Thanks to you, Rolling Jubilee has abolished over thirteen million dollars of medical debt!

12 November 2013 — Strikedebt

Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee project has abolished $13.5 million in medical debt –

Celebratory events in five cities around the USA

Spread the word on social media –

More ways to take action –

Thousands of people are better off today

Strike Debt is pleased to announce that, with your participation, we have purchased and abolished$13.5 million in medical debt, affecting 2,693 individuals across 45 states and Puerto Rico. These debts ranged from $50 to over $200,000, including several accounts over $100K.  These individuals will no longer have to pay this debt.  They have been informed via letters like this. 

To date, the Rolling Jubilee has raised over $600,000 and abolished $14.7 million in debt across four separate purchases.  Every penny spent has gone towards the process of buying and abolishing debt. Read our accounting report for details.

Find your town on these maps of where the Rolling Jubilee just abolished medical debts

(Map one and Map two)

Celebrations on November 15th

To celebrate the latest round of the jubilee, we’re holding events in several cities on or around this Friday, November 15th, the one year anniversary of the Rolling Jubilee.  Join your friends and neighbors in these areas:

Helena, Montana
New York
Portland, Oregon – Nov 23rd
San Francisco – Nov 23rd

If you’d like to hold an event to celebrate the Rolling Jubilee’s largest debt purchase to date – let us know! Email

What’s next?

The Rolling Jubilee is a tactic for raising awareness of the fact that debts are sold for pennies on the dollar on the secondary market. This means that lenders are perfectly willing to write your debts off; they’re just not willing to write them off to you.

Simply buying more debt is not going to solve the problem. For ways you can take action against debt, look at our new, regularly updated list of resources:

The solution is collective action

Debt is so devastating because it is treated as an individual burden. As the saying goes: “If you owe the bank $100, that’s your problem. If you owe the bank $100 million, that’s the bank’s problem.” If we band together and force them to deal with us as a group, rather than as individuals, we’re the ones who have the power. Helping to build that collective strength is the primary goal of Strike Debt. If you’d like to help, email

Join us as we build new forms of collective power and create a world where our debts are to our friends, our families, and our communities, not Wall Street.

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