VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 6 February 2014: Why BDS Should Target All Israeli Institutions

6 February 2014 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Gaza Cancer Patients On The Rise
IMEMC – The number of cancer patients in the besieged Gaza Strip is on the rise, as Israel uses weapons containing carcinogenic agents against Palestinians, medical sources have reported. …

Hamdallah Brokers Deal to End UNRWA Strike
IMEMC – Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah has brokered an agreement between Palestinian employees of UNRWA and the agency’s administration, ending a two-month strike. …

35 Palestinian Families Evicted in the Jordan Valley
IMEMC – The Israeli army has evicted 35 Palestinian families from their homes in the northern Jordan. The families reside in the areas of al-Burj, al-Mayteh and al-Hammamat. …

Soldiers Kidnap Eight In Nablus, Damage Home
IMEMC – Settler s Vehicle Rams Resident In Huwwara Israeli soldiers invaded on Thursday, at dawn [February 5, 2014], the villages of Huwwara and Beita, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, kidnapping eight Palestinians, and caused damage to one home. …

Ashrawi Denounces Israel s New Settlement Plan
IMEMC – [Wednesday, February 5, 2014] Member of the Executive Committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, strongly denounced Israel s approval of an additional 349 units of Jewish settlements in occupied Jerusalem. …

Israel To Expand Illegal Settlement In Occupied Jerusalem
IMEMC – [Wednesday, February 05, 2014] Ahmad Sob-Laban, a Palestinian researcher specializing in Israeli settlement activities, stated that Israel is preparing to expand the Maaleh Zeitim illegal settlement, built in the heart of Ras al- Amoud Palestinian neighborhood, in occupied East Jerusalem. …

Relief Web

Syrian Arab Republic: Deprival of food, water, shelter and medical care a method of war in Syria, and a crime against humanity
Relief Web 6 Feb 2014 – Source: UN Human Rights Council Country: occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic GENEVA (6 February 2014) A group of United Nations independent experts* on the human rights to food, health, housing, water and sanitation, and on summary executions and…

occupied Palestinian territory: Al Mezan Issues Report on Violations Committed Against Children According to UN Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism
Relief Web 6 Feb 2014 – Source: Al Mezan Center for Human Rights Country: occupied Palestinian territory On Monday 3 February 2014, the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights issued a report on attacks against children in armed conflict and in internal incidents during 2013. The…

The National

Pakistan government and Taliban start talks for lasting peace deal
The National 6 Feb 2014 – Pakistan s prime minister Nawaz Sharif initiated the talks to end violence that has killed thousands over the last six years in the Tehreek-e-Taliban s campaign to topple the government and enforce their harsher brand of Islam across the country.

India expands visa-free travel to include 180 countries
The National 6 Feb 2014 – Most foreigners currently have to wait several weeks before learning whether they will be allowed to enter India after submitting their applications at visa processing centres, a major deterrent for potential visitors.

Syria peace talks pay dividends for rebels on the battlefield
The National 6 Feb 2014 – Although the Geneva peace talks offered no breakthrough, international donors have since upped their military funding for opposition fighters.

Egypt s army rebukes Kuwaiti report of El Sisi candidacy
The National 6 Feb 2014 – Army says the Kuwait newspaper misinterpreted a statement from Egypt’s top military commander Abdel Fattah El Sisi that he has decided to run in the presidential election scheduled for April.

Cash boost for Syrian rebels to pressure Assad
The National 5 Feb 2014 – The injection of funding from Washington comes on top of a major push by Arabian Gulf states to finance rebel operations in the southern region of Syria, including the war to control the capital, Damascus.

Delhi smog alarms experts as officials do little to cut pollution
The National 5 Feb 2014 – Studies show that the levels of carcinogenic matter in the Indian capital s air is between three and eight times the acceptable healthy standard.


Social activists debate: What happened to the spirit of 2011?
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Shall your brethren go to war while you sit here?
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

A Jewish and undemocratic bill
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Ariel Zilber is no Adam Verte
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

The ultra-Orthodox’s struggle against a generous draft law
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

The ultra-Orthodox’s struggle against a generous draft law
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Understanding antifragility, Israel can transform its crises into breakthroughs
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Israelis hibernate while politicians squabble
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

47 years a slave: A new perspective on the occupation
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Dancer in the dark bureaucracy
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

U.S. bill would cut funding to backers of Israeli boycotts
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

After a year in office, the biggest puzzle remains: What makes Kerry run?
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

N.Y. assembly altering anti-boycott Israel measure
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Gaza rocket explodes in northern Negev
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Report: In rare interview, Mubarak says Egyptians want al-Sissi
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Teva posts strong results after stormy fourth quarter
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

U.S. diplomats’ conversation on Ukraine leaked on YouTube
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

WATCH: Winter Olympics ad reminds us ‘the games have always been a little gay’
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Syrian rebels free hundreds in attack on Aleppo prison
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Greek politician accuses prime minister of heading Jewish conspiracy
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Erekat meets with U.S. peace envoy over settlement construction
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Obama expresses support for Kerry’s ‘principled’ Mideast diplomacy
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Peres breaks world record by teaching largest online civics class
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

‘Leftist’ teacher Adam Verete target of calls for violence on Facebook
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Tel Aviv man suspected of sexually abusing his partner s four daughters
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

One man’s prayer, another man’s incitement
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Israel’s AG pushing to try violators for illegal construction in West Bank
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

On eve of Sochi Olympics, UN chief calls for end to LGBT discrimination
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews protest cut in yeshiva funding for draft-dodgers
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Ashton to Israel: Reverse decision on East Jerusalem building plans
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Suppliers halt flow of drugs, fuel and food to Hadassah hospital
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

The pitiless conflict zone that I miss desperately
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Israeli parliamentarian: Calling Reform ‘not Jewish was a ‘mistake
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

On sanctions, Israel hasn’t seen anything yet
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Israeli army investigating psychiatrist’s handling of suicidal soldier
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Flawed U.S. decisions have endangered Israel, Bennett says
Ha’aretz – 6 Feb 2014

Much has changed, but Israel refuses to see
Ha’aretz – 5 Feb 2014

Jerusalem Post

Three cheers for John Kerry
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – The US secretary of state deserves praise from Israel s government, not insults.

The masks of hypocrisy
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – Prime Minister Harper s visit proves that common values are stronger than any geographical distance.

The threatening stage has begun
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – From the onset of the latest round of talks, the goal became the talks themselves and not an agreement.

Livni s boycott bogeyman
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – The Left is prophesying doom and gloom to scare the public into retreat and withdrawal.

Rocket fired from Gaza explodes in open area near Ashkelon
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – No injuries or damage reported in attack; Code Red alert siren heard in area prior to landing of rocket.

Parshat Tetzaveh: The Kohen loves peace and pursues peace
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – The Temple in Jerusalem was not a place of ritual worship as were temples of other religions. This was not a place that held impressive ceremonies that lacked content.

A fair draft
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – On Thursday, hundreds of haredim took to the streets in Jerusalem to protest the halt to government subsidies of yeshivas harboring draft dodgers.

US Orthodox groups blast anti-Kerry letter
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – The letter sent by the Committee to Save the Land and People of Israel, an activist group opposed to any political accords with the Palestinians, accuses Kerry of “declaring a war against God.”

Temple Mount closed Thursday to avert Arab rioting
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – Police receive several anonymous warnings of imminent violence if Jews permitted to ascend holy site.

Tel Aviv man suspected of abusing his step-daughters: I was possessed by angels
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – The “severe case of physically and sexual abuse took place over three years, during which the man allegedly beat, starved, and had sex with the four girls.

Fishermen, environmentalists band together to demand reforms for Israel’s fishing industry
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – Three MKs and SPNI representatives gather at Ashkelon marina to discuss new Fishing Responsibly campaign.

Ousted Fatah official Dahlan denies meeting Netanyahu’s advisor Molcho in Dubai
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – Palestinian official says report comes in the context of Israel s search for a replacement for Abbas.

Polish gov t ombudsman repudiates Shechita ban
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – Professor Irena Lipowicz reportedly tells Polish PM Tusk that ban on ritual slaughter is legally untenable.

Books and Authors Law goes into effect
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – The bill lowering book prices attempts to break the duopoly in the book market, made up of Steimatzky and Tzomet Sfarim.

PayPal taps into Tel Aviv tech with second BattleHack
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – For over 24 hours, some 200 developers work in groups to develop new apps using PayPal s application programming interface.

Nation s doctors to hold two hours of sanctions in support of Hadassah doctors
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – Urgent care will be provided in intensive care, the emergency department and delivery rooms, as well as cancer treatments in oncology departments.

Basket budget increase doesn’t mean more subsidized drugs
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – Wednesday s dramatic announcement of an additional NIS 230 million for the health basket referred only to money to be given to the four public health funds.

EU condemns building in Har Homa, Neveh Ya’akov, Pisgat Ze’ev
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – Ashton “deeply concerned” by building permit announcement for 558 new housing units in east Jerusalem; US opposes “unilateral action.”

Weekly Schmooze: Jewish Super Bowl ads
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – Jewish culture news worldwide: Alison Brie reads “Missed Connections;” Bar’s new beau.

Five Israeli athletes set to compete in Sochi
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – Short-track speed skater Vladislav Bykanov will be the first team member to compete on Monday; Israelis will also participate in figure skating and skiing events.

Case against social justice leader Leef put on ice
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – The bizarre announcement defied reports that AG had already decided to close the Leef case and other cases.

The problem of Sephardic representation at the present time
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – Because so little is known about Sephardic history and culture, its creativity and innovation have been negated and not deployed in the context of the current Jewish dysfunction.

Haredi protests erupt across country after stipends cut over IDF enlistment
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – Police reopen entrance to Jerusalem after closure; other demonstrations take place in Bnei Berak and Ashdod; demonstrators angered over arrest of draft dodging yeshiva student; 35 arrested in total.

US on spoof settler video: I love Klingons
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki says attempts to “mischaracterize” top US diplomat is unacceptable, hurts process.

MK Rotem: I didn’t say Reform is not Jewish
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – Yisrael Beytenu lawmaker says his words were misconstrued following uproar.

Bat Yam Mayor Lahiani suspended from post for one year
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – Popular mayor indicted on charges of corruption, Lahiani claims willful suspension to devote time defending his innocence.

Comedy for dummies: Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham to bring Disorderly Conduct to Tel Aviv
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – Superstar ventriloquist and his cast of uncensored puppets will bring Disorderly Conduct to Tel Aviv in May.

Iran says it may modify Arak reactor to allay Western concerns
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – First official statement by Iranian nuclear energy chief to show flexibility; West believes plant could produce plutonium for nuclear weapons.

Egyptian reports highlight alleged Morsi-al-Qaida cooperation
Jerusalem Post 6 Feb 2014 – Ousted Egyptian presidents’ Brotherhood purportedly established communications network using US company to communicate with terror group, according to reports.

The Guardian

Scarlett Johansson row has boosted Israeli settlement boycott, say activists
The Guardian 6 Feb 2014 – Pro-boycott campaigners believe they will benefit from SodaStream controversy despite actor cutting ties with Oxfam The movement to boycott Israeli goods linked to settlements has been boosted by “Scarlett syndrome”, say activists, after the high-profile controversy…


Daily Star

Senators seek vote on US troops in Afghanistan
Daily Star 6 Feb 2014 A group of Senate Republicans and Democrats say Congress should vote on whether the U.S. leaves troops in Afghanistan after the NATO-led combat mission formally ends this year.

Israel denies shooting down rocket fired from Gaza
Daily Star 6 Feb 2014 The military denied media reports it shot down a rocket fired from Gaza at southern Israel on Thursday, saying the projectile fell on open ground.

Survivors of chemical attack want stronger US role
Daily Star 6 Feb 2014 With tears welling in her eyes, Syrian refugee Heba Sawan says her country is filled with suffering that goes far beyond the use of chemical weapons by the regime of President Bashar Assad.

Gunmen try to storm Libya army command, no casualties
Daily Star 6 Feb 2014 Unidentified gunmen tried to storm into the Libyan army command headquarters in Tripoli on Thursday, clashing with soldiers there before stealing a few rifles and some vehicles, the army and a military source said.

Police to setup random checkpoints in Beirut
Daily Star 6 Feb 2014 Lebanese police will erect random checkpoints in the next few days to crackdown on stolen vehicles that could be used in terrorist attacks, a security source told The Daily Star

US Jewish leader criticizes Israel boycott drive
Daily Star 6 Feb 2014 A top American Jewish leader on Thursday called on Western governments to combat the growing international campaign to boycott Israel over its settlement activities, saying the phenomenon is one of the greatest challenges facing Israel.

US sets sanctions on Iran, terror global network
Daily Star 6 Feb 2014 The United States blacklisted Thursday individuals and companies worldwide for violating its sanctions regime on Iran, even as it has slightly eased those sanctions as nuclear talks progress.

Hezbollah: Cabinet hurdles require dynamic steps
Daily Star 6 Feb 2014 Hezbollah urged PM-designate to ensure the participation of its ally the FPM in the next government, warning that lack of flexibility on his part risks the formation of a Cabinet that breaches the National Pact.

Stop The Wall

“Itamar” settlers uprooted 200 olive trees in the village of Aqraba and the occupation’s authority agreed on a plan to built 558 new housing units in Jerusalem.
Stop The Wall – Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign ‘B*D’9 100 4,1) 2J*HF AJ B1JH* 5 2 2014, a group of “Itamar” settlement settlers, uprooted more than 200 olive trees, purported to be150 years old or older, which cover an area of 50 acres, and belongs to the citizen Ezat Moawia from Yanoun town,…

Solidarity from the South: The World Social Forum declares its support to BDS and to the Palestinian people
Stop The Wall – Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign In January, the Brazilian cities of Porto Alegre and Canoas received the Thematic Social Forum whose theme chosen was Capitalist Crisis, Democracy, Social and Environmental Justice”. The event, an icon of the altermundism and of the anti-neoliberal, anti-colonialist and anti – imperialist struggle, is a…

Norwegian Government Pension Fund and Danish Bank exclude two Israeli Companies
Stop The Wall – Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign Last Thursday, the 30th of January, the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) announced its reconsideration over the previous decision made in August 2013, which rescinded the 2010 ban over two Israeli companies, Africa Israel Investments and its construction subsidiary, Danya Cebus. The re-exclusion was…

Popular Resistance Activists built the village of Ein Hejleh in the Jordan Valley
Stop The Wall – Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign (J* -,D) 1 The popular resistance activists and political forces built the village of Ein Hejleh on the Church’s lands belonging to Hejleh Monastery in the Palestinian Jordan Valley. The campaign aims at standing against the decisions of the occupation to judaize and confiscate the…

YNet News

Turkish Internet restrictions raise more concerns
YNet News, 6 Feb 2014 – ….

Survivors of chemical attack want stronger US role
YNet News, 6 Feb 2014 – ….

Kerry s piece process
YNet News, 6 Feb 2014 – Op-ed: So-called ‘peace process’ is an attempt to bully Israel under threat of increased isolation into making risky concessions which will not facilitate peace ….

Mubarak: Sisi should be president
YNet News, 6 Feb 2014 – ….

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford launching YouTube show
YNet News, 6 Feb 2014 – ….

Adar and futile pursuit of happiness
YNet News, 6 Feb 2014 – An ability to perceive a deeper meaning within the events and experiences around us, and having a consciousness of the hand of the divine, results in a sense of well-being and thus joy of life ….

Integrate haredim into workforce
YNet News, 6 Feb 2014 – Op-ed: Government needs to start offering the ultra-religious the carrot more, not the stick. Let them work so they’ll get out of their close-knit environment of rabbis and political figures ….

US: Kerry has tough skin, personal attacks distract from real issues
YNet News, 5 Feb 2014 – Washington continues fending off harsh words by both Israelis, Palestinians towards secretary of state, saying direct criticism ‘is actually an attack on peace process itself’ ….

PMO: Netanyahu’s official, private residences’ spending reduced
YNet News, 5 Feb 2014 – After scented candles, flower arrangements spark public criticism, PMO claims Netanyahu’s expenditure decreased by NIS 800,000 ($221,000) in 2013, as total cost for taxpayers stands at 2.44 million ($688,000) ….

French minister hits back at US on Iran business ties
YNet News, 5 Feb 2014 – After US Secretary of State John Kerry expresses disapproval of French business delegation to Iran, French FM Laurent Fabius denies that trip is ‘business as usual’ ….

Israel did not properly document property of Jewish refugees from Arab lands
YNet News, 5 Feb 2014 – State Comptroller opinion reveals only 14,000 claim forms were filed until 2009. Property rights of those forced to flee Arab states, Iran were not adequately defended by Jewish State’s administration ….

4 East Jerusalemites indicted for planning terrorist attack
YNet News, 5 Feb 2014 – According to indictment, suspects planned to dress up as haredim, shoot hundreds of guests at event in functions hall in Jerusalem Jewish neighborhood ….

Indictment: Right-wing extremists torched Palestinian cars
YNet News, 5 Feb 2014 – Three settlement outpost residents are indicted with planning, executing price tag operations in Samarian Palestinian village due to ‘nationalistic motive, hostility towards Arab public’ ….

UN committee blasts Vatican on sex abuse, abortion
YNet News, 5 Feb 2014 – Devastating report, commended by victims, criticizes Holy See for attitude towards homosexuality, says Catholic Church is responsible for abusive priests ….

Jordanians worry about fallout from Mideast peace
YNet News, 5 Feb 2014 – Jordan’s Prime Minister Ensour announces Hashemite kingdom will not deploy troops to West Bank to replace IDF. Jordanian Foreign Minister Judeh says country has right to ‘accept or reject’ any part of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations ….

Palestinian Information Center

Vigilantes foil settlers‚¨ “! attempt to break into Aqsa Mosque with Israeli flags
PIC – Hundreds of worshipers and vigilantes in the Aqsa Mosque foiled on Thursday Jewish settlers‚¨ “! attempt to break into the holy site carrying Israeli flags.

Prisoners threaten to refuse meals in solidarity with six hunger strikers
PIC – Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails declared their intention to refuse taking their meals gradually as of next Tuesday in solidarity with six hunger striking prison mates.

Israeli authorities replace Arab names of Jaffa streets with Hebrew names
PIC – Israeli municipal teams in the city of Jaffa in 148 occupied Palestine removed banners of Arabic names from the streets of several neighborhoods in the city and re-named them in Hebrew.

PFLP calls for pressuring the PA to pull out of negotiations
PIC – Member of the PFLP Political Bureau Jamil Mizher called for a mass rally to force the Palestinian leadership to withdraw from the negotiations, and thwart Kerry’s plan.

Netanyahu sends envoy to Dubai to meet with Dahlan
PIC – Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu sent a few days ago his personal envoy Yitzhak Molcho to Dubai to meet with former Fatah leader Mohamed Dahlan, Maariv newspaper said on Thursday.

Young men injured in confrontations with IOF in Nablus village
PIC – Two Palestinian young men were injured with rubber bullets in Qasra village, south of Nablus, on Thursday during confrontations with Israeli occupation forces (IOF).

IOF bulldozers level land in Wadi Fukin western Bethlehem
PIC – Israeli occupation forces (IOF) began on Thursday morning bulldozing agricultural land in the village of Wadi Fukin to the west of Bethlehem.

Dweik: No prospect for reconciliation if political arrests in W. Bank persists
PIC – Speaker of the PLC Aziz Dweik said that the national reconciliation would not see the light of day if the PA persisted in arresting citizens for their political affiliation in the West Bank.

Clashes erupt at the gates of al-Aqsa Mosque
PIC – Israeli policemen arrested on Thursday morning a young man from Jerusalem, from inside al-Aqsa Mosque, and took him to a police center in the city.

IOF soldiers advance in southern Gaza, bulldoze land
PIC – Israeli occupation forces (IOF) advanced in southern Gaza Strip on Thursday morning and escorted bulldozers that leveled land in Fakhari area.


Israeli Forces Uproot 120 Palm Trees near Jericho
WAFA – 6 Feb 2014

Israeli Forces Bulldoze Palestinian land west of Bethlehem
WAFA – 6 Feb 2014

Agreement Reached Between UNRWA and Employees Ends 65-Day Strike
WAFA – 6 Feb 2014

Newspapers Review: Israel’s Approval to Build 558 Settlement Units in Jerusalem Focus of Dailies
WAFA – 6 Feb 2014


Israeli critics of peace deal take aim at John Kerry
LA Times 6 Feb 2014 – As Mideast peace negotiations near a crucial juncture, Israel’s right wing is accusing U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry of undermining and failing to understand Israel’s interests. JERUSALEM Emerging from a black limousine, the tall man in the bushy gray wig lectures a small…

Iraqi security forces accused of raping, torturing women in detention
LA Times 6 Feb 2014 – The woman held at an Iraqi death row facility arrived for a meeting with a human rights group last year on crutches, the result, she said, of nine days of beatings and electric shocks.

Deal reached to evacuate civilians trapped in Syrian city of Homs
LA Times 6 Feb 2014 – DAMASCUS, Syria — An agreement has been reached to evacuate civilians trapped in the battle-scarred remnants of the Old City of Homs, Syria s third-largest city, the state news agency reported Thursday.

Iranian leader Rouhani’s TV appearance triggers a spat
LA Times 6 Feb 2014 – TEHRAN — Did a presidential appearance on Iran’s state broadcaster become the latest battlefield in the struggle for influence between the nation’s hard-liners and reformists?

Ultra-Orthodox protest Israeli plan to draft students
LA Times 6 Feb 2014 – JERUSALEM — Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jewish men protested across Israel on Thursday against the government’s plans to draft them into the military.

As Israeli doctors aid Syrians, humanitarianism trumps geopolitics
LA Times 6 Feb 2014 – At a hospital near the Golan Heights, a Syrian boy who lost his legs is among those getting the medical care they need. SAFED, Israel The 9-year-old Syrian boy with no legs wheeled himself down a bright hospital corridor, stopping to accept a pain…

The Lede: Defenders of SodaStream Confuse Boycotts of Israeli Settlements With Movement to Boycott Israel
New York Times 6 Feb 2014 – The antipoverty group Oxfam rejected claims that it has called for a boycott of Israel.

Syrian City to Receive Aid, Officials Say
New York Times 6 Feb 2014 – A small step by the Syrian government to ease the plight of civilians in Homs is met with cautious optimism.

U.S. Issues Penalties Over Violations of Iran Sanctions
New York Times 6 Feb 2014 – Nearly three dozen companies and individuals were accused of evading the economic measures an indication that the United States was not relaxing its pressure despite a temporary nuclear agreement.

Iran Delivers Surprise, Money, to Jewish Hospital
New York Times 6 Feb 2014 – The brother of Iran s president delivered the surprise donation along with the message that the Health Ministry would give more attention to hospitals that traditionally serve Christian and Jewish Iranians.

World Briefing: West Bank: U.N. Staff Ends Strike
New York Times 6 Feb 2014 – The United Nations Relief and Works Agency, the body that provides assistance to Palestinian refugees, announced that a two-month strike by its employees in the West Bank had ended.

UN Tells Syria to Hurry on Chem. Weapons Disposal
New York Times 6 Feb 2014 – The U.N. Security Council called on Syria Thursday to speed up the removal of its most harmful chemical weapons agents from the country, expressing “growing concern” at several missed deadlines.

Iran’s Rouhani Donates $170,000 to Jewish Hospital
New York Times 6 Feb 2014 – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has donated $170,000 to the country’s only Jewish hospital, his second such gesture since taking office.

Syria Puts a Crude Weapon to Deadly Use
New York Times 6 Feb 2014 – They are known as barrel bombs makeshift, shrapnel-packed explosive devices that Syrian forces have been dropping on rebel-held neighborhoods from helicopters. Residents have another name for them: “barrels of death.”

Syria Not Deliberately Stalling on Chemicals Removal: Official
New York Times 6 Feb 2014 – The head of an international chemical weapons mission in Syria said on Thursday she does not believe the Syrian government is deliberately delaying the transfer of its chemical arsenal abroad.

U.S. Targets Businesses for Evading Sanctions on Iran
New York Times 6 Feb 2014 – The Obama administration targeted a host of businesses across Europe and the Middle East on Thursday for evading U.S. sanctions against Iran, the Treasury Department said.

U.N. Welcomes Reports That Humanitarian Pause Agreed for Syria’s Homs
New York Times 6 Feb 2014 – The United Nations on Thursday welcomed reports that a humanitarian pause has been agreed for Syria’s besieged city of Homs to allow the evacuation of civilians and for aid to be delivered, a U.N. spokesman said.

Syria Must Accelerate Chemical Shipments, Envoy Tells U.N.
New York Times 6 Feb 2014 – The head of an international chemical weapons mission in Syria told the U.N. Security Council on Thursday that accelerated cooperation by the Syrian government is vital as a June 30 deadline looms for destruction of the country’s toxic arsenal, a diplomat said.

Female Death on Campus Spurs Saudi Debate
New York Times 6 Feb 2014 – A Saudi newspaper says university staff in Riyadh would not allow paramedics who arrived at the scene to immediately enter a female-only area of the campus to assist a student who suffered a heart attack and later died.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Protest Pending Israeli Draft
New York Times 6 Feb 2014 – Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews blocked highways across Israel on Thursday and clashed with security forces to protest government plans to draft them into the military, police said.

Haredim: We’ll go to jail rather than be drafted
Globes Main News – Demonstrators took to the streets today protesting against the halt to yeshiva funding.

Copaxone sales fall in US in Q4 but rise worldwide
Globes Main News – Teva earned lower profits on flat revenue for 2013, but beat the analysts’ consensus.

Education Ministry freezes yeshiva student stipends
Globes Macro Economics – Yeshiva students who deferred their draft will lose their stipends.

Litvak denies she wants top TASE job
Globes Main News – TASE search committee head Bracha Litvak had reported being approached about becoming chairman herself.

Ultra-nationalist rabbis warn John Kerry of divine punishment for the peace process
Mondoweiss – John Kerry A group of Ultra-Nationalistrabbis wrote an open letter to John Kerry on Sunday comparing him to the Purim holiday villain Haman and accusing him of making a declaration of war against the Creator and Ruler of the universe. The group,calling themselvesCommittee to…

Coke Super Bowl commercial featured a Palestinian but don t fall for the sugary sweetness
Mondoweiss – As someone who doesn t know the difference between a touchdown and first down, I didn t feel the need to tune into the Super Bowl like the other estimated 111.5 million viewers plastered to their TVs, many of whom awaitedthe much-anticipated commercials more than the actual…

Revealed: Right-wing group StandWithUs strategy to combat Israel Apartheid Week
Mondoweiss – (Photo:Facebook.com/StandWithUs) They have grants of $200 to dish out, Israeli soldiers to promote and events to suggest, like a Hummus not Hamas party. StandWithUs, the right-wing pro-Israel group, is gearing up to combat the annual Israel Apartheid Week, when college campuses host speakers and…

Securities Authority cracks down on insider trading
Globes Main News – The Securities Authority plans to expand its definition of insider trading.

Police: Cameras reduce accidents
Globes Main News – Police issued 180,000 traffic reports in 18 months, and there were 26% fewer accidents.

Israel to exchange bank account data with US
Globes Main News – Tax Authority head Moshe Asher says a decision is being made to exchange bank account data between Israel and the US.

Don t expect this NYT ethicist to talk about the Nakba
Mondoweiss – The entrepreneurial New York Times business reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin announced two days ago that he has brought on a new partner, Dov Seidman, an expert on apologizing, to his online shop at the Times: Beginning on Tuesday, Mr. Seidman and I are starting Apology Watch …

Banks freeze Hadassah credit lines
Globes Main News – Suppliers have also reportedly halted deliveries and services, due to debts accumulated.

The Two-State SodaStream Solution
Mondoweiss – This is part of Marc H. Ellis s Exile and the Prophetic feature for Mondoweiss. To read the entire series visit the archive page . The value of the Shekel seems to be falling and business leaders in Israel are grumbling. Their collective pin-up, Scarlett Johansson, isn t going…

Record tax collection and January budget surplus
Globes Main News – The budget deficit for the 12 months through January was 3% of GDP.

IAI unveils 4G battle management system
Globes Main News – Israel Aerospace Industries has presented its Combat Team Battle Management System.

Israel s discriminatory system of ethnic privilege is the real threat to academic freedom
Mondoweiss – Palestinian boy climbs through an opening in Israel s separation barrier in Shuafat near Jerusalem. February, 2009. (Photo: REUTERS/Baz Ratner) As a result of the discriminatory system of ethnic privilege that Israel has instituted in the territories that it controls between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea,…

Foreign currency reserves hit new high
Globes Macro Economics – The Bank of Israel’s foreign currency reserves reached $83 billion in January.

Kerry s wingmen Friedman and Beinart praise boycott, to pressure Netanyahu
Mondoweiss – Kerry mentions boycott of Israel in Munich American liberal Zionists have fallen in love with boycott. They are saluting BDS as a way to pressure the rightwing Israeli government to support the two-state deal that John Kerry is preparing to announce. The liberal Zionists seem to…

Netanyahu tightens his belt
Globes Main News – Prime Minister’s home expenses in 2013 fell to NIS 2.4 million from NIS 3.2 million in 2012.

Major supermarket chain sales down in January
Globes Macro Economics – Sales by Shufersal, Mega, and Coop Israel fell 3.2% in January 2014 from January 2013.

The Closing of the American Jewish Mind
Tikun Olam – The headline of this post is inspired by the title of Allan Bloom s seminal book, The Closing of the American Mind . Though Bloom, as a cultural neoconservative, would undoubtedly disagree with the substance of my argument. My family has been a member of Congregation Beth Shalom…

UN poised for Homs aid deliveries
BBC 6 Feb 2014 – A pause in fighting to allow aid agencies to evacuate civilians from besieged areas of Homs in Syria and deliver much-needed aid is due to begin.

VIDEO: Palestinian push to reclaim village
BBC 6 Feb 2014 – Palestinians have returned to the village of Ein Hijleh in the Jordan Valley, an area that they had to leave during and after the 1967 war when Israel captured the West Bank.

New York Assembly Tweaking Bill on Israel Boycott
The Foward Breaking News 6 Feb 2014 – The New York Assembly is modifying a bill that would bar state funds from being used for groups that boycott Israeli universities. Click here for the rest of the article…

Retrial over Egypt football riot
BBC 6 Feb 2014 – Egypt’s Court of Cassation orders a retrial of the 21 people sentenced to death in connection with an infamous football riot in Port Said in 2012.

Ultra-Orthodox Battle Police Over Planned Cuts
The Foward Breaking News 6 Feb 2014 – Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel blocked highways and clashed with police on Thursday in protest at a government decision to cut funds to seminary students who avoid military service. Click here for the rest of the article…

VIDEO: Syria: Delay claims ‘unjustifiable’
BBC 6 Feb 2014 – Accusations that Syria is delaying the destruction of its chemical weapons stockpile are “absolutely unjustifiable”, the country’s deputy foreign minister has insisted.

Israeli Lawmaker David Rotem Sorry for ‘Reform Not Jewish’ Remark
The Foward Breaking News 6 Feb 2014 – Israeli lawmaker David Rotem apologized for comments attributed to him that said members of the Reform movement are not Jewish, saying his words were misinterpreted. Click here for the rest of the article…

VIDEO: Cautious welcome for Homs deal
BBC 6 Feb 2014 – The UN has cautiously welcomed a deal from the Syrian government to allow what it terms “innocent civilians” to leave besieged areas of the city of Homs.

The Jewish fear of intermarriage
BBC 6 Feb 2014 – Why many Jews consider marrying non-Jews to be taboo

Red Cross denounces Israel’s “pattern of obstacles and confiscations” against bedouins
Al-Akhbar News 6 Feb 2014 – Bedouin demonstrators gesture and chant slogans during a protest against the so-called Prawer Plan in the southern Isareli city of Beer Sheva on January 9, 2014. (Photo: AFP – David Buimovitch) The Red Cross said Thursday it has suspended provision of tents to displaced Palestinians in…

Saudi-US Relations: Between Tension and Profit
Al-Akhbar News 6 Feb 2014 – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (L) talks to Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal prior to peace talks in Montreux on January 22, 2014. (Photo: AFP – Arnd Wiegmann) U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (L) talks to Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Saud…

Syria denies chemical weapons delay
BBC 6 Feb 2014 – Syria’s deputy foreign minister says claims it is delaying the destruction of its chemical weapons stockpile are “absolutely unjustified”.

Libya TV studios attacked by gunmen
Al-Akhbar News 6 Feb 2014 – Gunmen attacked the Benghazi studios of two privately run television channels overnight, journalists and security officials said Thursday, as violence in Libya’s second city showed no let-up. The attacks were the latest in a spate of assaults by suspected former-rebel militia on the independent media which…

Lebanon: Yes to Immigration at Baddawi Refugee Camp
Al-Akhbar News 6 Feb 2014 – The Palestinian refugee camp of Ain El-Helweh, near the southern Lebanese coastal city of Sidon, on January 31, 2014. (Photo AFP- Mahmoud Zayyat) The Palestinian refugee camp of Ain El-Helweh, near the southern Lebanese coastal city of Sidon, on January 31, 2014. (Photo AFP- Mahmoud Zayyat)…

Manal al-Assi: A Victim of the Patriarchal Culture of Silence
Al-Akhbar News 6 Feb 2014 – One woman dies while another survives, despite her pain.(Photo: Marwan Tahtah) One woman dies while another survives, despite her pain.(Photo: Marwan Tahtah) This story is not just about husbands beating their wives savagely. One woman dies while another survives, despite her pain. The story goes beyond…

Settlers charged for “price tag” attacks in unprecedented case
Al-Akhbar News 6 Feb 2014 – Three Israeli settlers have been charged with carrying out “price tag” attacks against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, the justice ministry said on Thursday. It was the first time that charges have been pressed over acts of vandalism by Jewish extremists which were not directly…

Egypt’s Mubarak to stand trial for embezzlement
Al-Akhbar News 6 Feb 2014 – An Egyptian man walks past portraits of Egypt’s military commander Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who is to run for the presidency in the upcoming elections on January 31, 2014 on the 6th October Bridge in Cairo. (Photo: AFP – Fayez Nureldine) Ousted Egyptian president Hosni…

Yemeni rebels agree to truce with pro-government tribes
Al-Akhbar News 6 Feb 2014 – Yemeni rebels clashed with pro-government tribes close to the capital on before agreeing to a truce on Thursday, tribal sources said. The Huthi rebels have attempted to expand their hoped-for autonomous unit in a promised federal Yemen, but they were met with resistance from tribes loyal…

Car bombs rock Baghdad as HRW issues damning report on tortured women
Al-Akhbar News 6 Feb 2014 – Seven car bombs exploded across Baghdad on Thursday, killing at least 13 people in apparently coordinated attacks, security sources said. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the bombings. But Islamist militants have been regaining ground in Iraq, particularly in the western province of Anbar where they…

VIDEO: ‘Last chance’ at a two-state solution
BBC 6 Feb 2014 – British Foreign Secretary William Hague tells BBC HARDtalk about his fears if Israeli-Palestinian peace talks fail.

UN, Syrian government reach agreement over besieged Homs
Al-Akhbar News 6 Feb 2014 – A Syrian man looks for herbs to eat with his family in the heavily damaged neighborhood of Juret al-Shiyah in the central Syrian city of Homs on February 1, 2014. (Photo: AFP) Updated at 3:45pm: The United Nations and Syria have reached a deal to allow…

Iraq forces ‘abuse’ women in prisons
BBC 6 Feb 2014 – The Iraqi authorities are detaining thousands of women illegally and subjecting them to torture and abuse, a new report by Human Rights Watch says.

Egypt denies Sisi candidacy report
BBC 6 Feb 2014 – Egypt’s military denies that its chief of staff, Field Marshal Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, told a Kuwaiti newspaper he would run for president.

Syria s Valley of the Christians Under Fire
Al-Akhbar Politics 6 Feb 2014 – Syrian Christians take part in a rallye organized by the Syriac Union Party, under the protection of Christian militias, to protest against abductions among Christians committed they said by forces loyal to the Syrian regime and members of radical Islamist groups on August 30, 2013. (Photo:…

VIDEO: Al-Jazeera defends detained reporters
BBC 5 Feb 2014 – Salah Negm, the Director of News for al-Jazeera’s English language channel, has insisted that the organisation is objectively reporting on events in Egypt, following the detention of a number of its journalists.

Exodus of Businessmen From Syria
Al-Akhbar Politics 5 Feb 2014 – Syrians gather with their belongings on the rebel controlled side of the Bustan al-Qasr checkpoint in the district of Aleppo on February 3, 2014. (AFP – Baraa al-Halabi). Syrians gather with their belongings on the rebel controlled side of the Bustan al-Qasr checkpoint in the district…


Why BDS Should Target All Israeli Institutions
Peter Belmont, CounterPunch2/6/2014
Putting an End to the Occupation
The BDS movement and its attack on SodaStream and Scarlett Johansson have been much in the news.
The BDS movement (the movement for boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israeli businesses and institutions) aims at ending the occupation, the settlements, Israeli discrimination against Palestinian Arabs, and Israel s long-continuing exclusion from return to its territory of the Palestinians expelled and/or exiled by Israeli forces from that territory in the 1948 war.
Some people, although they wish to see an end to the occupation and settlements, believe that BDS should target only institutions that directly support the occupation and/or settlements. They want settlements-related business to be disentangled from other Israeli businesses and institutions.
For reasons given below, I believe that this view would lead to a sadly truncated movement , shorn of most of its potential power to effect change that BDS should target all Israeli businesses and institutions.
The trouble involved in disentangling settlements businesses from other Israeli businesses is worth noting. Many businesses work on both sides of the green-line , Israel s boundary from 1950-1967. How can one boycott part of a business?
It might be supposed that disentanglement would not be a problem if all Israeli businesses pulled out of the OPTs. But if this unlikely and maybe impossible, see below event should occur, it would pull the teeth of any BDS program targeting settlement-businesses-only ….more..e-mail

Palestine in 3D: The state, politics, and international law
Ma an News Agency2/6/2014
Dorgham Abusalim is a master’s candidate in International Affairs at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. He writes frequently on Palestinian and Israeli affairs in Arabic and English.
Many, including analysts of Palestinian affairs and onlookers alike, await the end of current negotiations with Israel. Some are skeptical, others are hopeful. But almost everyone agrees: the status quo is not durable.
Despite this, we continue to find a leadership incapable of making durable decisions, simply driven by the heat of momentary, so-called victories in three dimensions throughout its history: militant, political, and diplomatic.
A recent victory of the diplomatic kind is the new status accorded to the PLO at the United Nations General Assembly. Today, we are a non-member Observer State of the United Nations. Gaining the new status has also gained us a fair share of intricate legal debates, appropriately so.
Little was said from the Palestinian side, however, once this new status was achieved. After all, it seems that our leadership has confined the role of international law to a mere bargaining card for the negotiating table with Israel.
The scenario goes something like this: should Israel negotiate in bad faith, we will be able wave the threat of pursuing international jurisdiction over crimes committed on our soil.
But can we?
The answer is not a definite yes, nor is it a definite no….more..e-mail

Misreading Iran’s Intentions
Gareth Porter, CounterPunch2/6/2014
Flawed Nuclear Claims Won’t Die
When Western intelligence agencies began in the early 1990s to intercept telexes from an Iranian university to foreign high-technology firms, intelligence analysts believed they saw the first signs of military involvement in Iran s nuclear program. That suspicion led to US intelligence assessments over the next decade that Iran was secretly pursuing nuclear weapons.
The supposed evidence of military efforts to procure uranium enrichment equipment shown in the telexes was also the main premise of the International Atomic Energy Agency s investigation of Iran s nuclear program from 2003 through 2007.
But the interpretation of the intercepted telexes on which later assessments were based turned out to have been a fundamental error. The analysts, eager to find evidence of an Iranian nuclear weapons program, had wrongly assumed that
the combination of interest in technologies that could be used in a nuclear program and the apparent role of a military-related institution meant that the military was behind the procurement requests.

In 2007-08, Iran provided hard evidence that the technologies had actually been sought by university teachers and researchers.
The intercepted telexes that set in train the series of US intelligence assessments that Iran was working on nuclear weapons were sent from Sharif University of Technology in Tehran beginning in late 1990 and continued through 1992. The dates of the telexes, their specific procurement requests and the telex number of PHRC were all revealed in a February 2012 paper by David Albright, the executive director of the Institute for Science and International Security, and two co-authors.The telexes that interested intelligence agencies following them all pertained to dual-use technologies, meaning that they were consistent with work on uranium conversion and enrichment but could also be used for non-nuclear applications.more..e-mail

CO Omar Sa ad receives 3rd prison term
New Profile, Alternative Information Center1/15/2014
Conscientious objector Omar Sa ad was sentenced to prison for the third time for his refusal to join the Israeli army.
Omar Saad, 18 years old from Mghar, a village in the Galilee, arrived on Monday, January 13 to the Induction Base in Tel Hashomer, where he declared his refusal to serve in the Israeli army. Omar was sentenced to 20 days imprisonment for his refusal, to be served in military prison No. 6 near Atlit.
Omar is a young man belonging to the Palestinian Arab Druze community. This community, in contrast to Arab-Palestinian society in large, was the target of a decision by Prime Minister Ben Gurion in 1956 that forced them to serve in the Israeli army. Following this decision, mobilization orders were sent to all Druze citizens of enlistment age. This decision faced serious resistance from the Druze community for many reasons, including refusal to fight against their own people and the demand to be treated just like the rest of the Palestinian Arab society in Israel.
In his refusal declaration, Omar wrote:
“I refuse because I am pacifist, I hate any kind of violence and I believe that the army institution is the height of physical and psychological violence. Since I received your order for the checking procedures, my life changed completely. I became very nervous and my thoughts were dispersed. I remembered thousands of difficult images, and I could not imagine myself wearing a military uniform and participating in the suppression of my Palestinian people, and fighting my Arab brothers. I reject enlisting in the Israeli army or to any other army, because of national and moral reasons. I hate oppression, and I reject occupation.” — See also:Sa ad’s full declarationmore..e-mail

Can occupiers struggle alongside the occupied?
Electronic Intifada: 6 Feb 2014 – Anarchists Against the Wall indicates that no neat distinction can be drawn between the government and ordinary Israelis.more..

More material available from Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel –www.vtjp.org
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