Fracking: Suicide Capitalism Poisons The Earth’s Fresh Water Supplies By Dylan Murphy

13 February 2014 — Dissident Voice

Lena Headley lives in in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. She and her husband bought a small farm for their semi-retirement with the mineral rights but not the oil and gas rights. Over the last seven years five gas wells and a transmission pipeline have been put on their land. The effect has been devastating: Pollution of land and air together with destruction of fruit trees and the burning of 10 acres of ground by the gas drillers. Gas wells leak and a spring 200 feet from her house is so rich with gas it can be set on fire.

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West and Ukraine: Looking at Possible Scenarios By Irina LEBEDEVA

8 February 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The Ukraine 2020 report was published in 2010 by the Center for Global Affairs. The paper presents possible options for Ukraine’s political development. Professor Michael Oppenheimer, Center for Global Affairs, New York University, was the founder of the project. The events in Ukraine appear to unfold at present according to the «three scenarios» described in the paper. Continue reading

U.S. Continues War by Proxy: Playing the Al-Qaeda Card to the Last Iraqi By Nicola Nasser

13 February 2014 — Global Research

International, regional and internal players vying for interests, wealth, power or influence are all beneficiaries of the “al-Qaeda threat” in Iraq and in spite of their deadly and bloody competitions they agree only on two denominators, namely that the presence of the U.S.-installed and Iran–supported sectarian government in Baghdad and its sectarian al-Qaeda antithesis are the necessary casus belli for their proxy wars, which are tearing apart the social fabric of the Iraqi society, disintegrating the national unity of Iraq and bleeding its population to the last Iraqi.

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Ed Miliband, the NHS, and the lurch back towards Blairism By John Lister

13 February 2014 — OurNHS

Ed Miliband’s Hugo Young lecture this week represents a giant step back to Blairism, and an extended statement of Labour’s failure to get the message.


Who is Ed Miliband talking to? Who does he want to impress?

Delivering a 6,000 word Hugo Young lecture this week, Miliband calls for “a new culture in our public services”. But in setting out what he grandly describes as his “mission” he manages to answer questions almost nobody is asking. And he evades the real issues that concern and frustrate Labour’s core supporters.

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VSC Statement Condemning Extreme Right-wing Violence in Venezuela that Seeks the “Exit” of the Government

13 February 2014 — Venezuela Solidarity Committee

As part of a campaign launched by Venezuela’s extreme right-wing opposition leaders, which they have called La Salida (The Ousting), groups of violent Venezuelan opposition thugs launched a wave of violent street disturbances in various parts of Venezuela on Wednesday 12 February. Tragically this has resulted in the death of at least two people with the authorities reporting that 23 people were also injured.

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Music: The Brother Moves On

13 February 2014 — The Brother Moves On

This band, from South Africa, winner of a British Council award of some kind will be playing at the Roundhouse, London on 20 and 23 February as part of a large lineup of bands, the headliner on the 20th being hip-hop artist Simz. Click on the link below and listen to the tracks. Don’t know anything about them but it’s good stuff.

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Venezuela coup? Gunfire, clashes as 3 dead in violent Caracas protest (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

13 February 2014 — RT

[So what, exactly is the point of the following ‘news’ report from Caracas on the mayhem going down there right now? We view lots of burning, we hear lots of shooting followed by a really bizarre non-news video from RT’s Caracas studio rooftop? The presenter, stands mute in front of the camera only to disappear when the sound of gunfire gets really intense and then, reappear again and still say nothing. Hoping for some clarity from the texts that accompany the videos and pictures, I’m still in the dark as to what exactly is going on in Venezuela. Is it a prelude to a coup? An attempt to discredit the Maduro government? I find this kind of ‘journalism’ offensive as it titillates but doesn’t inform. It’s as if some of the chaos on the streets of Caracas has been bottled and fed to us, so we are none the wiser. WB]

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The question of housing is a question of socialism By Gavin Jackson

13 February 2014 — Socialist Appeal

The complete irrationality of the capitalist ‘freemarket’ knows both tragedy and farce. On 17th January a group of young women, most if not all of whom are mothers, protested at the Labour-controlled Newham council to demand decent housing. At present they live with their children in ‘temporary’ accommodation, a run down hostel called Focus E15, where some of the woman have lived for several years, and can either tolerate the mould, rubbish and their fellow ‘lodgers’ – that is the rats and mice – or demand change.

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