Information Clearing House 15 December 2013: France Fuels Sectarian Killing in CAR

15 December 2013 — Information Clearing House

US/British Policy on Syria has Been Sunk, and Nobody Noticed
Free Syrian Army a Complete Pawn to Foreign Intelligence Agencies
By Patrick Cockburn
The final bankruptcy of American and British policy in Syria came 10 days ago as Islamic Front, a Saudi-backed Sunni jihadi group, overran the headquarters of the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army.
Saudis’ Big Deal for US Anti-tank Missiles May be Meant to Help Syrian Rebels
By South China Morning Post
One Saudi ally could desperately use anti-tank weapons – the Syrian rebels.
France Fuels Sectarian Killing in CAR
By Finian Cunningham
French troops are not preventing mayhem; they are inflaming it.
War Crimes Tribunal Finds Israel Guilty Of Genocide Against The Palestinian People
Video By RT
Judgment will be submitted to the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, UN and the UN Security Council for further action.
Right To Resist Oppression
By Paul Balles
“Genocide is realistic; justice is not. The progressive ‘realist’ is finally no different than the right wing Zionist.”
Nelson Mandela Has Been Laid To Rest – But His Legacy Must Not Be
By Gary Younge
The desire to remember Mandela as a brilliant individual who single-handedly guided the nation to democracy is understandable but not honest.
America Is the Most Inhumane Developed Country on the Planet
Are We Going to Let It Stay That Way?
By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers
What would it be like if people in the U.S. knew they had these rights?
Poverty Nation: How America Created a Low-wage Work Swamp
By Joan Walsh
A quarter of people who have jobs today make so little money that they also receive some form of public assistance, or welfare.
If You Want the American Dream, Go to Finland
By Blake Fleetwood
This is a sad, depressing state of affairs for the U.S. and is becoming more true every day. But the reality is still not accepted by most Americans.
Hard News  
Syria air raids kill 36 in Aleppo: Pro rebel activists:
“An (aerial) attack using explosive-laden barrels over the Sakhur, Ard al-Hamra and Haydariyeh districts (of eastern Aleppo) killed 22 people, among them 14 children and an 18-year-old boy,” said the Britain-based Observatory.
Army Retakes 2 Towns in Eastern Syria: pro-Syrian TV:
The army killed tens of militants in Ayyash while a heavy battle is still underway in Al-Mattar Al-Qadim and Al-Haviqeh districts in the second day clashes.
Syrian FSA fighter defects to Qaeda-linked group:
Once-powerful Free Syrian Army commander Saddam al-Jamal has pledged allegiance to ISIL fighters.
US Considers Aiding “Islamist” Rebels:
The gradual collapse of Syria’s moderate rebel forces is forcing the United States to consider extending its support to the Islamist groups it has long rejected but which are steadily rising to become the Assad regime’s principal opponents.
Al Sadr mentor calls to fight alongside Al Assad:
A leading Shiite cleric widely followed by Iraqi militants has issued the first public religious edict permitting Shiites to fight in Syria’s civil war alongside President Bashar Al Assad’s forces.
Day of violence in Iraq leaves 20 dead, including Health Ministry employee and family:
The attackers used guns fitted with silencers killed the employee, his wife, two sons and a 10-year old daughter as they slept in their home in Sadiyah early Sunday morning, police said, adding that they are investigating the incident but have no motive for the attack or any suspects.
Gunmen kill female TV presenter in Iraq: station:
Gunmen shot dead Al-Mosuliyah TV presenter Nawras al-Nuaimi in northern Iraq on Sunday, the station and police said, the latest in a series of journalists killed in the country.
2 dead, 2200 in shelters across storm-ravaged Gaza Strip:
The death toll in the Gaza Strip from winter storm Alexa rose to two on Sunday as more than 2,000 Gazans remained in shelters and much of the region was still paralyzed after four days of severe weather.
Officials warn Gaza Strip on the verge of health crisis:
The results of winter storm Alexa in Gaza will lead to a health disaster unless the world intervenes, a Palestinian medical official said Sunday.
The high price of letting Israel’s extremists flourish:
Israel should drop its reluctance to enforce the law against ‘price tag’ attackers.
U.S. to keep 1,500 troops in Jordan:
“These forces will remain in Jordan, in full coordination with the government of Jordan, until the security situation becomes such that they are no longer needed,” a White House report said.
Yemeni parliament in non-binding vote against drone attacks: –
Yemen’s parliament on Sunday called for a stop to drone attacks in a symbolic vote that reflected growing public anxiety about Washington’s use of the unmanned aircraft to combat al Qaeda in the impoverished country.
Yemen tribe intensifies protest against drone attacks:
“If the government fails to stop American planes from bombing the people of Yemen, then it has no rule over us,” tribal chief Ahmad Al Salmani said from Rada.
Minister says Iran will continue nuclear talks:
“We will continue Geneva talks. We will show proper, calculated, purposeful and smart reaction toward any improper and unconstructive action,” Zarif wrote. “Over the past days, improper actions were carried out by Americans that we responded in a proper way.”
McCain says Iran sanctions bill ‘very likely’:
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Sunday that the Senate is “very likely” to pass a new sanctions bill against Iran despite a deal the United States and other world powers reached to address the Islamic republic’s nuclear ambitions.
ABC, NYT Repeatedly Lied About CIA Operative Robert Levinson:
ABC News and The New York Times have known since 2007 that Robert Levinson, the ex-FBI agent who was kidnapped in Iran, was not, as the U.S. government and his family claimed, an independent businessman
Last man to see Robert Levinson before he vanished denies involvement in disappearance:
An American fugitive who met with Robert Levinson shortly before the former FBI agent vanished, has resurfaced, calling the U.S. intelligence agency “the world’s leading terror apparatus” and denying any role in Levinson’s disappearance in an email sent to NBC News.
Iran asks U.S. to provide more information on missing ex-FBI agent:
Iranian press counselor at the United Nations, Alireza Miryusefi, insisted that the government in Iran has been cooperating with attempts to learn Levinson’s fate. The Iranian government has been trying “to find any clue about Levinson’s situation for humanitarian and security reasons, but no success,” he said.
28 Taliban militants killed or injured in Afghan operations:
Taliban militantsAt least 28 Taliban militants were killed or injured during military operations by Afghan security forces across the country, interior ministry announced Sunday.
8 killed in roadside bombings in eastern Afghanistan; suicide bomber attacks office:
 A spokesman for eastern Nangarhar province, said four policemen were killed and seven wounded when their pickup truck ran over a bomb in in the Agam district. He said the dead included the district’s police chief.
Kerry extends deadline for signing Afghan troops deal:
While he said it must be signed as soon as possible, he raised the option for the first time that the deal governing the presence of US troops in Afghanistan beyond 2014 could even by inked by Karzai’s successor, who will be chosen in April elections.
At least 25 killed as unrest continues in Bangladesh:
At least 25 people have been killed in clashes involving opposition, pro-government activists and police since Thursday, when Jamaat-e-Islami leader, Abdul Quader Molla, was put to death for crimes committed during the nation’s independence war in 1971.
Two UN peacekeepers killed in Mali suicide bomb:
A suicide bomber killed two Senegalese UN peacekeepers and destroyed the only operating bank in the northern Malian town of Kidal yesterday, one day before a second round of parliamentary elections.
Libya army colonel shot dead in Benghazi:
A security official said artillery officer Col. Said Massoud al-Jamli was shot near a school on Sunday. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief reporters, said the gunmen fled.
Seized Libyan oil ports ‘will not reopen’:
Group seeking autonomy for eastern Libya refuses to surrender three oil-exporting ports, costing government billions.
François Hollande’s plane ‘surrounded by rebels’ in Central African Republic:
President’s delegation in stand-off with armed Seleka fighters at Bangui airport during talks on France’s military operation, French newspaper reports
France says to seek European help in Central African Republic:
 “That is a real, big problem,” Fabius told Europe 1 radio. “Tomorrow, I’ll go to the Council of Foreign Ministers and I will ask (European partners) for stepped-up, more robust aid, including on the ground.”
Ukraine protests: McCain warns US could act over Russia deal: –
The United States could take “concrete action” against Ukraine if its government cracks down on dissent, Senator John McCain warned Sunday as he addressed thousands of protesters camped on Kiev’s bitterly cold main square.
Clashes break out at Italy anti-austerity protests: –
Protesters clashed with police at anti-austerity demonstrations in Rome, Turin and Venice on Saturday, as part of a wave of social action led by Italy’s Forconi (Pitchforks) movement of farmers and truck drivers.
Pope says he is not a Marxist, but defends criticism of capitalism:
“The ideology of Marxism is wrong. But I have met many Marxists in my life who are good people, so I don’t feel offended,” Francis was quoted as saying.
Intel Contractors Give Millions to Lawmakers Overseeing Government Surveillance:
Analysis of campaign contributions from political action committees (PACs) and individuals from the top 20 intelligence services contractors working with the Department of Defense, ranked by total value of contracts received, to members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
Obama Suppressing 6,000-Page Report on CIA Torture Adopted by Senate Intelligence Committee:
Over a year ago, the Senate Intelligence Committee voted to adopt a historic, 6,000-page report which contains “startling details” about CIA misdeeds related to its torture program
‘Lie of the Year’ prize goes to Obama:
The infamous prize, handed out annually by the fact-checking website PolitiFact, was given to Obama because of his statements claiming that Americans would be able to keep their health insurance under the Affordable Care Act if they liked their plan.
Facebook develops algorithm that will learn EVERYTHING about you from photos and gives details to advertisers:
From the bottles of beer you drink, to the places you visit on vacation, the social networking site will compile everything there is to know about you
Affluenza: the latest excuse for the wealthy to do whatever they want: Op-Ed:
Ethan Couch, a teenager in Texas, killed four people but got off because he comes from a rich family and ‘didn’t know better’
Another Stand Your Ground showdown?:
A Florida man is accused of shooting and killing an unarmed African-American teenager in a case some say echoes the George Zimmerman trial.
How a Texas Cop Who Killed a Double Amputee Holding a Ballpoint Pen Got Away With It:
 Police misconduct in shootings is “very, very difficult” to prove, an FBI agent says.
What You Should Know About The U.S. And Human Rights
The U.S. is the only country in the world that continues to commit children to die in prison through the imposition of life sentences that lack the possibility of parole
I work 4 jobs and I’m still struggling:
Bingham is 37 years old and has a college degree, but like many Americans, is stuck working many hours in low wage, part-time jobs.
Poverty in America Is Mainstream:
Contrary to popular belief, the percentage of the population that directly encounters poverty is exceedingly high. My research indicates that nearly 40 percent of Americans between the ages of 25 and 60 will experience at least one year below the official poverty line

Cost Of War 

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq 1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq:  4,883
Number Of  International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,397


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan
Total Cost of Wars Since 2001


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