Settler siren Arfa channels Miley Cyrus in soft-core bulldozer vid By Philip Weiss

13 December 2013 — Mondoweiss

[This has gotta be the worst piece of propaganda ever created. It’s so bad it sets your teeth on edge. WB]

It’s Shabbos, so enjoy the video above!

P.S. A few words of explanation. +972 and Heeb magazine say the video, by settler siren Orit Arfa, is the worst video ever made. Called “Jews Can’t Stop,” Arfa riffs off Miley Cyrus’s song, We Can’t Stop. Cyrus sang:

“Can’t you see it’s we who own the night?… It’s our body, we can do what we want to.”

And Arfa replaces “night” and “body” with the land of the West Bank. The front-end-loader (Bamford, a British make) is featured at 1:13.

This couplet is wise, as Arfa rolls her eyes.

And everyone in line for peace

Trying to get a Nobel for peace.

Arfa is an American-Israeli artist who says she was fired by the Zionist Organization of America, “can aptly be described as a Renaissance Woman,” and lives in a West Bank settlement. She lately expressed rage at Jeffrey Goldberg for being too nice to the Obama administration, and again riffed on Miley Cyrus in a scatological manner:

He makes Miley’s famous tongue look really short from the way he wields his own up the behind of Obama and his officials. Miley might take some pointers from him. Of course, his most vulgar statement is suggesting that engaging in ethnic cleansing of Jews from Judea and Samaria to create a Palestinian state will lead to peace and prestige for Israel, not to mention peace-on-earth for the Palestinians, who’d be left to kill and oppress each other, if we can judge from what happened after the Gaza pull-out. He’s more concerned with Israel’s prestige–and his own.

It’s self-interested, prestige-obsessed Jewish men like Jeffrey Goldberg that make this Jewish girl sympathize with Miley Cyrus.

Here’s her anti-BDS song. Love song to Israel:

“She is a miracle besieged by liars… Haters scream so loud. But she’s not backing down.”

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