HLLN: UN shoots five bullets into 14 year old unarmed student / Like Haiti, Honduras has World Bank, IMF to thank for its poverty…

3 December 2013 — HLLN

Recommended HLLN Link: Honduras has World Bank, IMF to thank for its poverty Its current plight is, for the most part, by design http://bit.ly/1g34OOZ

Haitian migrants risk Dominican deportation: Thousands of descendants face expulsion from adopted homeland following court ruling http://aje.me/1846mpk

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Information Clearing House 2 December 2013: Zionism’s Last Card and Hope For Palestine

2 December 2013 — Information Clearing House

A Narcissistic US, an Anxious Saudi Arabia and a Hysterical Israel

By Amal Saad-Ghorayeb

The Iran nuclear deal has brought out the ‘borderline’ personality disorder of Saudi Arabia and Israel.



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‘Information vampires’ hoping to charge press outlets for publishing Snowden leaks

3 December 2013 — RT

Officials from the UK intelligence agency GCHQ raided the Guardian newspaper’s London officers back in August in search of hardrives containing data leaked by former CIA employee Edward Snowden. Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger said the officials wanted the Guardian to destroy all the information from Snowden despite the fact the data had already been disseminated to different news organizations around the world. Rather than working to correct the growing surveillance state lawmakers on both sides of the Atlantic are dragging their feet and exploring methods to crack down on the press, The Guardian in particular, journalist Tony Gosling told RT.

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Exposed: Globally Renowned Activist Collaborated With Intelligence Firm Stratfor

3 December 2013 — Occupy.com

Serbia’s Srdja Popovic is known by many as a leading architect of regime changes in Eastern Europe and elsewhere since the late-1990s, and as one of the co-founders of Otpor!, the U.S.-funded Serbian activist group which overthrew Slobodan Miloševi? in 2000. Continue reading