Intervening in Venezuela, Usurping the Ukraine By Diane Gee

21 February 2014 — The Wild Wild Left

Meanwhile the hypocrisy meter goes off the charts

UKRAINE-RUSSIA-EU-UNREST-POLITICS-DEMOThe various drooling mouthpieces owned entirely by those who seek US economic domination of the world have begun their propaganda once again with a vengeance re: Venezuela.  Oh, and by “US” domination, this doesn’t mean you and me.  We won’t see a penny.  I mean domination, subjugation, manifest-fucking-destiny-bitches, global hegemony by the extreme richest in our Country.  You know, the entity which isn’t really an entity that the more paranoid among us like to call a shadow government?  It really isn’t in the shadows, and it really isn’t government.  It’s all a business transaction, following whatever market is available in order to exploit it to their benefit.  Buying politicians and political coups are never the ends, merely a means to get a larger chunk of the planetary pie.

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Masking Tragedy in Ukraine By Chris Floyd

20 February 2014 —

Sinister Illusions

ukraineProtestsIt is no secret that Barack Obama is one of the supreme illusionists of modern times. The disconnect between his words and his deeds is so profound as to be almost sublime, far surpassing the crude obfuscations of the Bush-Cheney gang. Their projections of unreality were more transparent, and in any case were merely designed to put a little lipstick on the pig of policies they were openly pushing (militarism, tax cuts for the rich, etc.). Indeed, the Bushists delivered their lines like bored performers at the end of a long run, not caring whether they were believed or not — just as long as they got what they wanted.

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Obama Pushes for Regime Change in Venezuela By Mark Weisbrot

20 February 2014 — Guardian

Once Again, South America Says No

venezuela-s-president-nicolas-maduro-was-hand-picked-hugo-chavez_1.When is it considered legitimate to try and overthrow a democratically-elected government? In Washington, the answer has always been simple: when the U.S. government says it is. Not surprisingly, that’s not the way Latin American governments generally see it.

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Violent Protests in Venezuela Fit a Pattern By Dan Beeton

21 February 2014 — Center for Economic and Policy Research

Venezuela’s latest round of violent protests appears to fit a pattern, and represents the tug-and-pull nature of the country’s divided opposition. Several times over the past 15 years since the late, former president Hugo Chávez took office in 1999, the political opposition has launched violent protests aimed at forcing the current president out of office. Continue reading

U.S. coordinating secret war against Syria

21 February 2014 — Voltaire Network

Susan Rice

The US National Security Council States brought together the secret services chiefs of the main State actors in the secret war against Syria, revealed the Washington Post [1]. The two-day seminar was held during the Geneva 2 peace conference, even though the invitation stipulates that all parties are committed to stopping violence.

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Ukraine: Sick Fascist Filth, Gangland Violence As Political Opposition By Richard Rozoff

20 February 2014 — Stop NATO – Voice of Russia

Ukraine: sick fascist filth and gangland violence as political opposition – Rick Rozoff


With the release of a recent conversation between the US ambassador to Ukraine and Victoria Nuland plotting the downfall of the current legitimate elected government in Kiev, it is clear who is behind the attempted coup in Ukraine. US backed “activists” with sniper rifles and hand guns are openly firing on police something that would not be tolerated anywhere in the world but which is being portrayed by western leaders as being legitimate opposition protest behavior. However such cold-blooded murder would lead to brains being swept off the street in their cities. According to Voice of Russia regular Rick Rozoff, who spoke on these issues, what we are color revolution techniques in action and the western media is playing along as a propaganda tool for those behind the scenes.

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medConfidential Bulletin, 21st February 2014

21 February 2014 — medConfidential

What just happened?

As you will by now be aware, on Tuesday afternoon the Director of Patients and Information at NHS England, Tim Kelsey, announced a second 6 month delay to the uploading of data from GP practices across England. The first delay to uploads last September was only achieved after medConfidential had alerted the Information Commissioner’s Office to the serious failings of NHS England’s original poster and leaflet ‘information campaign’ in GP practice receptions.

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Police State UK: UK ruling against David Miranda escalates assault on democratic rights By Robert Stevens

20 February 2014 — WSWS

Partner of Glenn Greenwald was held at London airport

In what was clearly a politically motivated judgment, the High Court in London ruled Wednesday that David Miranda, the partner of journalist Glenn Greenwald, was detained lawfully when he was held for nine hours last August at London’s Heathrow Airport. The 28-year-old Brazilian was in transit from Germany to Brazil when he was arbitrarily detained by the Metropolitan Police.

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