Here’s how we Reset the Net

7 June 2014 — Reset the Net!

Yesterday was unbelievable. Together, we as everyday Internet users harnessed the power of the largest websites on earth and launched the biggest effort in human history to shut down mass surveillance on the web.

So how did we do it? Check out this infographic. We promise you will end up reading the whole thing and then feeling awesome.

Click here to see how we Reset the Net.

There’s so much more to tell. We’re still tallying up the numbers and collecting all the amazing stories of how the Internet came together to defend itself.

And, we’re making the biggest announcement of all. Reset the Net was not just a single day of action. We’re going to continue this campaign as a longterm, concerted effort to directly  block dragnet government surveillance from as much of the Internet as we can.

Each month we’ll be announcing a new wave of participants who are helping Reset the Net, and escalating our demands on the largest tech companies to ensure that they’re taking the most meaningful and concrete steps they possibly can to protect our privacy.

This is only the beginning. But it was a HUGE beginning. Click here to see how much of the web we already protected on June 5th.

Thanks for being part of this. We’ll be in touch soon with the next steps.


Evan, Tiffiniy, Holmes, Kevin, Vasjen, Jessica

Fight for the Future

P.S. None of this would have been possible without the sustaining donations we receive from our members. We need to keep this effort going. Will you please chip in $20 (or more!) today to support our work? 


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