Bradley Manning Newslinks 24 June 2013

24 June 2013 —


‘I Am Bradley Manning’ Say Celebrities in New Campaign

A new video campaign has been released that sees celebrities proclaim “I Am Bradley Manning,” a drive they hope will help promote support for Manning’s cause. The video, part of the wider I Am Bradley Manning campaign, sees actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, …

Vivienne Westwood dedicates latest menswear collection to Bradley Manning …

Washington Post

MILAN — Vivienne Westwood, the British designer known for her eccentric

fashion, dedicated her latest menswear collection to Bradley Manning, an

American soldier currently on trial in the U.S. for leaking classified

material to the website WikiLeaks …


Conscientious objectors

Toronto Star

Re: In praise of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden: Salutin, Column, June

14. In praise of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden: Salutin, Column, June

14. Rick Salutin makes a lot of sense in promoting the idea of

“participatory citizen democracy.


Our Inside Enemy

Washington Examiner

Photo – AP file Bradley Manning is an example of a new kind of “lone AP

file Bradley Manning is an example of a new kind of “lone wolf” whose

actions can cause great… Masjid Nawaz was a great recruiter. He knew

where to look for talent and how to …


Edward Snowden and the whistleblowers

Who: Private First Class Bradley Manning, an intelligence analyst in the US

Army who was based in Iraq. What: Manning released 720,000 classified

documents to WikiLeaks. The leak included cables written by US diplomats.

He is currently on trial for the …


OP-ED: An Appeal from Afghanistan to Whistle-blow on War


Bradley Manning said, “In attempting to conduct counter-terrorism or CT

and counter-insurgency COIN operations we became obsessed with capturing

and killing human targets on lists…” How many more documents revealing

loss of innocent life are needed …


Dir: Alex Gibney Runtime: 127 minutes We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks

Herald Scotland

… Gibney’s film is as much a documentary about US intelligence officer

Bradley Manning, the leaker, as it is about the man who lead the

organisation to which he passed information on, among other matters, the

actions of US forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.


TRUTH: the theme for Vivienne Westwood Menswear Spring Summer 2014 at …

The kind of military man we see in the news these days, especially

whistleblowers, like Bradley Manning in this case, who allegedly leaked

information to WikiLeaks. The image also had the word “TRUTH”

emblazoned in red across his torso. The fun-loving …


The Eternal Rebel: Ronnie Kasrils


As the state calcifies into corporate totalitarianism, as prominent rebels

such as Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are defamed by a

bankrupt media and political class and hunted down as criminals, as change

through the established …


Milan fashion designers have travel on their mind

San Antonio Express

On his shirt is a pinned photo of US Army soldier Bradley Manning, who was

arrested in 2010 on suspicion of having made public classified material

through the website WikiLeaks. Photo: Luca Bruno. A model wears a creation

for Vivienne Westwood men’s …


White House ‘Insider Threat’ program reportedly equates whistleblowing with …

The Verge

McClatchy has apparently reviewed documents for the administration-wide

Insider Threat Program, which was created in 2011 after Bradley Manning

released classified cables to WikiLeaks. The program is meant to make it

easier for agencies to prevent …


Gallery: Window on the World – 24 June 2013


Meanwhile at Malian Men’s Fashion Week Vivienne Westwood reveals her Spring

Summer 2014 menswear collection featuring designs incorporating jailed

Bradley Manning. While in Glasgow, Scotland cyclist Mark Cavendish wins the

2013 National Mens …


Silence on anti-terror tactics speaks volumes about liberal hypocrisy

Baltimore Sun

•Sympathy for Bradley Manning. Osama bin Laden had confidential

intelligence materials in his possession on the day Navy Seal Team 6 paid

him its historic visit. The materials had been provided through Pfc.

Bradley Manning to the anti-secrecy website …,0,7134314.column


The NSA’s metastasised intelligence-industrial complex is ripe for abuse

The Guardian

(If Private Bradley Manning’s obscene conditions while incarcerated are any

indication, it won’t be pleasant for Snowden either, even while awaiting

trial.) Snowden has already been the object of scorn and derision from the

Washington establishment and …


GAO report finds thousands of contractors paid more than VP

Washington Post

In the past two years, following Army Pvt. Bradley Manning’s arrest for

allegedly passing classified material to the Web site WikiLeaks, the

company has developed an insider threat detection technology that can track

employee computer activity.


By Elliott

7 Responses to I am Bradley Manning. eCAHNomics June 23rd, 2013 at 8:24 pm

1. Hi Ellie,. I sent you a moon email. Reply. bluewombat June 23rd, 2013 at

9:03 pm 2. I’ve seen this video once before; it was good to see it again.

My only …


5 Reasons to Attend Army Whistleblower Bradley Manning’s Trial …

By Activist Post

This trial will not be televised, so attending as a public observer is the

only way to see firsthand the precedent that is being set for future

generations, and to watch the important players in action.


Government agrees to provide ongoing access to court documents …

Government agrees to provide ongoing access to court documents in Bradley

Manning trial. Tweet · submit to reddit. Judge Rules Further Court

Intervention Not …


‘We Need More Like Him’: Celebrities Rally Behind Bradley Manning …

Musician Tom Morello showing his support for Bradley Manning More than 20

actors, activists, musicians and other well-known pop culture celebrities

have …


From Afghanistan: Thank You Bradley Manning! | Dissident Voice

Recognition that 95 million human beings were killed in World War I and II

has helped the people of the world understand that the method of war is



Is Bradley Manning Really a Humanist?

Jason Torpy, president of the Military Association of Atheists and

Freethinkers, examines Bradley Manning’s humanism, which is being used to

justify Manning’s …


Government Agrees to Provide Ongoing Access to Court Documents …

Court Weighs Granting Media, Public, Access to Documents in Manning Trial.

June 17, 2013, Baltimore, MD – As the trial of Pfc. Bradley Manning

enters its…

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