Terry Bell’s ‘Right to Fight’ download

20 November 2013 — Terry Bell Writes

Now available for download (as pdfs – below) is this selection of 17 years of Inside Labour columns, illustrated by 19 Zapiro cartoons that summarise developments between the watershed years of 1996 (the SA Constitution) and 2012 (Marikana). [Brilliant cartoons by Zapiro and I particularly like the one reproduced below. By way of an explanation; the car’s number plate refers to Blade Nzimande, then gen sec of the South African Communist Party and COSATU of course is the Congress of South African Trade Unions, the SA’s TUC. WB]

A financial contribution would be appreciated. EFT to Terry Bell First National Bank (South Africa), account number: 62225856890  Alternatively, the hard copy, together with a copy of Comrade Moss — a political journey can be bought for R100 (p&p paid anywhere in southern Africa).

Right to Fight Cover

Right to Fight

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