Black Agenda Report for February 12, 2014: Workers Rebel in South Africa, Obama Hypocrisy on Homophobia, Gangster Put Contract on

12 February 2014 — Black Agenda Report

This week in Black Agenda Report

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

“Marikana was the great shock to the national consciousness, and Mandela’s death brought a final end to the pretense of social transformation.” In the transition from apartheid, the ruling African National Congress chose Black capitalism and neoliberalism. But, trade unionists plan to create a workers party that will fight for implementation of the Freedom Charter – and socialism.

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Why I Wrote the Song “Checkpoint” and Exposed the Apartheid I Witnessed in Palestine

12 February 2014 — Black Youth Project

I honestly had no intention on writing a song based on the trip I took to Palestine and Israel recently as part of a delegation of African-American activists and artists, sponsored by the Carter Center. I’m still having a difficult time processing what I witnessed. I spent much of the trip trying to get my head around how one group of human beings could be so inhumane to another group of human beings. I still can’t understand. By day 4 of our 7 day trip I wanted to come home. The mental intensity of what I saw that the brutality of the stories I heard had taken a toll on me to the point where I had enough. Continue reading

The 'Isn't Capitalism Wonderful’ Page: Video-Most Facebook “Likes” Are Fake or, 'I got plenty of nothing,'

12 February 2014 — WashingtonsBlog

[Click farms? It’s all smoke and mirrors. Facebook, like the handful of giant Internet-based corporations, had an initial ‘value’ based on nothing more than it’s potential to monopolise ‘social space’ on the Internet (as opposed to, for example, Murdoch’s MySpace). In turn investors, bought shares based on nothing more than potential future revenue that would be generated largely from advertising. In turn, Facebook used this real cash to buy companies that produced real products that addressed Facebook’s corporate desires. Google, and of course Microsoft and a handful of others, have all operated in this way.

This video shows not only how Facebook creates value out of thin air, but how super-cheap labour in the Third World makes it all possible in the first place. WB]

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 11 February 2014: Israeli soldiers pose for photos while abusing Palestinian child

11 February 2014 — VTJP

Peace, Love and Occupation? Tell Ben & Jerry’s to Stop its Complicity with the Israeli Occupation!


International Middle East Media Center

Soldiers Kidnap Brother Of Palestinian Killed On January 29
IMEMC – Ramallah – Tuesday, February 11, 2014, Israeli soldiers kidnapped a Palestinian from the al-Jalazoun refugee camp. The kidnapped Palestinian is the brother of a young man who was shot, and killed, by the soldiers on January 29. …
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