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17 August 2013 — Strategic Culture Foundation

In Pursuit of Global Dictatorship, or When on Trial for the Truth

17.08.2013 | 00:00 | Nikolai MALISHEVSKI

The Snowden affair, which captured the attention of the world’s media, somewhat overshadowed another no less important story also linked to the creation of a global system of total surveillance and suppression by the US administration – the case of WikiLeaks informant Bradley E Manning. Yet at the end of July, a military court in Fort Meade, Maryland, acquitted him of the most serious charge. In August, the court removed a few more of the charges against Manning, such as espionage, theft, computer fraud and so on. As a result, the maximum term of imprisonment the defendant could be sentenced to was reduced from 136 years to 90 years…


Kosovo and the UN

17.08.2013 | 00:00 | Pyotr ISKENDEROV

…In the very near future the UN could once again be on the front lines of the Kosovo adjustment process. In June 1999 the United Nations was able, with the active participation of Russia, to save face to some extent and keep the situation in Kosovo from coming under the full control of the architects of the “new world order”. The following years did not bring the UN any laurels in the Kosovo area. Isn’t it time for this international organization to work on its mistakes? 


Egypt’s Junta Has Nothing to Lose

16.08.2013 | 00:01 | Melkulangara BHADRAKUMAR

The appointment of Robert Ford as the new American ambassador to Egypt was indeed an ominous sign that the Obama administration expected civil war conditions to arise in Egypt. Ford’s forte during his hugely successful «diplomatic» assignment in Baghdad in the middle of the last decade was to organize the notorious death squads, which tore Mesopotamia apart and destroyed Iraq almost irreparably… Ford is the living embodiment of the stunning reality that between the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations, there has been no real shift in the United States’ policies in the Middle East aimed at perpetuating its regional hegemony…


US Celebrities: The Summer of Our Discontent

16.08.2013 | 00:00 | Andrei AKULOV

…Today following Edward Snowden’s exposure of the NSA’s massive clandestine surveillance program, celebrities do come out to protest the Obama administration’s policy. This July over 8000 human rights defenders, actors, directors, authors, former whistle-blowers, musicians, journalists, and activists, including a host of Hollywood’s most recognized celebrities, have signed a letter asking Ecuador’s President Correa to grant asylum to politically persecuted Edward Snowden. Tom Morello, Mark Ruffalo and Yoko Ono have done so over Twitter. The US President has taken the decision to rescind the September summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin letting know the Snowden’s case is the last straw. But it looks like it’s not Moscow, but rather his own people Mr. Obama finds himself to be at odds with and the gap-widening trend is in full swing and picking up.


R2P’s Casualties in Middle East Mount

15.08.2013 | 09:28 | Wayne MADSEN

If President Barack Obama’s ill-conceived policy of «Responsibility to Protect» or R2P, sold to him by George Soros’s groupies Samantha Power, Susan Rice, and other advisers with their feet not completely planted on terra firma, was intended to bring stability to the Middle East, it has had the opposite effect. The recent military crackdown in Egypt by that nation’s military-led government is a case in point…


Great Game Around Egypt

15.08.2013 | 00:00 | Dmitriy SEDOV

Egypt has declared the state of emergency  because the “security and order of the nation face danger due to deliberate sabotage, and attacks on public and private buildings and the loss of life by extremist groups,” as the presidency said in a statement. Vice-President Mohammed El Baradei has announced his resignation from the interim government disagreeing with the use of force…Whatever it is, the period of uncertainty in Egypt is over. The country on the Nile with the population of 85 million has stepped into an open conflict on August 14. Now a lot will depend on the Egyptian government which should take decisive and well-calculated actions to prevent an Islamist revolt…


The US’ All-Out Espionage Against Brazil. To what end?

15.08.2013 | 00:00 | Nil NIKANDROV

Dilma Rousseff’s first state visit to the United States is due to take place on 23 October. Its preparation has been overshadowed by the revelations of Edward Snowden. These suggest that Brazil is the country in the Western Hemisphere where the intelligence work of America’s security services is being carried out most actively. According to the information leaked to the media, Americans are interested in everything – from the armed forces’ development strategy and the contents of their military-technical cooperation programmes with China, Russia and India to the personal lives of Brazil’s political and military leaders. Most of the focus is on collecting dirt on President Dilma Rousseff and her immediate circle…


The International Justice System and the Hunt for Africans

14.08.2013 | 00:43 | Alexander MEZYAEV


The summer of 2013 was a hot one for Nigeria, and not just in terms of the weather. On the one hand, the country’s populace and government have been subjected to new and increasingly violent attacks from terrorist groups, first and foremost from Boko Haram. On the other hand, Nigeria is experiencing massive pressure from the International Criminal Court, international human rights organizations and the local fifth column. This synchronized attack comes amid the destabilization of a number of neighboring countries… 


Banking Scandals as a Mirror to the Struggle for World Domination (II)

14.08.2013 | 00:00 | Valentin KATASONOV

 There is evidence of opposition to banksters within the US state apparatus…The scandal caused by the revelations of Edward Snowden has given rise to a number of publications on the attitudes of American secret service employees. These publications maintain that the US intelligence agencies currently include quite a few oppositionists to the domination of banksters. There are probably even more within the Pentagon. Over the last few years, quite a number of senior officials at the Pentagon have spoken out against America’s military ventures in different parts of the world. They did not overstep the mark in their criticism, however – they did not make a direct link between these ventures and America’s financial and banking elite… 


Banking Scandals as a Mirror to the Struggle for World Domination (I)

13.08.2013 | 00:00 | Valentin KATASONOV

Despite some stabilisation in the financial markets by the time the first wave of the crisis had come to an end (2007-2009), global banks are still not leading a quiet life. Since the beginning of the current decade, we have seen a continuous series of scandals surrounding the banks that make up the core of the global financial system…There is enough information to allow one to come to the conclusion that the banking world has entered a prolonged phase of “controlled chaos”, or “controlled crisis”. And this immediately raises several questions. Who is controlling this chaos (crisis)? What is the objective of this control? When will the phase of chaos (crisis) come to an end? Is there a risk of loss of control?


US Global Terror Alert… And Commander-in-Chief Obama Hits the Beach, Golf Course and Bookstore

13.08.2013 | 00:00 | Finian CUNNINGHAM

Last week, Washington issues a global terror alert, shutting down 20 of its embassies and consular sites across Africa and Asia. Staff were evacuated from some sites and flown to the safer destination of Germany; US citizens were put on a general global travel warning; while US President Barack Obama and lawmakers in Washington said they were briefed with intelligence showing the risk of an imminent terror attack at its greatest peak in 13 years since 9/11. This week, as quick as a weathervane, the mood has swiveled diametrically. The embassies are open again and Commander-in-Chief Obama is enjoying a family holiday on the affluent Massachusetts resort island of Martha’s Vineyard, playing rounds of golf, hitting the beach and “hanging out” with friends…Washington claims that the recent drone strikes in Yemen were responding to the ostensible terror threat. But the latest spate of US drone strikes in Yemen – six in the past two weeks resulting in more than 18 deaths – predates the global terror alert and the closure of consular sites by at least a week. So we have deadly US drone strikes, then a terror alert, followed by embassy closures – and the drone strikes…


Obama Says No to Moscow Summit: Wise Decision or Foreign Policy Gaffe?

12.08.2013 | 00:00 | Andrei AKULOV

Speaking at press-conference on August 9, President Obama explained the reason for his decision to cancel the September Moscow summit…The opinion is strong in Russia the US has no real interest in tackling the issues like missile defense, Afghanistan, Syria and Iranian nuclear program. It gives rise to some frustration and cooling the relationship, but there is nothing tragic in what’s going on…The US has much more to gain from talking to Russia seriously and on equal terms than making “pauses” setting aside hot issues of outstanding importance.


Why Was a New International Tribunal for Kosovo Necessary?

12.08.2013 | 00:00 | Pyotr ISKENDEROV

The issue of changing the format of the European Union’s presence in Kosovo, which at first seemed to be purely technical, has suddenly acquired a political dimension and aroused serious passions in the relationship between Brussels and Priština. Having acquired a taste for strengthening its self-proclaimed statehood on the tide of the agreements “beaten” out of Belgrade with the help of the West, the Albanian separatist leaders have raised their hands against a “sacred cow” – the European Union’s EULEX police and civilian mission…


Whither US-Pak Relations After Kerry’s Visit

11.08.2013 | 00:00 | Najmuddin A. SHAIKH

After a number of false starts US Secretary of State, John Kerry finally did arrive in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad on the 31st July… One subject that figured prominently during the Kerry visitwas the drone attacks on Pakistan soil. Kerry defended these attacks…Pakistan, however…wanted the drone attacks to be stopped and not just curtailed. This will remain a point of contention between the two sides…Kerry had made an effort to put US-Pak relations on the path of normalisation.Whether this reasoning would be accepted remains open to question in a Pakistan where anti-American sentiment has been growing over the years…


Obama’s Russia Policy after Canceling Moscow Summit

11.08.2013 | 00:00 | Wayne MADSEN

U.S. President Barack Obama signaled through his press secretary Jay Carney that he would be discussing the recent cancellation by the United States of Obama’s Moscow summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Obama’s press conference, meant to clear the air on U.S.-Russian relations and U.S. intelligence mass surveillance of private communications, left more questions than answers. Obama’s answers to press questions were all over the map, confusing, and at times, deceptive…


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