Information Clearing House 6 November 2013: President Arafat Murdered

6 November 2013 — Information Clearing House

The Brutal Past and Present are Another Country in Secret Australia

By John Pilger

More than any colonial society, Australia consigns its dirtiest secrets, past and present, to a wilful ignorance or indifference.


President Arafat Murdered

Swiss study: 18 Times Normal Levels Of Polonium Found in Arafat’s Bones

By David Poort and Ken Silverstein

“Yasser Arafat died of polonium poisoning,” he said. “We found the smoking gun that caused his death. What we don’t know is who’s holding the gun at the time.”


Kerry Urges Israel to Limit ‘Illegitimate’ Settlements

By Reuters

“Let me emphasize at this point the position of the United States of America on the settlements is that we consider them… to be illegitimate,” Kerry said after discussions with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.


The Jewish Paradox Arising From The Curse of Zionism

By Alan Hart

Zionism wanted and needed anti-Semitism in order to justify its criminal policies and actions to Jews everywhere and misinformed and therefore gullible Gentiles in America and Europe.


Saudi ‘House of Pseud’ Thrives on Deception

By Finian Cunningham

Saudi Arabia has continually betrayed the Arab people, including its own population, in the service of imperialist interests.


Human Rights Lawyer- Censor Them!

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

One has to wonder what will be the next game plan for this ‘human rights’ activist who advocates death (sanctions) and censorship.


The US and Pakistan: An Incompatible Couple

By Dilip Hiro

Cash-strapped Pakistan is humiliatingly dependent on handouts from Washington and US-sanctioned International Monetary Fund loans.


Congress’s is Bringing the Islamists’ War to North America

By Michael Scheuer

I think there is little hope of preventing combat against Islamist forces in the United States in the years ahead.


Doctors: Force-Feedings at Guantanamo Have Been Used to Break Political Protests, Not Save Lives

By Kevin Gosztola

A new report – highlights the role medical professionals have played in breaking political protests among detainees at Guantanamo Bay.


The Obama Administration “May” be Guilty of War Crimes

By Jeffrey Bachman

Is President Obama a Suspected War Criminal? There is only one answer to this question … and it is not the answer most would want to hear.


Big Brother’s Loyal Sister:

How Dianne Feinstein Is Betraying Civil Liberties

By Norman Solomon

She has shown a clear commitment to deep-sixing vital information about the surveillance state, in a never-ending quest for the uninformed consent of the governed.


FBI MonitoredAnti-war Website

By Spencer Ackerman

The FBI monitored a prominent anti-war website for years, in part because agents mistakenly believed it had threatened to hack the bureau’s own site.


You Say You Want A Revolution?

By Robert S. Becker

In my mind the revolution has already begun.” Whither the launch?


The Censorship That Dare Not Speak Its Name

By James F. Tracy

These murky forces do not just find the examination of topics like 9/11 unseemly; they also share an active interest in keeping them perpetually unexamined and suppressed.


16 killed, over 90 wounded in double bombing in Syria:

Eight people were killed in a blast in central Damascus on Wednesday, while in Sweida in the south of the country, eight intelligence officers died in a suicide bombing at an air force intelligence headquarters.


I Sold My Sister for 300 Dollars’ :

Amani has just turned 22. Two months ago she fled from the civil war in Syria and left her house in capital Damascus


UN envoy blames Syrian opposition for delay in talks toward ending war: –

U.S.-Russian plans for a long-delayed summit on Syria appeared to collapse Tuesday, with the United Nations’ special envoy to Syria suggesting that the opposition’s perpetual disarray was to blame for the failure to begin negotiations on a political settlement to the conflict.


“I Don’t Know If [Obama] Gets It”:

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Turki on the kingdom’s disappointment in President Obama.


Bush- Blair Legacy Continues As

Attacks kill 13 policemen, 2 civilians in Iraq:

A suicide bomber detonated an oil tanker rigged with explosives at a police station north of Baghdad on Wednesday, killing seven policemen, while attacks elsewhere left eight dead, officials said.


Palestinian leader Arafat was murdered with polonium: widow:

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was poisoned to death in 2004 with radioactive polonium, his widow Suha said on Wednesday after receiving the results of Swiss forensic tests on her husband’s corpse. “We are revealing a real crime, a political assassination,” she told Reuters in Paris.


Kerry urges Israel to limit ‘illegitimate’ settlements:

“Let me emphasize at this point the position of the United States of America on the settlements is that we consider them… to be illegitimate,” Kerry said after discussions with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.


Hamas restates position on peace talks:

Hamas which controls Gaza, won’t be included in peace talks. Al Jazeera spoke to Gazi Hamad, deputy minister of foreign affairs for Hamas


Israel opposes alleged Iran nuclear proposal: –

Israel on Wednesday urged world powers to reject what it said was an Iranian proposal for Tehran to partly reduce its nuclear programme while the West eases sanctions.


US willing to offer Iran ‘reversible sanctions relief’ in exchange for ‘first steps’ on nuclear program:

“What we’re looking for is a first phase, a first step, an initial understanding that stops Iran’s nuclear program from moving forward and rolls it back for first time in decades,” US official tells reporters.


7 Militants Killed in Afghan Police Raids within Day:

“Afghan National Police (ANP) conducted several joint clearance operations with the cooperation of Afghan National Army, Afghan intelligence agency and Coalition Forces in Kandahar, Wardak and Paktika provinces. As a result, seven armed Taliban were killed and 21 others were arrested,” the ministry said in statement


Afghan police find bodies of 7 soldiers abducted by Taliban in country’s south:

The police say the bodies were found on Wednesday on the outskirts of the provincial capital of southern Zabul province.


Attacks on Afghan army kill 5 soldiers:

At least five Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers were killed in separate attacks by the rebels in different parts of Afghanistan, said the Defence Ministry on Wednesday.


Pakistan: No drones strikes to be allowed after 20th: Imran Khan:

PTI chief says KP govt to surely suspend NATO supply lines unless end to drone strikes guaranteed: In passionate speech in the NA, Khan said the KP government would suspend the supply line on November 20, urging Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to seek guarantee from America that no drone strike would jeopardise future peace talks with the Taliban.


Will Imran Khan Block NATO Supplies in Pakistan?:

 Many in Pakistan were outraged last week when a U.S. drone killed militant leader Hakimullah Mehsud, calling the strike yet another example of Washington bulldozing over the nation’s sovereignty.

Will Imran Khan Block NATO Supplies in Pakistan?


Ex-military ruler Pervez Musharraf released:

Ahmed Raza Kasuri, senior lawyer and counsel for the former military dictator, said that Musharraf’s release was not part of any deal and the ex-president would address a “historic press conference” after his release from the sub-jail. He claimed that fake cases were fabricated against his client.


Car bombing kills Libyan army officer:

A Libyan intelligence officer was killed in a car bombing in the eastern city of Benghazi Wednesday three days after a colleague died in the same way, a hospital source said.


Libya to stop paying armed groups from 2011 uprising:

Many militias have rejected the government’s demands to turn in their weapons or join the national security forces, and a patchwork of armed groups effectively controls much of the country.


Libya Warns Against Buying Oil From Militias:

Air and naval forces were ordered to “confront any vessels (violating the order) with force, arrest and detention,” the statement said.


Libya Is So Chaotic That It’s Struggling To Buy Bread:

Payments problems, chaos and corruption are hampering Libyan importers from making big deals to buy wheat, another setback as the country spins out of control two years after dictator Muammar Gaddafi was toppled by rebels and NATO warplanes.


They Were Soldiers:

How the Wounded Return from America’s Wars : Audio –


Germany To Study Ways To Question Snowden In Moscow:

The government of Chancellor Angela Merkel, which is seeking a no-mutual-spying agreement with the United States, has been wary of making contact with Snowden for fear of upsetting Washington and would not let him onto German soil.


Anonymous demonstrators clash with police outside Buckingham Palace:

 Fireworks thrown and Nelson’s Column and Victoria Memorial damaged as anti-austerity campaigners protest in London


The power of propaganda:

Washington votes against GMO labeling – preliminary results:

The citizens of Washington State have voted against a bill that would have required the labeling of genetically altered foods. The multinationals invested a total of $22 million in convincing the state’s constituents they should vote against the mandatory labeling of foods with genetically modified ingredients.


US Border Patrol Will Continue To Kill Rock Throwers:

Report commissioned by government had advised agents to end using deadly force against those who throw rocks and other objects along border. Agency rejects recommendation.


In case you missed it:

U.S. Border Patrol Fires at Rock Throwers in Mexico, and Three Have Been Killed.

U.S. Border agents have repeatedly fired across the border at rock-throwing Mexicans in the last two years. Three people have died, including a teenager this week, Terry Greene Sterling reports.


Oil rigging: Traders accuse BP and Shell of fixing prices:

A new law suit claims some of the world’s largest oil companies – including BP, Royal Dutch Shell, manipulated Brent Crude spot prices in collaboration with Morgan Stanley, Vitol Group, and other energy traders.


Is Puerto Rico the next Greece? :”

The U.S. territory has become the latest poster child for serious debt woes. Once popular with investors, the island’s $2.2 billion budget deficit has led credit rating agencies to downgrade Puerto Rican bonds to near-junk status.


Wall Street settlements don’t mean much:

By week’s end, we could have two major settlements against Wall Street firms that will be touted as proof that President Obama means what he says – that the fats cats will be held responsible for their actions. Don’t buy it.


Affordable Care Act Could Be Further Hamstrung By Shortage Of Doctors:

At Current Rate, As Many As 52,000 Primary Care Physicians Needed By 2025

Affordable Care Act Could Be Further Hamstrung By Shortage Of Doctors


Less Food for More Hungry:

“We’re becoming a country where the government cuts such essential things as food, and we don’t know how people are going to survive


Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,395


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001




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