Extractive World Order: Plundering Planet Earth, Seizing Resources and Erasing Cultures By Anonymous

10 December 2013


Plundering the world’s natural resources and setting up proxy points of guaranteed distribution back to the Motherland is the lead stratagem behind an Imperialist-capitalist agenda that for centuries held their own class as chief inhabitants of the planet.   Foreign and domestic policy today is almost entirely dictated by the interests of a few, a ruling Imperial class under the influence of lobbyists and front groups from any number of extractive industries, among other powerful corporations and rogue nations— all equally clamoring to shape the course of things.

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Second release of secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement documents

9 December 2013 — Wikileaks

On 13 November 2013 WikiLeaks released the draft text of the crucial Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) Intellectual Property chapter during the lead-up to a TPP chief negotiators’ meeting in Salt Lake City on 19-24 November 2013. Today, 9 December 2013, WikiLeaks has released two more secret TPP documents that show the state of negotiations as the twelve TPP countries began supposedly final negotiations at a trade ministers’ meeting in Singapore this week.

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Conservative Britain: Repackaging the American Dream By Sean Keach

10 December 2013 — New Left Project

Much of America’s aggression towards communism in the 20th Century was mobilised through a propaganda campaign that dangled white picket fences and warm blueberry pies over the heads of a blue-collar citizenship. Even today, the American dream idealism can be seen propagating the ever raw political divisions of the United States. In a country of gross wealth inequality, the masses remain relatively placid, continuingly placated by the belief that poverty is deserved, not inflicted. 50’s America showcased a reprehensible crusade against proponents of worker’s rights, abandoning human freedoms as Senator McCarthy bulldozed a belief system across the hearts and minds of the country.

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Global Poverty and Post-colonial “Development Agendas”: Ethiopia and the West By Paul O’Keeffe

9 December 2013 — Global Research

When one thinks of the word ’agenda’ a few obvious meanings may come to mind – a list of things to do, a plan for a meeting, a goal to achieve or perhaps even an ideology. In the context of international development aid an agenda often means something altogether very different – a plan or goal that guides someone’s behaviour and is often not explicitly stated. Development aid agendas do not always reflect the needs and desires of the people they propose to serve. More often than not development agendas serve those who institute and organise them. Be it international development donors or governments who receive billions in aid subsidies, development aid and assistance is hardly ever free from condition or expectation on either the donor or receiver side.

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 9 December 2013: Settlement wastewater pumped in valleys, plains in Salfit district

9 December 2013 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

International Human Rights Day, Palestinian People’s Suffering Continues
IMEMC – On 10 December, the world celebrates the Human Rights Day, which was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1950 to review the international achievements in the field of universal respect, promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental liberties that are the core principles of International Bill of Human Rights, which States have repeatedly emphasized their legal and moral commitment, in cooperation with the United Nations (UN), to promote and respect for all human beings. …

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Hersh: Syria Sarin Story 'Was Bought by the Mainstream Press' By Peter Hart

10 December 2013 — FAIR Blog

Seymour Hersh (cc photo: Generation Progress)

A new piece by veteran investigative reporter Seymour Hersh argues that the Obama administration’s case against Syria over a sarin gas attack last August relied on cherry-picked intelligence.

Hersh’s piece was not published in the New Yorker, where so much of his work appears. And it apparently was not of interest to the Washington Post either (Huffington Post, 12/8/13). Instead, Hersh’s article appears in the London Review of Books (12/8/13). 

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