The Lies Behind The West’s War On Libya By Jean-Paul Pougala

23 December 2013 — Global Research


It was Gaddafi’s Libya that offered all of Africa its first revolution in modern times – connecting the entire continent by telephone, television, radio broadcasting and several other technological applications such as telemedicine and distance teaching. And thanks to the WMAX radio bridge, a low cost connection was made available across the continent, including in rural areas.

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O Little Town of Bethlehem By Francis A. Boyle

23 December 2013 — Countercurrents

It was December of 1991 and I was serving as Legal Advisor to the Palestinian Delegation to the Middle East Peace Negotiations in Washington DC. The Israelis were stalling, not even negotiating in bad faith, and the Americans under Baker and Ross were doing nothing to get the negotiations started.

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 22 December 2013: Kerry’s Framework Agreement: US Plans ‘Gazafication’ of the West Bank

22 December 2013 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

PCHR – In Excessive Use Of Force, Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Civilian
IMEMC – 4 Others, Including Child, injured in 2 Separate Incidents in the Northern Gaza Strip. On Friday, 20 December 2013, Israeli forces killed a Palestinian civilian and wounded his brother while working near the borderline with Israel, north of Beit Hanoun, in the northern Gaza Strip. …
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Case Against Syria’s Assad Falls Apart

23 December 2013 — WashingtonsBlog

Evidence for Government Use of Chemical Weapons Fizzles

Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh recently destroyed America’s claim that it was clearly the Syrian government which carried out the chemical weapons attacks. Now, the U.N. weapons inspectors have quietly retracted one of their main claims implying that Assad we behind the attack.

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Ukrainian Dream Comes True By Oriental Review

23 December 2013 — Oriental Review

Ukrainian Dream Comes True

The outcome of last week’s Russia-Ukraine talks in Moscow was predictably unexpected. Besides outstanding USD 15 billion – worth allocation of Russia’s National Welfare Funds in Ukrainian Eurobonds and drastic 33% cut of the Russian export gas prices that Moscow conceded to Kyiv, 14 other agreements provided legal framework for multi-billion joint industrial projects in hi-tech (space, aviation, ship-building, engine machinery, nuclear power), transport infrastructure (new multimodal gateway at the frontier Kerch strait) and lifting a number of mutual trade limitations. The agreements do not envisage any political commitments like joining Russia-led Customs Union or restricting budgetary expenses and salary freeze as it was required by the IMF. Continue reading

Egyptian revolutionary socialist: ‘We are facing a counterrevolution’

23 December 2013 — Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

Rana Nessim and Rosemary Bechler interviewed Sameh Naguib (pictured below), a leading member of the Revolutionary Socialists in Egypt, on October 24, 2013. The interview was published on the openDemocracy website on November 8. Nessim is associate editor for openDemocracy’s Arab Awakening page. Bechler is editor of openDemocracyLinks International Journal of Socialist Renewal has added subheads and abridged the interview for reasons of space. The full text is available at HERE. Continue reading

The Enduring Power of Zionism’s Propaganda Lies By Alan Hart

23 December 2013 — Alan Hart

Munich OlympicEvidence that the mainstream media is not prepared to balance Zionism’s propaganda lies with the truth of history as it relates to the making and sustaining of the conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel was on display in the BBC’s obituary tribute to David Coleman who died at the age of 87 on 21 December. The face and voice of BBC Television’s sports coverage for the best part of half a century, he was in Munich for the 1972 Olympics where, according to the commentary of the BBC’s tribute to him, “Arab gunmen held hostages and then killed the Israeli athletes.”

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