Biotechnology, GMO and Scientific Analysis: The Powers of Corporate Manipulation By Colin Todhunter

6 December 2013 — Global Research

Retracting Seralini’s Study


The biotech sector often yells for “peer review” when the anti-GMO movement refers to analyses or research-based findings to state its case. Despite Professor Seralini publishing his research findings (rats fed on GMOs) that were critical of the health impacts of GMOs in an internationally renowned peer-reviewed journal in 2012, his methodology and findings were nevertheless subjected to sustained attacks by the sector. Personal smears came his way too (1). Now he finds that his paper has been retracted by the journal.

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Revealed: The secret of the East China Sea By Pepe Escobar

6 December 2013 — RT

What game is China really playing by declaring an Air Defense Identification Zone in the East China Sea?

The spin in the US is relentless. This was no less than “saber-rattling,” a “bellicose” posture and a unilateral “provocation.” A possibly tense meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and US Vice-President Joe Biden in Beijing may have done nothing to dispel it.

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 5 December 2013: A wall in Issawiya

5 December 2013 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Arab MK’s Demand Kerry To Stop Israel’s Prawer Plan
IMEMC – Israeli TV, Channel 10, has reported that Arab Members of Israeli Knesset demanded the visiting US Secretary of State, John Kerry, to intervene, and stop Israel’s Prawer Negev displacement plan. …

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Israel Aims to Sabotage the Geneva Agreement with Iran By Dimitri Minin

6 December 2013 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Israel is stepping up its efforts to sabotage the agreements reached in Geneva on the issue of Iran’s nuclear program. On December 1 the head of the Israeli military intelligence agency AMAN, Amos Yadlin, and former CIA director Michael Hayden simultaneously and in unison, although in different parts of the world, stated that Iran has already crossed the nuclear threshold and is ready to «build several nuclear bombs in a matter of weeks». In their opinion, requirements for the further denuclearization of Iran should be made significantly stricter.

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Nelson Mandela’s years in power: Was he pushed or did he jump? By Patrick Bond

5 December 2013 — Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

The death of Nelson Mandela, at age 95 on December 5, 2013, brings genuine sadness. As his health deteriorated over the past six months, many asked the more durable question: how did he change South Africa? Given how unsatisfactory life is for so many in society, the follow-up question is, how much room was there for Mandela to maneuver? Continue reading

The Legacy of Nelson Mandela: A Dissenting Opinion By Jonathan Cook

6 December 2013 — Global Research

Offering a dissenting opinion at this moment of a general outpouring of grief at Nelson Mandela’s death is not likely to court popularity. It is also likely to be misunderstood.

So let me start by recognising Mandela’s huge achievement in helping to bring down South African apartheid, and make clear my enormous respect for the great personal sacrifices he made, including spending so many years caged up for his part in the struggle to liberate his people. These are things impossible to forget or ignore when assessing someone’s life.

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The struggle for Ukraine made in Europe By Peter Schwarz

6 December 2013 — WSWS

The current wave of protests in Ukraine bears the label “Made in Germany,” “Made in the EU” and “Made in America.” The Western media has gone to great lengths to portray the demonstrations in Kiev as a struggle for democracy and the rule of law. In fact, they are part of a conflict over geostrategic issues. The aim is to repel Russian influence and subject Ukraine to the domination of Germany, the European Union and NATO.

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