Ukraine: another piece in US-NATO-EU neo-con puzzle By John Robles

22 February 214 — Voice of Russia

A monstrous crime is being committed in Ukraine right before the eyes of the world and the western media is helping to cover it up and distract the attention of the entire world from the core fact that the events in Ukraine are not a popular uprising but a carefully orchestrated synthetic coup d’état brought about by long entrenched western color revolution infrastructure that was installed by US/NATO/EU to bring about the illegal act of regime change on the sovereign country of Ukraine. Continue reading

Syrians across the Country Say No to Terrorism and Foreign Interference By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

22 February 2014 — Global Research


Image: Al Nusrah “Freedom Fighters”

We invite readers to review the video and images below and make up their own mind as to what is happening in Syria.

There is a mass movement across the country against foreign interference. This mass movement is not being reported by the Western media.

The Syrian population does not support the “freedom fighters” recruited and trained in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 16-22 February 2014

22 February 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Western Experts Compare Former Yugoslavia with Ukraine

22.02.2014 | 00:00 | Nikolai MALISHEVSKI

 The West is intent to divide Ukraine according to Yugoslavia scenario using for the purpose the «color revolution» technology perfected during the Arab Spring. Summing it all up, that’s how the situation in Ukraine is viewed by independent Western experts… «In reality, Washington’s goal is not to push the country into the arms of the European Union, but to deprive Russia of its historical partners. To do this, the United States is prepared to ignite a new civil war on the continent», affirms Thierry Meyssan, a well-known French journalist… Continue reading

Open Letter to President of Venezuela: Soon, the Battle for Venezuela By Andre Vltchek

22 February 2014 — 4th Media

They are already sewing your funeral gown, Venezuela. They are now ready to welcome you back to that world of the lobotomized, destroyed nations that are fully submissive to Western political and economic interests – Indonesia, Philippines, Paraguay, Uganda, Kenya, Qatar, Bahrain, and almost the entire Eastern Europe. There are so many places like that – it is impossible to list them all.

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