Shared values: Likud member says Prawer Plan akin to what ‘Americans did to the Indians’ By Alex Kane

11 December 2013 — Mondoweiss

The U.S. and Israeli governments love to hype how both countries share the same “values.” AIPAC has a whole webpage dedicated to the “progressive values [Israel] shares with America.”

Knesset Member Miri Regev (Photo: Tomer Appelbaum/Haaretz)

I guess they won’t be mentioning these shared values:

“You want to transfer an entire population,” MK Hanna Swaid (Hadash) said.

Committee chairwoman MK Miri Regev (Likud) responded, “Yes, as the Americans did to the Indians.”

The remarks were made during a Knesset Interior Committee hearing on Monday as debate over the Prawer Plan, which calls for demolishing Bedouin villages and transferring their inhabitants to urban townships, continued.

(H/T Yousef Munayyer.)

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