No More Trouble – CATCH A FIRE – Jazz Jamaica All Stars/USO/Brinsley Forde

28 February 2014 — Youtube 

It’s wicked! No really, it’s a serious live jam. Excerpt from the sold-out Queen Elizabeth Hall, London show on 24 October 2012 of Jazz Jamaica All Stars’ astonishing CATCH A FIRE tribute to Bob Marley & The Wailers with strings section from Urban Soul Orchestra, vocalist Brinsley Forde and an 85-voice Southbank Centre VoiceLab community choir.

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Venezuela: Socialism Is Still a Real and Inspiring Possibility By Chris Gilbert

28 February 2014 — MRZine

In one of his last important public discourses, popularly known as the Golpe de Timón speech, the late President Hugo Chávez told a joke about an indigenous tribe and a priest.  The priest baptized the indigenous people giving them Christian names, held communion, and told them not to eat meat on Friday but rather fish or the large rodent chigüire.  The priest left for a while and then came back only to find the tribe grilling a pig on that very day.  “What’s going on here?” the priest asked.  The people responded: “No problem, we put water on the pig’s head and said: You who were once pig are now called chigüire.”

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Russia, Europe, and the Geopolitics of Energy By Eric Draitser

28 February 2014 — New Eastern Outlook

Oil backgroundFrom Syria to Sochi, Poland to Pussy Riot, diplomatic and geopolitical conflicts between Russia and the West have come to dominate the headlines. However, behind these issues lies the fundamental economic competition that must frame any analysis of the politics and interaction between the two. Continue reading

The Ukrainian Pendulum: Has Russia Lost and the West Won? By Dmitri Minin

28 February 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The more the acrid black smoke disperses from the burning tyres on Kiev’s Maidan Square, the more quietly and deeply are analysts beginning to think about who has actually emerged as the winner in the latest round of the endless Ukrainian ‘chess tournament’, and how much is still to come? Initial euphoria in the West regarding the fact that while absorbed in competing at Sochi, Moscow was overlooking a tricky combination next door is gradually evaporating. And the question arises: what next? And here it becomes clear that the victory which has been marked by a change of regime in Kiev is highly questionable… 

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The Massive PSYOP Employed against Ukraine by GCHQ and NSA By Wayne Madsen

28 February 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

It was only a matter of time. The National Security Agency’s British FIVE EYES partner, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), has now made common cause with another creation of British intelligence, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London. From the time of its creation in 1921 under the aegis of the British Army’s Bureau of Psychological Warfare to the present time, the Tavistock Institute has been at the forefront of research into and application of targeted and mass mind control techniques. The institute has cooperated with research entities, including the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and Esalen Institute in the United States, that carry out psychological operations on behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency and Department of Defense.

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Venezuela: A New Lesson in Democracy By Carlos Fernandez Liria

28 February 2014 — Venezuela Analysis

The complicity of the Spanish media with Venezuelan coup-ism has never been as explicit and committed as it was in 2002, but it has been equally repugnant. The same lies as always, the same topics, the same rubbish. But for me, what stands out the most, is the silence of the most high-profile intellectuals about what seems to me to be the most impressive phenomenon in the history of modern democracy. In Venezuela, since 1999, the year that Chavez became president, poor people have won elections 17 times in a row [translator: in fact, one election was lost in 2008, a constitutional referendum, but that is all].

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Roundup In 75% of Air and Water Sampled … Causes Kidney Failure

28 February 2014 — WashingtonsBlog

A Vicious Cycle of Chemical Madness …

A new study from the U.S. Geological Survey – soon to be published in the  journal Enviromental Toxicology and Chemistry – finds that Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide (technically known as “glyphosate”) and its toxic degradation byproduct AMPA were found in over 75% of all air and rain samples in Mississippi in 2007.

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In the name of “peace”, the European Union readies for war By Jean Shaoul

28 February 2014 — WSWS

A series of European Union (EU) discussion papers and meetings have made it clear that the European powers are pushing for a more assertive militarist policy. The unfolding of this aggressive imperialist foreign policy takes place amid concerns that these powers are, in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, losing influence in the scramble for vital energy resources and markets in Asia and Africa.

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