The airstrike of doom: Kiev turns Donbass into Yugoslavia

4 June 2014 — Voice of Russia

Ivan Kozhedub, the famous ace from WWII, three times the Hero of the Soviet Union, was born in Ukraine. The military pilot who stroke terror into Goering’s pilots would unlikely be willing to call those who yesterday killed people in Lugansk compatriots or colleagues. It is very doubtful that Ukrainians piloted those planes. Not only because the city was attacked with the precision not typical of them. But because only those who do not consider that land to be their homeland and look down at it with a sense of superiority could attack that land in such a way.

The airstrike of doom: Kiev turns Donbass into Yugoslavia

© Photo: Michael Sidorov

After that air attack Ukraine is already a country that has experienced an airstrike of Yugoslavian type of doom. In Yugoslavia, when Belgrade failed to take orders it was destroyed. But those were foreigners. Here, on the other hand, no matter who pushed the trigger, it was compatriots who gave the orders. Or at least they are compatriots in terms of citizenship.

In Donetsk at least the attacks were on the suburbs. Lugansk was attacked in its very heart. About 20 combat missiles as well as [cluster] bombs banned by all conventions were dropped there. It was no Odessa. It was a mass execution of another scale.

In Odessa direct involvement of the regime was only implied, while here there are no other options. In Libya when Gaddafi was still in power the NATO countries closed down the air space for something similar. Now Donbass has nobody to turn to. Killers rule in the top echelons of power. Combat aviation is the decisive advantage of the punitive squad over the local militiamen.

And that aviation has gone up into the air. Those are no longer contour flights to scare children and housewives. It is the closing phase of the special operation. That is why once again it took place in the presence of a high guest from the United States.

It was believed that Derek Chollet, the US Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, came to Kiev to estimate the regime’s needs for military assistance. The regime demonstrated its inappropriateness. Maybe it was planned that way, or maybe it was intended to create the impression of American participation.

Jennifer Psaki, the spokesperson of the US Department of State keeps silent on the issue. But she has already failed to officially determine who was to blame for the bombing. She said that it needed to be clarified who was to be held responsible for that.

Perhaps it was the person who had installed the air conditioning system, which supposedly caused the reaction of the missile, which was supposedly guided by the separatists. Kiev does not bother to be creative. Just as was the case with the House of Trade Unions it is once again launching the version that “they burned themselves down.”

Listen to the Ukrainian propaganda and conclude the opposite. It would inevitably state that today the punitive squad had no intention of bombing Slavyansk from the air. It’s just that the city is all filled with air conditioning systems.

Below is the commentary of Viktor Litovkin, a military expert:

Is the use of combat aviation a sufficient reason to introduce the closed sky regime against Ukraine?

The use of combat aviation against civilians is a military crime and genocide that should be investigated by international courts and punish those who give such orders and those who execute them. It is obvious that no-fly zone should be set above Lugansk and Donetsk regions. But that requires a decision by the UN Security Council, as a minimum.

Can we say that by using the aircraft Ukraine is using that very crossbar against which it is useless to fight? The regime gets the decisive advantage over the militiamen.

The junta has long ago got the decisive advantage in its military power over the militiamen, but it does not have the moral advantage over them. The militiamen have a much higher spirit. They have good weapons. With those weapons they will shoot down the aircraft. The junta will loose its pilots. We will see how long the junta’s reserves will last to behave like they do now.

What does the junta want from the East? To clear it up to the very foundation?

I believe they want to scare those people, to cause panic and to admit that Kiev is right. But that is initially impossible because the people in the East of Ukraine do not want to be ruled by the descendants of Bandera. People don’t want to live as Kiev tells them.

That was Viktor Litovkin, a military expert. It appears that today’s massive and most likely decisive attack on Slavyansk choked once again. Failing to get to the center of the city the punitive squad ingloriously retreated.

It seems that the plans to completely clean up the East prior to Poroshenko’s inauguration will have to be given up. At least until the inauguration.

On June 7 the US Vice President Joe Biden will come to the festivities. One must assume that at that time by accident the new final stage of the special operation will begin. The Grad systems are still resting idle.

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