaker, police said, the deadliest attack to hit the country in more than three months.The attack in Shergarh town…

Lebanese minister accuses Syria of ‘ethnic cleansing’
Daily Star 18 Jun 2013 Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces have begun ethnically cleansing Sunni Muslims and deliberately pushing refugees across the border into Lebanon, the Lebanese caretaker minister for social affairs says.

G8 leaders sidestep fate of Syria’s Assad in final communique
Daily Star 18 Jun 2013 Global leaders called for peace talks to be held as soon as possible to resolve the Syrian civil war but they failed to mention the fate of President Bashar al-Assad in a final G8 summit communique

YNet News

Ammunition fire rages at Russian military base 
YNet News, 18 Jun 2013 – ….

Sex offender on probation arrested for contacting minors
YNet News, 18 Jun 2013 – ….

Nigeria Islamists kill 9 students in school attack
YNet News, 18 Jun 2013 – ….

Brazil protesters keep up pressure on government
YNet News, 18 Jun 2013 – ….

IDF, Palestinians clash near Qalqilya
YNet News, 18 Jun 2013 – ….

The emperor has clothes
YNet News, 18 Jun 2013 – Op-ed: PM Netanyahu’s statements in favor of peace talks merely meant to placate his coalition partners ….

Peace in the next generation?
YNet News, 18 Jun 2013 – Op-ed: While Israeli teens study science and math, their Palestinian counterparts learn about how evil Jews are ….

Palestinian Information Center

Jailors arrest mother of detained Jerusalemite minor during visit
PIC – The Israeli Hasharon prison administration arrested the mother of 16-year-old Jerusalemite detainee Shaddad Al-Awar while visiting her son.

Three sick detainees from Jenin appeal for medical care
PIC – Three detained Palestinians from Jenin have appealed for urgent medical intervention to deal with their difficult conditions in Israeli captivity.

Murra: Local and foreign parties target the Palestinian presence in Lebanon
PIC – Hamas official Ra’fat Murra said that local, regional and international parties have involved themselves in a media campaign targeting the Palestinian presence in Lebanon.

Health conditions of two Jordanian prisoners deteriorate
PIC – Israeli occupation authorities transferred on Tuesday two Jordanian hunger striking prisoners from Ramle prison clinic to an Israeli hospital due to the deterioration of their health condition.

UFree: The occupation seeks to legitimize administrative detention
PIC – The European Network for the defense of Palestinian prisoners’ rights (UFree) expressed concern about the “Terrorism Law†that was recently proposed by the Israeli government. 

Israeli Municipality distributes administrative demolition orders in Silwan
PIC – Jerusalem Municipality teams on Monday raided the town of Silwan south of Al-Aqsa Mosque, and distributed several administrative demolition orders for residential and commercial installations.

Violent confrontations erupt in Fawwar camp
PIC – Clashes erupted near the Fawwar refugee camp south of al-Khalil on Monday, after Israeli settlers and soldiers attacked Palestinian civilians.

Israeli army training to prevent operations from the sea
PIC – According to Israeli military sources, the Israeli Navy made adjustments to its defense plan, and created a new special “strategic defense†unit to protect gas fields..

IOA renews the leader Abu Aoun’s administrative detention
PIC – Israeli Occupation Authorities (IOA) renewed the administrative detention of the leader in Hamas movement Nazih Abu Aoun, who spent 17 years in Israeli jails on aggregate..


Family of Minor Detainee Denied Visitation over Cellphone
WAFA – 18 Jun 2013

EU Foreign Policy Chief to Visit Region
WAFA – 18 Jun 2013

Over 11,000 Transport Vehicles in 2012, Says Statistics Bureau
WAFA – 18 Jun 2013

Settler Unleashes Dogs at Palestinians
WAFA – 18 Jun 2013

‘Price Tag’ Vandals Slash Tires of 28 Cars in Abu Ghoush
WAFA – 18 Jun 2013


Israeli politician says two-state solution is at a ‘dead end’
LA Times 18 Jun 2013 – Netanyahu brushes aside Naftali Bennett’s remarks, the latest in a series from members of his government calling for an end to efforts to form a Palestinian state. JERUSALEM — The idea of a Palestinian state is at a “dead end,” the Mideast conflict is an…

Iran president-elect strikes conciliatory tone toward U.S.
LA Times 17 Jun 2013 – Hassan Rowhani says strained ties with the U.S. are ‘an old wound that needs to be … healed.’ But he also sets conditions for direct talks. TEHRAN — Iran’s president-elect called his nation’s strained relations with the United States “an old wound” that would take…

Obama, Putin differ on Syria during tense talks
LA Times 17 Jun 2013 – In Northern Ireland for the G-8 summit, the U.S. and Russian leaders have little common ground on Syria, other than hopes for peace negotiations. ENNISKILLEN, Northern Ireland — President Obama differed sharply with Russia’s leader over the Syrian civil war in an icy encounter Monday…

Syrian Tensions Spill Into Southern Lebanese City
New York Times 18 Jun 2013 – At least two people were reported killed in sectarian clashes in the Mediterranean port of Sidon, underscoring the Syrian conflict’s effects in Lebanon. 

Suicide Bombers Kill 37 at Shiite Mosque in Baghdad
New York Times 18 Jun 2013 – The mosque bombing made Tuesday the third consecutive day of sectarian attacks in Iraq this week. 

Vandals Strike in Quiet Jerusalem Suburb
New York Times 18 Jun 2013 – Slashed tires and anti-Arab graffiti were found in Abu Ghosh, a village of 6,000 that many see as a symbol of coexistence. 

Group of 8 Leaders Press Russia on Syria
New York Times 18 Jun 2013 – With hours to go before the end of a two-day summit meeting, officials were struggling to draft a statement on the conflict that would be acceptable to Russia. 

Memo From Jerusalem: Trying to Revive Mideast Peace Talks, Kerry Finds a Conflicted Israel
New York Times 18 Jun 2013 – The Israeli divide was on stark display last week, as several right-wing ministers in the government professed their opposition to a Palestinian state. 

Large Truck Bomb Reported to Kill 60 Syrian Troops
New York Times 17 Jun 2013 – The bombing near the northern city of Aleppo appeared to be part of an effort by the Syrian insurgency to regain momentum after a series of defeats. 

Israel’s tax chief warns on unreported capital abroad
Globes Main News – Following revelations about Israeli assets in tax havens, Moshe Asher has set out new measures being taken by the tax authority.

Israel seeks $5b US loan guarantees – report
Globes Main News – US “Defense News” says Israel will procure V-22 Ospreys and other advanced US weaponry with the funds.

Teva to stop filing for patents in Israel
Globes Main News – Filing for patents in Switzerland could save Teva billions of shekels in tax.

Tue: Teva, Perrigo rise on acquisitions
Globes Main News – Teva and Perrigo rose on a flat market after announcing acquisitions but Israel Chemicals was still spooked by the impending investigation into royalties on natural resources.

Mellanox unexpectedly appoints new chairman
Globes Main News – Irwin Federman replaces Eyal Waldman as chairman after opposition to Waldman’s double appointment as chairman and CEO.

The Treasury’s pessimism is underdone
Globes Macro Economics – The austerity budget is based on wishful thinking about a better future, with no political will for any alternative.

Draghi: Monetary expansion is far from over
Globes Macro Economics – At Stanley Fischer’s farewell conference in Jerusalem, ECB head Mario Draghi said the European financial crisis is easing slightly.

Knesset passes state budget at first reading
Globes Macro Economics – Minister of Finance Yair Lapid responded fiercely to his critics just before the 1 am vote.

Elbit expands in civilian market with bad weather landing aid
Globes Aerospace & Defense – Elbit Systems’ Clear Vision system enables passenger aircraft to land even in storms and fog.

Drones, Iron Dome Israel’s main showpieces in Paris
Globes Aerospace & Defense – Defense budget cuts worldwide have led to reduced participation at this year’s Paris Air Show.

Price Tag Vision: “Racism or Assimilation”
Tikun Olam – Walla article on price tag graffiti defacing Palestinian village, Abu Ghosh. Amir Schiby posted an interesting bit of price tag graffiti featured in a Walla story.  There are two items related to the report especially worth noting.  First is the graffiti itself which says simply: “Racism…

Singing sensation Mohammad Assaf has given us a ‘national umbrella’ — writes Palestinian political prisoner
Mondoweiss – Fan portrait of Mohammed Assaf (photo: Facebook ) It had to happen. The Arab Idol competition featuring Mohammed Assaf has become explicitly political. A Palestinian prisoner serving a 27-year sentence in an Israeli jail sent  an open letter to the judges of Arab Idol describing the impact…

State officials in California sign letter denouncing BDS movement on college campuses
Mondoweiss – California officials participate in a panel on Israel-California trade at the Jewish Public Affairs Committee’s advocacy day. (Image via Jewish Federations of LA) Over 30 California state legislators have signed on to a letter criticizing the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement and the passage of…

After Kerry visit, Israeli and Palestinian leaders quietly re-open economic negotiations
Mondoweiss – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (center), Israeli President Shimon Peres (left), and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas all shake hands during the World Economic Forum in Jordan, Sunday May 26, 2013. (Photo: Jim Young/AP) Perhaps the greatest achievement in neutralizing the Palestinian cause from its starting…

Snowden shows up Obama on leadership
Mondoweiss – Like so many others, I was thrilled by Edward Snowden’s online chat yesterday at the Guardian. It seemed to me an incredible display of citizen leadership. For Snowden has sacrificed his home, his future, his romantic relationship, and maybe too his life, as he hinted darkly,…

Taking on Bill Clinton and the ‘bigshots’, Chris Matthews says American people are opposed to Syrian intervention
Mondoweiss – Chris Matthews is actually building the anti-Syrian-war coalition on his television show without regard to partisan politics. Last week he struck a populist stance, mocking Obama liberals for supporting intervention. Last night he had on a Republican and a Democrat who are against intervention: Congressman Scott…

Palestinians Cut Off Aid to Radicals To Boost Peace Bid, Israel Acknowledges 
The Foward Breaking News 18 Jun 2013 – The Palestinian administration in the West Bank has tried to help the latest U.S. peacemaking drive by quietly cutting off funds for grassroots campaigners against Israel’s occupation of the territory, a senior Israeli general said on Tuesday. Click here for the rest of the article…

Israel Warily Watches as Protests Engulf Turkey 
The Foward Breaking News 18 Jun 2013 – As the budding protest movement in Turkey against Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan struggles to gain a foothold, Israel is watching the developments with some measure of ambivalence. Click here for the rest of the article…

Anti-Arab Vandalism Spreads to Israeli Village 
The Foward Breaking News 18 Jun 2013 – Vandals daubed “Arabs out” graffiti and punctured tyres in an Arab village near Jerusalem on Tuesday, targeting a community widely seen in Israel as a showcase for Jewish-Arab coexistence. Click here for the rest of the article…

Israeli Business Leaders Warn Netanyahu on Peace 
The Foward Breaking News 18 Jun 2013 – Some of the country’s top businessmen met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last month to express concern that the stalled peace process with the Palestinians would ultimately harm and even endanger the Israeli economy. Click here for the rest of the article…

South Africa: President Zuma Congratulates the President-Elect of the Islamic Republic of Iran 
allAfrica.com 18 Jun 2013 – [SA Govt]His Excellency President Jacob Zuma has today congratulated Mr Hassan Rouhani, who was elected as the new President of the Islamic Republic of Iran on 14 June 2013.

Report on The Fourth National BDS Conference, 8 June 2013, Bethlehem 
Global BDS 18 Jun 2013 – Photo: Ahmad Shehade Ramallah – 18 June 2013 – On 8 June 2013 the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)[1] organized its “Fourth National BDS Conference” at Bethlehem University, under the slogan: “Boycotting Israel and opposing normalization contribute to Liberation, Return of Refugees, and Self-Determination.” With 700 participants,…

G8 backs urgent Syria peace talks 
BBC 18 Jun 2013 – G8 leaders back calls for Syrian peace talks to be held in Geneva “as soon as possible”, without mentioning the fate of President Bashar al-Assad.

Auditors criticise EU aid for Egypt 
BBC 18 Jun 2013 – European auditors say much of the 1bn euros of EU aid for Egypt in the past seven years has had little or no impact.

Abu Qatada treaty endorsed by King 
BBC 18 Jun 2013 – The King of Jordan endorses a treaty with the UK, paving the way for the extradition of radical cleric Abu Qatada.

Ethiopia, Egypt vow to ease tension 
BBC 18 Jun 2013 – Ethiopia and Egypt agree to hold further talks to quell rising tensions over the building of a new dam on the Blue Nile, their foreign ministers say, after meeting in Addis Ababa.

To Suleiman and Kahwaji: Do Something or Leave 
Al-Akhbar Opinion 18 Jun 2013 – The president is directly responsible for the deteriorating situation in the Bekaa. As long as he insists on siding with March 14. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah) The president is directly responsible for the deteriorating situation in the Bekaa. As long as he insists on siding with March…

G8 leaders call for Syria peace conference 
Al-Akhbar News 18 Jun 2013 – G8 leaders on Tuesday threw their weight behind calls for a peace conference on Syria to be held in Geneva “as soon as possible,” after a summit dominated by the country’s civil war. At the end of two days of talks in Northern Ireland, the leaders…

Libya pushing arms to Syria rebels: report 
Al-Akhbar News 18 Jun 2013 – A Syrian rebel fighter points his riffle through a hole in sandbags as he holds a position in a trench near military base Wadi Deif on 14 June 2013 in the village of Kfarruma in the Syrian province of Idlib. (Photo: AFP – Daniel Leal-Olivas) High…

Clashes in Lebanon’s south kill one, injure five 
Al-Akhbar News 18 Jun 2013 – The Lebanese army deploy in the southern town of Sidon’s eastern suburb of Abra, on 18 June 2013 after shooting by gunmen loyal to the controversial Salafi Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir. (Photo: AFP – Mahmoud Zayyat) Updated 8:30 pm: Clashes between armed supporters of Salafi Sheikh Ahmad…

Erdogan at Home: Yes to Oppression, No to Rights 
Al-Akhbar News 18 Jun 2013 – A Turkish girl poses with a Turkish flag depicting Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of modern Turkey, on Taksim square in Istanbul on 5 June 2013. (Photo: AFP – Ozan Kose) A Turkish girl poses with a Turkish flag depicting Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of modern Turkey,…

Egypt: President Mursi in Search of a Hideout 
Al-Akhbar News 18 Jun 2013 – Mohammed Morsi gives his speech to thousands of islamists and Syrian opposition supporters during the “support for Syria” rally at Cairo stadium on 15 June 2013 in Cairo, Egypt. (Photo: AFP – HO / EGYPTIAN PRESIDENCY) Mohammed Morsi gives his speech to thousands of islamists and Syrian…

Qatar Red Crescent Funds Syrian Rebel Arms 
Al-Akhbar News 18 Jun 2013 – A picture taken on 7 June 2013, shows boxes of weapons at the military airport in Dabaa, north of Qusayr, in Syria’s central Homs province as regime forces sought to mop up the final pockets of rebel resistance north of Qusayr (Photo: AFP – STR) A…

Egypt: Alexandria Rewrites History 
Al-Akhbar Politics 17 Jun 2013 – A protester gestures in front of a courthouse during a demonstration in Alexandria 21 January 2013. (Photo: REUTERS – Suhaib Salem) A protester gestures in front of a courthouse during a demonstration in Alexandria 21 January 2013. (Photo: REUTERS – Suhaib Salem) Alexandria – “How today…

Lebanon: Wadi Rafeq Massacre Nearly Ignites Bekaa Powder Keg 
Al-Akhbar Politics 17 Jun 2013 – The unit soon encountered a large number of militants and backed down to “await reinforcements,” according to a security source. (Photo: Haitham Moussawi) The unit soon encountered a large number of militants and backed down to “await reinforcements,” according to a security source. (Photo: Haitham Moussawi)…

G8 backs urgent Syria peace talks 
BBC 18 Jun 2013 – G8 leaders back calls for Syrian peace talks to be held in Geneva “as soon as possible”, without mentioning the fate of President Bashar al-Assad.

Deadly bomb attacks hit Baghdad 
BBC 18 Jun 2013 – At least 31 people are killed in a double suicide bomb attack at a Shia mosque in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

Auditors criticise EU aid for Egypt 
BBC 18 Jun 2013 – European auditors say much of the 1bn euros of EU aid for Egypt in the past seven years has had little or no impact.

Abu Qatada treaty endorsed by King 
BBC 18 Jun 2013 – The King of Jordan endorses a treaty with the UK, paving the way for the extradition of radical cleric Abu Qatada.

Ethiopia, Egypt vow to ease tension 
BBC 18 Jun 2013 – Ethiopia and Egypt agree to hold further talks to quell rising tensions over the building of a new dam on the Blue Nile, their foreign ministers say, after meeting in Addis Ababa.


House demolitions: Zionism’s constant background noise 
Idan Landau, translated from Hebrew by Ofer Neiman, +972 Magazine 6/17/2013
      Hardly a day goes by without the State of Israel demolishing an Arab home between the Jordan River and the sea. The hum of bulldozers is the constant background noise of Zionism. Listen to it for a few moments.
     When people summarize the Zionist project, with the fanfare of victory or the gloom of defeat, one thing will be certain, they will be puzzled over one strange mystery. How could so many people associate Zionism with creation and construction, and not with regression and destruction. After all, in parallel with the endless construction frenzy, especially beyond the green line, the hum of bulldozers has always been audible: beating, breaking, shattering. Housing projects for new Jewish immigrants were built in record speed. Build-your-own-house neighborhoods, neighborhoods for IDF career officers, commuter suburbs, and luxury residential towers popped up everywhere; and at the very same time, the angel of Zionist history left more and more piles of ruin and devastation behind.
     The demolition policy has, of course, been the Arabs’ share. From time to time, the state demolishes a tiny shred of a Jewish outpost in the occupied territories; just going through the motions, while bowing sanctimoniously to the Israeli High Court of Justice (HCJ). Let no one compare the master race, whose members have the benefit of myriad legal options when building their house, to the enslaved race, whose members are denied access to land, everywhere, by mountains of legal barriers; those who wish and even succeed in building their home on stolen land, to those who wish and fail to build their home on their own private land; those whose house will be protected by the sovereign through a reign of terror imposed on their neighbors, to those who can only dream of having the sovereign’s protection.
     And perhaps those analysts in the future will inquire further as to why so few Israelis knew about this devastation at all, even though it took place constantly, week by week. Hardly a day goes by between the Jordan River and the sea, without a demolition of an Arab home by the State of Israel. And they will be baffled by the short Israeli memory, a memory that had forgotten long ago that the foreign British rule had committed the same crimes against us…. more.. e-mail

The double game of IDF military investigations 
Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz, +972 Magazine 6/18/2013
      The military prosecution produces an unseemly requirement in order to allow access to appeal files: a commitment that no one will file a civil suit against the state.
     In the last few days, the High Court of Justice leisurely reviewed a petition that Yesh Din, along with Hamoked: Center for the Defense of the Individual, filed two years ago. The petition deals with an unreasonable procedure presented by the Military Police Criminal Investigations Division (MPCID) in May 2010, i.e. more than three years ago. What is it about? Nothing serious, just the decision that if you consider suing the IDF for some injury caused to you, or even if someone else considers doing so, you will not be able to appeal the decision of the MPCID to close the relevant criminal case. Or, rather, you could appeal, but it will be an empty gesture since you’ll have nothing on which to base your appeal.
     It sounds complicated, so let’s look at an example. A. and M., residents of Ramallah, find themselves at a checkpoint manned by particularly bored IDF soldiers. The soldiers beat them, humiliate them in public, and cause them medical and financial damage. The case is fictional, but similar cases take place often.
     A., who always had a soft spot for lost causes, decides to press charges against the soldiers. Meanwhile, M. is worried about his new medical bills, so he turns to an attorney, who – without coordinating with A. – files a Notice of Damage, i.e. informs the IDF that M. is not yet certain whether he wants to sue them, but he reserves himself the right to do so. Filing a Notice of Damage is necessary for people living in the West Bank if they intend to sue in the future.
     According to the MPCID’s procedure from May 2010, as soon as M. files his Notice of Damage, which may or may not ever mature into a civil suit, A. automatically loses the right to receive the investigative materials necessary to appeal the MPCID’s decision that everything was hunky dory at the checkpoint that day…. more.. e-mail

Obama’s weapons-for-peace program 
Pepe Escobar, Asia Times 6/18/2013
      They looked like two dejected schoolboys in front of the headmaster by the end of the two-hour Putin-Obama summit at the sidelines of the Group of Eight meeting in Northern Ireland. But as astonishing as the sound of silence was the fact that, on Syria, the former KGB guy was trying to save the “leading from behind” dude from himself.
     President Barack Obama coined the monster euphemism that they had “different perspectives” on Syria. He said, deceptively, “We want to try to resolve the issue through political means if possible, so we will instruct our teams to continue to work on the potential of a Geneva follow-up.”
     If Obama was really trying to solve Syria “through political means” he would not have pre-emptively bombed the Geneva II talks with his “weapons-for-peace” program, as in weaponizing only the “good” Syrian “rebels” and only with a few “non-lethal” toys (that’s the bottom line of Washington’s spin). “If possible” in this case does translate into “impossible”. As for the Geneva II talks, they don’t rate anything better than “potential” because Obama knows the myriad, squabbling factions of the Syrian opposition will boycott it.
     Sometimes it sounded like Putin wanted to put Obama out of his misery (as in “Assad must go” but I have no clue how to make him obey me). He was visibly trying to impress to Obama that expanding the proxy war in Syria would make the current – horrible – status quo look like a walk in the park.
     Obama didn’t seem to know what Putin knows. Putin – and Russian intelligence – know very well that the “chemical weapons” fairytale unveiled by White House Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes is utter nonsense. They know Rhodes previously invented the silly denomination “kinetic military action” to define the NATO-AFRICOM war on Libya (so Obama did not have to declare war); and they know that Rhodes set up the scenario for the White House cover-up of what happened in Benghazi…. more.. e-mail

Sapping Assad’s strength – Israel stirs the pot in Syria 
Jonathan Cook, Israeli Occupation Archive 6/17/2013
      For much of the past two years Israel stood sphinx-like on the sidelines of Syria’s civil war. Did it want Bashar al-Assad’s regime to survive? Did it favour military intervention to help opposition forces? And what did it think of the increasing visibility of Islamist groups in Syria? It was difficult to guess.
     In recent weeks, however, Israel has moved from relative inaction to a deepening involvement in Syrian affairs. It launched two air strikes on Syrian positions last month, and at the same time fomented claims that Damascus had used chemical weapons, in what looked suspiciously like an attempt to corner Washington into direct intervention.
     Last week, based on renewed accusations of the use by Syria of the nerve agent sarin, the US said it would start giving military aid directly to the opposition.
     With suspicions of Israeli meddling growing, prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was finally forced last week to deny as ”nonsense” evidence that Israeli forces are operating secretly over the border.
     Nonetheless, the aura of inscrutability has hardly lifted, stoked by a series of leaks from Israeli officials. Their statements have tacked wildly between threats to oust Assad one moment and denials that Israel has any interest in his departure the next.
     Is Israel sending out contradictory signals to sow confusion, or is it simply confused itself?
     The answer can be deduced in the unappealing outcomes for Israel whoever emerges triumphant. Israel stands to lose strategically if either Assad or the opposition wins decisively. more.. e-mail

Tycoon Rami Levy eyes shopping mall for Israeli settlers
Electronic Intifada: 18 Jun 2013 – A $27.5 million shopping center is being planned for the occupied West Bank.more

Looking for a New Devil
Dissident Voice: 18 Jun 2013 – Hassan Rouhani’s unexpected victory in this weekend’s Iranian election has sent Israeli hasbara into a  tailspin . The desire for an Iranian bogeyman is so intense in the warmongering mainstream of Israeli and neoconservative discourse that any attempt to mask their pre-election desires and post-election frustration  has been futile. Their entire game plan has been on display — every Iranian leader is a  New Hitler  and every New Hitler must be stopped. The whole point is to stave off any  possible reconciliation or even minor deflation of tensions  between Iran and the West, namely the United States, so as to maintain permanent Israeli hegemony over the region and American largesse and diplomatic cover. A thaw after thirty-four years in the US-Iran standoff is scarier to Israeli leaders than all the unborn Palestinian babies under occupation. At least they’re already under Israeli control; the Islamic Republic of Iran never has been. Daniel…more

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