Information Clearing House 12 December 2013: The BBC Must Declare the Interests of its Contributors, or Lose Our Trust

12 December 2013 — — Information Clearing House

Top U.S.-Backed Rebel Commander Flees Syria
By Noah Rayman
Gen. Salim Idris of the Free Syrian Army fled into Turkey and flew to Doha, Qatar on Sunday after Islamist rebel groups took over his headquarters and warehouses of U.S.-provided military gear along the border between Turkey and Syria.

Why is Syria Attracting so Many War Volunteers?
By Thomas Hegghammer
The foreign fighter flow into Syria looks set to extend the life of the jihadi movement by a generation. But why is Syria attracting so many war volunteers?
War Pimp Alert
Norman Podhoretz: Strike Iran Now to Avert Disaster Later
By Norman Podhoretz
A conventional-weapons attack is preferable to the nuclear war sure to come.
(Un)holy River
Israeli Palestinian “Peace Talks” Based on a False Premise
By Uri Avnery’
To wit: that the Israeli government wants peace based on the two-state solution.
Mandela and the African Liberation Struggle
Ubuntu and the Emancipation of Humans Everywhere
By Horace Campbell
Those who branded Mandela as a terrorist are seeking to program the minds of the youth to see Mandela as some sort of visionary leader “dropped from heaven” without links to real struggles for peace.
A Conspiracy So Vast
It’s not just the NSA, now the FBI, your local police are also spying on US citizens
By Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
The object of the conspiracy is to emasculate all Americans and many foreigners of their right to privacy in order to predict our behavior.
Omidyar’s PayPal Corporation Said To Be Implicated in Withheld NSA Documents
By Sibel Edmonds
The billionaire owner of PayPal Corporation has entered into a $250 Million business partnership with two journalists-Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, a journalist duo who possess the entire cache of evidence provided by Edward Snowden.
Greenwald’s Twitter War Over PayPal-NSA Allegations
By JP Sottile
Neither Edmonds nor her interviewees can state as fact that there is anything in the Snowden docs that shows PayPal-NSA cooperation.
The BBC Must Declare the Interests of its Contributors, or Lose Our Trust
By George Monbiot
The BBC seems happy to be used as a covert propaganda outlet by tobacco, fossil fuel and other controversial companies.
Noam Chomsky: U.S. Used to Have People Killed for Practicing What Pope Francis Preaches
By Travis Gettys
The United States waged a decades-long war against Catholics who practiced the teachings that got Pope Francis named as Time magazine’s person of the year.
Where’s the Body Count from Shootings by the Police?
By James Bovard
The federal government has no credibility condemning vast numbers of private gun owners as long as it refuses to compile the casualty count from government agents.
Prison Profiteers
Surely This Counts As Cruel & Unusual Punishment
Failing to provide sick prisoners with needed care turns out to be pretty good for Corizon’s profits.
Report: VA Lobotomized 2,000 Disturbed Veterans
By Army Times
The Veterans Administration performed the brain-altering operation on former servicemen it diagnosed as depressives, psychotics and schizophrenics, and occasionally on people identified as homosexuals, according to the report.
Feel of Poppies
Watching History Write Itself
When you’re glued to the latest series, caught up in the drama, the twists and turns of the plot, you may be missing the most intricate, massive drama imaginable; the one happening all around you, in real time.


Yemen: Clashes between Sunni militants and northern rebels kill 40:
Yemeni officials: sectarian clashes between Sunni militants and northern rebels kill 40.
Yemen TV airs cold-blooded Al Qaida assault: Video –
Yemeni state television has aired horrific images of an Al Qaida-claimed assault on a defence ministry complex in Sana’a showing assailants executing civilians and medics in cold blood.
US Kills 15 People In Yemen:
Fifteen people on their way to a wedding in Yemen were killed in an air strike after their party was mistaken for an Al Qaida convoy, local security officials said on Thursday.
US Kills Civilians in Yemen : Witnesses:
The witnesses and a tribal source said the attack was carried out by a US drone and targeted Qaifa, near the town of Radaa.
Islamists kill 15 Alawite and Druze civilians in Syria: Activists:
Islamist rebels killed at least 15 civilians from the minority Alawite and Druze sects in the central Syrian city of Adra on Wednesday and Thursday, the pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.
Syria: FSA, Islamic Front face off:
The Islamic Front raided a total of ten warehouses belonging to the Western-backed umbrella group and seized a significant arsenal of weaponry, including 2,000 AK-47 rifles, 1,000 assorted arms-including M79 Osa rocket launchers, rocket-propelled grenades, and 14.5mm heavy machine guns-in addition to more than 200 tons of ammunition. At least 100 FSA military vehicles were also taken in the attack.
Top U.S.-Backed Rebel Commander Flees Syria:
Gen. Salim Idris of the Free Syrian Army fled into Turkey and flew to Doha, Qatar on Sunday after Islamist rebel groups took over his headquarters and warehouses of U.S.-provided military gear along the border between Turkey and Syria, the Wall Street Journal reports.
Syrian rebel leader Idriss in Turkey, denies fleeing:
A spokesman for the Syrian National Coalition said Idriss was in Turkey holding talks with both FSA rebels and also the Islamic Front, which has emerged as the biggest Islamist rebel grouping in Syria.
Western-backed Syria rebels in disarray as aid halted:
The decline of the rebel Free Syrian Army comes ahead of January peace talks that the ascendant Islamist rebel groups have rejected, raising concerns that even if the opposition reached a deal with the regime it would be unable to implement it.
US and UK reportedly carving out rebel-controlled security zone in southern Syria:
Israel’s Debkafile reported on Wednesday that the US Department of Defense is far from fully abandoning its involvement in the bloody Syrian civil war. Now with non-lethal aid from the US being diminished, American and British troops will begin assisting rebel fighters being trained and hosted in neighboring Jordan
Saudi, Iran invited to Geneva-2:
Iran and Saudi Arabia, which back opposite sides in Syria’s war, are among more than 30 countries slated to attend a peace conference next month, diplomats said.
Four soldiers killed in N. Baghdad blast: –
Four Iraqi soldiers were killed on Thursday in a suicide bombing in northern Baghdad, a police source said.
Saudi Grand Mufti condemns suicide attacks;
Government-appointed cleric quoted as referring to such attacks as a sin, with attackers condemned to hell.
US hits firms for Iran violations but urges Congress against more sanctions;
The US announced Thursday that it was penalising more than a dozen companies and individuals for conducting prohibited business with Iran, barely an hour before it implored Congress yet again not to enact any new sanctions on Tehran.
Amira Hass: How the third intifada will start: Op-Ed:
Senseless killing like the shooting of 15-year-old Wajih al-Ramahi are only likely to be repeated.
Israel delays Bedouin “resettlement” plan: –
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has postponed a plan to resettle tens of thousands of Bedouin Arabs in the Negev desert that had ignited violent protests, an adviser to his government said on Thursday.
The racism of Israel’s blood donation policy:
Magen David Adom, Israel’s version of the Red Cross, would not accept a blood donation from Pnina Tamano-Shata, a Ethiopian-born Knesset member . Tamano-Shata said that the rejection was “further proof that ‘equal rights’ for Ethiopians in Israel is a nice slogan that doesn’t exist in reality.”
Lest we forget:
Nelson Mandela comments on death of Yasser Arafat on 11 Nov 2004:
Video – Nelson Mandela comments on the death of Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat in Cape Town on 11 Nov 2004
17 “Taliban” killed in Afghanistan clash:
A gun battle between security forces and Taliban militants in Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province left 17 insurgents dead, provincial Governor Shah Waliullah Adeen said Thursday.
White House: deadline for Afghan “security” pact could slip into January:
The White House would like Afghan President Hamid Karzai to sign a bilateral security agreement by the end of the year, but the deadline could slip into early January, a spokesman said on Wednesday.
German court rejects compensation claim over Afghan air strike deaths:
A German court on Wednesday threw out a compensation claim by relatives of the scores of civilians killed in a 2009 German-ordered NATO attack in Afghanistan, ruling that the commander who ordered the strike did not act negligently. 99 people, including 30 civilians, were killed in the strike.
Bangladesh executes opposition leader:
Bangladesh has hanged opposition leader Abdul Quader Mollah over war crimes, making him the first person to be put to death for massacres committed during the country’s bloody 1971 war of independence.
Ex-Thai PM indicted for murder over crackdown:
Abhisit Vejjajiva faces court as protests against Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra continue in Bangkok.
Policeman killed in car bomb in Egypt canal city:
A car bomb exploded near an Egyptian police building on Thursday in the Suez Canal city of Ismailiya, killing one policeman and wounding 35 other people, security officials said.
Humanitarian crisis looms in CAR capital:
The focus is shifting to conditions in the makeshift camps, with humanitarian workers raising fears of cholera and other diseases spreading.
Madagascar hit by ‘pneumonic and bubonic plague’:
Two cases of pneumonic plague – more deadly than bubonic plague – have been reported in Madagascar, a health official has told the BBC. It comes after it was confirmed that there was a deadly outbreak of the bubonic plague in a village in the north-west of the island.
Ukraine and EU agree to work out road map for association deal:
Ukraine and the EU have agreed to prepare a road map for the implementation of the trade and association agreement, said EU commissioner Stefan Fuele. The negotiations will take place without the participation of Russia, he added as quoted by RIA Novosti.
Pimping a war with China:
Call Made to Congress for China War Plan:
The U.S. military needs a more focused war plan specific to China, especially after China’s recent declaration of an air defense zone over the East China Sea, a group of defense analysts told a prominent House subcommittee Wednesday.
Thousands rally in support of Bogota mayor:
Mayor Gustavo Petro refuses to accept Colombian government’s decision to order him out and ban him from politics.
How Americans Were Deceived About Cell-Phone Location Data:
Remember when multiple Obama Administration figures said the NSA doesn’t collect it? That wasn’t true.
The End of the Internet As We Know It:
Unless the FCC protects net neutrality, the biggest Internet providers will run amok.
The US executes more people every year than Yemen, Sudan and Afghanistan.:
Is it a human right NOT to be legally murdered by your own government?
NASA unveils 6-foot-tall humanoid robot (VIDEO):
NASA scientists have been secretly at work for a year on a walking, humanoid-like robot meant to evoke awe in anyone who comes across it – and it looks like they’ve accomplished their mission.
Iceland: Four Kaupthing Executives Sentenced To Prison:
In a landmark ruling, Reykjavík District Court sentenced four former executives of Kaupthing Bank to between 3 and 5 1/2 years in prison for financial crimes dating back to 2008.
Criminal action is expected for JPMorgan in Madoff case:
JPMorgan Chase and federal authorities are nearing settlements over the bank’s ties to Bernard L. Madoff, striking tentative deals that would involve roughly $2 billion in penalties and a rare criminal action. The government will use a sizable portion of the money to compensate Mr. Madoff’s victims.
UK MPs to receive 11% pay rise amid rise in malnutrition and mental health cuts:
British MPs are set to receive an 11 percent raise, taking their annual salaries up to more than $120,000 a year, effective from May 2015. The news comes alongside a simultaneous foreign aid budget increase and in the fallout of ongoing cuts.
Merry Christmas: Millions to lose jobless benefits:
Nesbitt is one of the 1.3 million people likely to be left with no unemployment benefits just three days after Christmas.
Retired GM workers just lost $450 million in benefits:
A federal judge said General Motors is not required to pay $450 million to cover medical benefits for retirees, in a defeat for the United Auto Workers union.
Teen kills 4, gets probation due to ‘affluenza’
A teenager in Fort Worth, Texas was given probation after driving drunk and killing four pedestrians. Prosecutors pushed for a jail sentence of 20 years for 16-year-old Ethan Couch, whose blood alcohol content at the time of the accident was 0.24 – three times the legal limit for someone of drinking age – and also contained traces of Valium.
Police Brutality on Elderly Woman – St. Simons Georgia: Video –
A DUI arrest on a 72 year old women turns bad when Kevin Jones (badge #149) of the Glynn County police is trying to cuff the woman. She was taken down, and did not have her arms to break the force that Jones decided to use on her.
This is not a movement you are going to stop’ –
Connecticut governor signs first GMO labeling law in US: Voters in Connecticut decided back in June to approve a bill requiring that all foods meant for human consumption that contain genetically-modified ingredients be properly labeled. Unless some neighboring states in the region follow suit, however, the status of that law remains in limbo.


Cost Of War

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq 1,455,590
Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq:  4,883
Number Of  International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan :3,397
Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan
Total Cost of Wars Since 2001


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